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Shop To It Search : home theatre system :: Shop To It helps you Search, Compare, then Buy from Online Canadian Stores
Urban Legends Reference Pages: Inboxer Rebellion (Free 411): "The phone number 1-800-FREE-411 offers free directory assistance service... It works sort of like commercial radio or television — businesses pay to sponsor it in exchange for presenting their advertisements to customers" demo
SIP Tutorial pdf & SIP Server: SIP Express Router & SIP SER Tutorial - Step by Step Installation of SER and WEBSER on RedHad Fedora Core 1
Raible Designs ~ We Build Web Apps: "Use Ant to auto-build your AppFuse project in Eclipse"
IBS Mini: "ISP Billing System is a free and open-source project, released under GPL license that provides accounting services for ISPs that sell Prepaid VoIP/DialUP/Lan accounts. It also supports VoIP Call Detail Recording with radius accounting."
[Asterisk-Users] Asterisk as a Gateway: "Here is a very very simple example using a PRI. You will need more error routing in a real dial plan..."
VoipSpeak - Updated Guide to using the SPA-3000
Written by Shaun Ewing ? "This document describes the process involved in integrating Cisco Callmanager 3.3(5) with Asterisk PBX for voicemail" (PDF)
Shaun Ewing - Journal ? Blog Archive ? " allows people with telephone numbers also reachable via the Internet (eg: VoIP) to publish them in a centralised database. Oher E164 applications including Asterisk can then lookup details when finding the best path to direct a call." & Shaun Ewing - Journal ? Blog Archive ? - part 2 & FrequentlyAskedQuestions - Wiki
Signate , Open Source VoIP: "Free Music On Hold"
Asterisk-Java - Java control for Asterisk PBXes: "The FastAGI implementation supports all commands currently available from Asterisk."
.:Asterisk VoIP News:. Daily Updated News and Help about Asterisk, VoIP and PBX Platforms Weblog: 2005_05_01: "Sipura SPA-3000 Reviewed"
Fall VON 2005 Report : TomsNetworking : & VoIP Article Index : TomsNetworking: Linksys Cordless Internet Telephony Kit (CIT200), Linksys WIP330 Wireless-G IP Phone, UTStarcom F1000 locked to Vonage service
AMP Wiki : FaqFwdIax: "How to Connect To Free World Dialup with IAX"
AMP Wiki : MOH: "Music on Hold files" as MP3
Asterisk phones - "Asterisk Configuration Notes for Specific Phones" & PA168 - "I've just had confirmation from the manufacturers of the PA168 chipset that they are open sourcing their VoIP firmware! It's being released under the BSD licence, and it will be hosted on Source Forge. I've setup a page on the AMP Documentation Wiki" & AMP Wiki : GXP-2000: "There seems to be no way to have the phone 'speak' it's IP address, as you can with the PA1688 phones, so if you have vision problems, you're out of luck."
Alkaloid Networks :: Projects - Asterisk::LDAP 0.6.0 Released!
Asterisk Recording Interface | Littlejohn Consulting: "ARI is a user centric portal to the Asterisk PBX Software. It provides a user friendly web interface to voicemail and call monitor recordings. As well, it provides access to user settings in Asterisk." & [Asterisk-Users] How to record a call: "For Asterisk 1.2:" & [Asterisk-Users] Re: Re: How to record a call: "I'm running AAH 2.2 and *1 works from my eyebeam sip phones to do on > demand > recording... Changed DIAL_OPTIONS in the database to read 'tTrwW'" & [Asterisk-Users] Re: Re: How to record a call: "I have updated the software so it will now correctly recognize the on-demand call monitor recordings. It is available in AMP cvs and at the website." - COOL
try ruby! (in your browser) "And if you'd like to dig into Ruby further, I'm writing an obscure book: Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby"
Nerd Vittles: Tips & Tricks to Turbocharge Your Asterisk@Home PBX: "Last but not least, if you want to connect a 5.8 GHz wireless phone set to your Asterisk PBX for use throughout your home or office, the SPA-3000 is a must-have. For more information on wireless phone sets, take another look at Part I of this series. And check out the incredible VTech i5871 (see inset) which we'll also configure next week to use with Asterisk. If you want to order an SPA-3000, the Voxilla Store is the cheapest source at the moment." & Nerd Vittles � ISP-In-A-Box: Installing a Free Asterisk PBX Phone System (Part I): "Choosing Telephones - As with most technology decisions, choosing telephone instruments depends upon your requirements. If your VoIP PBX will be used in your home or home office by mostly your family where one person talks on the phone at a time, our recommendation would be to pick up one of the new 5.8GHz cordless phone sets. Many can support up to 8 wireless extensions which you can scatter around the house as desired. All that?s required is an electric outlet for each unit?s AC adapter. They work great throughout large homes and won?t interfere with your home wireless network. Visit Best Buy, Staples, Office Depot, or Office Max and have a look at the incredible selection which has become available in just the last year. Then go to and save yourself 20 per cent. Sam?s Club and Costco also run specials on these phones almost weekly. If you go this route, then you?ll also need a Sipura VoIP adapter to connect your analog phones to your Asterisk digital PBX. If all you want to connect is a single cordless phone set with up to 8 wireless extensions, then the SPA-1001 will suffice. It?s the size and weight of a pack of cigarettes and costs about $60. For two lines, choose the SPA-2002 or choose the SPA-2100 for a cordless phone set and a fax machine. If you?re looking down the road to the day of multiple VoIP providers, then you?ll want to spring for the Big Kahuna, the SPA-3000, which still costs less than $100 (see inset below). If you have a home office or a business and want a true business telephone instrument with speakerphone, multiple line support, and intercom paging, then IP telephone instruments are the way to go. We personally favor the GrandStream GXP-2000 (inset above) which is under $100 at the Voxilla Store. Sipura also makes a phone, but there have been problems reported with the rubberized buttons sticking. For $200, you can move up to the Polycom IP501 with a state-of-the-art speakerphone. With either of these phones, the same BroadVoice coupon described above is included. We?d recommend you steer clear of Cisco-branded IP phones (they also own Sipura now) unless you like burning money and enjoy water torture. Trying to obtain software updates from Cisco is next to impossible unless you purchase the phones directly from Cisco and subscribe to a maintenance contract (also expensive)." & Learn about the i5871 & VTech� 5871, 5858 or 5808 Phonebook manager & VTech� Phone Finder Results & see also VTech� Manual Downloads: "ia5874 - 5.8 GHz Three handset cordless telephone with digital answering system"
Site with loads of good tips about IVR design: DESIGNING USER-FRIENDLY INTERACTIVE VOICE RESPONSE (IVR) SERVICES - By Tim Noonan, SoftSpeak Computer Services
Asterisk hardware home analog - "Sipura 3000 - ATA with 1 FXS & 1 FXO port..."
