Monday, October 31, 2005

How to Brew Beer in a Coffee Pot
Jakarta Commons IO - Best practices: "These are good reasons not to work with filenames as Strings. Using instead handles many of the above cases nicely. Thus, our best practice recommendation is to use instead of String for filenames to avoid platform dependencies."
Apache News Online: 11 October 2005 - Jakarta Commons-IO 1.1 Released: "FilenameUtils - A static utility class for working with filenames without File objects,..."
Orange: "a component-based data mining software. It includes a range of preprocessing, modelling and data exploration techniques. It is based on C++ components, that are accessed either directly (not very common), through Python scripts (easier and better), or through GUI objects called Orange Widgets."
Coastal Post Online: "20 Amazing Facts About Voting In The United States"
OpenOffice Packs a Powerful New Database Punch: "100 percent at functional parity with Access, the interface is just as usable as Access."
Sun to update Solaris 10 by year end | Tech News on ZDNet: "One major new feature coming with the upgrade is the Newboot start-up process, which chiefly is of interest to those with computers with x86 processors such as Intel's Pentium and Advanced Micro Devices' Opteron. For the earliest stages of start-up, Newboot uses the same Grub software as most versions of Linux, making it easier to run multiple operating systems on the same computer. Newboot also makes it easier to use a much wider variety of hardware during the boot process"
Mule - IDE & Gmane mailing list archives -- Mule IDE
5 Free Listings for first time Sellers!
Cacti: The Complete RRDTool-based Graphing Solution

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Why OpenDocument Won (and Microsoft Office Open XML Didn’t): "Government people can act especially smartly when they get good tips from others. A few years ago, secret Microsoft documents now named Halloween I and Halloween II were exposed to the world. These documents were developed in collaboration with key people in Microsoft. Their bottom line was a recommendation that Microsoft suppress competition by “de-commoditizing” protocols (creating proprietary formats that could not be used by others) and by attacking competitors through patent lawsuits. Since that time, people have been watching carefully and warning when Microsoft tries to “release” formats whose conditions inhibit competition."

Saturday, October 29, 2005 Home: "With new features, advanced XML capabilities and native support for the OASIS Standard OpenDocument format, 2.0 gives users around the globe the tools to be engaged and productive members of their society."
IBM Announces Open-Source Version of WebSphere News - WebServices.Org: "WebSphere Application Server Community Edition (WAS CE) is targeted at mid-sized businesses, departments in large enterprises and business partners with easy access to open source-based technologies with no upfront costs... WAS CE features a small footprint, making it easier to download and manage. Based on core open source technology from the J2EE-certified Apache Geronimo application server... The new software also supports Apache Tomcat, an industry standard Web server also from the Apache Software Foundation. WAS CE will also integrate IBM's Cloudscape database, based on the open-source Apache Derby Project..."
Joe Walker's Blog - DWR 1.1 beta 1 Released
My VoIP Provider - VoIP Providers
My VoIP Provider - Free VoIP Phone service: " based in Switzerland and their resellers based in the UK and based in France"
Rick Hightower's Sleepless Night in Tucson : Weblog: "Pluto: Faster, Lighter Portal Development Env? PAIN "
Rick Hightower's Sleepless Night in Tucson : Weblog: "If you're doing portlet development, is Pluto your development environment? If not, why not?"
EclipseZone - Create a login screen that looks similar to the splash
Peter Pilgrim's Weblog -- Online Catalog: Yahoo! Hacks, First Edition: "Sample Hacks
Hack 6: Translate Any Page with Yahoo! (PDF)
Hack 39: Monitor Your Commute (PDF)
Hack 48: Visualize Your Music Collection (PDF)
Hack 65: Add a Content Tab to Yahoo! Messenger (PDF)
Hack 68: Program Yahoo! with Perl (PDF)
Hack 85: Mash Up Images from Around the Web (PDF)
Hack 88: Visualize News Topics as Tags (PDF)
Hack 94: Search Your Web Site with Yahoo! (PDF)"
Web Developers Moving Past Java -- part 1: "Bruce is the author of several programming books, including Beyond Java from O'Reilly."
The Snowflake Method for Writing a Novel

