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Eric's Homepage- Applications I Use - nice balance of commercial and open source tools. Very similar superset of what I use nowadays

Thursday, December 25, 2008

The 50 Best Business Blogs of 2008 | Business Pundit: "Some blogs truly define today’s business voice. These blogs represent a healthy mixture of independent and mainstream voices, prominent academics and small business owners with equally strong opinions. We compiled a completely biased sampling of our 50 favorite blogs, sorted by category..."

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Review: Google Reader: "A different view on Google Reader - Power user Gina Trapani, editor of Lifehacker, decided to switch from Bloglines to Google Reader: Every day I trawl through almost 250 web site feeds..."

Monday, December 22, 2008

Google Ad Manager Rolls Out New Features: "Google Ad Manager is a hosted ad management solution that can be used by Google Adwords advertisers for selling, scheduling, delivering and measuring their direct-sold and network-based ad inventory."

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mapping News by Mapperz: "Finally after many months of asking Google Map API Team have released the Google Reverse Geocoder. There is also a HTTP Server Reverse Geocoder - it works like this send request:,-122&key=asdad" & Services - Google Maps API - Google Code - Geocoding via HTTP: "You may also access the Maps API geocoder directly using server-side scripting. This method is not recommended over using the client-side geocoder; however, it is useful for debugging purposes or for cases where a JavaScript GClientGeocoder object is not available."
Carbon Five Community: Google Talking with JRuby and Smack

Friday, December 12, 2008

Submitting to Social Media Sites for Successful Link Bait: "In his recent post at SEOmoz, Tom mentioned submitting to (niche) social media sites as an important step of any link bait (once you get past your link bait roadblock)..."

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Future of Form Building in Drupal (it's here!) | Lullabot: "an AJAX, Drag and Drop interface for constructing forms in Drupal"
MediaRSS and PicLens | Drupalcon Szeged 2008: "Media RSS (MRSS) is an RSS module used for syndicating multimedia files (audio, video, image) in RSS feeds. It was designed in 2004 by Yahoo! and the Media RSS community, and adds several enhancements to RSS enclosures. PicLens is Browser extension which reads in such an rss feed and provides your visitors with an immersive slideshow experience for rich media on your website. If you don't have the plugin installed, PicLens Lite can be enabled to use a flex application. It makes browsing images on the web SuperSexy and now your site can also profit from this technology."
Silo Structured Ecommerce Solution | Linking Structure | Drupal For SEO: "If you want to install Drupal and Ubercart at the same time, you can use the UberInstaller which will install all Drupal files and Ubercart modules, run the installer script and set up the first account." & Introducing Ubercart | Drupalcon Szeged 2008: video and resources: "

* Ubercart project page -
* Community site/support forums -
* Documentation -
* Live sites directory -
* Livetest (front end demo) -
* Admin demo -
* Development roadmap -"

Drupal for Museums | Drupalcon Szeged 2008 video presentation & links to: "Indianapolis Museum of Art:, IMA Showcase:, Art Institute of Chicago Collections:, AIC Showcase:"
Be Web Aware - Online Predators: "The United States is ahead of Canada in protecting children's privacy on the Internet. The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) requires commercial Web sites to provide clear notice of their information-gathering practices, and to obtain parental consent when asking for personal information from children under the age of 13." & COPPA drupal module & A Blueprint For a Site For Young Readers | FunnyMonkey - Click. Connect. Learn: "Here's how I'd go about building that site using Drupal: Organic Groups, Views, CCK, Bio, Voting API, FiveStar, Buddylist, Buddtlist2, Friend, Notice, User Relationships, Coherent Access, Content Recommendation Engine, Similar Entries, Similar by Terms, Memetracker"
Duplicate Content | "there is no penalty for having duplicate content on your own site, see Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Demystifying the "duplicate content penalty" ("Note that while scraping content from others is discouraged, having others scrape you is a different story; check out this post - Duplicate content due to scrapers if you're worried about being scraped")... For Drupal-specific advice in this area, I found Jeff Eaton's write-up at: a terrific resource."
Instant Syndicating Standards | ISS: "a set of open standards that enable people to discover and syndicate information within their social network" (via Surviving Information Overload: FeedAPI Mail Watches Your Mailing Lists | Development Seed)
SEO Checklist | - Module provides a checklist that helps you keep track of what needs to be done
Tiny Changes Mean Huge Results - Anthony Robbins video
Google HelpWebmasters/Site owners HelpMy site and Google : Spam and other problems > Paid links - Webmaster Help Center & Google-friendly sitesAffiliate programs - Webmaster Help Center ... Webmaster Guidelines - Webmaster Help Center: "Offer a site map to your users with links that point to the important parts of your site. If the site map is larger than 100 or so links, you may want to break the site map into separate pages... Keep the links on a given page to a reasonable number (fewer than 100)." & Cloaking, sneaky Javascript redirects, and doorway pages - Webmaster Help Center & Webmaster Tools on YouTube