[Asterisk-biz] Large Asterisk Setup (~500 Concurrent Calls+Scalability): "A graphical overview of our tentative design can be found here... Through research, it was determined that the PCI bus couldn't handle the digital signal processing (DSP) from more than one quad-span card. The goal of our new design is to offload the DSP to the Asterisk slave servers, then route the calls via IAX2 trunks to the Asterisk master server... Let Cisco or Quintum do all the transcoding, it will save you a lot of headaches and countless hours of downtime." & Asterisk hardware recommendations - "Quoting Mark Spencer (in Saarbruecken): One of the implementations that we know about 800 Pingtel IP phones. For busy operators these JAVA-based phones are not ideal since they require regular reboots. Also Vonage is using Asterisk and has made a lot of contributions to the project, they are using it for voicemail. There is also a large analog installation to be found at Frys Eletronics, which is a large US retailer"
Running Asterisk on Debian GNU/Linux & Running Asterisk on Debian -
Asterisk Documentation Project - FAQ: "In order to connect to the #asterisk IRC channel you must be register your nickname (alias) with the server. This is to limit (and hopefully eliminate) the number of spam bots connecting to the channel. The asterisk related IRC channels are hosted on the Freenode ( IRC network." & IRC Transcripts for :: #asterisk - 2005-02-18

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IRC How-To - Berkman Center for Internet & Society: "For those new to IRC, we recommend the Firefox plugin Chatzilla, which is both relatively simple to use and can be run within the Firefox web browser." & ChatZilla FAQ
Google Directory - Computers > Software > Internet > Clients > Chat > IRC > mIRC
Asterisk config extensions.conf - "Predefined Extension Names Asterisk uses some extension names for special purposes: i : Invalid, s : Start, h : Hangup, t : Timeout, T : AbsoluteTimeout, o : Operator. See Asterisk standard extensions for details." -- Online Catalog: Wireless Hacks, Second Edition - Sample Hacks: "Hack 20: Share Your GPS, Hack 30: Monitor Wireless Links in Linux with Wavemon, Hack 51: Track Wireless Users, Hack 56: Send Power over Your Ethernet, Hack 71: Wall Off Your Wireless"
Grandstream BudgeTone 101 and 102 Setup Guide
Find A Person: "Reverse Phone Number Search"
Voxilla :: All VoIP . . . All the Time: "Looking for OPEN low cost BYOD plan with incoming Fax" - LINKS
TelaSIP - VoipXpress FAQ: "Q: How many inbound or outbound simultaneous calls can I have? A: The number of inbound or outbound calls depends on your broadband connection speed. Keep in mind most broadband have different upstream and downstream speeds. Check with your provider. However, the bandwitdh requirements are minimal. The voice encoders use 30kbps to 80 kbps. Test your bandwidth. Run both the download and upload test."
Nice audio recordings about (Agile) management practices: "The Orasi folks have posted my fall webinars, both the audio and PDF presentation. If you missed * What Makes a Great Product Manager? * Managing the Project Portfolio * Delivering the Right Product on Time: Setting Expectations between Engineering and the Three PMs check out the webinars" at Orasi IdeaScope : Customer Feedback and Customer Experience Web Survey Software
Mark Watson's opinions on Java, Ruby, Lisp, AI, semantic web, and politics: New open source project: Ruby Message System: "I was surprised when I could not find something simular to Java's JMS for Ruby so I decided to build my own... I was planning on using the stump system for accessing the Java ActiveMQ JMS server but after receiving a recommendation from someone for the stump ruby bindings and ActiveMQ I think that I will experiment with ActiveMQ"
Creating Passionate Users: BrainDeath by Micromanagement: The Zombie Function: "The most important function for a manager is X = -Y, where X is employee brain use and Y is degree of management. To use the horse whisperer's advice, The more you use your reins, the less they'll use their brains."
IBM Redbooks | Introduction to Grid Computing (PDF)
Jonas Bon�r � Blog Archive � Thread Coordination In Web Apps Using Spring AOP
EclipsePlugins : details for the EzMgt MIB Browser Eclipse plugin (Network) (Free for non-commercial use)
EclipsePlugins : details for the Eclipse XMLBeans Eclipse plugin (XML)
Carlos Sanchez's Weblog: Spring 2.0 M1 released: "Spring 2.0 remains fully backwards-compatible with Spring 1.2. Both the DTD style and the schema style are supported for XML bean definitions. No incompatible API changes have been introduced (other than removing deprecated methods). Furthermore, Spring 2.0 still runs on JDK 1.3+ and J2EE 1.2+."
Ruby on Maven - COOL
Raible Designs ~ We Build Web Apps: Equinox 1.5 Released : "This release's major new feature is dependency downloading using Maven 2's Ant tasks. The main reason I used Maven 2 over Ivy is because I've heard rumors that Ant 1.7 will include dependency downloading - and they're planning on integrating the work that Maven has already done. One of the nice things about using Maven 2's Ant Tasks, is you can download Maven 2 and generate your Eclipse or IDEA (possibly even Netbeans) project files using 'mvn eclipse:eclipse' or 'mvn idea:idea'. You can also use Maven 2 to build and test things if you like. The only thing that doesn't currently when using Maven to test Equinox is the web tests with Cargo. I can try to get those working if there's enough demand. For now, you'll have to use Ant if you want to test the UI." & Maven 2.x Plug-in for Eclipse
developerWorks : Blogs : Bobby Woolf: "Have Hibernate and Spring Saved JEE?"
SANS Top 20 Vulnerabilities - The Experts Consensus: "Version 6.01 November 28, 2005"
RubyInstallerWiki: RubyInstaller
Announcing Ruby Code & Style: "Artima has launched Ruby Code & Style, a new online magazine dedicated to sharing the pleasure of Ruby programming. Edited by James Britt and Shashank Date, this magazine will publish technical feature articles, tutorials, and commentary for Ruby programmers."
Ruby on the Web: Programming Ruby: The Pragmatic Programmer's Guide, Ruby FAQ PDF,... - START!
README - Welcome to Rails
Documentation for Ruby on Rails: Four Days Four Days on Rails PDF, Fast-track your Web apps with Ruby on Rails, Ajax on Rails, Really Getting Started in Rails, Agile Web Development with Rails : A Pragmatic Guide (The Facets of Ruby Series): Books: "Excellent introduction to a fascinating framework"
Rails 1.0: We finally made it there! (Loud Thinking): "Not only did we go the big one oh, we also launched a new site designed by Mr. 37signals himself, Jason Fried, which I'm very proud of: It includes two additional screencasts, a very nice list of applications in the wild running Rails, the core team looking sharp, and of course a ton of great quotes from people I admire."
Xooglers: Let's get a real database: "Google AdSense?s journey from mysql to commercial db and back" & MySQL 5.0 Reference Manual :: Transactions and Atomic Operations: "MySQL Server (version 3.23-max and all versions 4.0 and above) supports transactions with the InnoDB and BDB transactional storage engines. InnoDB provides full ACID compliance. See Chapter 14, Storage Engines and Table Types. The other non-transactional storage engines in MySQL Server (such as MyISAM) follow a different paradigm for data integrity called ?atomic operations.? In transactional terms, MyISAM tables effectively always operate in AUTOCOMMIT=1 mode. Atomic operations often offer comparable integrity with higher performance."