Friday, October 28, 2005 -- Online Catalog: Essential SNMP, Second Edition
O'Reilly Network: Eight Tips for Migrating to Enterprise VoIP
O'Reilly Network: Painless Merging with SVK: An Interview with Chia-liang Kao: "Subversion-based SVK system"
Sys Admin > v14, i12: Observing I/O Behavior with the DTraceToolkit
Mule - Scripting: "Mule Components, transports and configuration can be scripted using any JSR-223 compliant scripting language such as PHP (stateless), Groovy or Rhino (javascript)." - COOL
phpBMS: "manages mission-critical interactions related to billing, client, product and scheduling"
Perl Cookbook & FAQs -
Toronto Asterisk Users Group
SIPBroker - Provider White Pages: "SIP-Code - SIP Proxy Address"
About "Our mission is to provide a sustainable, verified registry of telephone numbers for dialing on the Internet using Voice over IP, Email, Instant Messaging and other communication protocols. 'ENUM 164' (also know as enum and e164) is a method that stores numbers within the Internet's DNS. allows Voice over IP systems, such as Asterisk and SER (SIP Express Router) to place and receive telephone calls over the Internet, without using your local telephone line." (via SIPBroker - ENUM with automatic PSTN fallback)
Good Stuff for Rails Newbies | Ruby on Rails
Asterisk - "Starting Out"
Asterisk@home end user manual - "that normal people can read and use and guide people in how to use functions that end users has access to. "
broadband » Forums » Voice over IP » Security links for VoIP
broadband » Forums » Voice over IP » Looking for a Voip Provider for resellers: "The following have good deals for resellers: (iax and Sip), (sip), (iax only) They give resellers a good deal... IAX is better for resellers, IAX trunk mode saves bandwidth a lot..." - LINKS
broadband » Forums » Voice over IP » Is there a Voip service where I can get...: "I recently took advantage of this sort of 'pure VoIP' (i.e. VoIP that never touches the telco network on either end), by having a conference call with the Australians that started the free 'SIP Broker' VoIP proxy. And despite the fact that we talked about 2 hours internationally, the call was totally free for everyone participating (since all of us where using free VoIP services)..." & PC World | Free service unshackles VoIP users: "SIP Broker, by H.A. Enterprises, diverts Voice over IP (VoIP) calls through to the cheapest route, bypassing VoIP service provider (VSP) customer lock-ins." - NICE
broadband » Forums » Voice over IP » Free voice over ip conference for up to 15 person: " offers free conferencing... Or they can sign up for Nuvio, and get the best VOIP service..."
VoIP news, Voice over IP, and IP telephony from FierceVoIP: "free twice-weekly email service for elite executives in the voice over IP and IP telephony market" - sample

