Thursday, September 30, 2004

Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, .NET, Server Security Community: "This article examine some of the topics related to the topics encrypted to .NET Encryption features which covers the following highlights: Creating Random numbers & Managing memory clean."
Database Configuration, the XML Alternative: "With the popularity of XML today, a common design decision is to configure business application with markup files. While XML has its advantages, storing this type of information in the database brings its own benefits."
Maximum Solutions: "This is the official archive for The Java™ Specialists' Newsletter, a newsletter for people who are highly proficient in Java. This newsletter is not for the uninitiated, so if you are starting out in Java, rather do not subscribe to my newsletter." Monitoring Local and Remote Applications Using JMX 1.2 and JConsole: "The latest release of Java, J2SE 5.0 (codenamed Tiger), adds core support for the Java Management Extensions (JMX) 1.2 into the Java standard libraries. This article walks you through how to use the JMX support in J2SE 5.0, including the new JConsole application, to monitor and manage your own applications both locally and remotely." Reporting Application Errors by Email: "If you are already using a standard logging framework like log4j, you can easily configure the logging system to broadcast error messages via email. In this article, we describe how to set up email notification for the two most widely used Java logging frameworks: log4j and java.util.logging." Groovy, Java's New Scripting Language Java Tech: The ABCs of Synchronization, Part 2: "Last time, I began a two-part series that focuses on synchronization in a Java context. I introduced you to the monitor and lock synchronization concepts, for guarding critical sections of code from simultaneous execution by multiple threads. This month, you'll learn how Java's waiting and notification mechanism supports thread communication, and explore a classic example of two threads communicating. You'll then discover volatile variables and find out how they are related to synchronization. Finally, you'll tour J2SE 5.0's high-level synchronizer tools." NxBRE v2.1 Released: "The Visio 2003 Adapter is also part of the release."
"No more clumsy-home-made-buggy user interfaces! The intuitive environment of Visio 2003 (DatadiagramML schema) allows a very comfortable management of implications, queries and facts."
BizTalk Vocabulary Upgrader from TheserverSide.NET:
I created two utilities for those who are using Microsoft Business Rule Composer:
* Vocabulary Upgrader: In order to maintain a vocabulary I noticed that the versions are increasing rather quickly. Nothing wrong with that. But that the rules within a policy started to refer to all differenct versions of a vocabulary. Creating nightmare maintenance scearios. So I created a tool to replace references to a vocabulary. Read more about it at: Or go direct to the download section: It's all free!
* The second utility is rather advanced:
It is a tool to verify a policy on rule-anomalies. Finding contradictions, redundancies, circular reasoning etc. Of course we like to put the rule writing in the hands of the Business Expert / Business Analyst. But that puts some rethinking on who is going to test these rule policies on it's correctness. The Policiy Verificator is testing the correctness of a policy automatically. Any found conflicts are presented in Rule Conflict Networks. Have a look at some screenshots, documentation, etc.
This tool needs a bit more guidance, so I hope you don't get scared away from the registration request in order to download the product. The registration is just in place so I can assist these early adaptors of the tool better. I'm still working on good examples and updating the help files. What is 100% functional is when the rules are using terms from Xml documents, Vocabulary Terms, or Database. For .NET components it's a bit more complicated, because the assembly must be loaded by the verification algorithm. But still all possible. I hope anybody find it usefull. I love to hear feedback. Regards, Marco Ensing
Extensible lightweight XML rules engine on GotDotNet released: "Rules engines provide a non-imperative way to express business logic without having to write piles of nested if/else statements. A GotDotNet sample, written in C# and using XML to define the rules themselves, their conditions for triggering and the actions to invoke if the rules are met. While similar in concept to something like BizTalk, the nice thing about this approach is that it's embeddable within other .NET applicatons, making it useful in a variety of situations where BizTalk would otherwise be too cumbersome."
Viewing MSDN code samples in Firefox or Mozilla browsers: "
white-space: pre !important;
Microsoft Releases FlexWiki on SourceForge.NET under CPL: "Microsoft has released FlexWiki, a web based collaborative writing environment built in ASP.NET on SourceForge.NET. This is the same software currently used for Channel 9. This software is the third such product released under Microsoft's Common Public License."
InfoVis CyberInfrastructure- Software: "This page provides pointers to commonly used data analysis and visualization algorithms. An 'IVC Software Framework' was implemented to facilitate the easy integration of diverse software packages and their menu driven usage. Many software packages are available in Java and hence can be run on any platform that supports Java 1.4."
UML Tutorial: "Are you a C# or Java developer who's looking to get into OOA/D using UML? Parlez UML explains the UML in a language you can understand - the same language you write code in every day!"
Microsoft Releases FlexWiki on SourceForge.NET under CPL: "FlexWiki is an ASP.NET implementation of a WikiWikiWeb (Hawaiian for Very Quick Web) that allows you to quickly deploy information to an intranet or internet site."
Eric Boutilier: Filtering content: "lynx -nolist -dump | grep -i -A4 ' -- .*solaris' | sed 's/\[T.*$//' | grep -v '^$'"

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

UML for .NET: "UML tutorials aimed specifically at .NET developers, with code examples for most diagrams types" COOL
Eric's Big List Of SharePoint Links probably the largest list of SharePoint resources! - cdn: /chromedit/index: "Edit userChrome.css, userContent.css or user.js, without the hassle of finding your profile."
Change the size of the search box in Firefox 1.0PR:
/* Make the Search box flex wider */
#search-container { -moz-box-flex: 600 !important;}
#searchbar { -moz-box-flex: 600 !important;}
FlexGraph: drawing the graph of pages inside FlexWiki
The Unofficial EJB 3.0 FAQ Released: "Debu Panda decided to put together an unofficial FAQ to clarify ideas. He discusses the goals of EJB 3.0, and discusses the new persistence news: Is Hibernate is the API for EJB 3.0 or Hibernate is the reference implementation for EJB 3.0..."
Jive Software releases Jive Messenger under open source: "Binaries are immediately available at The source will be available in 3 weeks. Just a reminder, Jive Software also provides a great little XMPP Client Library for java - Smack."
Download details: Insurance Forms Reference Implementation for Microsoft Office 2003: "contains code, architecture, and documentation to jump-start the development of an insurance forms solution."
In Relation To...: "Batch processing in Hibernate"
In Relation To...: "discrimination is what we do when we read a row from a SQL query result set, and determine what Java class we should instantiate to hold the data from that row. Type discrimination is needed by any ORM solution or handwritten persistence layer that supports polymorphic queries or associations."
Why Your Code Sucks: "Does your code work? How do you know? Can you prove it?"
PhotographyBLOG: "SanDisk Corporation introduced the world's fastest flash memory cards - the SanDisk Extreme III line of CompactFlash , SD and Memory Stick PRO digital film cards."
Camera Memory Leaps and Bounds: "These announcements explain why the current line of cards, like this 512MB Ultra II CF can be had for a mere $60 these days. I've always been a Lexar fan, but SanDisk has been impressing me lately with all their first-to-market products." Electronics: SanDisk SDCFH-512-901 512 MB Ultra II CompactFlash Card