Java Stuff: Spring JDBC
OSCON 2005 - Every Java Programmer Should Know About Ruby & Francis Hwang: Coming to Ruby from Java
AMIS Technology blog � Blog Archive � Starting with JasperReports
AMIS Technology blog � Blog Archive � JavaPolis 2005: what?s hot and what?s not?
Anarchogeek: Getting ccxml & voicexml support in to asterisk (December 01, 2004)
Perlbox Voice Application Framework Tutorial: "Using perlbox voice libraries, Perlbox Voice for TK provides a transparent interface to several open source speech systems... Sphinx-2 Listening Agent - The Sphinx-2 Listening agent was created by the Sphinx Group at Carnegie Mellon University in order to stimulate the creation of speech-using tools and applications, and to advance the state of the art both directly in speech recognition, as well as in related areas including dialog systems and speech synthesis under an open source license. The purpose of releasing the source code publicly was to encourage development of speech tools in common computing environs. Festival Talking Agent - The Festival speech synthesis system is a general multi-lingual speech synthesis system. Festival was created by the The Centre for Speech Technology Research at the University of Edinburgh and offers a full text to speech system with various APIs, as well an environment for development and research of speech synthesis techniques..."
VoiceXML - & Tellme - "Well here we are 6 months later and have turned out to be a total disapointment... I guess this is a huge opportunity out there if you are a smart VC looking to deliver speech recognition services in an ASP model, until then Sphinx is the only option." & Sphinx and Asterisk: "A detailed example and code for a client/server approach. Built for use with Asterisk, but could work with any number of projects. This should get you up and running in no time! There are also some discussions to be found on the Asterisk-Users list for example here."
Festival - Asterisk festival installation
JVoiceXML - Home: "A free VoiceXML interpreter for JAVA supporting JAVA APIs such as JSAPI and JTAPI" ONJava: 2005 Year in Review
Articles Forum - Modular Architectures with Ruby: "Read this article by Jack Herrington, author of Code Generation in Action"
Two straw men walk into the Foo Bar...: "So obviously, it was of great interest the other day to see of James Gosling speak of his affinity for scripting languages in his blog entry RADlab, scripting and scale, even going so far as to say: 'Over the years I've used and created a wide variety of scripting languages, and in general, I'm a big fan of them. When the project that Java came out of first started, I was originally planning to do a scripting language. But a number of forces pushed me away from that.'" Using Global/Distributed Transactions in Java/JDBC with Oracle Real Application Clusters
Engadget: V4S: free voicemail for Skype
The VoIP Weblog: "WIP330 Wireless-G IP phone has an 802.11b/g radio. This will allow it to operate on 802.11g networks without the throughput impact caused by slower 802.11b-based phones. In addition, the WIP330 appears to be the first VoIP Wi-Fi phone to support both WEP encryption and stronger WPA-PSK wireless security..."
The VoIP Weblog: "It seems that, in all the hooplah surrounding Yahoo's announcement of Y! Messenger adding one-cent-per-minute long distance telephony, I missed the fact that Gizmo is now offering the same thing--for calls within the United States, anyway."
Asterisk AEL - "Over time, people have been pushing to add features to extensions.conf to make it more like a programming language. AEL is intended to provide an actual programming language that can be used to write an Asterisk dialplan." & AEL Example Snippets
Lord Stroud?s Web Log: � The end of telecoms as we know them?: "I hooked up our office Asterisk PBX with 4 other PBX?s in the world. One in New-York, one in London, one in Italy and one in Taiwan. All 4 PBX?s basically share resources, so I get to call the New-York and London for the price of a local call, and the other PBX?s get to call Israel for the price of a local call. All 4 PBX?s belong to company?s which work hand by hand quite alot, so calls between us are FREE. In other words, we created our own Telecom model." & Lord Stroud?s Web Log: � ASTERISK: My experience with Asterisk AGI Programing: "I will start off by saying this: DON?T USE JAVA! If you really must use JAVA, use FastAGI instead of AGI.": PHPAGI Tricks (PHPAGI the connection of PHP and Asterisk), Dialplan Tricks, AMP Patches, Compile/Install ("MySQL 5.X + PHP 5.X + AMP 1.10.010 = BAD COMBINATION")... - TIPS
fwdOUT Network WebHome: "fwdOUT is a non-commercial directory service that enables individuals with Asterisk? Systems to find one another and share their phone lines... Call ordinary phones all over the world for free; you just have to share your phone, too. With fwdOUT, you can call other people even if they don?t have a computer. fwdOUT lets you call any phone number in the world by sending the call over the Internet to a shared phone line near the person you're calling." & fwdOUT Foums What's New in ModSecurity & Securing Web Services with mod_security & Introducing mod_security - SDK - Ruby Asterisk Gateway Interface (RAGI) - COOL
O'Reilly Emerging Telephony Conference - January 24 - 26, 2006 - San Francisco, CA - Schedule (O'Reilly Network: Hacking Asterisk and Rails with RAGI, O'Reilly Network: ETel Keynotes: An Interview with Norman Lewis, Asterisk, VoIP, and Other Great Hacks by Jim Van Meggelen, Asterisk as a baby monitor?, Beyond Asterisk, The Future of Telephony. What's Next?: "one of many core contributors the the development of the Asterisk platform talks about his ideas for the future of telephony and his work with and their intended alternative to Asterisk", VXML Bootcamp and Making Your Website Talk: "Greg Sadetsky presents how they made a voice driven directions service from Google maps and their website", O'Reilly Network: VoIP is all Business at VON) & VON Spring 2006 - VoIP Trade Show and Expo - NICE -- Online Catalog: Time Management for System Administrators, First Edition & Time Management for System Administrators: Books: Thomas Limoncelli: "Much of the geek community has embraced David Allen's Getting Things Done as a purely pragmatic way to, well, get things done, and Tom's book complements GTD in two ways. First, Tom describes his own personal system in the space of a couple of chapters, for those who aren't interested in drinking the GTD Kool-Aid but still need to start using a system. Second, Time Management for System Administrators is totally system-agnostic -- whether you use a PDA or index cards, just about every chapter of the book will amplify the effectiveness of your existing system. He also tells you how to get into Disneyland and ride all the rides without waiting in line, and how to minimize the time you spend walking around the video store looking for something to rent." :-)
Road test: Four databases tested: Builder AU: Architect: Database: "Databases are by no means an easy product category to understand. Many of the big players now offer free or 'light' versions of their databases, but comparing them all is no easy task -- as we found out."
Nerd Vittles � The Music Frontier: Taming Streaming Audio for Music on Hold with Asterisk

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meta-douglasp - On REST/POX and Indigo: "I just read Mark Baker's post about Clemens' REST extensions for WCF"
Paul Andrew : Workflow in the Holiday MSDN TV Show: "Don Box and Dharma Shukla write in MSDN Magazine about using XAML for declaring workflow, Morgan Skinner creates a simple custom activity"
Ron Bodkin's Blog: Article Announcing Glassbox Inspector: AOP Performance Management: "I'm pleased to say that IBM Developerworks has just published part one of my two part article, Performance monitoring with AspectJ, Part 1: A look inside the Glassbox Inspector with AspectJ and JMX. The article shows the design of a larger-scale system with AOP, based on real world experience."
