Monday, January 30, 2006

broadband » Forums » Voice over IP » [General] New Yahoo Messenger with Voice SIP credentials: "we've known yahoo is using SIP from Xten's Eyebeam SDK for audio and Video. Any one here tried configuring the new yahoo messenger with voice with Asterisk, PAP2 or Sipura ATA. » whose sip proxy is"
.:Asterisk VoIP News:. Asterisk at Home 2.4 released
Voip Forum South Africa :: View topic - 30 term. Call Centre over Skyp - Voip, Voice, SIP and Skype Calls: "In your case, I would recommend a 768k link to your local VoIP ISP. A proper VoIP gateway (Quintum or other) to interface seamlessly with existing telephony system - this way no changes to agent instruments are made (i.e dialing habits etc)..."
Libjingle - Google Talk Voice and P2P Interoperability Library: "Google Talk uses a proposed extension to XMPP known as Jingle which can traverse many types of NATs, to establish peer-to-peer connections. The Jingle protocol is based on Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE), which is very successful in bypassing NAT."
Nerd Vittles » ISP-In-A-Box: The $500 Mac mini (Create Your Own Planet … Really!) Default Passwords in Vendor Products - COOL!
Enterprise JavaBeans, 3rd Edition: Exercise Workbooks and Examples - Spring Framework Hub - HOME: "ONE-STOP place for free, easy and fast access to all resources related to the Spring Framework"
Business Intelligence on SQL Server: This Months Book Recomendation: "The first Edition contains a CD with sample stars populated based on each chapter. The later editions do not come with the CD."
Develop an Agent with IBM RFID Tracking Kit and WebSphere Studio Device Developer
Develop an Agent with IBM RFID Tracking Kit and WebSphere Studio Device Developer
AJAX and Mozilla XUL with JavaServer Faces: Loading Resources With Weblets @ JAVA DEVELOPER'S JOURNAL

Friday, January 27, 2006

Introduction to Diameter: "Get an overview of the Diameter protocol, the next generation Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) protocol. See how it works and gain the ground knowledge for exploring it in more detail."
Initial configuration, semantics, and a simple test
Building a grid using Web services standards, Part 3 Twelve Best Practices For Spring XML Configurations
New and Noteworthy - 4.1 - AJAX/Web 2.0 support :: MyEclipse - NICE!
Events Home: MSDN Webcast: Smart Client Development Overview (Level 200)
Adjusting the CAS SSO duration - Central Authentication Service - Confluence: "CAS ticket caches are configurable as to how long they will retain and consider valid information about vended tickets. You can increase the duration of end-user-perceived 'single sign on sessions' by increasing these ticket expiration timeouts."
AstLinux - AstLink User's Guide

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Ajaxian » Voice XML and Ajax
mytop - a top clone for MySQL: "a console-based (non-gui) tool for monitoring the threads and overall performance of a MySQL 3.22.x, 3.23.x, and 4.x server."
Ajaxian » AjaxMyTop: MySQL Monitor: "shows active MySQL connections. You get a data grid showing connections, each showing ID, user, duration, and so on. Periodic Refresh ensures the connections are kept fresh, and you can easily set the refresh period in an input field"
CRM and VoIP: The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship
The Jeff Pulver Blog: From the Video Vault of "During the past few months, I have been working on the launch of pulver.TV"
.:Asterisk VoIP News:. Announce: Snom 360 with integrated XML Objects: "the new snom 360 is able to use services from standard web servers. Users can deploy customized client services with snom 360 and interact with other users via the keypad. The snom 360 will use HTTP protocol from standard web servers, like Apache." & Xmlobjects - Docs see Quickinstall
Translated Version of French documentation (via RPM Modules - Central Authentication Service) & Apache RPM Client - JASIG Wiki: "I have RPM packaged apache 2.0.52 including mod_cas. It also includes a patched mod_dir which allows DirectoryIndex directive to work correctly with CAS redirections ! That issue was a real problem for me, until I realized that mod_dir patch was already there in mod_cas ditribution! the tricky thing was to replace mod_dir & add mod_cas in the SPEC file of the source RPM (SRPM) of httpd"
cas-fr - [cas-fr] Mod_CAS: "exit signal Segmentation fault (11)" - we are getting the same error on FC4 with apache2 and regardless of mod_cas distribution... :-(
Sun expands menu of free software: "Following through on its promise, Sun announced it would make its Java Enterprise System – a suite of server middleware that includes identity management, Web infrastructure software and an application server (which Sun released to the open source community earlier this year) – available for free." & Sun Java Identity Management Suite: "Simple $50 USD/employee/year pricing subscription model" ???
Development blog :: Weblog :: Exploring single sign-on
Skype Journal: FON - Your Community Wi-Fi Provider: "I've been listening to the FON presentation which promises internet everywhere"
Sipura 3000 - & Sipura Phone Adapter
Asterisk settings Gizmo -
Chit-chat with Mark Spencer: "Mark told me that they are working very hard on Jingle support, an open set of extensions to the IETF's Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) for use in VoIP, video, and other peer-to-peer multimedia sessions. This will enable federation with Google Talk and other Jingle supporters."

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Google Groups : Asterisk-users: Best FXO hardware for home uses: "I would highly recommend the SPA3000 for HOME use since that was what this post was about. In a business environment I would move up to a Mediatrix 1204 or something like that."
Unlimited Incoming/Outgoing Cellular calls using Asterisk: "You will need a cellphone with bluetooth. If it does not have bluetooth, it will not work, simple as that. Also not all phones will work. Personally, I'm using a Motorola V551. You also need a usb bluetooth dongle with a CSR chipset. Broadcom will not work. I would buy this in a regular retail store so it can be taken back if it has the wrong chipset. I researched this, found the Linksys USBBT100 which has the correct chipset and great range, and ordered it. When I got it, it was a rev2 with a different chipset. The one I'm using now is a Belkin F8T001V ordered from Circuit City here..."
Strategis: Canada's Business and Consumer Site: Spending Smarter - Rent or Buy a Home Calculator: Example
XML: from PHP4 domxml to PHP5 dom - Doc Alex: "When moving from PHP4 to PHP5, some modifications are required in the scripts. In PHP4, the experimental domxml extension was used to manage XML, but this has been replaced by the dom extension in PHP5" (via phpCAS usage examples)
Acard's Small Business RAID Appliance | Tom's Hardware: "ARS-3031 made a good impression, especially when you consider the device is in the sub-$1,000 price range. The hard drive frames are solid, and even inexperienced users can configure the system... We do not recommend this product for application scenarios that require high storage performance due to its somewhat disappointing benchmark results. However, flexibility often is more important than performance, which is why we can still recommend the Areca appliance."
Can't make it to E-Tel? Listen in via Radio Handi - The VoIP Weblog, RadioHandi(TM) Beta - The Party Line for Planet Earth: "we're providing local access from many countries, plus worldwide toll-free access via Gizmo."
O'Reilly Network: How Many Voice Callers Fit on the Head of an Access Point?: "An Analysis of the Theoretical Maximum Capacity of Access Points to Carry VoIP Telephone Calls on 802.11a, b, and g"
VoIP providers 'rely' on client complaints :: Contractor UK: "Waiting for subscribers to complain about service quality is clearly not a sustainable operations model for VoIP service providers..."
Skype Journal: Emerging Telephony - Asterix Session: "Simon Ditner from Toronto has taken the game Zork and added speech recognition to it. It's been done with Asterix. It's a fun demo, still complete with bugs. He's using Sphinx2 for the voice recognition portion."
Ajaxian » Zimlets: Zimbra tries to enable easier mashups: "It is great to see vendors give developers a nice easy API into their system, enabling us to tweak the application from outside of the box."
Nerd Vittles » As Easy As 1-2-3: A Telephone Reminder System for Asterisk
.:Asterisk VoIP News:. News: Signate Announces Hosted Telephony System SigPRO at ITEXPO: "Signate is in for a shock when they really try to scale this stuff. They are using GPL'd code from Asterisk, and have not licensed the code. This means that they are likely not changing core Asterisk source code to implement scale. This means they are in for a bit of a surprise when they actually start getting hundreds, let alone hundreds of thousands concurrent users on one box."