Code Complete: "RSS/Atom Auto-discovery" in Perl
Code Complete: Publishing Netscape Bookmarks: "For quite some time, I've wanted to publish my large list of bookmarks on the web. The primary reason is to give me a map of information to use when I am not near a browser with my bookmarks. Another reason is to let others benefit from the time I've spent gathering and organizing these links. I could just upload my Netscape bookmarks.html file, as it is just HTML, but there are issues."
Practical XML Data Design and Manipulation for Voting Systems: "In this article, David Mertz discusses his practical experiences developing interrelated XML data formats for the EVM2003 Free Software project to develop voting machines that produce voter-verifiable paper ballots. Some design principles of format subsetting emerge. In addition, David looks at how an application-specific meaning for XML document equivalence can be programmed, and why canonicalization is insufficient."
Surfing With a Linker Alien: "common tracing selection reveals what files are loaded: % LD_DEBUG=files main"
"This release is huge (almost as big as Longhorn wants to be!) with over 100 new features." See: J2SE 5.0 in a Nutshell & Chet Haase's Blog: Tiger on the Desktop
CementJ: "Java API that provides functionality needed by most Java/J2EE applications that isn't yet provided by the JDK specification directly... fills the gaps between the JDK and applications you code."
The J2EE Architect's Handbook: "How to be a successful technical architect for J2EE applications." - see Customer Reviews, download PDF.
Getting Started with Gmail: "This guide will introduce you to many of Gmail's features, most of which are not offered by other webmail services."

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

GNU Wget Manual: Examples: "If you wish Wget to keep a mirror of a page (or FTP subdirectories), use `--mirror' (`-m'), which is the shorthand for `-r -N'"
Developer Events and Conferences: Microsoft DevDays 2004 Streaming Sessions: "Download the source code for Microsoft's submission to eWEEK's OpenHack competition, which survived over 82,500 hack attempts unscathed. Download the source code for the DevDays Web Developer Track demos... See a walk-through of a full-scale ASP.NET application that implements many of the countermeasures and best practices that were outlined in the previous session..." COOL
Driving On CruiseControl - Part 1: "Continuous Integration is one of the buzzwords most people have probably heard of but surprisingly few are actually following this XP best practice. Keeping this in mind, I'll begin this tutorial by briefly describing what Continuous Integration actually means, why you should consider doing it, and finally, showing step by step how to do it using one of the most used Continuous Integration products, the open source CruiseControl developed by a bunch of ThoughtWorkers."
djUnit: "djUnit plugin is JUnit TestRunner with the original classloader. djUnit ClassLoader modifies class in loading to JVM, and runs tests using the modified ones, and the following function can use now easily.
* Generates a coverage report
* Testing using Virtual Mock Objects
* Simple trace"
The Antlion Site - The Antlion Project: "The Antlion Project adds value to Apache Ant by adding lightweight tasks for depedency analysis and build-file augmentation." Your test-driven development community - Web Links: "Tools for Unit-Testing"
Loadunit: "Loadunit is a Junit-based framework for unit-testing of scalability and performance. It enables running completely automated load-tests of software and generates reports about the throughput and performance of tested applications."
: "We have been working with the folks at Amazon Web Services to enable our publishers to integrate Amazon Associates links into feeds, and we're happy to announce that the work is done, and the service is live on FeedBurner. You can add the Amazon Associates service to any FeedBurner feed."
Welcome to The Internet Archive Wayback Machine: "The Internet Archive Wayback Machine puts the history of the World Wide Web at your fingertips. The Archive contains over 100 terabytes and 10 billion web pages archived from 1996 to the present." COOL
Programming with MapPoint 2004 using the .NET Framework - MapPoint Articles - MP2K Magazine: "Programming MapPoint 2004 - Step by Step Approach... sample solution that you can download."
Rich Burridge's Weblog: LEGO Construction "I learnt a bit about how to construct small electronic projects. I made some radios and played with LEGO Mindstorms sensors. I blogged about it here."
Holub Associates: Holub on Patterns: "This page is the support page for Allen Holub's book Holub on Patterns: Learning Design Patterns By Looking At Code."
newsletter: "We will define this task as the 'Non-Value Added Task Tax', or NVATT. Payment of this task does not involve the exchange of cash; instead the cost to the organization is indirect in the form of lost morale, lost initiative, and lost workers." - Mainsoft Interview: "For going from .NET to Java, Microsoft offers JLCA (Java Language Conversion Assistant) and JBIMP (Java ByteCode Importer). But what about the other way around?"