WTP Web Service Programming Examples from EclipseWorld Posted (
EclipsePlugins : details for the EPIC - Eclipse Perl Integration Eclipse plugin (Languages)
Bram Smeets Blog � DWR & Spring presentation (PDF)
Relevance � Blog Archive � Bidding Projects with Ruby/Rails, Take 2
Rob Harrop?s Blog � Controlling MBean Registration Behavior in Spring & Rob Harrop?s Blog � [TSE] Slides for Advanced MVC, Scheduling and JMX Presentations (JMX Samples, Enterprise Management with Spring and JMX - PDF)
Rob Harrop?s Blog � Caveats with Class Proxying in Spring
Good and Bad Procrastination
Voice over IP - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks: "Asterisk: The open-source PBX"
Asterisk Gateway Interface (AGI),
Directory Listing For /download/sipphone/ via PDF ("I have found the BOL SIPPhone extremely simple to set up for use with Asterisk and it also has a call forward facility that I use from time to time.")
PrivacyManager - Asterisk - Voice over IP - Whirlpool Broadband Forums: "This is covered in the Nerd Vittles � Keeping Telemarketers At Bay with Asterisk">excellent Nerd Vittles Asterisk tutorial. Take a look at This needs some modifcation for aus because we don't get a name with our caller id..."
Idefisk softphone: "View the telephone manual here"
Asterisk cmd MeetMe -
[Asterisk-Users] Meetme: "Try app_conference. In this configuration, you should be able to handle 200++ users without problems. It's ideal for this kind of thing (one person in "talk-only" mode and everybody else in "monitor" mode)" & Asterisk app_conference, Asterisk cmd Conference - Asterisk Mailing Lists - START
Asterisk sound files -
Index of /asterisk configurations and sounds
DynExtenDB - a loadable module for Asterisk PBX: "simple solution to manage a huge amount of extensions which change quite often... Your extensions will (additionally to extensions.conf) exist in a MySQL database and are only registered when used."
Open Source: "Asterisk Tips & Tricks"
Asterisk Cookbook
Developers | Asterisk - START
Asterisk - The number one open source PBX in the world Asterisk: A Bare-Bones VoIP Example: "There are several SIP implementations that are OSS, but they are primarily what are known as "call proxies" instead of more full-featured PBX applications. This means that they function only to connect two endpoints together, and are basically just large, fast, directory servers. Examples of SIP Proxies are SER and Vocal. There are also other open source PBX projects like Bayonne and OpenPBX, which have slightly different feature sets than Asterisk." - old but relevant & - Project Announced: "a fork from the Asterisk software PBX"
Mantis Bug Tracker: "Mantis is a web-based bugtracking system. It is written in the PHP scripting language and requires the MySQL database and a webserver."
Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks/tools
Garbage Collection : Impressive rich web application links (Ajax)
Brian McCallister (PDF)
Best Practices for Software Development
Blogger Web Comments for Firefox: "makes it easy to see what bloggers are saying about a page you're viewing in Firefox and even make your own blog post about it, all without leaving the page you're on."
Maven 2 Tutorial - START"Dion"): Running PHP in your J2EE server?: "Caucho has a cool feature in their new server. They have PHP integration via their Quercus, a PHP implementation in Java... You can also tie in PHP code to call any Java code via:..." - TIP
Joda-Time 1.2 - Replacing JDK Date and Calendar
Caucho Resin adds PHP: "Caucho, the company behind the open source application server Resin and the open Web Services protocols Burlap and Hessian, has recently added PHP to its list of supported features. Apparently, the PHP pages are compiled in the background to byte-code, and the resulting performance is six times that of Apache mod_php!... With Python, PHP, and CFML supported in a Java application server environment, and the jRuby project not so far behind, it's starting to look like Java is the ideal platform for supporting all of the popular web development languages."
Developing J2EE applications without Spring? Why?: "Ugo Cei brought up a Matt Raible blog from The Spring Experience, pointing out that the upcoming Spring 2.0 release shouldn't break anything of any note. Spring 2.0 should be a drop-in replacement for Spring 1.x, and led Ugo to make a worthwhile statement: 'I seriously wonder why anyone would want to develop anything substantial in Java nowadays without using Spring.'"
Welcome To Groundwork Guava: "Groundwork Guava is a PHP-based application framework and environment. It provides a powerful toolkit to developers and creates an environment where applications can reside. It's features include: * AJAX technologies in the interface * Object Orientated Design * A Hybrid Event-Driven and Process Driven Interface * Ability to wrap existing web applications into environment." - The 50 Greatest Gadgets of the Past 50 Years
MAKE: Blog: HOW TO - recreate trips with Google Earth, and a GPS: "I uploaded the GPS tracks into Google Earth so I could visualize them. One of the coolest tricks that Google Earth does is to let you 'fly' along the tracks at any speed and altitude that you wish, so I can virtually recreate each drive over 3D scenery overlayed with satellite photos..."
Engadget: How-To: Stream almost anything using VLC: "The VLC media player is an amazing piece of software. In its most basic form it is a lightweight media player that can play almost any audio or video format you throw at it. VLC is also multiplatform in the most extreme sense of the word; it can run on Windows, OSX, Linux and PocketPC / WinCE handhelds along with other systems. VLC works great as a streaming server and video transcoder too..."
xbox hacks - Xbox 360 first impressions: ", the Xbox 360 Linux project,..."
VoIP Watch: VoIP Past, Present and Future (audio blog)
Performancing for Firefox | "Performancing for Firefox is a full featured blog editor that sits right within Firefox. Just hit F8 or click the little pencil icon at the bottom right to bring up the blog editor and easily post to your Wordpress, MovableType or Blogger blogs." & SpellBound - Spellchecker for Firefox and the Mozilla Suite
Om Malik on Broadband : � Gizmo Gives Adium a Voice: via "the Gizmo for Adium Plug-In. Adium is a multi-protocol IM client that talks to most of the IM networks such as MSN, Yahoo and AIM."
Om Malik on Broadband : � Will Gizmo Soon IM Gtalk?: "( a soft phone project started by Michael Robertson?s SIPphone,) team has made the instant messaging part of their soft-phone client working with Google?s GTalk... Gizmo has two communication methods: voice that uses SIP protocol thus making it easy for the client to talk to any other open SIP implementations. The IM part relies on XMPP."
MobHappy: Carnival of the Mobilists - Best of the Year!
VoIP Predictions 2006: "Reprinted from the January 2006 issue of Internet Telephony Magazine."