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

cas-fr - listes francaise des utilisateurs de CAS: "Esup-portail mailing lists service"
cas Info Page: "Yale CAS mailing list"
Web Inital Sign-on (WEBISO): "The WebISO Working Group is investigating the realm of 'web initial sign-on' (WebISO) packages: systems designed to allow users, with standard web browsers, to authenticate to web-based services across many web servers, using a standard, typically username/password-based central authentication service. The intent is to share experience in this realm and to work towards common solutions. The group's output may take the form of: recommendations for best practice and architecture; recommendations for interfaces between services and WebISO infrastructure; common WebISO protocols and/or common implementations. Key related projects include the Internet2 Shibboleth project, the Open Knowledge Initiative, and the uPortal project, to name a few."
apxs - APache eXtenSion tool - Apache HTTP Server - usage: /path/to/apxs -i -c mod_cas.c ssl_client.c
SECURe Documentation: Institutional Resource Sharing Set Up Guide: "Protecting a Web Resource With mod_cas"
Asterisk legacy integration -
Asterisk-Java - Java control for Asterisk PBXes: "supports both interfaces that Asterisk provides for this scenario: The FastAGI protocol and the Manager API"
SIP over TCP at Asterisk - Summary [Savannah]
Google Groups : Asterisk-users: Jumping on the asterisk bandwagon - an interesting home phone setup...
A kind of VoIP bundling I would LOVE - The VoIP Weblog: "But there is one kind of bundling that I think would work out great, sell more bandwidth (benefiting the carrier), sell more application services (benefiting the application provider), and provide a richer, more useful experience for consumers all at once... Tie my telephony apps to blogging, scheduling, and messaging in a unique and special way, and I'll spend two hundred, three hundred, maybe four hundred bucks a year for it." Free Magazine Subscriptions
Signate announces SigPRO scalable Asterisk solution: "SigPRO is a a hosted telephony system for telephone service providers with 5,000 to 500,000 customer extensions that Signate claims 'sets a new price/performance standard'"
Zoep VoIP client with Firefox plugin and Jabber support: "The OpenZoepAPI documentation is available at"
Philips Consumer Electronics News Center - Philips and KPN Telecom to launch cordless videophone for use with VoIP service
E-Tel is Suddenly Upon Us - The VoIP Weblog - The O'Reilly Emerging Telephony Conference 2006 begins today!
Ekiga - Free Your Speech!: "the beta of a new softphone client that supports SIP and H.323"
Google Groups : Asterisk-users: Asterisk & SER for dummies?

Monday, January 23, 2006

XL2QIF: "an Excel Add-In that converts data to QIF format, the format used by Money and Quicken to import transactions." - COOL
uk money How do I convert CSV files to the QFX format? & QIF Importer & MnyBank Documentation: "This program can convert financial files from QIF, OFC, and OFX V1 format to OFX V2 format valid file. Microsoft Money 2005 is the first release to support OFX V2 files. It is also possible to convert delimited files (CSV and TSV), but you have to define the content of each column." - LINKS
Google Groups : Asterisk-users: SPA-3000 - the party's over :-( "the new official cisco/linksys/sipura policy is to no longer sell SPA-3000's to end users"
PodMail Demo: Using iTunes to Check Your Voicemail: "Podcast your Voicemail Podmail Demo Pic... configurable to integrate with Asterisk::LDAP or use regular Asterisk flat files to provide a Podcast requiring authentication. Safe, secure voicemail right to your favourite Podcasting software."
Google Groups : Asterisk-users: SIP and NAT - best practices?: "Use an outbound proxy either a stanadlone appliance like ix-66 or you
can build one using Siproxd running on your Linux gateway... The docs are a little confusing. Look in the FAQ section:... That's all you need to do. All your clients will still register to Asterisk through siproxd, siproxd will take care of rewritting the SIP headers to differentiate requests for each client" (ranked at: Google Directory - Computers > Software > Operating Systems > Linux > Networking > VoIP) & Best practices for SIP NAT traversal: "OpenSER is a SIP Registrar implementation that uses the technique described above in order to maintain the NAT binding open with the device. It always works and requires no STUN capability in the SIP devices..." (PDF) (via SIP NAT Network Address Translation / About SIP / SIP Firewall and NAT Traversal) & TechTarget: Best Practices for Securing IP Telephony (PDF)

