Friday, March 23, 2007

Visual Studio Mainsoft Developer Zone: Portalizing Existing ASP.NET Applications, Invoke an EJB from the Visual Studio .NET IDE, Deploy to a J2EE Application Server, ...
Java – Port C# Dynamically to Java Platforms: "Developers now have available Mainsoft Corporation's preview edition of Grasshopper 2.0, which is a unique Visual Studio plug-in that dynamically converts Microsoft Intermediate Language (IL) code into Java bytecode. Mainsoft's Grasshopper 2.0 Technology Preview 2 provides the power and versatility of Visual Studio to build applications in C# and then dynamically port them to Java. The Java versions can then be executed on a Java application server such as Tomcat."
Raible Designs | [TSE] Using Dynamic Languages with Spring with Rod Johnson and Guillaume LaForge
Using Spring 2.0 Dynamic Language to Save Script Bean Into Database - GenAndRun: A Table Driven Java Tool Like Ruby on Rails & Using Spring 2.0 Dynamic Language to Load Record from Database to a Scripted Bean - GenAndRun: A Table Driven Java Tool Like Ruby on Rails

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Introduction to Spring Tutorial - using MyEclipse 5.1 and the bundled Spring 1.3 libraries

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hello World, Part 1 (updated): Rational Software Architect V7: "Hands-on exercises walk you through every step of designing and implementing a service-oriented application using Rational® Software Architect V7, including using UML diagrams to design and model an application, publishing the model information to a Web page, and transforming the design to Java code. It concludes with an introduction to Rational Software Architect V7's new true round-trip engineering (RTE), which makes it possible to forward- and reverse-engineer Java code, giving you a head-start on implementing your designs."
Make PHP apps fast, faster, fastest, Part 1: Boost performance, throughput with opcode cache software