Jan in Malaysia: Learning Skype's Plug-in Architecture

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Intel Gets Inside Asterisk with New Drivers & Intel, Digium Jointly Develop Channel Driver to Enable Asterisk Business Edition on Intel Building Blocks [September 20, 2005] & Asterisk? Hardware | Asterisk: "Dialogic Hardware: Analog: D/41JCT-LS 4-port analog + voice, VFX/41JCT-LS 4-port analog + voice + fax, D/120JCT-LS 12-port analog + voice & Digital: D/240JCT-1T1 T1 + 24 voice, D/300JCT-1E1 E1 + 30 voice, D/480JCT-2T1 (2) T1 + 48 voice, D/600JCT-2E1(2) E1 + 60 voice" & Anyone running Asterisk with Dialogic?
The Hitchhiker's Guide to Asterisk (PDF) & Asterisk@Home without Tears - The Dumb-Me Guide (PDF) & Asterisk Documentation Project - Project Information: "We're pleased to announce the availability of Asterisk: The Future of Telephony online! The result of hundreds of hours of painstaking labor, this book represents the work of Jim Van Meggelen, Jared Smith, and Leif Madsen over the past year. Thanks to O'Reilly Media for publishing the book and agreeing to publish it under the Creative Commons license." (PDF) - THANKS!
sipit - Session Initiation Protocol Interoperability Tests
VoIP-forum - Internet and IP telephony: Asterisk and Instant Messaging: "Asterisk 1.2 will have support for SIMPLE notifications of device presence. We will show if a phone is on a call, if it's ringing or if it's off line (not registered). We have no support for SIMPLE messaging outside of a call. Within a call, you can send text with sendtext() in the dial plan to SIP phones that supports it... patch that integrates Jabber/XMPP in an interesting way, but not as a channel so you can send messages from SIP to Jabber"
Linux LiveCD VoIP Server: "can be used to provide a Vonage type service, or to create a voip pbx for a campus or business with thousands of phones. It is based on the Open Standard SIP Express Router (SER) and Asterisk. It can serve as a SIP Proxy, VoIP PBX, VoIP gateway or Class 5 Softswitch."

Friday, December 23, 2005

Bandwidth consumption -
Unlimitel - "There is no fuss with this service. When you subscribe, you get an email containing your SIP username(s) and password(s), and a pointer to a web page with example configuration for Asterisk" - TIP
How to start the next Vonage -
Grandstream GXP-2000 - Solving Echo Problems -
VOIP Billing -
CW Radius for Asterisk - "We can bring good news for everyone who interested in CW RADIUS for Asterisk, which allows to integrate any billing software with Asterisk open source PBX, we pleased to announce release of RADIUS that works and provides compatability with many billing software (i.e IBSng free version, Mind CTI"
Asterisk video -
Asterisk phone xten eyeBeam -
VOIP Phones -
Asterisk Prepaid Applications - DBDesigner 4: "provides powerful features to create a visual model of any database. Starting from a reverse engineering engine to automatically retrieve a model from existing databases, extensive modeling tools and editors to a syncronisation function which will apply model changes automatically to the underlying database - it is all part of DBDesigner 4." & DBDesigner 4 PDF Documentation & demonstration and tutorial clips (How to convert a MS Access Database to MySQL, how to synchronise a model with a MySQL database, main features of DBDesigner 4)
EclipseZone - Why You Should Use Eclipse RCP (In 10 Minutes)

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Device Manager Error Codes | PCTechBytes Article: "Problem: This device is disabled. (Code 22)"
Future Shop: Computer Peripherals: Networking: Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router With SpeedBooster (WRT54GS-CA)
NETGEAR - 108 Mbps Wireless PC Card: "Model WG511T"
Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100 with Linux - old but has some great tips!
How to troubleshoot wireless network connections in Windows XP
Jive Software: Wildfire Instant Messaging Server: "Wildfire is incredibly easy to setup and adminster, but offers rock-solid security and performance."
jmxremote: JMXRemote Project: "It provides a remote mbean server delegation to the local application as if it is a mbean server in local." & An Introduction to JMXRemote
OpenSSH cutting edge
O'Reilly Network: Paul Graham on How to Make Wealth
Java(tm) Optimization and Java Performance Tuning Techniques
VoxEngine � Asterisk at Home - User and Extension security: "AAH is great, but sometimes you need to lock down phones in public places to prevent un-authorized calls. Voxengine Lockdown is a tool that goes beyond adding a password on an outgoing route."
VoipSpeak - Asterisk@Home Step By Step: (old) SIP Server: SIP Express Router & OpenSER: "aims to be a collaborative project of its users, to develop a scalable and robust SIP server."
astcallcenters : Message: Re: [astcallcenters] from legacy to asterisk: what do you miss?: "Having a web-based GUI has really helped our agents in the call center. When we moved to it from a client-server app a few months ago the training time needed to teach the agents how to use the interface was cut in half and agents having problems using the interface went down just as much. All of that translated into a more efficient workforce and less training time which just adds to the bottom line. Other than that we have just had little problems along the way with things like audio recording quality, echo in the lines, Asterisk crashing and remote monitoring issues. Now all of those issues have either been resolved or are rare. One other little request that the managers have had is an issue I've heard from a lot of people that use Asterisk, multiple servers and load balancing of inbound/outbound calls. How to setup two separate Asterisk servers with 60 agents each(and full call recording) so that they can take calls coming in equally on each server. This is not the easiest thing to do with stock Asterisk agents/queues, but since our system doesn't use agents/queues we were able to throw together a method of doing it and we are going to be testing it in production today. So in short my biggest complaint would be the occasional crashing of a server but that's about it. Asterisk has come a LONG way in the last 3 years that we've been using it and I'm sure it's going to get even better in the future." & Asterisk Guru - [astcallcenters] Re: from legacy to asterisk: what do you mi: "We use SER in our installations for balancing and for failover. We don't have to balance that often. We have a 700 seat customer, for example, on one of our Telephony Server 5000s" & SER load balancing - & ITSP in a box architecture: "For medium sized ITSPs, and as a foundation for larger systems, a 6 machine cluster is suitable, with 2 database and web machines, 2 Asterisk machines, and 2 SER machines." - IMPORTANT
Asterisk Guru - tools & GXP-2000 (Grandstream hardphone) & Sipura Phone Adapter & X-Lite softphone - TIPS!