Sunday, January 22, 2006

MySQL AB :: MySQL Data Warehouse Web Presentation
GWN : Weblog: "BPEL engine mini-roundup"
Slashdot | BitTorrent Clients Reviewed: "PC Magazine is running a review of several popular BitTorrent clients..."
The Mobile Wi-fi Access Point: Do-it-yourself cheap, easy Internet everywhere (via MAKE: Blog: "Wouldn't it be great if I could just plug my phone in... and have it automatically connect to the phone and serve its sweet, sweet Internet over a Wi-fi connection? Better still, have it transparently proxy all connections so that nearly all Internet programs will function properly? Maybe even prioritize certain types of traffic, or encrypt everything so my wireless carrier can't spy on what Slashdot stories I like to read? All of those things would be just great. And all of those things are exactly those things which I set out to do (and/or enable you to do!) in this project.")
OpenSSL Certificate Authority Setup: "How to create a local Certificate Authority (CA) using OpenSSL. In contrast to commercial third party CA providers, a local CA is free, and ideal for services not offered to the public. Consider also the free certificate provider,"
Securing WordPress 2 Admin Access With SSL | no wow: "Add an HTTPS virtual host that forwards requests to the HTTP virtual host"
Mike Stall's .NET Debugging Blog : XML Diff Tool: "Here's a webpage (courtesy of ASP+) that compares two XML files (eg, Xml Diff, Xml Patch). It also includes free downloadable version that you can run offline."
Antimail : How to build a cheap backup server
Paco's Blog: MonoDoc in Windows: "Last night we finally managed to build a slightly modified version of MonoDoc -- the changes may already exist in SVN trunk -- that runs in Windows. A new version of the Mono Experimental Combined Installer has been uploaded to Novell Forge so that it includes this much needed breakthough. You can view a demonstration on how to launch MonoDoc in Windows."
ASP.NET Podcast Show #34 - Database Tuning
ASP.NET 2.0 Web Part Drag/Drop Browser Support in FireFox w/ Atlas: "Mike and Andres on my team have been doing some really cool work with integrating the ASP.NET 2.0 Web Part functionality with Atlas."
Communications Sector Update : Smart Client Architecture Guide
MAKE: Blog: Run an Apache web server on your phone...
Lumenlab projector build - home entertainment hacks - _ (Projector Project: "I was able to build a projector that could deliver a full HD picture and have a bulb life of 10,000-20,000 hours and to top it off you can buy these bulbs for around 60 bucks! My total cost came out to be somewhere around $550 for everything.") & Build Your Own DIY LCD Video Projector & Motorized projector screen - hack a day - _: "[Brad O’Connor] has completed his motorized projector screen that we mentioned last month while covering his Lumenlab projector build."
Google Maps Mania: Caribbean Islands Google Maps mashups
Canon PowerShot SD550 Digital Elph reviewed - Engadget: "PC Mag has bestowed its prestigious Editor's Choice award on Canon's ultracompact..."
World Tracker turns anyone into a cellphone spy - Engadget
IBM Redbooks | WebSphere Portal Best Practices
Technology As If People Mattered : Weblog: "Redux: Five Ways That Ruby is Better than Java"
Pat Patterson : Superpatterns: Weblog: "OpenSSO - Availability of Session Architecture Document and Project Sources..."
JMX, SNMP, Java, etc... : Weblog: "Where can I get my questions about JMX answered? ... go to the JMX-FORUM server page..."
Asterisk@home Handbook Wiki - "Chapter 3 Securing your Asterisk@Home server..."
» Your Searches May Be Watched Security And Privacy XPROXY.NET: "See this article... Replace all occurrences of “porn” in that story with “Communism” and it reads almost exactly like a McCarthy-era Red Scare..."
Jan in Malaysia: Tracking Anonymous Peer-to-Peer VoIP Calls on the Internet: "Reminder to Read this"
broadband » Forums » Voice over IP » Voipstunt has LOTS more FREE countries >Voipbuster
broadband » Forums » Voice over IP » [FWD] Using FWD on SPA-3000 gw2
.:Asterisk VoIP News:. Daily Updated News and Help about Asterisk, VoIP and PBX Platforms: Mark Spencer Interview
Inside Windows Live Messenger:: Who Ya Gonna Call? Anyone in the World!: "The new Windows Live Messenger Phone acts as an extension to Messenger, letting you take your Voice experiences with you as you move around your house (or pool). So what is it? It’s a two-line phone. The first line plugs into a wall jack just like every other home phone you have. The second line is a USB connection to your computer. The base/charger stays near your PC but the handset is wireless, allowing you to take it all over your house. The WLM Phone will work right out of the box, no installation of drivers or control software. All you need is the latest version of Windows Live Messenger..."
.:Asterisk VoIP News:. New astGUIclient/VICIDIAL release: 1.1.9: "and it includes the astGUIclient client-side web app which extends your phone's functionality and the VICIDIAL client-side web app auto-dialer... Check out the project blog for screenshots and more information"

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Google Groups : Asterisk-users: GXP-2000 fw and NTP: "The Grandstreams seem to get flakier the longer they are up. Normally I notice it when they the phones stop allowing incoming www connections. A power cycle always cures it..."
Google Groups : Asterisk-users: When/whether to use SER?: Advantages: SER supposedly has SRTP encryption support today through an add-on;
Asterisk isn't there yet (TLS is missing); with SRTP you can get rid of the VPN tunnel. See: Asterisk encryption... Disadvantages: You'll need to find a way to handle the MWI issue, see: Asterisk at large...
0xDECAFBAD - Global Numbering Plan: "This required me to know whether the number was a mobile phone, premium number, or other special number vs a landline, as I only got landline service free to some countries with I started the journey looking for some unified place that has all of this information and was unable to find exactly what I needed until two different people on the Asterisk-Users mailing list pointed me to two different resources. astbill and MCI... The end result is a 2 column csv file containing about 5251 entries, which I saved as country.csv... To use this you will most likely want to select the given countries and then edit the specific entries you dont want to place calls to replacing the macro DialIt with RejectIt (or delete them outright). I have made it so that each country is its own context, and for North America there are contexts for each state, as well as 'super contexts" for the 48 continental United States, the 50 total states, all of canada, etc. This makes including somewhat easier. To set up for international dialing easier I added a variable to the global context in extensions.conf, INTDIALPREFIX this should be 00 or 011 or whatever you happen to desire... BIG UPDATE: I got a list of 579,887 different numbers around the world. That base been put in csv format only (so far) and is available at" (via [asterisk-biz] Looking for cellular prefixes in Mexico: "We'd like to identify a list of cellular prefixes in Mexico, in order not to complete collect calls there") - THANKS
cas Info Page: "Yale CAS mailing list" - Search Archive