Monday, September 27, 2004 - Free websites, guestbook, forum, counter, classifieds, calendar, journal and more!
Craig McClanahan's Weblog: "Struts Or JSF? Struts And JSF?"
UML Modelling in VS.Net: "Borlands 'Together' for Visual Studio.Net"
Customizing SharePoint Sites and Portals: "Part 1: Introduction, Part 2: Using Templates and Site Definitions, Part 3: Style Sheet Class Reference Tables"
JAOO 2004: My retrospection: "It�s not about SOA vs. OO it�s about implementing SOA using OO"
Microsoft Solutions for Security: NEW Guides
theSpoke: "What is Windows Marketplace?"
Get Express: "A reminder to download the beta of Visual Studio 2005 Express Products - these are specifically designed as lightweight, simple, student-friendly applications. Expecially check out Visual Web Developer 2005 Express, perfect for experimenting with ASP .NET 2.0 sites!"
Firefox Help: Tips & Tricks: "This page contains various tips and tricks for Firefox. Most of these tips involve editing of text files on your hard drive and is not recommended if you're not familiar with basic file and folder usage. The tips are divided into four categories and sorted by importance/popularity" COOL
phil ringnalda dot com: Updated right-click BlogThis for Firefox (and Mozilla): "Updated right-click BlogThis for Firefox"
Mozilla Update :: Extensions - Add Features to Mozilla Software: "Featured Firefox Extension"
More on Open Source at Microsoft via Josh Ledgard's blog.
PowerPoint Speaker Notes Text to Speech via the Excel Object Model see also
BlogWave FAQ: "BlogWave is an 'RSS Generator': a tool which can pull information from a variety of sources and publish it as RSS." Addy has updated his RSS Generator which support SharePoint (among other sources)
Uses for the TaslkList Command Line app in Windows XP SP2: "This entry is a very simple explanation of 'TaskList /SVC /FO TABLE'"
This year I will mostly be doing web services!: "The other product I will be looking at is BizTalk Server 2004 - The 2004 version integrates very well with the .NET framework and web services, so I expect many developers to start talking a closer look at BizTalk and what it can do. I should say up front it is a BIG product � I attended a DevelopMentor course on BizTalk to kick-start my learning and found it really useful. I also found David Chappell�s white paper Understanding BizTalk 2004 very interesting and readable."
Frank Grimberg's 50 ASP.NET Tips and Tricks: "posted here"
The Moth: Share Code (#if FULL_FRAME) "he shares his approach to developing Pocket PC and desktop applications using a single code base here. I'd be interested in hearing other ways that people go about this."
BlogPatrol: "Free comprehensive site statistics updated in real time for your blog."
ISV Community Center: Exploring Micro-ISVs: "Eric examines the world of micro-ISVs, which are software companies that are comprised of only one person."
Port Reporter and Port Reporter Parser: "You may have heard of a tool called Port Reporter that logs TCP and UDP activity on a Windows 2000, XP or 2003 machine. On XP and 2003 it also captures more data about the user and process that opened the port. (Data that is also available with the -o flag on netstat). You can get the tool here. Well there is now a nice little gui tool called Port Reporter Parser to help you sort through the data."
Dev Luv: Visio and .NET Development: "The MSIexec docs describe how you can script an application repair."
Introducing PortalFx (ASP.NET 2.0 webpart extensions): "extend the default functionality of the ASP.NET 2.0 portal framework and its webparts." COOL
Slashdot | Evolution 2.0 Released, Screenshots: "Novell"
Slashdot | Solaris vs Linux Continues
Generate code via XSLT: "Eric J. Smith has done alot of great work on his product called CodeSmith. CodeSmith is a template based ASCII language code generator. Check it out at"
JavaGen: "J2EE code generator"
Good Regular Expression to Enforce Password Complexity in ASP.NET Applications: "^.*(?=.{10,})(?=.*\d)(?=.*[a-z])(?=.*[A-Z])(?=.*[@#$%^&+=]).*$"
Cross-platform .NET: "The Book "
WeightWatchers: Weight Watchers Recipe - Roasted Autumn Vegetable Soup
15 Seconds : Unit Test - Testing with NUnit Framework
Database Journal: Microsoft Sql Server Administration News, Articles, Scripts, Tutorials, Forums, And Resources for the Sql Server 2000 / 7 / 6.5 Database Professional
Introducing the SQL Server 'MDX in Analysis Services' Series
BigAdmin Submitted Article: Portability Features of Drivers Supporting the Java DataBase Connectivity (JDBC) API: "This article is meant to share our experience in developing a database-centric application written in the Java programming language." TIP
The Microsoft ISV Show: "In this episode, we review Microsoft software directions and partner opportunities in business intelligence (BI). Microsoft Office and Microsoft SQL Server teams address BI innovations."
Download details: Windows SharePoint Services: Usage BLOB Parser -- Online Catalog: IRC Hacks: "... Hack 51: Search the Web with Google (PDF) ..."
Become efficient with Coefficient: "Coefficient is an open source platform that fulfills developers' needs for collaboration software. The base Coefficient installation provides a ready-to-use collaboration utility, and its modular platform eases enhancement development. In this article's first part, Leon Messerschmidt shows you how to set up and use Coefficient. In the second part, he illustrates how to extend and adapt Coefficient to suit the needs of your business and clients."
Solving the logout problem properly and elegantly: "Author Kevin Le starts by describing an ideal password-protected Web application. He then uses sample programs to illustrate how the problems manifest themselves and discusses the solutions required to fix the problems. By centering the discussion on JavaServer Pages (JSP), the article presents the concepts that can be easily understood and adopted for other Web-tier technologies. Le concludes his discussion by showing how building Web applications with Jakarta Struts can more elegantly solve the logout problem. Sample programs for both JSP and Struts Web applications are included."
Web Services Developer Center: An Introduction to the Web Services Architecture and Its Specifications: "It describes the design principles underlying the architecture and foundational technologies for Web services. Features are described and linked to the specifications that formally define them. This paper also serves as a reference guide to all the specifications in the architecture."
Cooking: How To: "Serious about cooking? Our technique videos provide you with hands-on culinary guidance. Bone-up on basics, learn advanced culinary skills — and pick up great entertaining tips too. Our videos will help you join the ranks of great cooks everywhere."
System Development Life Cycle - Computerworld: "a number of system development life cycle (SDLC) models have been created: waterfall, fountain, spiral, build and fix, rapid prototyping, incremental, and synchronize and stabilize. The oldest of these, and the best known, is the waterfall".
This document describes the Software Development LifeCycle (SDLC) for small to medium database application development efforts.
Service Gateway
Enterprise Integration Patterns - Messaging Gateway
IBM developerWorks > Search results: "gateway pattern"
developerWorks : Patterns for e-business: "Router application pattern"
Using iBatis SQL Maps for Java Data Access
On to the next level - Part 1 - Enterprise Application Integration (Conspectus July 2001): "Martin Painter: BPI replaces static point-to-point integration"

Sunday, September 26, 2004

IBM Redbooks | The XML Files: Using XML for Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer Applications
IBM Redbooks | Patterns: Direct Connections for Intra- and Inter-enterprise
IBM Redbooks | Patterns: Broker Interactions for Intra- and Inter-enterprise
IBM Redbooks | Patterns: Serial and Parallel Processes for Process Choreography and Workflow
IBM Redbooks | Patterns: Service-Oriented Architecture and Web Services
IBM Redbooks | Using a Single Business Pattern with the Rational Unified Process (RUP): "order to relate the contribution of Patterns for e-business to the various phases and activities of solution design (project proposal) and solution delivery, the overall discussion has been framed within the overall structure of the Rational Unified Process (RUP)."
IBM Redbooks | Patterns: Implementing an SOA using an Enterprise Service Bus
IBM Redbooks | Patterns: Flexible Self-Service Applications Using Process Choreography
IBM Redbooks | Patterns: Serial Process Flows for Intra- and Inter-enterprise
IBM Redbooks | BPEL4WS Business Processes with WebSphere Business Integration: Understanding, Modeling, Migrating
Registry Tutorial Part Two
Net-Integration Forums -> Dso Exploit: "I don't know how to follow that CODE that you typed out: "'1004'=dword:00000003" where/how?"
Ask Leo!: What's a 'DSO exploit' and how do I get rid of it? reported by Spybot.
Paco's Blog: Mono 1.0.2 for Windows: "I am pleased to announce the first family of Mono and Gtk# installers for Win32 that has been assembled completely by yours truly. The Mono Combined installer sports Mono 1.0.2, XSP 1.0.2 and Gtk# 1.0.2 (running on top of GTK+ 2.2.4 and including Glade# 2.0.1)... The Prj2make-Sharp Visual Studio .NET Add-in was repackaged in order to check for Mono 1.0.2."
Java(TM) Boutique - The Power of Three - Eclipse, Tomcat, and Struts
Using Eclipse as a development environment with Jakarta Tomcat
Karen's Recycler - (Download): "this program makes it easy to monitor and manage your Recycle Bin"
Q&R Page - Windows XP from A to Z: "Damaged Files in Recycled Folder"
What is Thumbs.db: "It is a database file containing the small images displayed when you view a folder in 'thumbnail' view"
DaveNet : The Googlish way to do Directories by Dave Winer

