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Web Tips: Twitter Tools: "Web Services/Mashups" :: Torbutton Firefox plugin: "At a Wi-Fi hotspot, you may need the security and anonymity of Tor, but on a secure network, the higher bandwidth of a direct connection becomes more important. Torbutton is a plugin for Mozilla Firefox that enables users to easily and rapidly switch Tor on and off."

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

OpenXML Developer : Developer workshop videos - an experiment in Drupal affliate marketing | "Using the Amazon associate tools module, Google adsense, and a custom module"
Twitter API & Twitter Fan Wiki / API Docs
The Key to Jquery Form Plugin + Drupal Formapi | Nick Lewis: The Blog
Formatting PHP code in Eclipse PDT and Zend Neon | Riff Blog: "Eclipse allows for customizing the bracing/commenting style by hand-tuning, or to make things simpler, by just importing the OSInet rules for Eclipse PDT"
Classified ads module for Drupal 4.7 and Drupal 5 available on | Exodus Development
AdSense - what can you control? | Exodus Development
28 | Drupal Dojo: Lesson 28: Theming like a pro - Video, IRC log, PDF
Bdragon's vision for doing locations "right" in Drupal | - NICE!
FrOSCon Drupal-Track videos available |
Development Seed: Getting Drupal to Run on a USB Stick & Google Analytics on a USB Stick with Drupal
Drupal Gets a New Aggregator Module and API | Development Seed: "The FeedAPI module is in beta version, and with the exception of some bugs filed in the Drupal issue queue that I need to address, it’s ready to be used. To see what the module can do, I recommend that you watch the screencast and visit the live demo site."
SMS Framework Presentation is Going to Rock DrupalCon | Development Seed: "You can watch Will's screen capture SMS Email Gateway + Send to Phone Inline SMS Filter for Drupal if you want to get another sneak peak" &

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Google Directory - Computers > Software > Software Engineering > Quality Assurance: Software Quality Assurance Testing and Test Tool Resources: Crosscheck Networks SOAPSonar Resources & News/Events
StrikeIron Does the Mashup with IBM's Wiki Tool: "The widgets include Dunn & Bradstreet Business Prospect, which provides data such as names and addresses of businesses to boost corporate sales efforts; Global SMS, which delivers programmatic communication to contacts via text messaging to their mobile phones; and MapQuest Mapping, which allows maps to be added to a Web site or application." & alphaWorks Services | IBM Mashup Hub | Overview
PHP developers get Eclipse boost | InfoWorld | News | 2007-09-17 | By Paul Krill: "Eclipse PHP Development Tools 1.0 provides editing and debugging tools and can also work with a variety of plug-ins"
Developing and Building Project GlassFish with NetBeans
BlackBerry Developer Newsletter - June 2007: "Q: Is it possible to get the GPS coordinates from within the browser? A: Yes, it is possible to obtain GPS coordinates from within the BlackBerry Browser. This is done by using JavaScript. Please see the following link for more information: JavaScript methods to use location-based services (GPS). Q: We are writing an application which needs to invoke SMS/MMS app. Can you please tell us how this can be done with JDE 4.1? A: It is not possible to invoke into a SMS message in version 4.1. This ability was made available in BlackBerry JDE v4.2 and is only available on BlackBerry smartphones running this version or higher. Q: I wanted to write an application which can receive email as soon as it comes to device and modify it by adding a phone number to it. Can you please suggest solution for this? A: Any phone number or URL that appears in the body of an email is automatically considered an active link by the native BlackBerry message application. In order to append your own content to the end of an email, you will have to first intercept the email by implementing your FolderListener with the necessary methods (i.e. messagesAdded). Please read this article for more information."
MobileJustice anti theft for Windows Mobile PPC- Track and Monitor SIM card changes via GPS coordinates by Tech[dot]Blog
twibble - a location aware twitter client for smartphones :: DAS ZENTRALORGAN: "twibble 0.3.0 allows to send twitter updates along with your location via SMS as well. This might be useful if there is no data connection available (e.g. on the train) or the data connection is more expensive for you than sending text (SMS) messages… It definitely does not work on Blackberry devices since RIM requires the application to be signed which costs some money :-("
Sun Revs NetBeans, GlassFish: "The NetBeans profiler has new features including profiling points, a HeapWalker tool for evaluating Java heap contents and searching for memory leaks, an areas-of-interest graph, Apache JMeter integration, dynamic attach feature (which is included in the Java Development Kit 6) and support for RESTful Web services."
Google Presentations Released & Rivals make run at Microsoft Office | Tech News on ZDNet: "IBM on Tuesday announced the release of Lotus Symphony, a suite of free desktop applications based on the open-source product... Yahoo said that it paid $350 million to acquire Zimbra, a start-up that developed a Web-based e-mail and collaboration package comparable with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook... Google on Monday introduced Google Presentations, an online version of Microsoft's PowerPoint presentation application that complements Google's Web-hosted document editor and spreadsheet." & Microsoft responds to IBM’s free competitor (Lotus Symphony) to MS-Office | Berlind’s Testbed |
IBM developerWorks : WebSphere SOA: Multiple life cycles with WebSphere Service Registry and Repository: "After completing this tutorial, you'll understand how you can use an SACL life cycle definition in WebSphere Service Registry and Repository. You'll also know how to configure the SACL and how to use WebSphere Registry and Repository when you need to create multiple independent service life cycles using a single WebSphere Service Registry and Repository instance."
Mass-migrating Microsoft Word documents to on Linux
Twelve great things about the WebSphere Message Broker V6.0.2 Toolkit & Parsing complex COBOL structures using WebSphere Message Broker V6
Migrating WebSphere Commerce to the SOA foundation tooling: Part 5, Tying it all together with the Esperanto methodology: "Esperanto is a methodology that incrementally transforms early-era J2EE applications to SOA. In the case of WebSphere Commerce, the release to fulfillment process from WebSphere Commerce is externalized to the SOA foundation tooling. This article discusses the structure and flow of the Esperanto methodology."