Friday, January 20, 2006

.:Asterisk VoIP News:. Asterisk::LCR: "an open-source, Perl-based collection of tools to help you manage efficiently multiple VoIP providers with your Asterisk installation. It is capable of importing providers rates from multiple providers, comparing these rates, and generating optimized Asterisk dialplans..." - 23 Things to Do With a Thumb Drive: "Put your USB drive to work as a portable desktop, PC recovery kit, entertainment platform, and more"
RPM Modules - Central Authentication Service - Confluence: "I have RPM packaged apache 2.0.52 , 2.0.53 and 2.0.54 including mod_cas. It also includes a pached mod_dir which allows DirectoryIndex directive to work correctly with CAS redirections. 2.0.53 includes latest mod_cas from cas client 2.0.11 and modification from esup-portail" - THANKS
MOD_CAS - Central Authentication Service - Confluence: "The Yale CAS client distribution includes modules for Apache which serve as a CAS 1.0 casclient. See AuthCAS for an alternative implementation of an Apache module for CAS authentication which offers additional features. Esup-portail also distributes a modified version of MOD_CAS. A version of MOD_CAS is also distribued as RPM Modules. Case Western also has some excellent documentation including MOD_CAS information..."
ESUP-Portail: Open-source Single Sign-On with CAS (EUNIS2004) "ESUP-Portail CAS Generic Handler is a plugin giving CAS the ability to authenticate users with different methods (LDAP, database, files, NIS, ...)"
Yale CAS Server - Central Authentication Service - Confluence: Deploying Yale CAS Server: "There are articles which may also help you getting started deploying CAS Server. The ESUP-Portail Quick start distribution may also be a better way to get started with CAS Server. You could always read the README distributed with CAS Server."
developerWorks : Open source : Technical library view: "This tutorial, first in a series, will walk through installation of a bundled Apache Tomcat and Jakarta Slide that will result in a working content management system."
AMIS Technology blog » Blog Archive » Struts, JAAS, Tomcat: getting acquainted
Filestore2 | "a completely rewritten version of filestore [lets people upload and download files] which stores the files on the filesystem instead of in the database."
Dgroups installation - FLOSSDgroups: "Tutorial: Creating a group collaboration community with Drupal, Setting up an OSDgroups Server..." & Dgroups - Development Through Dialogue
How To Enable Uploads In Drupal | Dave's $0.02: "uses could be to allow users to upload images to the site, or supporting documents, pdf files, text files, etc. Fortunately, there's a very simple and elegant solution for this built-in to Drupal already."
A Guide for Administrators of Personal Drupal Installations
Better Search in Drupal | arnab's world Using Lucene to Search Java Source Code
Tim Foster's Weblog: "By the way, if you haven't tried ZFS, and missed the meeting, you should check out some of the flash-based demos we have online."
cn=Directory Manager: "The Importance of RAID"
minutes: January 18 2006 | Wireless Toronto (discussion site)
How to build a distributed application: Introduction: "What is the OODA Loop?"
Quan To's Visual Studio 2005 Setup blog : How do I make VS 2005 target the 1.1 framework?
Test Embedded : How will I keep up with everything?! Try RSS/Atom aggregators: "Do you spend too much time trying to figure out what's new on your favorite web sites and Blogs? RSS/Atom aggregators track it all and bring the web pages to you. Now you can read more and search less..."
Paul Andrew : Windows Workflow Foundation Beta1 to Beta2 changes: "Although you can't get Microsoft support on this, we have prepared an upgrade document for existing users of WF Beta 1 who are upgrading code to WF Beta 2."
IBM Redbooks | Patterns: Extended Enterprise SOA and Web Services
Crowning the King of Free Talk – Skype vs. Gizmo : TomsNetworking :: "Providing a full range of features to compete head-on with Skype, Gizmo is making a serious attempt to go toe-to-toe with the current king of free talk. Though it does not yet have the adoption of Skype (both user-wise and device-wise) Gizmo's free voice mail and $0.25 worth of free CallOut credits for new accounts will hopefully attract formerly-hesitant users to the world of VoIP and even win over Skype loyalists. Gizmo's use of open standards also allows users to take advantage of SIP peering arrangements to expand the possibilities for free in and outbound calling. And Gizmo users can also exchange messages with virtually any other IM service via Jabber gateways. Finally, while Gizmo doesn't show serious signs of wooing business users, its use of SIP makes it friendlier to corporate networks, many of which are already set up to manage SIP traffic."
SnapStream's Godzilla DVR: 11 tuners, 1TB storage, $4,000 - Engadget: "It looks like this is really just a proof-of-concept to show what the company's Beyond TV DVR software is capable of, but the folks at SnapStream have gone ahead and created what may well be the most powerful DVR known to man or monster"