Saturday, December 06, 2008

SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend | "users don't need to remember email addresses since the widget shows the contact lists from the respective email/social networks. SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend widget for Drupal makes it a lot more powerful than other tools which just show a basic form to type email addresses"
Drupal in Education and E-Learning Now Available | FunnyMonkey - Click. Connect. Learn & screencast: Using Drupal as a Portfolio Platform
Customize Drupal's 'read more' teaser link placement on Drupal 4.7, Drupal 5, and Drupal 6 | Exodus Development
Drupal Therapy: Learn How To Pull Video into Drupal | Development Seed
Micro-Targeting Ads on Facebook for Cheap | Development Seed
Improving SMS Double Opt-In Process with SMS Framework | Development Seed: "The module allows your Drupal site to store mobile information for users that can then be used by other modules... The user is prompted for a carrier in this case because the site is set up to use the E-mail gateway module. Drupal needs to know the carrier in order to send the message to that network's gateway." | User's Guide - Sync Options

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

16 Essential PC Applications for Bloggers - Contains really comprehensive list of tools!
ChangeThis :: Trust Economies: Investigation into the New ROI of the Web: "If You Build It, They Won't Come What happened to the early days?... in the Trust Economy, communities are king, and ROI stands for Return on Influence."
10 Easy Steps for Twitter Beginners
Social Media Spam - How to Protect Yourself | Caroline Middlebrook: "Promoting Yourself Without Spamming"

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Friday, November 28, 2008

My friend at Microsoft is very excited about their Azure Services Platform, so I got curious too. Here is what I found on the net: SOA Thoughts, EAI Challenges: Creating Windows Azure Services & InfoQ: Comparing Amazon's EC2, Google's App Engine and Microsoft's Azure - "The weather forecast changed when Microsoft entered the clouds with the Azure platform during PDC 2008. It would be interesting to compare the three major offerings existing on the market today, Amazon's, Google's and Microsoft's, and at the first glance it seems that they are not really competing against each other. Michael J. Miller, vice president at Ziff Brothers Investments, compared the three major players in the cloud computing"
Google Search-based keyword tool & How it works - Search-based Keyword Tool Help Center - GREAT