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Web Design Continued . . .: "A couple weeks ago I posted a short and sweet post about not copying the poor web design that other people do really well. (See Web Design: The Good, the Bad, and the Downright Ugly.) I wanted to continue that discussion today with a link to an article that went out in the FrontPage Insider Newsletter today called, 9 things not to have on your Web site. (from Office Newsletters)."
Techie Audio? Internet recordings - START!
Popular agile software development sites: "As I'm tired of trying to keep my bookmarks synchronized across the number of different computers I use, I'll publish this list and some additional sites here..."
The Psychology of Iteration (part 1): "The so-called non-iterative methods, such as waterfall, are most often used in organizations where the dominating culture is that of Mistake-Avoidance."
Jeffrey Veen: MP3 Blogs and wget: "wget -r -l1 -H -t1 -nd -N -np -A.mp3 -erobots=off -P targetdir -i ~/mp3blogs.txt"
Download details: Planning EAI and B2B Solutions for Business Book: "The Planning EAI and B2B Solutions for Business book focuses on using the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF), which provides proven practices for envisioning, planning, developing, stabilizing, and deploying successful EAI and B2B integration projects with BizTalk Server."
Download details: Microsoft Solutions Framework Version 3 White Papers download
Microsoft Solutions Framework WiKi: "MSF process model is an iterative SpiralModel with five defined phases for each iteration"
MSF v4.0 and agile development
Intro to Microsoft Solution Framework 4.0 and the Visual Studio Team System: "So along with the announcement of Visual Studio Team System, and all it's far reaches into the SDLC, it would only make sense that MS revamp MSF to fit in with this new toolset - and indeed MSF 4.0 is a deliverable of VSTS." START
Download details: MSF Risk Management Discipline v.1.1: "Microsoft Solutions Framework Core Whitepapers MSF Risk Management Discipline v.1.1 Whitepaper"
Download details: MSF Datasheets: "Datasheets for MSF v3 and the MSF Practitioner Program"
Download details: Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) Sample Project Lifecycle Deliverables: "Download sample project lifecycle deliverables that work with the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) lifecycle version 3.0." TIP!
Performance counters - pretty straight forward: "The System Monitor is an important feature in Windows. It allows administrators to monitor various types of activity on machines to gauge performance and receive alerts when something is off. Windows comes with a set of base counters and applications can add their own counters to the mix through the LODCTR/UNLODCTR utilities or the LOADPERF API set. "
As promised, tips and links for new blog readers and new bloggers: "Anyway, instead of reviewing a bunch of blog services, tools, readers and aggregators, I�m going to give you some links so you can check them out on your own and some tips on how to decide what is right for you. I�ve thought about this and there is no �best� blog tool or news-reader. You have to figure out what works best with your style. So let me start with news-readers and aggregators."
TouchGraph GoogleBrowser V1.01
TouchGraph AmazonBrowser V1.01
YAWL -- must see TV for Workflow practitioners: "YAWL grew out of the research described on the Workflow Patterns homepage ( This remarkable research and development effort" Project Info - YAWL: "YAWL is a workflow/business processing system. It supports a concise and powerful workflow language and handles complex data, transformations & Web Service integration. Uses Java, Schema, XPath/Query, SOAP & WSDL." COOL!
Portable Firefox 0.9.3 & 1.0PR (USB Drive-Friendly) :: Mozilla Stuff :: "Firefox supports running from removable drives with minimal reconfiguration. To make life even easier, I've repackaged Firefox as a complete, removable drive-friendly browser. This grew out of a mozillaZine forum topic back in June of 2004."
Scribe, Mozilla Firefox Extension: "Adds Word Processor like functionality to web forms, including opening and saving form entries as files." TIP
My Firefox Tips and Tricks
The Sect of Rama: "Google Hacking Database - A nice collection of searches you can do to find anything from vulnerable webservers to confidential information to random webcams of some building parking lot"
Top 75 Network Security Tools COOL
How to write Firefox extensions
Sun Bloggers: "This space is accessible to any Sun employee to write about anything."
Diaries of a former caffeine addict ;-)
ProjectSteps: Good Website: "In case you haven't heard the Ten Step website has some excellent free project management white papers and templates, and additionally they license (for a fee) a number of Project Management Methodologies (TenStep, PMOStep, SupportStep, etc). The prices are reasonable, and I personally have licenses for the TenStep and PMOStep methodologies and can highly recommend these for new or experienced project managers." TIP!
Offer Detail: "Hands-On Lab 2811: Applying Microsoft Security Guidance Training (Self-Paced Labs) - lab allows students to apply information and guidance that can help improve security in a network based on Microsoft Windows®. Students can perform tasks related to security update management and implementing security on Microsoft Windows® server and client computers."
Executing Failures only with MbUnit: "QuickStart example"
Custom Build Providers in ASP.NET 2.0: "Fritz Onion has a great blog entry about using custom build providers in ASP.NET 2.0"
App Lockdown Supplement: "The original draft of my latest security article for MSDN Magazine - App Lockdown, included sections covering web security. They were ultimately removed as they overlapped slightly with other articles already featured by MSDN Magazine. They are however part of the story I wanted to tell and so I include those sections here. If you enjoyed my article, I encourage you to read these sections on web security to complete the story: Protecting Web Clients, Defending Web Servers."
Give your Web site its own search engine using Lucene
Lucene is now SearchBlackBox: "Lucene .NET is the core search technology behind the popular Lookout plugin for Outlook (later bought by Microsoft). Too bad that such a cool technology is not open source anymore... - this contains all the files from the Open Source version. I hope this stuff can be put back into open source, the community needs a free search capability like Lucene." See also Jakarta Lucene, Lucene FAQ, Lucene Wiki and Getting Started Guide. Installing Software with Jakarta Ant Java Software Automation with Jakarta Ant: "It is not only a tool, but also a very powerful language that allows you to describe complex build and deployment scenarios. At the same time, it is not a scripting language, but a process-oriented language. The convenient thing about Ant is that it's XML-based, so you can easily generate and edit its build files with lots of tools. And finally, Ant is also an open platform and a framework allowing you to plug in new functionality. All of these things make Ant more than suitable for the role of a general purpose automation tool."
See also "Calling Ant From an App" section of this Ant Tutorial. Developing with JAXB and Ant, Part 2: "In the first article in this two-part series, we looked at some advanced uses of Jakarta Ant's build tool to handle automatically executing xjc, the code-from-XML generation tool from the Java API for XML Binding (JAXB)." Flexible User and Environment Ant Configuration Flexible User and Environment Ant Configuration Introduction to Text Indexing with Apache Jakarta Lucene
Arrrrrr! Plipster be runnin' ASP.NET 2.0: "You need to take several steps to make ASP.NET render fully XHTML compliant code."
Creating Word Documents with XSLT: "Using the Office Schemas it is easy to create Microsoft Word 2003 documents... The schemas for Microsoft Office 2003 can be downloaded from the MSDN Website. The download is an installation package that includes schemas for Office 2003 as well as documentation. Referencing the schemas with the XML and XSLT editors of Visual Studio 2005 gives intellisense :-)"
Stickies - Home: "Stickies is a PC utility I wrote to try to cut down on the number of Post-It� notes I was leaving stuck to my monitor. It is a computerised version of those notes."
Excentrics World: "Unleash It, formerly known as WebDeploy, is a utility built with web developers in mind. It started as a simple application that would allow you to transfer files from one directory to another based on their file extension. Due to the growing nature of successful applications, and the need for more options, Unleash It grew to being able to transfer files based on a source directory or a Visual Studio Project to a destination directory, FTP site, or zip file."
Architectures matrix might be useful in enterprise architecture process.: "Enterprise architecture is actually combination of several architectures that together forms the enterprise architecture. The process of creating and maintaining enterprise architecture is quit complicated, therefore there are several architecture framework to help us build enterprise architectures. Some of those frameworks are using methodic attitude and other use more pragmatic one (TOGAF)."
Customizing SharePoint Themes and Site Templates
dScribe: Workspace Home: "dScribe is a Content Management System build with .Net 1.1. It's useful to maintain the content of Websites."
patterns & practices: Smart Client: Workspace Home: "This workspace focuses on deliverables (winforms, rich clients) that enable creating applications that provide 1. Rich User Experience 2. Developer Productivity 3. Responsive Interactions 4. Small Footprint 5. Easy Deployment (one touch deployment) 6. Easy Change Management"
Another good resources site .NET TIPS!
Slashdot | Spam Opt-out Link Triggers Malicious Code Attack: "The Register is reporting on a new spam E-mail circulating out there. In it, clicking on the 'Click here to remove' link launches a site, that when the user scrolls the page, triggers a drag-drop javascript exploit"
Microsoft Calculator Plus: "Calculator Plus offers conversions between different measurement units for area, temperature, volume and more. It also includes all the mathematical functions offered in Microsoft Calculator."
XSLT: Converting multiple elements to one attribute
Microsoft Belgi� & Luxemburg - MSDN - Introduction to Custom Pipeline Processing in Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004: "The BizTalk Server pipeline architecture opens up a wealth of opportunities by allowing you to plug in you own components. Technically, when developing so called 'custom pipeline components', only a few basic principles need to be taken into account. As such, nearly any .NET developer should be able to get away with it within a few hours. In order to even further improve this developer experience, this article aims at explaining and introducing a couple of basic principles and techniques."
Download details: Microsoft Time Zone: "Allows users to view the date and time in multiple locations."
Javacool Software - Products: "Browse our many different security and privacy applications!"
Wilders Security Forums windows
SpywareBlaster: "Spyware, adware, browser hijackers, and dialers are some of the fastest-growing threats on the Internet today. By simply browsing to a web page, you could find your computer to be the brand-new host of one of these unwanted fiends!"
|MG| Free Download - SpywareBlaster 3.2
A9 Offers Search Results From Five Sources -- ResearchBuzz, September 16, 2004: "(Note: Reader PD sent me a note that a couple of innocuous searches found pronographik results on the images search. You can find screen shots with examples of his search on this site, but they're not safe for work.)" To see for yourself - turn the filter off in the advanced search, or in your preferences.
Creating Web Services from J2EE Components
Improve J2EE Application Performance with Caching -> [Alpha] Pop Goes the GMail