Thursday, January 19, 2006

AstRecipes » Monitoring Zaptel Hardware & sangoma - Installing wanpipe on Asterisk@Home: "One last note... For those of you like me that do not have dxxxxx hardware please place ztdummy in the startup script after the sleep and before the ztcfg" & Asterisk timer ztdummy - "You will probably want to include 'modprobe ztdummy' in your /etc/rc.d/rc.local to make sure it is present at startup before Asterisk is launched." Help: "Waiting for zap to come online...Error: missing /dev/zap!" (via Nerd Vittles » Newbie’s Guide to Asterisk@Home 2.2: Unabridged Soup-to-Nuts Installation Guide)
Java Tips Weblog : Weblog: "57 Java Tips"
It’s Just a Bunch of Stuff That Happens » Blog Archive » Tomcat Hot Deployment: "Here is a fix: Edit %CATALINA_HOME%\conf\context.xml. Find the root context and add these two attributes:..."
Slingshot AF development blog : Weblog: Java can be as productive as Ruby: "There's no need for Java fans to give up just yet, though, as Ruby as Markup looks very similar to Groovy Markup Builders. Slingshot, another new rails-style ultra-productive framework for the Java platform - uses Groovelet's as the default view technology..."
Code Performance » Blog Archive » SQL Performance Tuning DON’Ts
Lasse's weblog - Article: Ruby on Rails in the Enterprise Toolbox: "My latest article titled 'Ruby on Rails in the Enterprise Toolbox' has been published in the January 2006 volume of the JavaRanch Journal."
Jonathan A. Leaver's Weblog: Using POJO objects with JAX-WS: "Until a few days ago, I was under the mistaken impression that web services were limited to fairly simple parameters and return types unless you were to spend a lot of time and energy customizing your messages. To quote the Three Minutes to a Web Service article I cited in my Using JAX-WS 2.0 entry..."
David Geary's Weblog : Weblog: "On my way home from JavaPolis, I was thinking about the Ajax demo I gave during my Shale presentation. In that demo, I use Ajax with Shale remoting to populate city and state fields in response to a selection from a zip code menu."
Java Development Weblog : Weblog: WebLogic Web Services Security: " There are three kinds of security supported by weblogic workshop: HTTP Transport Security, message security, role-based security..."
Create VoiceXML pages within a Java Web developer framework: "You'll need to create a free Voxeo developer account to follow the exercises in this article. While Voxeo isn't a required service for VoiceXML, it does provide a nice set of tools, as well as thousands of pages of VoiceXML, CallXML, and CCXML documentation. This article serves as much as an introduction to Voxeo as to VoiceXML programming, and you can expect to hear even more from developerWorks about Voxeo in the future."
Rick Hightower's Sleepless Night in Tucson : Weblog: "JSF Integration with Acegi" & Fair Trade Java Stack Blog: "Integrating Acegi and JSF: Revisited"
Rick Hightower's Sleepless Night in Tucson : Weblog: "Easiest Acegi setup"
Bruce Tate's Blog: We should learn from Active Record: "But there's a subtle undertone in the Java community that's going back to the basics. You can see indications of this movement in Spring's JDBC framework, and Clinton Begin's iBATIS framework. I often teach about persistence frameworks, and the most rapidly growing group of developers is those that want to explore JDBC extensions, like iBATIS and Spring JDBC. You just don't always need full ORM... Now, I'm not going to lie and say I'd be willing to jump through all kinds of hoops to try to map a legacy schema to a Rails project. I'd probably try to use Rails on Og, or Rails web services to a Java-backed project. But I do think that Active Record and Migrations solves it's target problem better than anything I've seen in the Java space."
Bram Smeets Blog » DWR & Spring presentation: "December 20, 2005" (PDF)
The Aspects Blog: Typed Advice in Spring 2.0 (M2): "I spent a few days last week working on argument binding in advice for the new aop schema and @AspectJ support in Spring 2.0. In this article, I'll explain how the new support works and how you can use it."
Ajax design patterns for Web services: "This article shows you how to implement a Web browser-based SOAP Web services client using Ajax design patterns. The author expands on functions of that JavaScript library by implementing basic support for the Web Services APIS such as WS-Addressing and WS-Resource Framework."
Call SOAP Web services with Ajax, Part 1: Build the Web services client
The SQL Server Team releases their new and improved JDBC Driver: "that supports both SQL Server 2000 and the recently launched SQL Server 2005"
Home - GeoServer - Confluence: "With Geoserver you can publish data as maps/images (using the WMS), as actual data (using the WFS), and allow users to update, delete, and insert features (using the WFS-T). GeoServer's focus is ease of use and support for open standards, in order to enable anyone to quickly share their geospatial information in an interoperable way... Geoserver is built on Geotools"
Google Groups : Asterisk-users: SAN Devices: "Have a look at SANnet II boxes are fully redundant and NEBS Level III certified. Afaik they are below EMC's price level. Sun's StorEdge 35xx are oem'ed from Dot Hill. See Or you could build your own with software from e.g." & About Openfiler: "browser-based network storage software distribution. Openfiler delivers file-based Network Attached Storage and block-based Storage Area Networking in a single framework... File-based networking protocols supported by Openfiler include: NFS, SMB/CIFS, HTTP/WebDAV and FTP. Network directories supported by Openfiler include NIS, LDAP (with support for SMB/CIFS encrypted passwords), Active Directory (in native and mixed modes) and Hesiod. Authentication protocols include Kerberos 5. Openfiler includes support for volume-based partitioning, iSCSI (initiator), scheduled snapshots, resource quota, and a single unified interface for share management which makes allocating shares for various network file-system protocols a breeze." & 10 reasons why you should consider NEBS certified equipment & NEBS Network Equipment Building System: "NEBS is a major test of quality that is extremely valuable for any organization supplying or purchasing network equipment."
Multitasking mania - Lifehacker: "Excessive multi-tasking can keep you from getting stuff done, according to a lengthy but interesting TIME magazine article."
EclipseZone - Article: Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools Project (BIRT): "In this new feature article, John Ward walks you through an introduction to the Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools Project (BIRT). Read on for an indepth article on how to get started with using BIRT in your Eclipse workspace, including installation, data connectivity, and using the designer."
EclipseZone - Bleeding Edge: Latest Integration Allows Java 6.0 Preference Setting
Doug Kohlert's Blog: Publishing a RESTful Web Service with JAX-WS
Jan in Malaysia: Check this web browser only VoIP solution: Easy to use web based, browser to browser phone
Tesco's free web phone service | This is Money
.:Asterisk VoIP News:. Daily Updated News and Help about Asterisk, VoIP and PBX Platforms: Asterisk 1.2.2 Released: "We are also excited to announce the release of a special version of Asterisk 1.2.2, called Asterisk-NetSec. It includes some very exciting features not available in any other version of Asterisk, or even any other related product! Please view the appropriate README and ChangeLog for more details"
.:Asterisk VoIP News:. Announce: Asterikast release 1st HowTo video on setting up the Asterisk PBX: Asterikast .:ASTERISK iPOD CAST:.
JMX, SNMP, Java, etc... : Weblog: "Let me take an example. In a previous entry, I have talked about the ThreadMXBean exposed by the Monitoring and Management API of Java SE 5.0 (Tiger)... Indeed, being an MBean developer myself, I usually design my MBeans with an eye at seeing, and an eye at testing. What matters to me is being able to see my MBeans with jconsole, and being able to interact dynamically with them - note: if you're not familiar with jconsole, Mandy's article on jconsole is worth reading."
craigrow: blogging about developing, testing and getting a logo for your drivers using the Windows Driver Kit and the Driver Test Manager : Preview: New draft of the WDK ADT Quick Start Guide
Jon Baker's Outer Join : Free SQL Server 2005 E-Learning for 90 Days from Microsoft
WordPress Plugin: Google Video Plugin 1.0 by Blogging Pro
Use a Profiler to Make Your Java Apps JVM-Friendly: "If you don't profile your large enterprise Java applications prior to releasing them to production, they can fail or render poor performance. Learn how standard JDK profiling tools can provide in-depth analysis of your application's JVM memory usage."
JavaScript: Passing by Value or by Reference -
Business and Software, In That Order : Windows Communication Framework & Go-Live: Once you get past creating a Hello World service, read this WCF white paper that gives you a detailed overview of Microsoft's next-generation communication framework.
The Sixth Sigma: Achieve Breakthrough Performance Using Six Sigma: Six Sigma Contact Center Analysis ...
» Tor Plugin for BartPE Security And Privacy XPROXY.NET - TIPS
Muli Koppel's Blog: A Skype Rashomon: P2P, Voice and the Read/Write Web: "Similarly to traditional grids, peer-to-peer networks are usually associated with batch-oriented operations, such as file sharing. Yet Skype is a living proof that mission-critical, real-time services can take advantage of the same underlying peer-to-peer architecture, in order to gain internet-grade scalability and reliability for a fraction of the traditional cost."
SEOmoz :: AJAX Powered IP Location Lookup
Nerd Vittles » Deploying Voice Over Wi-Fi with Asterisk - THANKS again!
Charles Beckham's Weblog: "Free Expert Assistance for Developers" at
Streaming Live TV: "VLC media player has some other tricks up its sleeve. You can stream a DVD across a network connection..."
How-To: Stream almost anything using VLC - Engadget
Slashdot | OpenVZ Pushing for Linux Kernel Inclusion: "OpenVZ is an operating system level server virtualization solution, built on Linux."
Slashdot | Beginning Excel What-if Data Analysis Tools & A P R E S S . C O M : Beginning Excel What-If Data Analysis Tools: Getting Started with Goal Seek, Data Tables, Scenarios, and Solver (PDF) & Microsoft Office Assistance: Performing What-If Analysis on Worksheet Data
Thom Robbins .NET Weblog : Are you an Office Developer?: "We are pleased to announce a new Weekly Fast Tip subscription service to help you use Visual Studio 2005 for Office" - TIPS
David Wang : IIS Diagnostics Toolkit January 2006 Released
Nigel Parker's Outside Line : WF & WCF Beta2 "Go-Live" licenses & the Jan WinFX CTP.
Haibo Luo's weblog : Use IronPython to Experiment .NET Libraries
Paul Cornell : Introducing Starter Kits: "New for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, Starter Kits are enhanced project templates that can be shared with other members of the community. A Starter Kit includes code samples that compile, documentation, and other helpful resources to enable you to learn new tools and programming techniques while building useful, real world applications." & Starter Kits: "Choose from one of our many hosting partners that provide support for the Personal Web Site Starter Kit and deploy directly from Visual Web Developer Express."
SSIS | developer.* Blogs
Got Root : Linux Firewall Recipes
Google Directory - Computers > Software > Internet > Clients > File Sharing > BitTorrent
Plumbing Life's Depths: Using Asterisk's manager interface to generate calls: "sort of 'hello world' for people wanting to create an outgoing call via the manager interface (from Python). It covers the basic setup required to connect a given SIP URI to a given context/extension. Nothing profound, just collecting together the bits as a mini-project for new asterisk users... a simple auto-dialing hello world for Asterisk using Python and pyst"
T4088 - Claiming Scientific Research and Experimental Development - Guide to Form T661: "Claiming Scientific Research and Experimental Development - Guide to Form T661"