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Demo of Two Way SMS Gateway on a USB Stick with Drupal Integration | Development Seed: "The release of the SMS Framework 1.0, along with the road map for a 1.1 version, is making Drupal a more attractive platform for organizations that need powerful, decentralized data collection tools. This recent work shows that using Drupal can give you a serious foundation to integrate sms applications and tools with a website. I want to expand on Will’s recent post about building a two way SMS Gateway on a USB drive and show how Drupal can act as a data hub for collecting data and messaging via sms."
Putting Anti-Poverty Activists on the Map | Development Seed: "Performance - Along with this caching, we were also able to quickly and affordably expand the memory available for the Slicehost VPS service that we use to run our mapping servers, thanks to Slicehost’s incredibly flexible hosting infrastructure... If you want to know what else we did to improve the site’s performance, Ian Ward wrote a great post on how we used the Boost module."
5 Ways to Get Visitors Coming Back Every Day | SoloSEO Blog:
  1. Integrate Dynamic, Interesting Content
  2. Create a Community
  3. Run a Contest
  4. Email Subscription to your Blog
  5. Post in a series
Drupal | Dan Karran: "new Availability Calendars module got released back to the community last night... If you run a small accommodation provider business (like a self-catering cottage, a bed and breakfast, a guesthouse, etc.) and are using Drupal to power your site, you might find this module quite useful. It will allow you to show an availability calendar for each node of a certain type (e.g. cottages, rooms, etc.), change the availability for each day, and also leave a note (such as a rental price) next to each week."
PR Toolkit - PR Newswire - A United Business Media Company: "Below you will find small business advice and resources, which have been created with small business owners and entrepreneurs in mind"
Link Building Tools To Use For Inspiration:
  • SEOBook Link Suggest tool gives you plenty of tips on possible link building search queries. It would be much better if it could generate a huge list for all queries though instead of making me choose one in the drop-down.
  • Webconfs Link Builder offers a smaller collection of queries but it generates the list on one page and is rather easy to use;
  • SOLO SEO tool (based on SEOmoz post) should be a bit updates (some of the queries do not work any more) but it is still great for Google search.
Improving Your Sense of Site - web analytics - Bonobos: "The Goal Funnel tracks customers during the sales process. This funnel shows that among users who put items in the shopping cart, 63 percent (or 1,222 people) failed to complete a purchase -- and 511 of them left the shopping cart and exited the site altogether. The problem, Kaushik believes, is that the site asks for a coupon code early in the process. "That's an invitation for someone to leave your site to look for a coupon," he says. "And if they don't find it, they may not return." By taking steps such as moving the coupon field to the end of the sales process, Bonobos' rate of abandonment could fall 10 percent, adding about $20,000 a month in sales."
Affiliate marketing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Websites consisting mostly of affiliate links are regarded negatively as they do not offer quality content. In 2005 there were active changes made by Google, where certain websites were labeled as 'thin affiliates'. Such websites were either removed from Google's index or were relocated within the results page (i.e., moved from the top-most results to a lower position). To avoid this categorization, affiliate marketer webmasters must create quality content on their websites that distinguishes their work from the work of spammers or banner farms, which only contain links leading to merchant sites. Affiliate links work best in the context of the information contained within the website itself...The goal is to publish quality information within the website and provide context-oriented links to related merchant's websites."
James Walker shared with me that "Featured Speakers" block on Do It With Drupal conference site is generated by a combination of: views, nodequeue, and carousel module and some custom CSS. Google-ing for the latter 2 modules led me to:

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

#4: Falling Victim to Analysis Paralysis - Sugarrae: "YOU WILL LEARN SOMETHING FROM EVERY MISTAKE YOU MAKE. 'You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.' - Wayne Gretzky"
DNS Oversimplified: How to check your DNS & DNS for Rocket Scientists - Contents

Monday, November 24, 2008

11 Best Web Developer tools for Firefox and Internet Explorer: Capture web pages and take screenshots of Firefox and Internet Explorer with FireShot,...
How to install and configure a custom styled panel for your theme | Drupal Themes from TopNotchThemes - Premium Drupal 5 & 6 themes, designed just for Drupal
Drupal installation on remote server, transfering to remote server and upgrading! | CF Web Services
How to create a forum in Drupal | CF Web Services: "There are many contributed modules to improve your forum..."
Overview of how to create an e-commerce store in Drupal | Drupal Themes from TopNotchThemes - Premium Drupal 5 & 6 themes, designed just for Drupal: "check out their live demo of Ubercart" & Diving into Drupal E-Commerce: An Ubercart vs. E-commerce Comparison | Alligatorsneeze
Pixture | "Recolorable theme (like Garland theme) with color module." & Acquia Marina | "advanced theme developed by TopNotchThemes in partnership with Acquia for their commercially-supported Drupal distribution" - Special IT Report Oct 23rd 2008: Cloud Computing & From Cloud Computing to the New Enterprise Data Center & Welcome to, home of the Xen Hypervisor, the powerful open source industry standard for virtualization & Welcome to Hadoop!: "It distributes the data and processing across clusters of commonly available computers. These clusters can number into the thousands of nodes."
dekePod Episode 010: The Instant Liquid Diet | O'Reilly Media: "Deke McClelland is an electronic publishing pioneer and a popular lecturer on Adobe Photoshop and the larger realm of computer graphics and design."

