Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Author Contact | "After enabling the module you will need to configure it on the blocks page to only show on the nodes you want." & My real estate site | "CCK, Imagefield, Views, GMap, Location, Nodeprofile, Nodefamily, Automatic Nodetitles Pathauto, Token"

Monday, April 28, 2008

Mini lessons | Drupal Dojo: e.g. Captcha tutorial & Drupal and the Desktop | Drupal Dojo Lesson - JUST GREAT
Concoct a Best-Seller With Wired's Patent-Pending Big-Idea Book Generator:
  1. "Create a title-as-theory.
  2. Subtitle it!
  3. Pick a premise."
OpenID » How do I get an OpenID? & Plaxo » A Recipe for OpenID-Enabling Your Site & How can I allow users to login using OpenID? - Yahoo! Answers & Yahoo! OpenID - Supports OpenID 2.0 & Drupal 6 and OpenID | walkah
Open source disrupting the Web 2.0 market size | Acquia - Commercially Supported Drupal: "recently released Forrester’s Global Enterprise Web 2.0 market forecast." - Portable software for USB drives | Your Digital Life, Anywhere™: "Now you can carry your favorite computer programs along with all of your bookmarks, settings, email and more with you. Use them on any Windows computer. All without leaving any personal data behind." (via How to: make RSS Bandit a portable application)
A whole bunch of video sharing sites | "I made this screencast to demonstrate three awesome new themes for Drupal 6... The best is Aside from the great quality I especially liked how I could customize the embed code to fit any size I wanted"

Monday, April 21, 2008

How to: Track movement using the N95 & Google Maps/Earth | Simply Symbian
Mapping News by Mapperz: "Shapefile Overlay in Virtual Earth"
About KML - Google Earth User Guide: "You can learn more about using KML by reading the specification. Also, you can try a hands-on approach to learning KML by following the KML tutorial."
for the large kml files: Google Maps GeoXml Parsing - "This Google Maps Extension enables client-side parsing and viewing of a number of flavors of GeoXml, ncluding GML from WFS servers, GPX from GPS devices or log as well as KML and multiple flavors of GeoRSS,In addition to the XML it supports saving out and re-loading of KJSON (plans are in to split the KJSON parsing/loading and XML based parsing)" & Google Maps API - "The primary objective of the EGeoXml extension is to be able to take a "My Maps" KML file, change the file extension to .XML and render the markers, polylines and polygons under the API in a manner that exposes those objects, allowing them to be manipulated by the calling program."
Mapping News by Mapperz ( via Canadian Province Polygon Data - Google Maps API | Grups de Google)
Google Maps API | Google Groups: "if point within polygon" & "if polygon contains point" & Determine if a location is within a polygon - Google Maps API | Google Groups - START HERE & Google Maps API Tutorial - Testing if a polygon contains a point: "The code in the examples for this tutorial are affected by the change in map 'click' behaviour noted here. If you copied code from the examples before 16 March 2007, then you'll need to change the 'if (point)' statements to 'if (!overlay)'." & You can use one listener to get all information for poly clicks, instead of having to do individual poly click listeners... Here's an example of code that explicitly checks for everything:

GEvent.addListener(map, 'click', function(overlay, latlng) {
if (overlay) {
if (overlay instanceof GMarker) {
GLog.write("Clicked on a marker");
} else if (overlay instanceof GPolygon) {
GLog.write("Clicked on a polygon");
} else if (overlay instanceof GPolyline) {
GLog.write("Clicked on a polyline");
if (!overlay && latlng) {
GLog.write("Clicked somewhere on the map tiles.");

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pentaho Wiki: Creating Pentaho Solutions, Frequently Asked Questions & Pentaho - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Pentaho projects are a unification of various pillars often found in a BI stack:
Business Intelligence and Datawarehousing - ETL resources:Datastage tutorial and training, Pentaho BI configuration and tutorial, SAS Guide & Tutorial, Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables: "The cube pivot table is shown below. It looks very similiar to a normal excel pivot table at a first glance but there are a few differences between excel cube and crosstab"
Regular Expression Tutorial - Learn How to Use Regular Expressions
Testing Out Fire Eagle, Yahoo's New Location Sharing Service | Development Seed: "Next will be to develop a Drupal module to allow our Drupal powered intranet to manage our locations and map them in our profile."

Monday, April 14, 2008

Friday, April 11, 2008

CNET Online Courses » Podcasting: Sound Like a Pro - Tips, Tricks, and How-tos at CNET.
Mollom - Drupal's new weapon for fighting spam | CMS Report & Mollom, my content monitoring startup | Dries Buytaert: "check out the 'How Mollom works' page and visit the Mollom FAQs for more details. We currently provide modules for Drupal 5 and Drupal 6. For all you developers out there who'd like to build Mollom plug-ins, we will be releasing full API documentation very soon. We would be thrilled to put your home-brew plug-in for your favorite platform on our download page."

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Contextures -- Excel Tips and Techniques & Excel FAQ - Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts (by Debra Dalgleish): Excel -- Pivot Tables -- Pivot Play PLUS Add-In: "to help you easily edit the Connection String to the data source and the Query itself" (via Jon Peltier's Excel Tips and Tricks)
Facing new challenges everyday » Creating JSF applications with JRuby and ActiveRecord-JDBC (Part 1): "Yes! After some hours trying to integrate JSF + JRuby + ActiveRecord I finally could get a very simple application working, this application contains only one page where the user can add some costumer data, we have JSP as view, Spring as IoC container and integration point with JRuby, ActiveRecord-JDBC as ORM." & Part 2
Free OpenOffice Calc tutorials - data pilot (pivot tables) & Using the data pilot: Calc's answer to pivot tables
Automation for the people: Hands-off load testing

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Controls - Google Maps API - Google Code Creating Custom Controls by subclassing the GControl class: OlympicTorchRelay2008 gadget source code, visugps - renders GPS tracks on top of Google Map maps

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Forming of a Real Estate Standard (Yahoo! Developer Network blog): "The teams from Yahoo!, Zillow and Trulia got together recently to hammer out the details for the new real estate listings data standard."