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The future of Microsoft Office: Get information about the next release
Engineering Rich Internet Applications: Opinions: Flex and Laszlo
Drupal and the New Paradigm for Content Management: "In Drupal, the questions above are easily implemented through the Taxonomy Module, something which traditional CMS do not have. Users with no programming backgrounds can be trained to handle the taxonomy module and solve the two requirements above without resorting to programming... Also read: Choosing a platform for the network" (PDF) & Taxonomy: categories and classification schemes | & GreenAsh Services: making taxonomy work my way: Part 1 - Basic breadcrumbs and taxonomy, Part 2 - Cross-vocabulary taxonomy hierarchies, Part 3 - Hierarchical URL aliasing & Drupal taxonomy help | & Taxonomy: categories and classification schemes | "The taxonomy module is one of the most popular features because users often want to create categories to organize content by type. It can automatically classify new content, which is very useful for organizing content on-the-fly. A simple example would be organizing a list of music reviews by musical genre." - TIPS
Windows Communication Foundation: Service Reliability is the Key: "Sending messages has become easy and commonplace, but making sure messages are received has been more difficult—until now. Find out how to configure your Windows Communication Foundation applications to add guaranteed message delivery between systems and networks"
Quadra Software - Applications for Asterisk Open Source PBX: "All software will be Open Source Feb 1st 2006:

  • Quadra Remote Management Interface - Onhold
  • Quadra Receptionist Enterprise - Onhold
  • Quadra Receptionist - Released 12-14-2004
  • Quadra CallerID - Final Release v2 Available (01-16-2005)
  • Quadra Parked Call Viewer - Available (Freeware)"
  • Nyetwork Wiki: Security, Nyetwork Wiki: Asterisk - Open Source PBX software - LINKS
    Running Things Periodically with Launchd: "I've mentioned a few times before in my essays that launchd simply rocks. It can slice, dice, and peel your tomatoes. As is already fairly well covered on the web, it can replace init and watchdog like processes all in one feel swoop." & Getting Started with launchd
    HowtoUseRailsWithSubversion in Ruby on Rails
    LinuxElectrons - The Consolidated Hacking Guide for the Linksys WRT54GL
    InstallSite: Windows Installer Tools and Tips
    Way to import Blogger entries in Drupal ? | & new blogger migration template | migrating from blogger to drupal
    Drupal Handbook: Installation and configuration |
    Drupal 4 Blogger v0.10: "My goal is pretty simple: I will continue to help anyone who wants to use Drupal as a blogging tool." & Wiki: Drupal For Bloggers - Introduction
    Tangent Mobile: Mobile Solutions Agency for Media & Entertainment Blogging & Content Management Systems (WordPress & Drupal Reviews) *Updated* — Archive
    WordPress -> Drupal? | pointers on migrating a WordPress blog w/ comments to Drupal? & WordPress Migration Utility | Least Significant Bits: "This has been used against WordPress 1.5 and Drupal 4.6.0, to migrate this very site."
    Luma - LDAP utiliy, browser and more...
    Toronto Asterisk Users Group: [on-asterisk] Setting Wait Time Before Pickup: "...this is perfect. Ring groups in AMP 1.10.010 are working, making this a relatively simple task now."
    OzymanDNS:SSH - Neg9: "Ozyman DNS for SSH is the suite of perl scripts allows for the transmission of data over DNS, this focuses on SSH over DNS." - TIP
    murphee's Rant: Voice over DNS...: "and other gadgetry in this presentation (PPT, but can open it). Blimey... I think this proves it that the Webservices and SOAP crowd has been wrong all along: DNS is where it's at! Forget SOAP over HTTP, FTP, SMTP and the recently tested RFC1149... the future is in SSH traffic tunneled through a TCP-over-DNS tunnel or, even better, stored in DNS TXT records... and... and... sorry, gotta stop now, my head starts spinning..." & Slashdot | IP Tunneling Through Nameservers: "For everyone who likes to play around with this new kind of tunnel that probably only few persons have ever thought of, just take a look at where you can find the full source code. It implements a client and a fake nameserver for both tunnel endpoints of an 'IP-over-DNS'-tunnel." & How do I get past internet monitoring at work? | Ask MetaFilter: "There is one wayto set up your own proxy so that they can't block it at all, but it's somewhat complex. Go to Dan Kaminsky's Doxpara Research. Search for and download the Ozyman DNS executables, configure and run on two machines via the methods described. You now can proxy any port over DNS, which cannot be blocked (unless the firewall shuts down all - and I do mean all - traffic between inside and outside the network) and is virtually impossible to trace." & Ozyman - DNS tunnel (via FBill Radio: "The Auditor security collection is a Live-System based on KNOPPIX. Its very cool its even got Bluetooth tools so you can f... with peoples phones") & 2004: Tunneling Audio, Video, and SSH over DNS - COOL
    Ajax (programming) - Wikipedia & Ajax Frameworks - Ajax Patterns & AJAX Matters - Asynchronous JavaScript and XML and XMLHTTP development information & AjaxLibraries: "There is another excellent and comprehensive list of libraries at EDevil's Weblog" & There and Back Again » Libraries
    [asterisk-biz] Wooksung Video Phone US Availability: "For the price, I cannot say enough nice things about these phones... The best part is they integrate flawlessly with Asterisk." & Device Profile: Wooksung WVP-3000 VoIP videophone (via Windows-powered VoIP Devices Showcase)
    Toronto Asterisk Users Group: [on-asterisk] Click-to-call over SIP channels...: "I've used this as a basis to do what your looking to do: TACI - Trivial Asterisk Call-generation Interface. Works pretty good. Had a few hickups getting it going, but only took 20 minutes to sort out..." & Click To Call Perl Script - TACI - Xelia Wizard Systems Inc. XOF and Asterisk Documentation: "Asterisk Tricks and Utilities"
    Asterisk dimensioning - - TIPS!
    Asterisk bounty - "If you really want something added to Asterisk, but can't do it yourself and do not want to contract an Asterisk consultants or Digium to do it, there's always an oppurtunity to set up a bounty. Others might add to it and finally there's enough money so that a coder think it's worthwile to work on it. "
    Really Useful Fitness Blog: Other Great Health & Fitness Blogs
    [asterisk-biz] How much it costs to setup Asterisk and phones?: "OK... 30 ext * $300 (labor and cheap phones) = $9000, 2 * $700 POE Switches = $1400, 1 * $3407.30 Server = $3407.30, 2 * $800 UPS = $1600, 20 * $100 labor = $2000. $17,407 or less than half of a nortel system cost from your favorite teleco... we try grandsreams bt 102 ... S.... Horrible, i have a call center with 300 of them.. what a nightmare; but with the firmware all the problems disappear and u have decent call center. With 30 phones u don't need a super server as was discussed in this list before u can get a server like this... for 2600 USD plus shipping. if u don't need a digium card just remove 595.00 usd..." - an interesting discussion thread!
    Visual Studio 2005 Web Application Project Tutorials in C#: Tutorial 1: Building Your First Web Application Project: "Note that ASP.NET Web Application Projects do not automatically create the IIS vroot or application for you. Instead, you should use the IIS Admin Tool to create an IIS application that points to the root of the ASP.NET Web Application Project on disk. Important: Make sure any web applications you create in the IIS Admin tool are configured to use ASP.NET 2.0." & Migrating a VS 2003 Web Project to VS 2005
    Shreeman: New Web Project Model Coming for vs2005: "Few Days back i had posted on the 2.0 compile and the structure with Appp_Code and now its looks like the same was alraedy on plan and i can only say AWESOME and Would like to SALUTE Scottgu and team ...they have knew the problem of developers in migrating the 1.1 apps into 2.0 due to the new compilationa nd code model.So here comes the new WEB PROJECT MODEL from Scott gu's blog here" => New Web Project Model Option Coming for VS 2005: "Update: We recently published the first preview build on the new project model option. You can learn more about it and download it here and here."
    Using IIS with VS 2005 and the new Web Project system: "A number of people have asked me questions through my blog over the last few days about how VS 2005 uses and handles IIS (especially in cases of nested applications and virtual directories)." (via ASP.NET projects aren’t 'real' projects in VS.NET 2005 - Rick Strahl's WebLog)
    VS 2005 Web Project System: What is it and why did we do it?: "Built-in Development Web Server (No IIS Requirement & Debug as Normal User)..."
    Reporting Services: Failed to access IIS metabase & PRB: ASP.NET Pages Exhibit Unexpected Behavior Because the Server-Side Code Is Not Processed
    OpenH323 Project: "aims to create a full featured, interoperable, Open Source implementation of the ITU-T H.323 teleconferencing protocol that can be used by personal developers and commercial users without charge." & H.323 support for ASTERISK PBX - inAccess Networks
    Ping Tunnel - Send TCP traffic over ICMP: "Ptunnel is an application that allows you to reliably tunnel TCP connections to a remote host using ICMP echo request and reply packets, commonly known as ping requests and replies." (via [asterisk-biz] Is ISP Blocking VoIP: "Speaking of ssh tunneling, current issue of 2600 ( has a very interesting idea on Tunneling over ICMP. The author of the article has written a program to do it, mainly for bypassing payment on wifis that charge, since they usualy leave ICMP alone") - COOL
    * secureme: No SSH server, no problem!: "In the event that you cant (or don’t have access to) an SSH server, or need the additional anonymity of tunneling your DNS traffic, there are alternatives. Enter Tor and Privoxy, when combined, these tools provide encryption and anonymous web surfing." & Tor: An anonymous Internet communication system, Tor: Overview: "Tor is a network of virtual tunnels that allows people and groups to improve their privacy and security on the Internet. It also enables software developers to create new communication tools with built-in privacy features. Tor provides the foundation for a range of applications that allow organizations and individuals to share information over public networks without compromising their privacy." & Privoxy - Home Page: "a web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities for protecting privacy, modifying web page content, managing cookies, controlling access, and removing ads, banners, pop-ups and other obnoxious Internet junk." & HOW-TO: SSH HTTP proxy setup - hack a day - _: "We’ve been linking to a couple proxy options in the links posts recently and [tom] thought it would be a good idea to write up how to use Privoxy. In [tom]’s case he wanted to route all of his internet surfing at work through an encrypted tunnel to his home machine." (unrequited narcissism: "Thank you.. I've been looking for an easy to understand SSH tunneling tutorial for a while... If you're just looking for anonymity, rather than security (e.g. someone can read the message but not tell who it's from) you might want to look into the Tor project")