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Friday, November 21, 2008

TypePad - Tips - 10 Ways to Find New Blog Topics:
  1. Check your comment section.
  2. Create a list.
  3. Review your greatest hits.
  4. Spend some time on social networking sites like Digg and StumbleUpon to find out what other people are blogging about.
  5. Explore blogs in an entirely different category than yours.
  6. Do something different.
  7. Invite a guest author to write a blog post.
  8. Step away from the computer.
  9. Turn on the news.
  10. Keep an idea log.
Drupal Ecommerce VS Ubercart - Which Shopping Cart Is Better? | Slayerment: "I know a lot of people say use Drupal Ecommerce if you're going to build a big site and use Ubercart if you need something simple. Well I say use Ubercart regardless."
How to Manage Your Business - Microsoft Office Live Small Business (via Free Website & Domain Name By Microsoft Small Business Promo | Coupon Code & Promo Code Blog)
Which one to use? My list has come down to 3 companies: Constant Contact, iContact and AWeber. My research found: Google Directory: Software - Internet - Servers - Mail - Autoresponder Services & Coupon Code and Promo Code Blog: Email Marketing Promo By Aweber, Free Email Newsletter Trial By IContact, Constant Contact Newsletter Marketing 60 Day Trial Email Campaigns & SEOmoz's Web 2.0 Awards: "Marketing: iContact - Produce email newsletters, surveys, RSS feeds and more. Send information to subscribers quickly and easily." & Google Directory: Internet - E-mail - Marketing - Online Tools & Some of them will integrate with Drupal: Modules: Mail |! Here is an example: Drupal with iContact | LuteGrass

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Check Your Site Usability With These Fun Tools: Five Second Test & Feng-Gui shows you the heat map of any image you submit & Usability checklist
Center for REALTOR® Technology Web Log
VieleRETS features: "Comma-Separated, XML, RDB or Open-Realty formats. Image and text information..." & Trent’s Blog » RETS Retrieval with PHP and VieleRETS: Part 1 to Part 6
Future of Realty: Marketlinx's RETS Connector - a huge step forward.: "a RETS download client that provides a very easy to use, reliable, and robust method to access the data within your MLS. It has a 'Metadata-aware' interface, which means it can interpret what fields and values an MLS has available to you by reading in the RETS Metadata."

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Facebook Marketing Toolbox: 100 Tools and Tips to Tap the Facebook Customer Base - Inside CRM
Website Optimizer Wednesdays - Choosing the Right Page to Test: Unofficial Google Analytics Blog
Zugec: Drupal Screencasts & Articles
Aaron Winborn's blog & New Drupal Book: Drupal Multimedia
Google Geo Developers Blog: New KML Interactive Sampler: "To the 99.9% of us who don't know everything there is to know about KML, and have been looking for a way to explore this curious little language, I present a new learning and exploration tool called the KML Interactive Sampler. One caveat, though -- since the sampler uses the Earth Browser Plug-in and API, the Earth view will currently only work on Windows."

Friday, November 14, 2008

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Google's SEO Starter Guide - Finally an official word from Google! Very nice guide for beginners.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

SEO Consultants Directory - Search Engine Marketing Companies
Making Sense Of Google’s New Dynamic URL Recommendations: "Google’s recent blog post recommending that webmasters avoid rewriting dynamic URLs caused a minor furor in the search marketing industry. Reactions ranged from nervous fears that sites with rewritten URLs should suddenly reverse out their extensive work, all the way to amazement and even anger that Google should recommend a halt to something that many consider a best practice."
MyBrand Overview and FAQ - FeedBurner Help Center & FeedBurner - Support MyBrand custom feed domain | "Especially now that they've announced that FeedBurner's subdomains are free, I'd like to be able to redirect to instead of just"
Drupal related: SpryDev SEO Podcast | Volacci Web Marketing

