Monday, December 31, 2007

How to configure Internet Connection Sharing in Windows XP & - How to Setup Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) on Windows XP & Windows XP:How to setup Internet connection sharing - WikiSOS video
The Future is...Paper? — News Blog — eBay Developers Program: "Here's one neat idea from our eBay Innovation team, eBay Flyer!"
Creating Slick Slideshows for Drupal Webites | Development Seed
Database test automation - WebSpherePower: "SQuirreL SQL is a great tool to satisfy your database testing needs. It is an open-source tool written in Java, which makes it an ideal candidate for Rational Functional Tester's record and playback automation capabilities. Part 1 of this series showed you how to set up Rational Functional Tester, and this part will help you create and bundle scripts."
Netgear WG511 & WGR614 router Internet Connection Sharing Problem: "Take a look at this page for options to share DialUp": Using Cable,DSL Router as an Access Point - "The WAN input of the Wireless Router should stay open. Do not connect any thing to the WAN input."
Java is becoming the new Cobol | InfoWorld | Analysis | 2007-12-28 | By Bill Snyder
Hello OpenID: A New Drupal Tool | Development Seed
In Case You Were Wondering What Your Advertising Is Supposed to Do (or in case you forgot), Here It Is In One Tidy Little Package:...
Removing copy-protection (like DRM, AACS) - Audio/video stream recording forums (via Remove DRM protection) & hymn -- decrypt iTunes and iPod music / unprotect AAC files (m4p --> m4a) (via FairPlay - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "built into the QuickTime multimedia software and used by the iPhone, iPod, iTunes, and iTunes Store. Any protected song purchased from the iTunes Store with iTunes is encoded with FairPlay. FairPlay digitally encrypts AAC audio files and prevents users from playing these files on unauthorized computers.") & Online help for NoteBurner M4P Converter for iTunes (via NoteBurner M4P Converter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "converts any DRM protected music files (such as M4P, WMA, M4B) to unprotected MP3, WAV, WMA formats with Virtual CD-RW drive")

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Google Photos Blog: Picasa Web Albums on the iPhone - visit on your mobile web browser & See other Google mobile products! & Peter Elst » iPod Touch - Apache and PHP 5.2.3 & - the first live blog running natively on an iPhone & Apple - Support - Discussions - Search Discussions: "Currently, there is no Flash player that will work on the Touch. This may change after February which is when the Software Developers' Kit is being released to third party developers"
iTouch Apps Thread - AppleInsider: MediaStreaming - telekinesis - Google Code

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Excellent article Ecommerce SEO Checklist: "Offsite optimization is all about acquiring quality inbound keyword links. It's by far the most important area of SEO -- and also the hardest because you can't use Jedi mind-control to get webmasters to link to your site (confirmed with extensive testing). And when webmasters do link to your site, how are you going to get them to use the correct keywords? Moreover, nowadays you need lots of "deep links" into your content, not just home-page links which are easy to get from directories..." & Google Answers: Increase Page Rank on Secondary Pages

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Website Hosting Tutorials - Setting up a 301 Redirect
Drupal SEO is Easy | DevBee: Rule number 1: don't change your URLs: "If you do change your URLs, you can do some damage control by doing a 301 redirect from the old url to the new. Get a list of the old URLs from your 404 logs and then add a line for each in your .htaccess file like this: redirect 301 /oldURI URI This at least redirects traffic and some existing link juice to the correct page. I just put together a little SEO tips list which you might find useful." & Module for 301 redirects from static pages? | & Path Redirect? | "Path Redirect is used for redirecting a URL from A to B. The intention/purpose of Global Redirect is not to send someone from A to B but to force Drupal to use an Alias, if one exists" & Pathauto 5.x-1.x to 5.x-2.x New Features and Upgrade Guide | "New 'Update Action' Make Old Alias Redirect to new alias" & Paths | "This group serves as a means to discuss paths in Drupal and specifically the Pathauto and URLify modules. The modules all have similar but different functionality and discussions frequently overlap the modules."

Friday, December 07, 2007

Clean up your SOAP-based Web services | InfoWorld - Web Services Testing Tools Review: "This is a complicated field from which to draw a favorite. If your testing involves more than just Web services, and your development is primarily Java, then tools such as LISA or SOAtest are worth considering, in that they'll let you drive two nails with one hammer. If, however, you are only interested in SOAP-based Web service testing, and your QA staff is relatively new to the technology, SOAPscope is the obvious choice. On the other hand, your choice may be based more on your philosophy of testing. Specifically, which is better: coding tests or building them visually (in other words, from menu and button selections within a GUI)? Tools such as SOAPSonar, LISA, and SOAPscope have chosen the latter to escape the former. But shielding the user from code necessarily places that user in a constrained environment. Those tools tacitly assume that their GUIs are flexible enough to meet all or most testing demands. I am not so sure. I favor the tools – QEngine and SOAtest – whose scripting capabilities are easily accessed. And of those two, SOAtest does the better overall job."

Sunday, December 02, 2007