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Java Tips Blog of
Damien Katz: Error codes or Exceptions? Why is Reliable Software so Hard?: "Like static vs. dynamic programming languages or how great David Hasselhoff is (most people say great, I say super-great), it tends to turn into a pointless argument... Joel Spolsky had an interesting take on return-codes vs. exceptions and I agree with him: Return-codes vs Exceptions, part 2, part 3, and part 4..."
Voice enabling XML, Part 3: Develop a voice blogging app: "Twitter is a Web 2.0 service that's getting a lot of attention lately. This service lets you keep tabs on your friends not only on the Web, but also on your cell phone or in your Instant Messenger. Your friends can also keep tabs on you. The idea of the service is that you send short bursts of text (less than 140 characters) to let other people know where you are and what you're doing right at that very moment. Originally intended for simple status messages, Twitter has morphed into a sort of 'quick blog', in which people enter quick thoughts and send them off to their friends..." & interesting MCslp blog

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How the GeoCMSs compare - Dan Karran's blog (drupal related)
IEBlog : New Training and Whitepaper on Internet Explorer 7 Security Now Available
IEBlog : Analyzing Web 2.0 Applications with Ajax View: "In June I posted information about a number of developer tools, one of which was Ajax View. Ajax View, developed by Microsoft Research, can help improve a developer's visibility into their web application’s performance and behavior. Recently, the researchers building Ajax View – Emre Kıcıman and Ben Livshits – released a public version of the tool (licensed for academic or other non-commercial use) so I want to share a link and provide a little more information about it..."
Timestamp and address support in KML module - Dan Karran's blog: "In addition to the recently implemented views support in Drupal's KML module, the latest Drupal 5 version of the module now adds support for time and addresses. Each of the placemarks now has a timestamp based on its creation date in your Drupal site, allowing you to filter your content by a specific time frame using the Time controls in Google Earth"

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Redirect your Drupal Feed to FeedBurner Screencast | Bryght Support
Enterprise .NET Community: Introduction: Domain-Specific Languages Development with Visual Studio DSL tools - book
WCF development tools and practices need improvement: "Despite drawbacks that may have slowed its uptake, WCF is worth learning about. According to Shaw, “WCF is a toolset for developing services. It is a runtime, and a means of exposing CLR types as services.” Alternately, it can be used for consuming services as CLR types, even Java services."