Friday, November 07, 2008

Google Maps API in 6.x using Blocks and CCK Field | "Combined with Content Template for GeoRSS Points"
aWebFactory - Filtering Drupal Views Dynamically (or, "Leverage the big CMS and web application frameworks! Only losers start from scratch!)" & And now for something completely different: Drupal - the quiet revolution: "the 'old' Drupal has recently undergone a mind blowing jaw dropping quiet revolution, overshadowed by the Drupal 6.0 release, but of tremendous consequence to all working with this framework: many moons ago we could use, first cck + views, then i18n in Drupal 5.x; more recently, pathauto thoroughly renovated and ironed out, now we got FeedAPI + Feed Element Mapper, a now thoroughly usable Hierarchical Select for taxonomy browsing (works in exposed filters in views), Panels 2 and nodequeue (a quiet revolution in itself), and very soon Views 2, ... (and the list goes on)."
Ubercart | "an e-commerce suite developed for Drupal. It has been designed with the end user in mind, focusing on usability in three key areas: store configuration, product and catalog creation, and order administration. On the front end, all major systems are configurable and integrate with the standard Drupal systems (node, taxonomy, user, etc.). On the back end, the settings pages and order administration pages have been designed with ease of use in mind, and we are constantly working to lower the barrier to entry for new Ubercart users."
Notes and code from my DrupalCampLA2008 presentation "jQuery + Drupal" | aWebFactory: "Presentation in powerpoint and in open office formats"
From the client's spreadsheet data to browseable content -- how to create, populate and manage your business objects in Drupal | aWebFactory: "This is a somewhat detailed description of how to leverage content types and views in Drupal, most useful for beginner to intermediate experience level in Drupal Web Application development, or to those evaluating Drupal. It is designed to show how the power of the framework is only apparent after gaining just a little experience with its features"

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Twitter Chat - Search Results for: drupal: Drupal Modules for Twitter and other Social Networking Platforms & Using Summize with Bloglines to bring Feeds to you
screencasts |
5 Tools for On-page Image Usage Analysis
The Top 10 Firefox Extensions for SEO | Webmaster Tips

Monday, October 27, 2008

Free Keyword Suggestion, Research & Analysis Tools: Seo "These are free and paid tools which will help you find which keywords to target and how competitive they are." & SEO Blogs and Search Engine Blogs : SEO & PPC Tools - Pay Per Click Bid Management Software: SEO & Top Paying AdSense Keyword Lists (has intro on Microsoft adCenter - Microsoft Advertising) via YouTube - seobook's Videos
Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: crawling and indexing & Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Join us for our third live online webmaster chat!: "You know how some myths just won't die? Well, do we have some great news for you! A not-so-scary bunch of Gooooooooooooglers will be on hand to drive a stake through the most ghoulish webmastering myths and misconceptions in our live online 'Tricks and Treats' chat this coming Wednesday."
Video Sharing for Internet Marketers: " is intended to be more than just a simple video sharing site. We are hoping to make it a social platform for our industry, where people can share their thoughts, ideas, questions, as well as their videos."
What’s the PostRank of Your Blog Posts?: "AideRSS is a very handy blog evaluating tool that can help you understand and grade your blog posts. Here are a few more tips on blog analysis:
Google Proxy Hacking Protector - Drupal Module Reviews and Ratings: "In Dan Thies' great post about the method "Google Proxy Hacking" at he illustrates how an (evil) third party can remove your site from the Google search results. One actual example of the application of this black hat SEO tactic for Google bowling my own company site out the results is illustrated here" & How Google AdSense Cannibalizes Content Based Business Models : SEO "Imagine re-branding a site you built over 10,000 organic links to, only to have Google view it as a deceptive redirect and KILL ALL OF YOUR LINK EQUITY while paying spammers to steal your content."
SEO for Wordpress by Joost de Valk: "Joost’s Wordpress SEO Guide and

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Easy Ajax with jQuery [JavaScript & Ajax Tutorials]
Wordtracker Keyword Research Guide
Comparison of Drupal WYSIWYG Editors "EXCELLENT comparison of editors!
1. I Googled and found a couple of other surveys, although they're not very current.Evaluation of WYSIWYG editors (February 2007)Evaluation of WYSIWYG editors - FULL test results (February 2007)WYSIWYG Text Editors Reviewed (February 2006)
2. I'd like to let folks know about WYSIWYG over at
3. Here's a helpful poll: Which editor (if any) do you use for your Drupal site(s)."