Asterisk Guru - Tutorials and howto's for the asterisk PBX and voip in general - START
astcallcenters : Message: Re: [astcallcenters] (OT) autodialer/predictive dialer capability - discussin thread & astGUIclient - A GUI client application for the Asterisk open-source PBX: "Another component included with the astGUIclient package is the VICIDIAL auto-dialer. This is a list dialer (another real-time web-client) that can be added to Asterisk and is highly configurable with detailed logging. VICIDIAL can dial one-call-at-a-time or you can put it in auto-dial mode and it acts as a predictive dialer. VICIDIAL also can function as an ACD for inbound calls or for Closer calls coming from VICIDIAL fronters and even allows for remote agents that may only have a phone. The software suite also includes a from-scratch software installation document, full English and Spanish versions of the web-clients and admin pages, and the Asterisk Central Queue System(ACQS) which allows for optimized and streamlined Asterisk integration." & Presentation on astGUIclient at Astricon in Atlanta & astcallcenters : Message: Re: [astcallcenters] (OT) autodialer/predictive dialer capability: "btw, puff18 should be ready real soon (we have been running at one of our sites for the last couple days) also, astcrm-1.1.4 has been redone, so that puff18 and astcrm-1.1.4 are 'tied' together now. (they interact) (side note for anyone using chan_agent/callbacklogin BUT not using asterisk queues, comment out/disable (somehow) the manager event for QueueMemberStatus (this flooded the manager session to the point of causing all sorts of issues)) anyways, either ask your question on in the forums, or goto #gnudialer on (i guess the interium one is" & Gnudialer: "Open Source predictive dialer licensed under GNU GPL. Currently development for Gnudialer has been ongoing for over a year. We are proud of the work we have accomplished in that short time. We are always open to any outside help on development/testing. So if you would like to help with development or contribute to our project feel free to contact us! The Puff series is a low resource predictive dialer that uses the Asterisk PBX. We can manage 30+ agents using less than $800.00 in computer hardware (not including telephony hardware). Gnudialer is very customizable. It's a multi-process object oriented application written in C++. Go here to see screencaps of *Puff's* admin pages. (Old admin/Will update with new soon!)" & astcallcenters : Message: Re: [astcallcenters] (OT) autodialer/predictive dialer capability: "Rather than scrapping your Gnudialer install you should try to figure out the issues you are having with it, and it will probably take you less time than switching cold to VICIDIAL. As for Busy, Ring-No-Answer and Disconnected dispositions, we do categorization by these with over 95% accuracy by recording the ring time and analyzing it after-hours with sphinx. Using this method you can even categorize further things like Privacy manager, no-incoming calls, number has changed, invalid number, disconnected, busy, fast busy and ring-no-answer. We still do this on a first pass of leads now and it works very well for us." - IMPORTANT
Asterisk PBX Users in Canada - Mail list Archives
WeightWatchers: Weight Watchers Recipe - Mini Cherry Cheesecakes, Chocolate-Filled Mini Vanilla Cupcakes, Mini Chocolate Mousse Tarts, White-Frosted Cupcakes, Chocolate Fudge Cookie Bites, Almond Cloud Cookies
Yate (Yet Another Telephony Engine) | Main / WhatSYate: "Yate is a next-generation telephony engine; while currently focused on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), its power lies in its ability to be easily extended. Voice, video, data and instant messaging can all be unified under Yate's flexible routing engine, maximizing communications efficiency and minimizing infrastructure costs for businesses."
astcallcenters : Message: QueueMetrics 1.0 rc 1 is out today: "QueueMetrics
is strongly focused to serve the largest commecial call-centers based on Asterisk, and is very often being installed on 100+ agents systems. Pause handling was improved in order to support even the weirdest cases of agents pausing in/out when not logged on." & List of QueueMetrics features || Loway Research - Free for up to 2 agents.
days of leisure: How to commute by bicycle, all of a sudden
Gmail Mobile: "Point your phone's web browser to"
Avaya or Lucent Magix Voicemail Integration -
Asterisk legacy integration - "Asterisk may be interfaced with other PBX systems to: * Add functionality to the existing system * Provide expansion * Provide a VOIP gateway for an existing system. Here you'll find tips on getting your old PBX to work with Asterisk. You may not have to forklift your current system..." - LINKS!
SFLphone, an Open Source VoIP client for Linux, Windows, MacOS/X -
Skype Gateways - - LINKS
Phone Numbers - "You can call the following VoIP numbers for free. From a softphone, just copy&paste the full SIP address ("
PSTN Interface Hardware for Computer Systems -
VoIP Gateways - "Media gateways, also commonly referred to as VoIP gateways are devices which bridge conventional telephone networks and equipment to VoIP telephone networks. A typical media gateway has at least one conventional telephone port and at least one ethernet port." - LINKS
Linksys One: "I'm going to go out on a limb and make a prediction that Linksys will sell a turnkey, 'plug and play' SOHO IP-PBX in 2006"
Asterisk encryption -
Asterisk GUI - "There are various attempts to write graphical user or administrator's interfaces to Asterisk" - LINKS!
OrderlyQ: Asterisk Queues Tutorial: "You'll probably want to change the music played to suit your own tastes, so find an MP3 of some music you'd like to play to your callers. A good source of free classical MP3s is"
Asterisk at Home Examples - "with Free World Dialup,..."
Asterisk callgroups and pickupgroups - "Callgroups are not intended to call a group of phones; all a callgroup= entry does is to help define who is permitted to perform a pick-up for which calls! If you insted would like to call a group of phones, then you need to a) use either Dial and specify two or more devices separated by &, or b) use queues."
broadband � Forums � Voice over IP � Help me find my best provider match: "Currently I use the following providers: (as you can see I like things cheap) Voipbuster - free calls to the US Callpacket/Telepacket - free incoming and a 925 area code StanaPhone - free incoming GOIAX - free 800,866,877,888 outbound FWD - free 800,866,877,888 outbound..."
VoIP Howto
VoiceOne - "Callware VoiceOne is an easy to use web based GUI for the Asterisk PBX. It gives full control over PBX settings from the admin configuration panel. You can manage extensions, VoIP trunks, users queues and rules sets, and dynamically create a IVR." - COOL
VOIP Routers - "Do-it-yourself Linux or BSD Routers with QOS, Bandwidth Shapers,..." - LINKS Developer Documentation (16 Dec 2005): "ACD - Queue system configuration: How often to announce queue position and/or estimated holdtime to caller (0=off) - announce-frequency = 90" & Asterisk Mailing List: [Asterisk] Defining ACD Functionality,: "ACD capabilities should be able to take into account the following: Agent Skills, Minimum Skill, Maximum Skill, Agent Cost, Amount of Time in Queue, Agent Available Time, After Call Work (ACW), In Queue Time Limit. How it works:..." & Asterisk call queues - & Asterisk RealTime Queue - & Asterisk Agents - & Asterisk cmd AgentCallbackLogin - "Asks the agent to login to the system with callback. The agent's callback extension is called with the specified context. The context must be specified, however the system
will prompt for the Agent number, password, and extension if they have not been supplied.... Unlike with AgentLogin the agent is not permanently off-hook (on-line). Instead the agent will be called at the designated extension when a new queue caller has been assigned to him. The agent goes off-hook and if ackcall is set to yes, must confirm with # that she is ready to take the call (it might be smart to include this instruction in the optional queue announcement). Press * to hang-up on the caller" & Asterisk cmd Monitor - "Record a telephone conversation to a sound file" - IMPORTANT
Asterisk Documentation Project - News & More Asterisk Documentation: (Advanced Asterisk Configuration: "Agents and the Asterisk ACD", VoIP and POTS Integration with Asterisk,...)