Friday, September 24, 2004

Google Web Search Features: "Google has many special features to help you to find exactly what you're looking for"
Google Information for Webmasters: "I've submitted my site to Google and it's still not listed. Why?"
OpenVPN - An Open Source VPN Solution by James Yonan: "full-featured SSL VPN solution which can accomodate a wide range of configurations, including home/office/campus telecommuting, secure branch office linking, and enterprise-scale remote access solutions with load balancing, failover, and fine-grained access-controls" VPNs and Public Key Infrastructure: "The virtual private network (VPN) is increasingly becoming an invaluable part of every business network. With broadband available in more and more places, small- and medium-size businesses are taking advantage of VPN technology and leveraging the investment they've made in their internal private networks, expanding services available to customers, partners, and staff. This article focuses on VPN tunneling."
Put RSS Feeds On Your Web Page -- ResearchBuzz, September 20, 2004: "If you're interested in putting RSS feeds on your Web page but you don't have a lot of server/programming expertise, you might want to try the RSS Digest tool at"
Google is also offering an Canadian version of its Google Local. Google Local Canada's available at Searches are provided within a kilometer instead of a mile radius, but other than that it's pretty much the same.
Isolating Google's Printed Material in a Google Search Form -- ResearchBuzz, September 22, 2004 Search Google's Printed Material Archive
Software for Your Head: Project Management with The Core: Rule #2 Figure Out What's Blocking You, Rule #1 Be Skeptical of Convention, ...