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Saturday, October 11, 2008

jQuery and Drupal | Innovating Tomorrow: "Drupal and jQuery have proven to be a powerful combination when it comes to producing useful and flashy web sites and web applications. In episode 88 of the Geeks and God podcast we talk about jQuery and how it works from within drupal. Part of my homework from the episode was to write up some examples of how to use jQuery from within drupal. Here are those examples."
Website Optimizer - videos & Google Website Optimizer | "This module only supports the multivariate testing option at the moment, so it does not work with A/B tests" & How to Use Google Web Optimizer in Joomla: "Jakob Nielsen put this pretty well with his formula for website success: B = V x C x L" & Google Website Optimizer Forum | Google Groups
Software For Virtual Teams - ReadWriteWeb
FLV Player - Tell you how to play flv files free

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Get Indexed and Ranked in Google News & Google News Blog: All News is Local e.g. Thornhill, ON, Canada - Google News & News Sitemaps is a good start. & Google NEWS sitemaps | "Added in CVS commit 116187. To use, create a new view with page type 'XML Sitemap: News'. I did not include a default view because there is no standard URL for Google News site maps." & WordPress Sitemap Generator for Google News - David Stansbury KB3KAI & Google Webmaster Tools: "For News Sitemaps: The Sitemap Generator is not recommended for use in creating Google News Sitemaps at this time, due to the special requirements of News Sitemaps. News Sitemaps are intended to be dynamic lists of only the most recently published news articles (rather than the entire website), and they are updated frequently."

Monday, September 08, 2008

My Google Maps tool: "This is the tool I use to create overlays for my Google API maps. I use it to produce polylines, polygons and circles... The javascript and the layout for this web page is a modified version of EZ Google Maps Digitizer, Read about it in Google Code Articles. Maths for drawing circle Some experiments with the Google Maps API (Sensitive circle). When I want to change or add coordinates in a kml-file, I use this tool:
Edit Google Maps KML file" & Google Code FAQ - Creating a Simple Digitizer Using the Google Maps API: "Using the EZ Digitizer... Once you've traced out a path, you can copy the generated KML output to a single file... In addition to digitizing paths (or specifically Polylines), it is easy to trace out structures or regions using the EZDigitizer's Polygon drawing mode" & Matt’s Wikimapia Blog » How To #6: Adding Polygons & Some experiments with the Google Maps API...

Friday, September 05, 2008

Book review: "Google Analytics" by Mary E. Tyler and Jerri L. Ledford: Unofficial Google Analytics Blog: "In conclusion, if you're technical and looking for a book to cover Google Analytics installation from head to toe, you'll probably want to skip this book; if you've got a simple website and need a primer in the basics, this is your Google Analytics go-to guide."
Dialer|Lead Response Management|Lead Management|Vertical Industry Solutions: Lead Response Management: "How Much Time Do You Have Before Web-Generated Leads Go Cold?" & Lead Response Management | MIT Survey

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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Monday, September 01, 2008

spherical panorama using ptviewer.jar | "Here is an example... There are several options for flash to show spherical panoramas. I use a program called 'pano2qtvr'. This outputs both qucktime and flash movies. You can find more info here ''. There is a new version out now that is not dependent on quicktime source. See the link for more info. I use 'ptgui' to stitch the pano's with and then use pano2qtvr to render the quicktime or flash movie. But there are many other stitching programs out there that will render your pano in flash as well. Prior to flash 8 it was not possible to show spherical pano's in flash. Since flash 8 this is now possible. The flash movies are based on the 'cube' format designed by quicktime.
For further information on this see the Panotools list at yahoo. Here you can find further information all about panoramic imaging." & Panorama Tools: PTViewer Documentation, links & WordPress › WP PT-Viewer « WordPress Plugins & Flash Panorama Publishing Software - Panorama2Flash
PHP: SimpleXMLElement-xpath - Manual & ZVON's XPath Tutorial

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Google Analytics Demystified: Part 5 - Goal Tracking and Funnels | E-Commerce Optimization & Marketing: "For a more detailed explanation and step-by-step setup process, as well as a nice “copy and paste” funnel path URL structure ready for Zen Cart, be sure to download a copy of Google Analytics Uncovered for Zen Cart: The Workbook"