Asterisk cdr mysql - (Call Detail Records)
PBX Call Recording -
Asterisk standard extensions - "
  • a: Called when user presses '*' during a voicemail greeting
  • h: Hangup extension
  • i: invalid extension
  • o: Operator extension, used for operator exit by pressing zero in voicemail
  • s: Start extension in context
  • t: Timeout extension
  • T: AbsolutTimeout() extension
  • failed: used if an auto-dial out call fails (that had context, priority and extension specified)
  • fax: used for fax detection on Zap channels
  • talk: used in conjuction with BackgroundDetect"
Asterisk config sip.conf - "Connect to Free World Dialup"
Jan in Malaysia: VoIP, VPN, Telecommunication : very interesting links.
Asterisk VoIP News: Announce: DeStar 0.1 | Management Interface for the Asterisk PBX: "Destar is a web-based interface to manage the Asterisk BPX."
Asterisk VoIP News: Announce: New asterisk management tool: Payment Online
Asterisk VoIP News: Announce: AstPlanDesigner 0.1: "It is a graphical tool to design/draw Asterisk dial plan (extension.conf)"
PhoneCALL Community: "PhoneCALL was originally written to provide a quick & easy configuration utility for the advanced Asterisk administrator. We have slowly added more functionality to it & with the help of the community, make it a fully featured configuration tool for Asterisk."
Oreka: Audio streams recording, database CDR storage and web retrieval: "It supports raw RTP, SIP and Cisco Skinny (SCCP) by packet sniffing and runs on both Linux and Windows."
Nerd Vittles � Backups and Redundancy with Asterisk
Nerd Vittles ? Save Millions on VoIP Costs: Here?s How: "The AMP Approach to Dialing Plans..."
Nerd Vittles � Keeping Telemarketers At Bay with Asterisk
Nerd Vittles ? 50 Great Halftime Projects Using Your Free Asterisk@Home PBX
Nerd Vittles � Newbie?s Guide to Asterisk@Home 2.2: Unabridged Soup-to-Nuts Installation Guide
PBX: What is needed to run a Calling Card Business
Blue Box: The VoIP Security Podcast - powered by FeedBurner
The Jeff Pulver Blog: Blogosphere Reaction to my 2006 Predictions
The Jeff Pulver Blog: Looking back at my 2005 Predictions for the VoIP Industy:
SkypeKiller : Your whole network Skype ridden for free: "The only really efficient way for an administrator to secure his network against Skype risk consists in uninstalling it from all corporate computers... With SkypeKiller, Skype�s eradication on a whole network, or on your own selection of computers, only takes a few minutes and doesn�t require any intervention on target computers."
Engadget: Gift guide: Uninterruptible power supplies: "If you're not sure how powerful a UPS to pick up, check out APC's UPS Selector Sizing Applications"
QEMU emulator screenshots & FreeOSZoo download page: "Before executing QEMU for the first time, please read QEMU detailed user documentation, which can be browsed online."
Zimbra - Blog: "One of the things we are working on for an upcoming release is REST interfaces into all our content. If you aren't familiar with REST I'd just suggest reading Building Web Services the REST Way."
Blogging Roller: ApacheCon Wednesday: "I only attended one talk this morning: Michael Radwin's HTTP Cache and Cache Busting for Content Publishers. I think I learned more Roller-relevant stuff from this talk than any other at the conference" & PowerPoint Presentation - HTTP Caching and Cache-Busting for Content Publishers
What Works and What Doesn't in Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 - USEFUL
VMTN - Virtual Machine Center: VMTN - Browser Appliance Virtual Machine, Community Virtual Machines (m0n0wall, AstLinux - The Professional's PBX - Included Software, Fedora Core 4 Minimal,...)
VoipSpeak - Running Asterisk@Home Under Windows: "
You will need to download the free VMware player, the Asterisk@Home image, and QEMU processor emulator.
Install both the Vmware player and QEMU. Create a folder in a convientent location such as c:\aah"
How-to: VMware player modification - hack a day - _: "Last week the free VMware player was released. It lets you run virtual machines, but not create them. [Faileas] contributed today?s how-to for creating your own virtual machines." - COOL!
Windows Live Local, Streets & Trips 2006, Virtual Earth Map Control, Map Visitors: "Welcome to another edition of the MP2Kmag Update. At the top of the news -- MSN Virtual Earth has been re-launched as Windows Live Local powered by Virtual Earth beta ( and a number of new important features have been added such as Bird's Eye view imagery from Pictometry for 11 cities. Also, the first ever book dedicated to MapPoint programming has just been published (we received our boxes last Friday!) and is now shipping."
Build a Google Maps service - hack a day - _: Charlottetown Transit Map - Rukapedia: "The Charlottetown Transit Map is a PHP and JavaScript application that uses Google Maps to display up-to-the-minute information about the buses in Charlottetown. This is an unofficial project, not affiliated with the City of Charlottetown or the transit operator... There's a live working demo of the Charlottetown Transit Map at" & Making of the Charlottetown Transit Map - Rukapedia
Really Useful Fitness Blog: 10 Healthy Reasons to Drink Tea
Really Useful Fitness Blog: Simple Boxing Workout

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Really Useful Fitness Blog: Stretching For Health & Fitness: "The latest studies show that up to 60 percent of the general population with bad backs and knees have tight hamstrings and hips, and the main cause is a lack of flexibility."
Bookmarks on Google Maps - START
Google Maps Mania: Google Maps Creation Tools/Tutorials - START
One Week of Google Maps - Part 7 - John Resig
Really Useful Fitness Blog: What to Drink for Optimum Fitness
The Five-Step Plan for Creating Personal Mission Statements
Small Biz 101: Cash Flow - Signal vs. Noise (by 37signals)
Strange Brand - Branding and Marketing Blog - The First Year: 7 Lessons Learned
Ian Landsman's Weblog � Blog Archive � 4 Rules for the Practical Entrepreneur: "This description fits me completely. Before I came up with the idea for HelpSpot I looked everywhere for ideas on what I could do. I had the talent to succeed, but I didn?t have any good ideas. Even worse, I wanted to give myself the best chance to succeed, but how do I find a good market to enter?"
Download details: Application Architecture for .NET: Designing Applications and Services: "This guide provides design-level guidance for the architecture and design of .NET Framework applications and services built on Windows 2000 and version 1.0 of the .NET Framework. It focuses on partitioning application functionality into components, walks through their key design characteristics, explains how security, management and communication apply to each layer, and provides information on how the components should be deployed" - NICE
Download details: SQL Server 2005 Books Online (December 2005) & Download details: SQL Server 2005 Samples and Sample Databases (December 2005): SqlServerSamples.msi -- 20,123 KB, AdventureWorksDB.msi -- 29,381 KB, AdventureWorksBI.msi -- 7,452 KB - START
Download details: Guidance Automation Toolkit: "makes reusable code and pattern assets directly available in Visual Studio 2005. It is designed to simplify integrating reusable code into applications, allowing architects to automate development activities that developers would usually perform manually, often by following a series of instructions. By using the toolkit, architects can ensure repetitive and often error-prone activities are performed in a consistent way, streamlining and accelerating the development process." & Download details: Guidance Automation Extensions: "for Visual Studio 2005 is a runtime component which must be installed to use the Guidance Automation Toolkit, as well as to use any guidance packages built using the Guidance Automation Toolkit." - COOL
The Hogg Blog : Web service security - Threats and Countermeasures - Part 1 : Message Protection ? Integrity and Confidentiality & Download details: Web Service Security Guide - NICE News Blog: "Initial content has been generously provided by Microsoft, in the form of the Threats and Countermeasures Guide and the Building Secure ASP.NET Applications Guide. Whilst this initial content is ASP.NET specific we aim to quickly expand the base and develop a broad technology agnostic guide. We want the site to cover all aspects of secure software development including people, process and technology. The site also hosts blogs by security professionals, where you will be able to find opinions on the latest in threats and countermeasures news, as well as other ramblings. Got something valuable to say, you too can have a blog, just mail Nick and ask. You will of course be asked to keep blogging commercial free and software security related. We hope soon to be hosting video interviews of various security professionals. If you have ever seen the Chanel9 videos at MSDN you will be familiar with the idea. Casual conversations about the topic caught on camcorder. The first one is being worked on, so stay tuned! Bad pun unfortunately intended. Watch out anyone who meets Mark Curphey over the next few weeks. He is loaded with his camcorder and ready to shoot." - START!