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Fast Infoset: "standard draft (currently being developed as joint work by ISO/IEC JTC 1 and ITU-T) specifies a binary format for XML infosets that is an efficient alternative to XML. An instance of this binary format is called a fast infoset document. Fast infoset documents are analogous to XML documents" ASN.1, ...
QA, Testing... what's the difference? |
Exploration Through Example: "The second chapter of my draft book, Driving Projects With Examples, is now available. For some reason, it was tough to write. Hope it's not too tough to read."
Getting Started with Mono - Win32 (covers XSP too)
Getting Started with Mono - SuSE 9.1 Advanced SiteMesh: "Suppose you're creating an enterprise-level web site and you have to use more than one technology for building it. For example, you want to add some new content to your web site using J2EE, but parts of your system have already been created using CGI or Microsoft IIS server"
I carry SiteMesh into every application that I work on. I feel sorry for those who don't know about it. I even feel sorry for those who think Struts-Tiles is as good ;) Try it. Love it. Then realise it is just a bit of simple technology and go out to play in the nice weather :)
Visual Studio Magazine - Build Imaging Web Service Clients: "Use Microsoft's TerraService and MapPoint Web Services to start your own VS.NET-based mapping projects."
MapPoint 2004: Drawing a line between two locations: "MapPoint 2004 API allows you to draw lines beween any two given locations."
Your GIS News Source - Directions Magazine GPS related Books: Microsoft SharePoint: Building Office 2003 Solutions
Software Development magazine's Best Practices expo articles Unit Test Your Struts Application
Refly language for reflector (preview): decompile to CodeDom!: "This is a preview of a new language for Reflector that outputs to Refly (Refly is wraps up and simplifies the use of CodeDom)."
Invoking different NAnt targets on different versions of Windows
App Lockdown: Defend Your Apps and Critical User Info with Defensive Coding Techniques -- MSDN Magazine, November 2004 TIP
Kenny Kerr - Introduction to MSIL
Loading Progress and Status Displays in ASP.NET 1.1: "This chapter shows you two ways to present users with status information while a complex or lengthy process is taking place: displaying a simple 'please wait' message or animated GIF image, and implementing the server-side process as a series of staged individual operations." TIP
[WebServices] ASN.1 and Fast Web Services: "Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) offers some significant capabilities for producing Fast Web Services. Other interesting links on ASN.1 include What ASN.1 can offer to XML, the ASN.1 Homepage, and the ASN.1 Consortium." Role-Specific Backup Strategies for Windows Servers: "When you install Windows Server 2003 on a machine and log on for the first time, you're confronted with Manage Your Server, a tool for adding and removing roles for your server."
My Favorite Firefox Extensions Using Extensions in Firefox: "One key Firefox feature that I like is its extensibility--you can download additional plug-ins, known as extensions, to enhance it."
Crystal Products Developer Zone: BEA Weblogic: "According to Business Objects, the new site features downloads, white papers, and other resources on Crystal Reports for developers building solutions using BEA's WebLogic products. For those who didn't already know, there's a custom version of Crystal Reports jointly designed by Business Objects and BEA that provides data connectivity, presentation, and integration components to simplify and accelerate the process of embedding dynamic Crystal Reports within an application’s JSP presentation layer. This custom version also allows developers to connect to BEA Liquid Data for WebLogic via Crystal Reports support for JDBC/JNDI data sources."
Slashdot | Asterisk Open Source PBX 1.0 Release: "Asterisk does voice over IP in three protocols, and can interoperate with almost all standards-based telephony equipment using relatively inexpensive hardware. Asterisk users can be up and running, making phone calls in under an hour using the various guides found at the VoIP Wiki."

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Visual Studio .NET and .NET Framework 1.0 need patching: "buffer overrun vulnerability"
New article on MSDN about migrating your applications between versions of Windows Mobile
MS Research Downloads: "ConferenceXP integrates recent advances in high performance audio, video and network technologies to seamlessly connect multiple distant participants in a rich immersive environment for distance conferencing, instruction and collaboration."
Slashdot | iRiver H320 (Almost) Hits The Market
Slashdot | Current Crop Of HDTV Recorders Compared
Slashdot | IT (And Other) Salaries On The Rise In The U.S.
Slashdot | SpamAssassin 3.0 Released
Slashdot | Kazaa Loses P2P Crown To Edonkey
Format of BizTalk 2004 assemblies: Pipelines
Bug Tracking: "I found a list of Bug Tracking tools with the following names. Visual Studio Team System features are of course not listed but I am curious of what do you use for this purpose. There are no .NET tools here; I�ve seen some successful attempts of using just Project Server." COOL, START
Updates to Windows Firewall documentation published
JasperReports - Quick How To
Visual Studio .NET Professional 2003 Special Edition
Can MSF be used in connection with Java development?
nice little article on branding SPS
Coding Horror: Weeding out the Weak Developers with J2EE: "I got into an interesting discussion today about that recently published Comparing Microsoft .NET and IBM WebSphere/J2EE report. If you haven't read it, there's a summary at eWeek, but I definitely recommend downloading the full report for the details."
Installing SPS with WSS already there.: "Article is here"
Oracle FAQ: Oracle ODBC Connectivity: "How does one get Oracle data into MS-Excel?"
Managing data text files like database tables - TechSpace - Express Computer India: "Accessing data in Excel"
ODBC DSN Less Connection Strings: "ODBC Driver for Text"
Home - WSS Demo Site START
MSD2D :: Sharepoint Your first steps like SharePoint Developer: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
MSD2D: SharePoint Data Extraction for BI Solutions: "Windows SharePoint Services Lists are very flexible, and everyone is using them for collecting all kind of business information. But that information can be even more useful if made available through a business intelligence solution. Therefore, a common request from customers is to have SharePoint lists acting as data sources for OLAP cubes."
Common Tasks in Office Programming: "How do I... "
Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, .NET, Server Security Community: "All Archived Newsletters > SharePoint"
A better way to set the version into the VersionInfo.cs file
MSMQ processing of a string
MSMQ Processing of multiple pieces of data
Web Services Architecture and Its Specifications TIPS
MbUnit RC1 released: "This is the first release candidate for MbUnit This release also contains QuickGraph (+NGraphviz), Refly and TestFu."
Logging Services - Welcome: "The Logging Services project is intended to provide cross-language logging services for purposes of application debugging and auditing."
JSystem 1.0: "a framework for writing and running automated tests, base on JUnit. Its main goal is to support automation of functional / system testing." The State of JAXB: Availability, Suitability, Analysis, and Architecture