Sunday, September 16, 2007

James Strachan's Blog: XPath based splitter in one line of Java code & Apache Camel: Expression: "To support dynamic rules Camel supports pluggable Expression strategies using a variety of different Languages. The following languages are supported out of the box" & Apache Camel: Enterprise Integration Patterns - NICE
James Strachan's Blog: LazyWeb: spawning maven builds via VMWare in your CI tool: "We're using the cute Bamboo tool from those nice Atlassian chaps to build projects like ActiveMQ, Camel and ServiceMix. Its got some lovely eye candy and reporting stuff." & Mokka mit Schlag » Choosing a Continuous Integration Server - LINKS!
Peter Pilgrim's Weblog: Video "Presentation 2: Rearchitecting Legacy J2EE Application with Spring Framework and Hibernate (RELOADED)"
James Strachan's Blog: Whats happening with FUSE ESB: "My company IONA provides support on Apache ServiceMix via a distribution called FUSE ESB available from the Open Source IONA site. What's in FUSE ESB right now? Well, it's roughly a distribution of ServiceMix trunk. This implies that FUSE ESB is released ahead of the Apache ServiceMix distribution (the latest release is 3.1.1, whereas FUSE ESB is based on 3.2)."
James Strachan's Blog: My favourite OS X software: "for creating diagrams OmniGraffle is awesome. It can even open DOT files. Also if you have some open source which creates visualisations in DOT files, then the OS X version of GraphViz rocks - as it monitors the DOT file in real time and re-renders the graph in a surprisingly flicker-free way. I've used this with some customers to watch ActiveMQ clients startup visually as they deploy their applications..."

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Use Dynamic DNS to host websites from home | Lullabot
Peter Pilgrim's Weblog: "Reclaimed Google Videos from JavaPolis 2006"

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SF Giants - View mashup source

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Drake - Ohloh: "module for Drupal (5.x and above) that lets you execute your CakePHP applications inside Drupal. It provides a bridge between Drupal and CakePHP, allowing your CakePHP applications to be run with or without Drupal, with no need to change your source code."
James Strachan's Blog: Podcast on Apache Camel, Enterprise Integration Patterns and 1.1.0 release: "I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Dana Gardner, principal analyst at Interarbor Solutions about Apache Camel recently. You can listen to the podcast or read the online transcript. Apologies in advance for any rambling :) - I did enjoy it though. In related Camel news, the Camel 1.1.0 Release has been cut and voted; its just about to move to the maven repo & Apache mirror system any moment now. Cool beans! It contains numerous new features..."
Griffin Brown Weblog - 10 reasons to model XML with RELAX NG , not W3C XML Schema
Eric Newcomer's Weblog: "I have a lot of blogging topics to catch up on, but I just watched Gregor Hohpe's presentation on Infoq and wanted to write about it while it's fresh in my mind. I really thought it hit home on a lot of very important points about SOA, especially things that developers (as well as the industry) need to think about. I also would like to take him to task on a few items, including the fact that Starbucks does not need two-phase commit (I think this propagates a misunderstanding about transactions rather than illustrating how best to use them), but more about that later..." & Eric Newcomer is on to me - Enterprise Integration Patterns: "So I should consider myself lucky that I escaped Eric Newcomer's scrutiny for so long. Eric is the long-time CTO of IONA, a company most of us value for being a bunch of really smart and nice people. In fact, they just gobbled up James Strachan with LogicBlaze and John Davies with C24. I wonder how I was able to could miss starting a company and have it be acquired. Oh well. At least Google hired me :-)"
Every meeting (2nd Tuesday of the month) is announced here: Toronto | & The DUG-TO List Archives
Debugging Techniques Swap Meet | Drupal Camp Toronto & Developing, tracing and debugging Drupal | - Drupal Development, Customization and Consulting