The Hogg Blog : Web service security - Threats and Countermeasures - Introduction: J.D. Meier's Blog : Threat Modeling Terms and How To Use Them: Threats & Countermeasures
Vasanth Dharmaraj's Blogs - Spell Check As You Type comes to Firefox: "A few days ago I posted about the 'Spell Check As You Type' feature in Windows Live Mail. I just found out an Firefox extension, Spellbound, that does that for any web page text field in Firefox. You have to install the development version of the extension. You can get it here."
SQL Server Analysis Services: "Welcome to my SQL Server Analysis Services site. This page contains links to anything I'm interested in related to Analysis Services. The main focus is on internet connectivity and the more complex analytics. It's frequently updated, so check back later for more content."
Kirill Grouchnikov's Blog: JRockit 5.0 on desktop - show me the money: "However, the main conclusion is that JRockit may be 'smoking' hot for running the WebLogic, but it's certainly not a prime option for running desktop applications."
Hacking Log 4.0: "For all of the bla bla about Ajax, it means spending a great deal of your time drawing HTML via Javascript. That fits my definition of ESAD (Extremely Slow Application Development). Yeah frameworks and bla bla, but these are at an infantile stage of development and frankly the results aren't great. OpenLaszlo is the most functional from what I can tell." :-)
The Tom Kyte Blog: VMWARE 5.5 rocks
A Couple Of Good BI Articles - NICE
Microsoft OLAP and Analysis Services: "Mosha's blog on sqljunkies - MDX and Analysis Services 2005 (Yukon)" - START
MDX functions in Analysis Services 2005
Voxilla :: All VoIP . . . All the Time: Asterisk Breeds a Cottage Industry: IPSoftware for Asterisk: "IPSwitchBoard - Operators Panel for the Asterisk PBX (a FREE Windows.NET application), IPManager - Template based Configuration tool for Asterisk, IPSpeedDial - Creates Speed Dial numbers (can manage all your speed dial numbers you can even import them from a text/cvs file)"
Voxilla :: All VoIP . . . All the Time: "The Wizard on this page is geared for most analog terminal adapters and the Grandstream Budgetone. To utilize SPA-3000 specific features, refer to the SPA-3000 Configuration Wizard. Also refer to the Linksys IP Phone Wizard and the Grandstream GXP-2000 Wizard Pages to configure these devices to use this service"
Building Speech-Enabled Applications with ASP.NET
Voxilla :: All VoIP . . . All the Time: Sipura Rolls On After Sale: "The enhancements to the SPA-3000, a very popular adaptor among ?do-it-yourself? VoIP enthusiasts because of its built-in gateway functionality, includes an often-requested feature allowing PSTN calls to be routed directly to a VoIP destination without the SPA-3000 ?answering? the PSTN line until the VoIP destination answers. Other improvements will allow the use of ?flash-hook? to the PSTN line from the VoIP gateway and the FXS port. In total, these improvements will allow users to make a PSTN line available through SIP while continuing to make use of the features of the PSTN line dependent on flash-hook, such as call waiting and three-way calling. Sipura plans to make these features and other enhancements and bug fixes available via a firmware upgrade, which will be available to all Sipura customers at Sipura's Support Center."
Toronto PC Stores Review and Discusssion Forum - Index: Go Go Computers, ...
The Voxilla Store - Canada & Voxilla :: All VoIP . . . All the Time - START :: Index: "The Auditor Security Collection is aimed at professional auditing / penetration testing. It is not designed to be a quick & easy tool for newcomers only interested in breaking into someone elses LAN."
Karen's SQL Blog: December 2005 Archives: "Developers and DBAs who don't have an MSDN subscription may be interested in purchasing a Developer Edition - essentially Enterprise Edition for development purposes only. According to Microsoft's site, 'The retail price for SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition is $49.95." - NICE
Interactive Sorting Within Reporting Services: "This article is a member of the series MSSQL Server Reporting Services. The series is designed to introduce MSSQL Server Reporting Services ('Reporting Services'), with the objective of presenting an overview of its features, together with tips and techniques for real-world use. For more information on the series, please see my initial Database Journal article, A New Paradigm for Enterprise Reporting." & Report Samples (Reporting Services) AdventureWorks Report Samples: "The AdventureWorks sample reports are a set of predefined report definition files that use the AdventureWorks databases as data sources. You can upload and view each report separately; however, some reports are designed to work together through the use of links. You can use the sample reports in two ways: to familiarize yourself with the capabilities of Reporting Services, or as templates for designing new reports."
Seagate's Half-A-Terabyte Hard Drive Comes at a Price | Tom's Hardware: "From a customer point of view, Seagate's new Barracuda 7200.9 offers a tremendous amount of storage capacity, backed by a five year warranty that other manufactures only offer for their enterprise class products. If you want a safe bet, this is your drive. However, the Barracuda 7200.9 performed clearly below our expectations, especially since we expect new hard drives to outperform their predecessors."
VoIP_FAQ & Grandstream GXP-2000 Enterprise IP Telephone User Manual Download Linksys/Sipura SPA-3000 VoIP Adapter [SPA3000] - C$129.99, Grandstream GXP-2000 VoIP Phone [GXP-2000] - C$154.99, Linksys/Sipura SPA-941 VoIP Phone [SPA941] - C$174.99 & SineApps: Linksys SPA-941 Review: "Linksys has just released the new SPA-941 SIP Business Phone. Is it just a reskinned 841 or is it an all new business-class phone? VOIPSpeak has just published a complete review of the new phone." & VoipSpeak - Grandstream GXP-2000 SIP Phone: & SineApps: Grandstream GXP-2000 reviewed..: "I've been hounding Grandstream for weeks to get an evaluation GXP-2000 phone. From all the rumours, pictures and variously incorrect information on them, there hasn't been much in the way of real, actual, information on them. Well I've done my best to fix it. I've added a couple of pages to the wiki with my review of the phone, and a list of bugs that I've found so far"