Thursday, August 27, 2009 relaunch | "The beginnings of a mobile site. I'm a big fan of the iPhone and have made a start on using iWebKit as a base" & » Revolutionary Wordpress Theme for the iPhone / iPod Touch Marius: "The iWebKit-Framework is a small set of CSS and image files that concentrates on building a website in a way so that it looks just like an iPhone or iPod Touch Application. The whole thing’s appearance is pretty sexy, you can take a look at the downloads and get the framework plus some example HTML files for testing."
Google Adwords Optimization: "Summary of how to optimize your Adwords Campaigns
  • Never stop optimizing your Adwords Campaigns.
  • Regularly look for new keywords to add to your Ad Groups.
  • Split Ad Groups up to allow more targeted ad copy and landing pages.
  • Use different match type bids to create a 'bid stack'.
  • Always be testing your ad text and landing pages to find higher clickthrough and conversion rates.
  • Judge keywords after 200 page impressions.
  • Judge landing pages after 200 clickthroughs.
  • Cull keywords that you can’t get better than 1% clickthrough and conversion rates for.
  • Use location targeting to show your ads only in relevant parts of the country.
  • Run Search Query Reports to find new keywords to bid on.
  • Schedule your Campaign to be on when customers respond."

Monday, August 17, 2009

ClickZ: Rehab for Your Sender Reputation Part 1 and Part 2 & Delivery Reports: What They Mean, How to Read Them: "Seedbox-monitoring services, such as Pivotal Veracity and Return Path, also report delivery performance, but differently from your ESP." & Get Into the Feedback Loop & The Right Way to Trim Inactives

Friday, August 14, 2009

Drupal Community Collaborating on Project Mercury Amazon EC2 Image | Chapter Three: "As we all know, Amazon's EC2 service is really beginning to mature as a web platform. Acquia is using it for their managed hosting, and many other companies have proven that with the right architecture and setup, "the Cloud" is more than just a buzzword."
How to create and maintain your own cache table in Drupal | Mikkel H√łgh
Wordpress Security Guide – Part 2 | JTPRATT's Blogging Mistakes: "Wordpress Exploit Scanner"
Tweaking MySQL Server via Getting Drupal Install Optimized on VPS: "Memory and disk space is what made me move away from Slicehost and switch to Amazon EC2 instead. You pay quite a bit more for a small EC2 instance (per month about $80 USD for EC2 instead of $20 USD for Slicehost) but you get a lot more bang for your buck. For one, the memory on EC2 is for a standard Linux instance 1.7Gb compared to the 256Mb on Slicehost. This makes a huge difference if you want to do something "useful" and not just play around. Next, on EC2 you get -out of the box- 160Gb of storage. On Slicehost you only 10Gb!!! At the time, the application I was building didn't need CPU, just decent memory and lots of disk space. Even Slicehost's $800 USD monster package wouldn't fit. To me, EC2 is in the long run just a much better solution, especially if you reserve your instance."
LaRouchePAC Podcasts - 87 years old Larouche thinks like a Renesance man and acts like FREE Man!
InfoQ: Supporting Advanced User Interaction Patterns in jBPM
InfoQ: OSGi for Application Developers

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Twitterface: A viral marketing concept: "We could turn their favourite social networking application into an interface to their favourite online service providers... all an online service provider needs to do is poll Twitter for replies to its own account and simply parse the results..."
I can haz some Google love? A simple Drupal internal linking strategy. | Chris Shattuck:
  1. Installed the Related Content module
  2. Installed the Vocabulary Index module
  3. Installed the Clean Pagination module
  4. Used the monthly archive view
Example of using Selenium to automate Drupal configuration changes across several servers | Chris Shattuck
Transparent Nice Menus Tutorial | "This tutorial will show how to add semi transparency to nice menus backgrounds and then to adapt Garland theme to add a background image to the right sidebar."
Event Registration with Ubercart | DrupalEasy: "Often, when selling event admissions, it is desirable for the registrant to be able to fill out a profile during the checkout process that can be posted on the site once the transaction is complete. The UC Node Checkout module was built for this purpose. This is the way last year's Do It With Drupal conference handled registrations - with these exact modules."
Getting Started with the Blueprint Theme | DrupalEasy: "What advantage does this give you as a Drupal theme developer? First and foremost, it cuts down on your development time by virtually guaranteeing that (providing you use the Blueprint CSS as designed) cross-browser CSS 'float' issues are a thing of the past. Need a page layout that breaks up an entire page into any number of blocks? No need to get the Panels module involved, it's easy to do with Blueprint. You can Panel-fy pages without all the overhead (or learning curve)." & Case Study: Building and Theming a 3,000 Article Site in 37 Days. | DrupalEasy: "Once we had the theming complete and the data imported, the final task was to create a dynamic slideshow for the home page of the site. A main requirement of the slideshow was that it needed to be easily updated by a non-programmer via the administrative area. We decided to use the Views Slideshow module to handle the user interface. The images in each slide came from an ImageField. We then built a view that filtered by the 'sticky' tag and used Views Slideshow for its display style."
On Drupal Performance: Testing with Apache Benchmark | DrupalEasy: "How do I speed up my site?"
How Many PPC Ads Should You Test?: "The next problem is: how many conversions per ad do you need to be sure your results are reliable? I’d love to avoid getting into “statistical confidence” here- I’ve found online tools that make it easier to judge this according to clicks for CTR, but I haven’t found a free tool that helps you with statistical confidence for conversion rate or for ROAS."
20+ Must-Have FireFox Search Plugins for SEOs & 3 New Cool Twitter Search FireFox Addons
At Optimizing PPC campaigns to boost conversions/ROI clinic several participants wanted to know more about using forms and keyword insertion: PPC Q&A: forms, landing pages, keyword insertion and copy

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

SOAP implementation | "This screencast is the best one I found to introduce you to writing a services module... There actually is handbook entry on Services and how to use it - It does not have an example on SOAP Server but there's one I wrote on using REST Server so I'm assuming they are similar." &
Third Party Video Integration | "The following modules integrate third party video with Drupal, such as YouTube or Blip.TV. Modules included may automatically parse URLs and/or embed code to determine the provider to store and display, and may or may not display thumbnails, autoplay, and other features (outlined below)"
File Uploading and Managing |
Drupal Tutorials - Great jQuery plugins for Drupal |