Monday, July 14, 2008

Convert Flash Video .flv Files to .mpg .avi .mp4 .3GP.wmv and Other Media Format: "SUPER supports a wide variety of input/source file format to play or encode and decode without any additional third party software. It’s a GUI to ffmpeg, mencoder, mplayer, ffmpeg2theora & the theora/vorbis RealProducer plugIn. SUPER is a simple yet very efficient tool to convert (encode) or play any Multimedia file, and most video formats and also portable formats for PSP, iPod, PocketPC and NEC, Nokia, Siemens, SonyEricsson are supported." | Web Help - C00D11CD: "If you're trying to play a media file in an unsupported format, you might be able to convert it to a file type supported by the Zune software. Microsoft provides two programs—Windows Movie Maker and Windows Media Encoder—that can be used to convert unsupported video files into .wmv files. You can convert audio files using Windows Media Encoder." & Convert Flash Video .flv Files to .mpg .avi .mp4 .3GP.wmv and Other Media Format: "SUPER supports a wide variety of input/source file format to play or encode and decode without any additional third party software. It’s a GUI to ffmpeg, mencoder, mplayer, ffmpeg2theora & the theora/vorbis RealProducer plugIn. SUPER is a simple yet very efficient tool to convert (encode) or play any Multimedia file, and most video formats and also portable formats for PSP, iPod, PocketPC and NEC, Nokia, Siemens, SonyEricsson are supported."

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Friday, July 04, 2008

Housing | Google Base Help Center: "Google Base Help - Submitting to Google Base - Data feeds - Data feed instructions"

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Western Digital Passport: An Excellent Option for Backing Up Your Data to an External Hard Drive « My Tech Talk: "Limitations of the WD Sync software: The software only SYNCS data. If you backup a folder from your hard drive to the Passport device, this doesn’t mean that you can then delete that folder from your hard drive. Why? The next time you sync the WD Sync software will remove that folder from the Passport device. It considers your hard drive the “master copy” of the data." & What See I?: May 2008: "Converting FAT32 to NTFS Without Formatting" & Syncing Hard drives - Pro DJ Forums: "If the encryption could be disabled, WD Sync would be perfect, but SyncToy does what I need it to."

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Nerd Vittles » The Asterisk Orgasmatron: A $199 Turnkey PBX Install in Under 15 Minutes: Part I & Part II
Nerd Vittles » Asterisk Hell: A Minefield Navigation Guide for Newbies: "a serious look at Asterisk through the eyes of a typical new user today. Our objective is to turn newly built Asterisk servers into stellar performers, IP telephony systems that work reliably without the quirks that are all too familiar to those of us who have tiptoed through the minefield for many years. Whether you've chosen to run PBX in a Flash, or a trixbox system, or Elastix, or rolled your own Asterisk system, that's the least of your problems"

Monday, June 09, 2008

Solr: An Alternative to Drupal Search, Now with Group Filtering | Development Seed: "There is a module - apachesolr - that's being actively developed that presently supports using Solr for searching Drupal sites. However, because Solr's search is independent of the usual SQL queries used by Drupal - and immune to the performance ramifications therein - the module doesn't currently support the node access permissions system, and therefore returns blurbs of what could be restricted content"
Google Directory - Computers: Security: Internet: Privacy: Anonymized Access & Onion Routing and Online Anonymity (PDF) & Tor: anonymity online & HOWTO Anonymity with Tor and Privoxy - Gentoo Linux Wiki

Thursday, May 22, 2008

BlackBerry Connection Newsletter - Business Edition: "send a media file using Bluetooth technology"
Download details: Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats: "Open, edit, and save documents, workbooks, and presentations in the file formats new to Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007."

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Spring Application Server: I told you so: "You see, along with my predictions of a Spring application server, I've also been predicting a shift in what we call 'standard' JEE. I've been predicting a JEE future where applications are no longer deployed in big monolithic EAR/WAR files and instead are deployed in smaller, easier to manage, individually deployed bundles that collectively make up an application."

Monday, May 19, 2008

Power Real Estate Letters CD cannot run on Wintows XP after Symantec removal! Here is a Fix: Error: "S32evnt1.dll. An installable Virtual Device Driver failed DLL initialization" & Unzip - s32evnt1.dll, free download into C:\Program Files\Symantec directory.

