Friday, October 19, 2007

Drupal youtube Site Recipe: "This describes a Drupal project to create a youtube style video sharing site. There are two major pieces that this project dealt with that stretch the project:
  • converting users’ uploaded files into a multi-platform format (FLV Flash videos)
  • hosting the uploaded content with amazon’s s3 services"

Monday, October 15, 2007

Adobe Launches Drupal App on - The Flex Showcase | "The new Flex Showcase is online now at The Services handbook page has some links on how to get started with Drupal and Flex, and has a number of great resources for Flex. is your best bet if you're a PHP developer." & Proof of Concept: Connecting OpenLaszlo to Drupal - OpenLaszlo Developers Forums

Friday, October 12, 2007

iReport Project Home: "easy to use visual report builder/designer for JasperReports written in 100% pure java."

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Location Based Services - White Papers - What is NavXS?: "The current position of every online contact is continuously exchanged. Thus you can track the movements of your contacts in real time relative to your own movements."

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Blackberry Blog: BlackBerry + Location API & Programming the BlackBerry With J2ME & BlueGPSSim - A serial GPS device simulator | BlackBerry Developer Community & BlackBerry Developer Newsletter: "this issue of the Developer Newsletter will focus on Location Based Services (LBS) and how to create LBS applications for BlackBerry." & Blackberry Blog: Big Brother, Google Maps and your BlackBerry: "you can read more about MobileTracker and check out a cool demo on" & Series: Real-Time GPS Tracking In Google Earth Free - Setup - Free Geography Tools & The KML Behind Network Links « GeoChalkboard: "In my last post on Google Earth Network Links I covered the basic concepts of how this functionality can be used to provide dynamic access to geographic data in the Google Earth viewer." (via Creating Dynamic Google Earth Applications with Python « GeoChalkboard) & Google Earth Blog: Watch Weekend Boating Live in Google Earth: "In a nut shell, we're going to use the new GooPs Pro ( to capture our realtime position to Google Earth from a USB GPS on my laptop, transmit our track/position KML to our webserver every 2 minutes using cellular EVDO, and to the extent possible - geotag photos while aboard using GPicSync, upload them to my Flickr account, and then use the Flickr API to create KML from the photos to push back to the map." & Google Talk for BlackBerry Devices
Garmin Communicator Plugin API - Garmin Developer
Application Development Trends - Eclipse Mylyn To Be Added to Spring Tools

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Develop a location-based service application using JSR 179: "Walk through the steps required to successfully build and test a location-based Java™ Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME) application using the Eclipse SDK, the Java Specification Request (JSR) 179 Location API, and the Sun Java Wireless Toolkit."
Drupal Podcast No. 46: Full Code Press | Lullabot: "The team built an entire Drupal site in 24 hours. They talk about the difficulties and advantages of building the site in Drupal."
Why not ASP.Net? | Lullabot
InfoWorld reviews five CMS: Alfresco on top and Drupal at the bottom | CMS Report
Mistakes made when using Drupal as personal blog | Field Commander Wieers
Google Docs to Drupal | dries knapen . net
Drupal For Facebook |
Google Mini-lectures about Map Reduce and Hadoop | Sami Khan
Digital Web Magazine - jQuery Crash Course

Friday, October 05, 2007

Symbiotix: Drupal | how to display a form in a block
Secret Stuff - AdSense competitive filter tool and URL/site ranking and visibility links tool | Exodus Development
Base starter themes? |
Software Frontier: Testing Web Service Clients: "Bring up the mock server to take requests and shoot back responses. How about writing a trivial socket server that listens on the port and bluntly spits out the hardcoded response? Then smart it up: base the response on the request. Or make it configurable. Or... Here you scream “too much!” and are about to give up. But hold on! there is a tool, and it is cool!! SoapUI: check it out, and go straight to Mocking Web Services. Here is how I used it..."

Thursday, October 04, 2007

UM Ross Excel Tutorial (by Scott Moore in BIT330): Production data analysis in UM Ross Excel Tutorial, Investment analysis in UM Ross Excel Tutorial
ResearchBuzz » » Information Trapping, Now In Skinny Syllabus Flavor: "You can see the Information Trapping outline here, while the Web Search Garage outline is here. The WSG outline also has some nice quizzy-type questions at the end of each outline. Actually all the questions are lumped together on this page. Basic outline and course notes are available at"
Using JAX-WS and JAXB with WebLogic Server 10
Eclipse Test & Performance Tools Platform Project
Eclipse Magazine :Eclipse PDT - Where PHP Meets Java? & PDT/FAQ - Eclipsepedia: "PDT doesn't come with any bundled debugger but you can download Zend Debugger from or XDebug from bugzilla."

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Comma Separated Values (CSV) - com.Ostermiller.util Java Utilities & Java libraries to read and write Excel XLS document files: JDBC-ODBC Bridge Driver Enables Spreadsheet-as-database Interaction, It's Excel-lent - Java World
soapUI - welcome: "free and open source desktop application for inspecting, invoking, developing, simulating/mocking and functional/load/compliance testing of web services over HTTP" & soapUI - eclipse-plugin & Eviware Products

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Web Services Testing Tools for SOAP XML WSDL Testing
Tales of Overanalysis: My Organic Traffic Has Tanked!: Unofficial Google Analytics Blog: "So, before you turned on AdWords autotagging and started adding the utm variables to your non-AdWords destination URLs, they were being lumped in with organic traffic. Naturally, when they cease being lumped in with organic, your organic numbers will decrease." & Google Analytics - Google Analytics Destination URL Builder from ROI Revolution
New Google Analytics ROI Caculation Spreadsheet: Unofficial Google Analytics Blog
Google: International Cleanup Weekend
Tutorials for PushToTest: Screencast, Testing and Monitoring SOAP-based Web Services, Scripting Languages, Working with the Network Proxy Recorder, PAAS - Governing Services Using Registry/Repository And Test Automation
Eclipse SDK Help: Validating WS-I Web service traffic compliance: "Before you can use the validation tool to ensure that your Web service SOAP traffic is WS-I compliant, you must have completed the following steps:
Toronto October Meetup: Come meet the Lullabots! | "Matt Westgate: co-author of Pro Drupal Development (bring your copy and get it signed!) and original author of the e-commerce package, tinymce, and img_assist; Angie "webchick" Byron: Summer of code co-ordinator, Drupal Association secretary, and everyone's favourite community member; Addison Berry: Drupal Dojo star and Lullabot workshop alumn turned Lullabot; Jeff Eaton: the FormAPI guy, the VotingAPI guy, and the man with the best presentations." - GREAT!
Java Tips

Monday, October 01, 2007

Application Development Trends - Management and Governance Key to SOA, Report Finds: "A key finding, based on the performance of the best-in-class companies, is that long-term planning should be the aim when deploying an SOA. Governance should be tightened at design time with an eye toward code reuse, which leads to reduced costs." - PDF report: Management and Governance: Planning for an Optimized SOA Application Lifecycle
SOA WORLD MAGAZINE - SOA Articles: SOA World - Approaching SOA Testing, Designing For Performance - Keep Your Web Services Up
Autonomic computing tip: So you are building a WSDM interface: "When you're using Apache Muse to create a WSDM-compliant interface for a manageable resource, what steps should you follow to design your Web Services Description Language so you can translate httpd concepts into those in the WS-Resource Framework (WSRF) and WSDM specifications?"