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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Basic Drupal 4.7.x configuration options for XAMMP | Black Mountain
Quick and dirty links directory | Black Mountain: "You will need Views, CCK and Link contrib modules so go get them first (need I mention the use of a test site?). This is for Drupal 5."
Drupal 5: performance | Dries Buytaert: "To me these graphs suggest that for most Drupal websites, upgrading to Drupal 5 will yield at least a small performance improvement -- especially if you properly configure your page cache's expiration time. "
How to Succesfully Incorporate Eclipse IDE into a Drupal Workflow | & Using open source software to design, develop, and deploy a collaborative Web site, Part 13: PHP development within Eclipse
Creating a website member directory - CRM - CiviCRM Wiki (Drupal)
Drupal 5 Screencasts: How to embed a YouTube video | Bryght Support
Java Parallel Processing Framework Home Page: "a computational grid framework for Java, focused on performance and ease of use. It provides a set of extensible and customizable tools and APIs to facilitate the parallelization of CPU intensive applications, and distribute their execution over a network of heterogenous nodes... The graphical administration console was upgraded to use Substance L&F v3.1 and JFreeChart v1.0.3" Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die: Books: Chip Heath,Dan Heath (via World Copywriting Blog)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

RE: validate problem - XMLBeans TIP
Top 10 mistakes made by Drupal newcomers |
Xampp 1.5.5 and drupal 5.1 - A step-by-step installation guide | develOOp
Some experiments with MySQL XML dump format and Drupal | "To illustrate the potential of this, I’m attaching a screenshot of an XML treediff tool (oxygen DiffFiles) showing highlighted diffs between a clean Drupal 5.1 database (pamkela) and a 4.7 database"
CCK, imagefield, imagecache, and contemplate snafu | Barry Jaspan
Drupal 5 - DVD - Day 6 - Internationalization & FCKEditor | "The FCKEditor with the possibility of uploading pictures. Please trie out that picture upload or also "flash integration" and the other wonderful things you can do with that editor by writing a blog entry. They say it is also also possible to paste Word text!"
Authenticated Distributed Search (OpenSearch, OpenID) | Steven Wittens -
Many eyes on my website | Willy Dobbe: "I have been playing lately with the excellent Many Eyes site of IBM. And it is really great what you can do with data in time."
Drupal Newbies and Contributed Modules | CMS Report
Creating rounded corners on your blocks | CivicSpace
Drupal 5 Screencasts: Colors, Logo, FAQ with CCK, View for FAQs | Bryght Support

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