Saturday, July 30, 2011 - Browser Fingerprints Threaten Privacy & "place where you can see just how much information your browser reveals about you and your system"

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Google Analytics Integration - email marketing - GetResponse: "If you want to use special tracking systems in your email messages, (i.e. to track an individual message as a campaign name in Google Analytics), you can generate your own links with your own unique parameters. But please remember that all "Add Google Analytics tracking" options in your GetResponse account have to be enabled. Here‚ how to customize your tracking system:
  1. Open the Google Analytics URL Builder.
  2. In a new window or tab in your web browser, open a message in your GetResponse account.
  3. Generate links with tracking codes following the steps provided at URL Builder.
  4. Replace the original URL link in your message with the custom-generated one.
  5. You'll want to repeat this for each link in the message you're working on, as well as any follow- up messages you'd like to track using Web Analytics and likewise for every future broadcast message you send."