    Tuesday, January 17, 2006

    Asterisk auto-dial out - "If you want to initiate a call from an external application, there are several ways to do this. There are basically two ways to initiate outgoing calls in Asterisk: 1) Use the manager API to activate a call. See Asterisk manager dialout 2) Use .call files: Text files that when placed in the correct directory makes Asterisk take action"
    Current IP Check - "your external IP as the world sees you" (via
    MaxPC - Tutorials - Planning a PBX system: Call queues, Dynamic agents, Call monitoring, MeetMe - TIPS
    Google Groups : Asterisk-users: Is Asterisk the right tool?: "If its just point to point via sip phones and you just need a central system to route the calls directly asterisk may be overkill. If however you want to do voicemail, or other applications (conferencing, ivr, etc) then it may be a better choice. If you just need a sip proxy (where sip phones register) and allow direct connections to each other, ser ( may be a better choice. It tends to handle more users for sip on less hardware, this is largely becuase it does less. Its only a sip proxy and doesnt do any of the applications, media gateways, etc. Freeworld dialup uses SER."
    Thom Robbins .NET Weblog : SQL Server 2005 Samples and Sample Databases (December 2005): "Nice set of samples for SQL Server 2005 here... Since its original release, new samples have been added for the following technologies: CLR, SMO, Integration Services, Replication, and Reporting Services. See the SQLServerDatabasesAndSamplesOverview.htm file for descriptions of the new and original samples."
    Thom Robbins .NET Weblog : Looking at Web Services with Visual Studio 2005: "In this screencast available here we take a look at some of the more important changes within the Web Services infrastructure using Visual Studio 2005. These include the addition of the WS-I basic profile, and building typed datasets."
    Building Speech-Enabled Applications with ASP.NET: "As speech-enabled applications become a core requirement for many enterprise and commercial applications, you'll need to become familiar with the Microsoft Speech Platform" & How to Build Grammars for Speech-enabled Applications: "Speech-enabled applications require specialized grammars that clearly define the types of input they're expected to parse and understand. Find out how to build grammars by walking through the process of building a grammar for an order status retrieval system that lets callers retrieve orders by voice... To start, you need to go to the Microsoft Speech Web site and download a free copy of the Speech Application Software Development Toolkit (SASDK). After installing the SASDK, you may want to familiarize yourself with the terminology for speech-based applications by walking though the SDK tutorial that comes with the download." & Download details: Microsoft Speech Application Software Development Kit 1.1 & Building Intelligent .NET Applications : Agents, Data Mining, Rule-Based Systems, and Speech Processing: Books & Custom Solutions - Publications
    Google Talkabout: XMPP Federation: "Google Talk users can now chat with users on other XMPP services and vice versa" : Oracle 10g Central :RACing ahead with Oracle on VMware - Part VI: "You can either get Centos (which is a complete rebuild from SRPMS of Red Hat Linux) for free here or get an evaluation version of RHEL 4.2 'Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS.' Download them all and keep them as *.iso. You can just plug in the *.iso into your Vmware CD/DVD drive."
    gtd-php Getting Things Done with PHP
    murtworld: My top 10 GTD tips
    Audiomatic Skype Plugin: "initiate phone calls or chat sessions using only your voice!"
    Installation And Securing VoIP With Linux - Softwink, Inc. [800-538-9357]: "One of the biggest concerns when dealing with branch to branch VoIP communications is security. Normally, VoIP is not encrypted, so naturally, we looked at possible ways to encrypt the traffic. Building VPN tunnels between the offices was the first logical choice. We looked at several possible virtual private network (VPN) solutions before deciding on 'OpenVPN'. There are several reasons we picked this. First off, it's open source with a good track record. It allows us to pick the authentication and encryption method we wanted to use since it's based on OpenSSL. We also liked it because it allowed us to build UDP based VPN tunnels. This is important when dealing with VoIP." (PDF)
    VoiceIP Solutions: Asterisk PBX Case Studies
    Royality Free & Rights Managed Stock Photography Sites - Logo Sites
    My Settop Box: "KnoppMyth is my attempt at making the Linux and MythTV installation as trivial as possible."
    The Linux HTPC Howto - Basic and Advance Media Center Build Tips: "The purpose of the Linux HTPC Howto is to help educate people who are interested in learning about or building their own media computer (aka HTPC). The perfect HTPC solution doesn't exist and because of this there are many ways to build a HTPC and there are even more pitfalls that can make a HTPC more troublesome than helpful. This guide is designed to help both Windows and Linux users see what is involved in building a HTPC and what technologies need to be considered to make your goal a reality. The guide also takes many of the complicated details that are typically overlooked by people new to HTPC's and helps make things easier to understand. I have been building HD HTPC's since 2003 and I prefer to use MythTV which uses the Linux OS. Although this guide references Linux often, most of the howto is not software or OS specific, and in 2005 over 80,000 visitors were Windows users." - NICE
    Behind the Scenes with Apache's .htaccess - Brainstorms and Raves
    Open Source Telephony Answers the Call: "Take Aheeva as an example. Montreal-based Aheeva, a developer of call center applications, considered launching a spin-off company that would provide contact center outsourcing services including technical support, sales, and newspaper and cable TV subscriptions services." & Digium™ - The Asterisk Telephony Company: "Partners Directory" &
    & AHEEVA Technologies inc. - News: "January 16, 2006: Aheeva releases new version of Asterisk-based and establishes partnership with SugarCRM"
    Asterisk cdr odbc - "Asterisk CDR with almost any database" Developer Documentation (4 Jan 2006): "Store CDR records in a SQLite database" - NICE
    Asterisk CDR csv conversion mysql - (via Google Groups : Asterisk-users: asterisk down because of cdr)
    Google Groups : Asterisk-users: "distorted native music on hold -- SOLUTION" - Golden Phone service & - FAQ
    Business and Software, In That Order : Excel 12 - Leveraging Excel Web Services In Your Custom Solutions
    Jason Langridge's WebLog - MR Mobile! : BBC Interactive Media Player [IMP] - Interesting Article
    The Art Of .war: Hibernate vs. Ruby/Rails: Persistance Showdown: Part I, Part II, Part III & Enterprise Java Community: Hibernate vs. Rails: The Persistence Showdown
    sampa : colin’s blog » Spring is Most Certainly Designed for Scalability
    Yahoo! Developer Network - Frequently Asked Questions: "Q: Why is Yahoo! using REST? A: Our goal is to make Yahoo! Web Services available to as many developers as possible. REST based services are easy to understand and accessible from most modern programming languages. In fact, you can get a fair amount done with only a browser and your favorite scripting language." Asterisk video & SIP Video Phones & Asterisk phone xten eyeBeam & Microsoft Windows Messenger & MythPhone (a plugin: "for MythTV that provides for phone and video calls to be made using a standard SIP protocol.")
    Bandwidth Speed Test