Monday, September 10, 2007

Google Developer Podcast Episode Five: Adam Sah on Google Gadgets | Googlers' Blogs
google-developer-podcast - Google Code - NICE!
InfoQ: An Introduction to Apache ODE: "("Orchestation Director Engine") aims to produce an implementation of the WS-BPEL 2.0 ("Web Services Business Process Execution Language") standard suitable for embedding in a generic runtime context."
Avoiding Exercise-Related Injury
Official Google Maps API Blog: Geotagged Picasa JSON/KML Output + Driving Directions = Instant Scenic Tours!: "To start off the Picasa-Maps mashups, I've put together an example that combines a Picasa photo album feed with the Map API's recently announced Driving Directions feature to calculate a driving route that will get you a similar set of photos. Now, no need to be jealous of your friends' pretty landscape albums - just copy them! Try it out below by clicking 'Load Album & Route.' If you want to be daring, you can try it out with your own geotagged photos by copying and pasting the 'View in Google Earth' hyperlink into the box. Note that it will only work in the countries where driving directions can be calculated in the API."
Official Google SketchUp Blog: Google SketchUp For Dummies is out: "I also built a companion website for the book that includes links to videos and other useful stuff I've put together. The videos themselves live on YouTube; I've recorded and uploaded 54 so far, and I plan to add another three dozen or so in the next couple of months."

Sunday, September 09, 2007

InfoQ: Developing in a Service-oriented World: "Gregor Hohpe debunks many unrealistic claims about SOA and addresses the technical issues, such as the false sense of simplicity, differences to established programming models and the importance of documentation. He also criticizes what he calls 'Doodleware', i.e. tools that aim to hide complexity behind a graphical process model notation, and suggests deriving models from running systems."
Developer Knowledge Base: Google Mashup Editor
alexh’s weblog » Drupal AWS Presentation & Amazon Aws Presentation Drupal » SlideShare & A MySQL Storage Engine for AWS S3 & Amazon Web Services Developer Connection : Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Beta)
David Chappell :: Opinari: "What's Next? Life After J2EE"
Buzz Canuck: Ding...Ding...Facebook Hits 800,000 in Toronto, Where To From Here?: "RBC and Scotiabank have created user groups for example. This is a smart approach - add and build to the community instead of trying to shout at them through facebook banner ads."
Mashups == EAI 2.0? - Enterprise Integration Patterns: (July 27, 2007) "Mashups pull data from different sources, aggregate and transform the data to be used in different contexts. EAI solutions pull data from different sources, aggregate and transform the data to be used in different contexts. Huh?... Using Pipes in this role reminds me of the VETO pattern: Validate, Extract, Transform Operate, which is commonly used in EAI and ESB solutions (e.g., see Dave Chappell's description of the pattern ). It sounds like a number of our friends from the EAI world are still useful in the world of Web 2.0 and mashups" & Mashups Tools Market - Enterprise Integration Patterns: "My podcast on mashups in the enterprise is now live on the Google Code Blog. Enjoy!" & Facebook Developer Garage - Enterprise Integration Patterns: "she runs her app on the Amazon EC2, the elastic compute cloud. For about $100 / day they get enough resources to support a million or so Facebook users. According to her, the machines are not the latest models (i.e. on the slow side) but the convenience of having hardware on tap is appealing nevertheless. On a side note, it also seems that a good portion of Facebook apps is developed in Ruby on Rails...Ali, ilike's CEO explained how their switch to Facebook resulted in more users and hits within a matter of weeks. Currently, their original Web site dwarfs in comparison to their Facebook traffic (total user count is 10,000,000!). A natural concern is whether relying on Facebook for you core business (iLike is a money-generating business) is a big risk. Ali's take is that you can’t ignore the opportunity, but you can try to make your application as independent as possible to reduce risk. It's also important to embed yourself in an ecosystem so you do not solely rely on Facebook. For example iLike has its own API, partners with Ticketmaster (who, according to Ali, are becoming less evil over time) and has other relationships in mind."

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

IMAP IDLE: The best approach for 'push' email: "a good approach for providing the immediate email notification and delivery service of 'push email'. It has substantial implementation, deployment and performance advantages over a 'true push' approach."

Monday, September 03, 2007

Drupal Gets a New Aggregator Module and API | Development Seed: "To see what the module can do, I recommend that you watch the screencast and visit the live demo site... I encourage developers to check out the developers’ guide and want to thank those in advance who test it out."

Sunday, September 02, 2007 - Open Source MDA Generator: "It is used all over the world for everything from simple CRUD applications to complex enterprise applications. AndroMDA comes with an array of ready-made cartridges for common architectures like Spring, EJB, .NET, Hibernate, Struts and even more. The project wizard gets you started in no time. An Eclipse integration is in the works and will be finished soon. If you have a custom architecture, AndroMDA can also help you - by writing a so-called cartridge, you can customize AndroMDA to fit your needs."