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Using the RUP for Enterprise e-business Transformation by Jason Bloomberg, Jan 2001 [PDF]
System Development Life Cycle - Research Paper: "SDLC methodologies are mechanisms to assure that software systems meet established requirements. Traditional methodologies sometimes fall short in the new e-business environment. They are often to �heavy� to keep up with the pace of e-business software development projects. In response to this problem, so called �light� SDLC methodologies have recently been developed and put to use. In the following pages, the paper began with a brief overview of traditional SDLC processes. This was followed by an in-depth look at new lightweight methodologies. In this discussion, methods such as Adaptive Software Development (ASD), Agile Software Process (ASP), Crystal, Dynamic System Development Method (DSDM), Extreme Programming (XP), Feature Driven Development (FDD), Rational Unified Process (RUP), SCRUM, and Whitewater Interactive System Development with Object Models (Wisdom) were explored."
FTPOnline - An Application Lifecycle in 8 Phases
What is systems development life cycle - a definition from the leading computer technical encyclopedia, dictionary and glossary: "The systems development life cycle (SDLC) is a conceptual model, used in project management, that describes the stages involved in an information system development project, from an initial feasibility study through maintenance of the completed application. Various SDLC methodologies have been developed to guide the processes involved, including the waterfall model (which was the original SDLC method); rapid application development (RAD); joint application development (JAD); the fountain model; the spiral model; build and fix; and synchronize-and-stabilize. Frequently, several models are combined into some sort of hybrid methodology. Documentation is crucial regardless of the type of model chosen or devised for any application, and is usually done in parallel with the development process."
System Development Life Cycle - Computerworld: "There are many different models and methodologies, but each generally consists of a series of defined steps or stages."
14. What are unit, component and integration testing?: "FAQ: As to the difference between integration testing and system testing. System testing specifically goes after behaviors and bugs that are properties of the entire system as distinct from properties attributable to components (unless, of course, the component in question is the entire system). Examples of system testing issues: resource loss bugs, throughput bugs, performance, security, recovery, transaction synchronization bugs (often misnamed 'timing bugs')."
MDA from a Developer's Perspective (Stefan Tilkov's Random Stuff): "10 Myths About Code Generation"
Sun Java Center - J2EE Patterns: "We used the tiered approach to divide the J2EE patterns according to functionality, and our pattern catalog follows this approach. The presentation tier patterns contain the patterns related to servlets and JSP technology. The business tier patterns contain the patterns related to the enterprise beans technology. The integration tier patterns contain the patterns related to JMS and JDBC."
Different Bettween Value Object and DTO Patterns: Is this only naming different? ... Here is the DTO link, and VO link ...
So You Want An SOA with Web Services (SYS-CON)(Printview): "There is no question that service-oriented architecture (SOA) is quickly becoming one of the hottest trends in enterprise computing. IT departments are inundated weekly, if not daily, with the claims and marketing messages of vendors announcing myriad technology and service offerings that will magically transform the way business gets done"
Canonical Message Formats (SYS-CON): "As the scope of enterprise integration grows, IT organizations are demanding greater efficiency and agility from their architectures and are moving away from point-to-point integration,which is proving to be increasingly cumbersome to build and maintain"
Rockford Lhotka - Science fiction and SOA
Demystifying Dispose
C# Version 2.0 Specification
Marquee de Sells: Chris's insight outlet - Giving a Mapped Drive .NET FullTrust. You can do with the .NET Framework Configuration tool or you can do it from the command line like so:
c:\>caspol -q -machine -addgroup 1 -url file://z:/* FullTrust -name "Z Drive"
How to work with professional a a job a hiring manager
Track Your Site Statistics Using ASP.NET's Site Counters Service
Mono Weblog: jscript updates.: "Ported the Rhino's parser to C# and that's what we are using now in mjs." news and tips on network management, switches and routers: "Detailed Reports:
  • Top 10 Paying Jobs: See which IT jobs pay the most.
  • Title: Salary averages organized by position.
  • Industry: View breakdowns by industry categories.
  • Experience: How much do your years of service count? See what other respondents said.
  • Education: Does a big degree mean big bucks? Find out here!
  • Region: See results by U.S. region and international territory.
  • Gender: Is there a gender gap in IT? This report has the answers.
  • Company size: Do the biggest companies pay the best? Find out in this report."
1st Steps In The Hunt: Daily News For Job Hunters and Recruiters
Access Global Knowledge - Tutorial Archives: "2004 job market Survey Says."
Microsoft Partner Readiness: "Welcome to the Microsoft Office Information Bridge Framework recorded web seminar." Lightweight XML Editing in Word 2003
It's a publishing Frenzy for Microsoft Office products and technologies: "Getting Started with the Research Service Development Extras Toolkit for Office 2003 Editions"
Chris Kunicki New Toolkit for Research Services Development,...
Format of BizTalk 2004 assemblies: Maps: "BizTalk 2004 Mapper allows to graphically build a transformation between an XML instance of an input schema to another XML instance conforming to an output schema."
TMC Completes Massive IBM J2EE / .NET Study
Great Bloggers SEE
Microsoft Office Online: SharePoint Portal Server Deployment Resources
Infinitemonkeys at - Straight talk for developers: "An 'Asp.Net' accident waiting to happen" "MbUnit is an evolutive Unit Test Framework for .Net. It provides new fixtures as well as the framework to create new ones. MbUnit is based QuickGraph, a directed graph library for C#. You can see some example on Jonathan de Halleux blog." COOL!
The Code Project - QuickGraph: A 100% C# graph library with Graphviz Support. - C# Controls
Inductive User Interface (IUI): "A good summary about comments on IUI is on .Net Undocumented"
Visual Studio 2005: Visual Studio 2005 Team System Visual Studio 2005 Team System FAQ, ...
Belshe Software - Software: "Here are some links to interesting software that I've worked on or found useful - and that is also available out on the net today." NSPR, Bugzilla, TestLink, NoSpyMail, Lookout. - NoSpyMail
Fish Sponge Fishing Tips - Bait - steelhead and salmon fishing tackle steelhead and salmon fishing tackle: "Shrimp is the most common food for steelhead and salmon when they are at sea. Even though they may not be eating once they return to their native rivers, they still will actively strike at them. These baits are fished either raw or cured, are attached to your hook with an egg loop, and usually drift fished from the bank or a boat." TIPS!
Fish Sponge Basic Techniques - steelhead and salmon fishing tackle steelhead and salmon fishing tackle: "Basic Steelhead and Salmon Fishing Techniques" COOL
Outlook's 1-Minute Rule: "how to instruct Outlook 2003 to defer actually sending any emails until 1 minute after I click the 'Send' button"
Database Populator Framework (2): What is this ?: "Given a DataSet, the framework can build a 'smart' data generator to you can later use in your databse testing."