    Monday, January 16, 2006

    Sebastian K├╝beck's Weblog: "Confessions of a Lazy Programmer Part 4 - Performance Optimization for Lazy People"
    Java(TM) Boutique - Review - Ruby on Rails vs. Java: An Expert Roundtable
    Bastion: "Covering J2EE Security and WebLogic Topics" weblog
    WhoAmI? Java and Identity Management : Weblog: "Storing Java objects in LDAP" - Using JMX and J2SE 5.0 to Securely Manage Web Applications
    jManage Blog (JMX)
    Manage your JMX-enabled applications with jManage 1.0: "An introduction to jManage 1.0 using J2SE 5.0 platform MBeans as examples" - TIPS
    Don Brown's Weblog: "Groovy SQL makes SQL calls simple"
    Google Maps Mania: Google Maps Blog Buzz - Blackberry, Google Maps Ads, DIY: "The RIM Blackberry device is now capable of running the Google Local for Mobile application."
    Sharing Broadband to Increase Speed - New York Times: "Mushroom Networks is conducting trials using a device called an access point aggregator that is similar to a conventional home Wi-Fi router. It is intended to be used to connect homes or businesses that are closer together."
    Rex V: an AJAX Regular EXpression eValuator -: "This site is a Regular Expression evaluator for three different regular expression systems: 1. PHP PCRE 2. PHP Posix 3. Javascript."
    Excel Services part 11: Excel Server, SharePoint, and dashboards!!: "I came across this nice little post which goes into some detail about Excel Services and how it integrates into the 'upcoming release of the SharePoint products and technologies platform to allow all sorts of users to build web solutions that contain live, interactive, and actionable data simply and without code“."
    Sahil Malik [MVP C#] : Cool Outlook Trick: Sync schedules with multiple computers, without using Exchange - TIP
    Jeremy D. Miller -- The Shade Tree Developer : Best and Worst Practices for Mock Objects
    Richard Seroter - SoCal BPI Musings : New BizTalk/WF Webcast Series On MSDN
    Asterisk record calls - "Automon for a single call: Asterisk 1.2 now comes with the new 'automon' setting in features.conf that permits a user to turn on/off call recording during an active conversation..."
    astcallcenters : Message: Re: [astcallcenters] Sphinx - Matt Florell: "I think I am finally making progress, but it is a steep curve. I amable to get Sphinx to recognize the number 1, but nothing else from 2-9. That is using the turtle dictionary. I tried downloading some things from: but now I have to work the magic to get it all to work together..." - ASTERISK
    GNU Develops Open Source VoIP Telephony Stack @ ENTERPRISE OPEN SOURCE MAGAZINE
    You only have 11 minutes to work in Office - "A study shows modern day staff work for just 11 minutes before they get interrupted by emails, phone or colleague. The study also shows it needs on average of 25 minutes to return to the original task - or back to the flow. Technologies make us keep in touch with people easily, with that that is a consequences that we allow them to interrupt us easily as well"
    Fight The Flab! - "This isn’t another dieting post. This is about getting rid of the flab that fills your working days: unnecessary activities that weigh you down and make your day tougher to get through. Activities that leave you breathless and exhausted … with little or nothing to show for all that extra effort." (GTD) - TIPS
    Make a Rollyo Firefox search plugin - Lifehacker: "Create a personalized search of a set of web sites you choose for your Firefox search box over at Rollyo"
    Ajaxian » Quick ajax php function reference: "for looking up that php function that you know has to exist, but you just can’t remember the name. Just type in a short string and wait for the live update - then follow the link to the full docs at for more info if needed"
    Project Silver (Rogue Server) - Overview: "Dan found himself with a dead UPS surge protector and decided to do something fun. The brick has two built in RJ-45 connectors and power so he figured he could easily hide a server in it." (via