Friday, May 16, 2008

25 GIMP Video Tutorials to Help Get You Started | Six Revisions: "22. Create a 3D Web Browser - A tutorial on replicating this popular effect using GIMP." & VnTutor: 10 GIMP Video Lessons online & Web2.0 banner - Video Tutorial | - Gimp , tutorials , brushes , downloads, forum & gimp video tutorial - Google Search & Biehl Online © -GIMP image editor tutorials (you will need illiminable Ogg Directshow Filters for Speex, Vorbis, Theora and FLAC)
How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP: "If you are using Windows XP Professional, you must disable Simple File Sharing. By default, Windows XP Professional uses Simple File sharing when it is not joined to a domain." (via microsoft.public.windowsxp.security_admin: Re: Access denied to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents)
Eurotrip Mapping Functionality | "I did a screencast as a little demo of what my mapping functionality is like for I basically just wanted to show you all so it may spark some ideas for improving geocoding/mapping"

Thursday, May 15, 2008

PicLens | Immersive Views Across the Web & PicLens lite for Drupal | "I now finally know what those guys back then were using. PicLens is indeed a very cool plugin - *nix isn't supported yet, but they are working on it - and you can also integrate PicLens lite on your own website." & PicLens | "Supported Drupal modules available as submodules of piclens
Make Money Fast - The Million Dollar Experiment Down Under: Bloggers Toolkit & FireFox Bloggers Plugins - Split Window and Word Count

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Reply ABOVE this LINE to POST a COMMENT to a Drupal Site | Development Seed: "Check the new 'Mail2web' plug-in in the Notifications module. This first version is for Drupal 5. And by the way, we just released the Drupal 6 version of both Notifications and Messaging modules."
Micro-Targeting Ads on Facebook for Cheap | Development Seed
Smart(er) TinyMCE Configuration for Drupal | cascadingStyle
6 is the Magic Number | "Resources used:
Designers Guide to jQuery: Drupalcamp Vancouver Presentation | Steve Krueger & Quick jQuery Usability Tip: Automatically Clear/Restore Useful Default Values | Chapter Three LLC
Extreme Form Handling in Drupal | The Agile Approach
Smart(er) TinyMCE Configuration for Drupal | cascadingStyle
Thoughts on CSS Best Practices | Geoff Hankerson
Highlighting some Drupal site recipes | TopNotchThemes Drupal Themes - Premium Drupal themes, designed just for Drupal
Drupal Therapy: Learn How To Pull Video into Drupal | Development Seed: "Sean Effel from Drupal Therapy just put up a wonderful screencast on how to pull videos from RSS feeds into Drupal. In the screencast, Sean shows step by step how to set up your Drupal site with the FeedAPI, Feed Element Mapper, and Embedded Media Field modules to aggregate video feeds from" & Embedded Media Field | & HowTos | Create a feed of embedded videos using emfield, feedapi, and feedapi_mapper
What should I do ? | "Workarounds: 1- executing the query: SET GLOBAL sql_mode='MYSQL40'; 2- starting mysqld with the option --sql-mode='MYSQL40'; 3- changing sql-mode to 'MYSQL40' in my.ini (Windows only?)" & System requirements |
Is someone hacking my index.php file???? |
Display a Google Calendar in Google Maps

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Search 2.0: Enterprise Search - Redefining Scope: "Continuing my discussion on my previous post 'Enterprise Search Done Right' where I wrote about the user needs of enterprise search, in this post I want to share my thoughts of enterprise search and how things have changed in last couple of years in this technology to force the community to rethink about its scope and functionality."

Sunday, May 04, 2008

10 tips for maintaining a healthy home network: "7. Prevent your kids from downloading malware with Parental Controls"

Thursday, May 01, 2008

MySQL Engines: MyISAM vs. InnoDB | Tag1 Consulting, Inc.: "In summary, many of the historical concerns and rumors of InnoDB slowness are simply false. In most cases, InnoDB is the correct choice for a Drupal site."

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Author Contact | "After enabling the module you will need to configure it on the blocks page to only show on the nodes you want." & My real estate site | "CCK, Imagefield, Views, GMap, Location, Nodeprofile, Nodefamily, Automatic Nodetitles Pathauto, Token"