Monday, September 20, 2004

BENUG presentation material: "The file contains the two presentation I did (TFU.pdf and DPF.pdf in the Showtime folder), the CodeSmith templates and the sample project solution. The first presentation gave a quick introduction to unit testing tools + basic database testing. The second paper presented a new way of handling database testing through intelligent data generators (Database Populator Framework)." COOL
NSteer, Autonomous Agents for .Net (1): Introduction
Web Services: Extend the ASP.NET WebMethod Framework with Business Rules Validation -- MSDN Magazine, August 2003
A different paradigm for XML validation: all about Schematron TIPS
WeightWatchers: Weight Watchers Recipe - Grilled Brie and Apple Sandwiches
Microsoft Partner Marketing Portal A Guide to Presentations, Marketing Plan Template, ...
Validation Framework for Business Objects : Alpha Version Released COOL
Microsoft BizTalk Server: Biztalk Accelerator for SWIFT
Amis Knowledge Center meeting on unit testing [PPT Slides] | "Slides from a presentation on unit testing during an Amis (Web) Knowledge Center meeting, to introduce the JUnit framework and related technologies such as DbUnit and Cactus." PDF, ZIP vesions
New Bluetooth Mouse: "RegEdit showed that a number of accounts had permissions to the key, however I couldn�t work out from the RegMon log alone which account SVCHOST was using, so I go through the Bluetooth enabling thing again this time with Process Explorer which allowed me to see the process and work out the account it was running under, LOCAL SERVICE in this case... SysInternals and Process Explorer/RegMon are absolutely fantastic – if you haven’t seen the tools before go and get them now!!!"
Moving to Software Factories
How to download Microsoft Webcasts: "Requirements: IE6 SP1 & NeTransport 1.90.267 NetTransport (freeware from"
ADO.NET The misunderstood �Connection Lifetime� managed pooler connection string keyword.
DirectShow and C#: "DirectShow is an interesting technology that provides a sort of 'building block' approach to multimedia. You create a DirectShow graph, populate it with different filters, hook them together, and start the whole process in motion. DirectShow handles the mechanics of getting the different parts talking to each other so data can flow through the system."
Format of BizTalk 2004 assemblies: How do artifacts get compiled to .NET assemblies
Is workflow best represented by something other than a graph?
Problems when a Method and Event name are the same when using C# in Beta1 of Visual Studio 2005.
Msgbox Operations Advanced Queries Download available: "This document has a lot of useful information on how to gather information programmatically from the msgbox."
Active Directory Step by Step Guides
Kingsley Idehen's Blog: "Here's the home page for the episode of the .NET show that includes the Monad demo. I wanted to highlight a couple of things: navigating from objects to subobjects, piping output to Excel, data coercion in the pipeline, errors as collections of first-class objects, globbing and wildcarding alternate namespaces, with tab completion."
Monad -MSH Shell - Microsoft's new command line system
cURL - Frequently Asked Questions: "cURL (or simply just 'curl') is a command line tool for getting or sending
files using URL syntax." Docs on using the Curl Tool, huge man page, ...
Microsoft Beta: Participation Info: "Microsoft private newsgroups are available through both a Web-based newsreader via your Internet browser and an NNTP newsreader, such as Outlook Express."
Windows Mobile Platform Migration FAQ for Developers: "This article addresses the most common issues and frequently asked questions from developers related to migrating from one version of the Microsoft Windows Mobile platform to another."
Is anyone (still) using CASE tools?: "Martin Fowler has written a very interesting article called 'Is Design Dead?' which poses some more fundamental questions and slightly touches modeling."
Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger: "How your blog will get discovered"
First Beta Release of Run++: "A replacement for the windows run command. It was developed using C# Express Beta 1." TIP
Dylan Greene dot com - Photoblog: "This is an automatically generated blog created by adding photos to this site. While browsing the photos, feel free to add captions to any of them." SEE HOW
Flock - Overview: "Flock is an RSS aggregator written in Java. It is a server-side web application accessible with a browser, similar in spirit to AmphetaDesk"
Fun with Context: Automatic Caching of Methods: "I've recently discovered Context in .Net while reading the Programming .Net Components book (Chapter 11). This is an amazing piece of technology that I definitely needed to try."
Dylan Greene dot com - Turn an Outlook Search Folder into an RSS Feed
Dylan Greene dot com - The RSS Reader/Aggregator I use is...
Top Windows RSS Feed Readers / News Aggregators - About Email Picks
Great blog tool...: "Sauce Reader is hot and is my new RSS squeeze."
Resource leak in ADO.NET due to bad coding
Conncurrent control in pursuit of scalability ASP.NET & ADO.NET TIPS
Office Developer Center: Research Services: "feature in Microsoft Office 2003 applications turns the Research task pane into a powerful search experience. Here, you'll find information about creating providers from the simple to the advanced."
Introducing MSDN Web-casts for Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003
Frustrated with the Limitations of XSD for XML Document Validation? Try Schematron!!!: "My article Improving XML Document Validation with Schematron is finally up on MSDN. It provides a brief introduction to Schematron, shows how to embed Schematron assertions in a W3C XML Schema document for improved validation capabilities and how to get the power of Schematron in the .NET Framework today."
Microsoft Solutions for Security: NEW Guides START
Microsoft Plus! Digital Media Edition Home Page: "Try out Plus! Photo Story 2 and Plus! Dancer for free!"
Simple text-to-speech script for Windows
Computer Microphones - Articles on Microphones for Speech Recognition, Voice Recognition Microphones with PC, MAC and Apple Computers
Microsoft: Study Shows Visual Studio .Net Tops WebSphere
Downloads - Tools and Applications: "The Syndication Generator for Windows SharePoint Services is a web part based RSS generator. An in-progress help document is available here."
Support and Troubleshooting for XML Schemas in InfoPath 2003: "allows you to create XML form solutions by loading an externally authored XML Schema (XSD) definition file into the InfoPath design environment. Learn how to take advantage of InfoPath support for using externally authored XSD files to create custom form templates, and find out how to troubleshoot common problems" Contents: Introduction, Unsupported XSD Constructs, XSD Constructs with Reduced Functionality, XSD Constructs with Special Meaning in InfoPath, Debugging Common XSD Errors, How to Edit or Author an XSD for InfoPath, Conclusion
CookieChipper for .NET 2.0 Available: "CookieChipper will delete old cookies, synchronize the history cache with existing cookies files, and preserve cookies that you don't want to delete." User's Manual is here.
How to force logoff in ASP.Net when browser closes
Group for User Interface Research - DENIM: "An Informal Tool For Early Stage Web Site and UI Design"
Managed Extensions: Using the .NET ODBC Classes to Read Text Data: "Reading Data from a DSN-less Text File"

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Code Complete 2 - Code Complete, Second Edition: "Sample Chapters"
Are evil people attacking your web site?: "Jeff presented on the topics of hidden field tampering, SQL injection, and cross-site scripting." read these comments.
Test Framework for Rapid Test Case Development: Workspace Home: "very useful for testing Biztalk scenarios... uses NUnit to drive the Framework"
Struts and ASP.NET: "The whitepaper is now ready and it is published on msdn. We already received some good feedback and the article was also picked up on the ServerSide ( Most people thought that it is a fair and balanced comparison of the two internet architectures" COOL!
My first post...: "I ended up writing some of the original BizTalk training, and a whitepaper. ( Since then, I've done a few more (, and Then recently I had a great time working with David Trowbridge, Gregor Hohpe, Dragos Manolescu and others working on the Integration Patterns book ("
Professional Development Handbook/Ladder and SWEBOK START
OpenNETCF Wiki - Compact Framework FAQ TIPS
.NET Compact Framework Essentials: ... "However, there are two really good options that I recently discovered: and PocketOutlook In The Hand" ...
Expert C# Business Objects by Rockford Lhotka - Chapter 4 - Business Framework Implementation COOL
Web Parts: Use Windows SharePoint Services as a Platform for Building Collaborative Apps, Part 2 -- MSDN Magazine, August 2004: "In the first installment of this article in the July 2004 issue, we examined the architecture" TIPS
OpenSTA Portal :: HTTP Performance Testing: "OpenSTA actually stands for Open System Testing Architecture. It is not in fact the name for a specific tool but for a distributed software architecture based on CORBA" see FAQ
Test Framework for Rapid Test Case Development: "XML testing framework that does BizTalk"
Coding Horror: Some Plan(s) for Spam: "After struggling with spam e-mail for years the old fashioned way-- highlight, DEL-- I finally succumbed and installed POPFile on my server. POPFile uses a Bayesian Filter technique and it is amazingly effective. Within a day I had 95% accuracy; within a week I had 97% accuracy. Two months later, I'm up to nearly 99% accuracy.
Can we do better with other spam fighting techniques? I agree with Graham's position that blacklists are both a bad idea and a losing battle, so I won't even go there. Whitelists, on the other hand, are more interesting. Take a service like SpamArrest, for example." TIP