Thursday, October 27, 2005

broadband » Forums » Voice over IP » Asterisk@home Questions & Asterisk@Home setup problems & Asterisk@home with Stanaphone?
broadband » Forums » Voice over IP » [Other] AxVoice, how good is it?: "If you need special features, try"
broadband » Forums » Voice over IP » [General] SPA 2000 & Asterisk@home dial tone: "There is probably a bug in your Dial Plan that is causing
the short timeout to be active before you have dialed
X-Lite settings with VoIP Buster?
Digium Partner Program How to Record a Podcast Interview: "updated to reflect minor but important changes in two software packages referred to in that original tutorial."
Session Initiation Protocol (SIP): "Free SIP Softphone License"
New 24 port analog card from Digium - The VoIP Weblog - "allows you to connect up to 24 analog phone lines, or 24 analog phones, to your PC-based PBX"
Jan in Malaysia: VoIP not ready for primetime?: "Meyers pointed out that - less than 1% of total voice revenue comes from VoIP, and less than 3% of U.S. households have switched."
Jan in Malaysia: Security evaluation of Skype
Jan in Malaysia: The New Skype-EBay Ecosystem
The Statistics Homepage: "This Electronic Statistics Textbook offers training in the understanding and application of statistics. The material was developed at the StatSoft R&D department based on many years of teaching undergraduate and graduate statistics courses and covers a wide variety of applications, including laboratory research (biomedical, agricultural, etc.), business statistics and forecasting, social science statistics and survey research, data mining, engineering and quality control applications, and many others."
Skype + Firefox = Skyfox | Firefox Magazine
.:Asterisk VoIP News:. Daily Updated News and Help about Asterisk, VoIP and PBX Platforms: "A port of Asterisk-Java to C# for Microsoft's .NET Framework 2.0 (Visual Studio 2005 RC) and anything else that implements the basic portions of the framework required to use this."
.:Asterisk VoIP News:. Daily Updated News and Help about Asterisk, VoIP and PBX Platforms: "GoIAX, the Asterisk community's free IAX provider, is offering free US DIDs now. I loaded about 175 dids in and put up a very beta sign in page."
.:Asterisk VoIP News:. Daily Updated News and Help about Asterisk, VoIP and PBX Platforms: "open-source billing and VOIP management platform"
.:Asterisk VoIP News:. Daily Updated News and Help about Asterisk, VoIP and PBX Platforms
Berlin Brown's Weblog : Weblog: "Programmers should not be writing web-applications"
Tapestry Plug-in Weblog: "Fast unit testing w/Oracle & Hibernate/Spring"
p .r. a. k. t. i. k. a: "java 5 certification exam cx-310-055 - online resources"
Vinny Carpenter’s blog » Flock Disappoints: "All in all, Flock is a decent browser that has potential. Firefox + extensions equals almost all of the functionality of Flock but the integration of all those features into one browser is nice, specially since they all play together. I guess I bought into all the hype and reality was a little disappointing."
MINA - Getting Started: "network application framework which helps users develop network applications easily by providing abstractions of network and protocol I/O layers. This is considered to be the 'first stable release' of MINA"
JL article on 'Spring: Working With Legacy Singletons'
Onjava Article: 'AJAX: How to Handle Bookmarks and Back Buttons'
NHibernate 1.0 Released - Confluence: "comparable to Hibernate 2.1 in terms of features"
Spring Live ~ Weblog: "In the last 24 hours, I've noticed a couple of good Spring tips that might help you in your applications:" - NICE
Vasanth Dharmaraj's Blogs - Flock: A new social web browser: "Social web browser? Its favorites are synced with and are easily tagable. It has a blog editor built in and has Flickr integrated."
Creating Passionate Users: Attenuation and the suck threshold: "How long do your users spend in the 'I suck' (or 'this product sucks') zone?"
the kdonald blog: "Spring Web Flow: State Exception Handling "
C-JDBC - Home Page: "Sequoia is the continuation of C-JDBC released under an Apache license."
Sequoia: Welcome to the Sequoia Project!: "Sequoia is a transparent middleware solution for offering clustering, load balancing and failover services for any database." & Sequoia User's Guide PDF
developerWorks : Java technology : Technical library view
Southern Fried Java: "For database analysis, he recommends P6Spy (free) or JDBInsight (not free), and showed a nice example of decorating the JDBC connection to log timing information on all queries without intruding on the persistence code. A similar timing approach can be applied to servlets using a servlet filter... Finally, we get a look at load generation tools. The usual suspects are here - JMeter (normal web apps), TestMaker (for web services), Grinder (mentioned from the peanut gallery), and LoadRunner (if you're rich)."
Southern Fried Java: "[GAJSS] JAAS & Java Platform Security More Stuart Halloway, now talking about Java Security (slides here)."
A. Sundararajan's Weblog: "Goodbye HAT, welcome jhat!"
A. Sundararajan's Weblog: "E4X is not Mustang... What else is missing in Mustang?"
A. Sundararajan's Weblog: "Asynchronous JavaScript with Mustang"
A. Sundararajan's Weblog: "Concurrent Programming in JavaScript"
A. Sundararajan's Weblog: "Which version of Rhino is in Mustang? It is Rhino 1.6R2. For historians :-)"
Eric's weblog - Updating User Session with Ajax - Round 2
Public Speakers from a Photographer's View
4.0 Release Notes - RAD, HTML, WYSIWYG, JSF, Struts, XML :: MyEclipse: "Release 4.0.3"
ActiveMQ - Configuring Transports
Asterisk at Home - (also provides an xPL - home automation interface for easy interaction with other devices in the home) & Asterisk@Home Handbook & Asterisk@Home - START!
The Geek Gazette - Build Your Own PBX
Asterisk dimensioning - - IMPORTANT
Meet Asterisk - A one day introduction to Asterisk ( in CANADA

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Java date and time API - Home - Joda Time: "Joda-Time provides a quality replacement for the Java date and time classes. The design allows for multiple calendar systems, while still providing a simple API. The 'default' calendar is the ISO8601 standard which is used by XML. The Gregorian, Julian, Buddhist and Coptic systems are also included, and we welcome further additions. Supporting classes include time zone, duration, format and parsing."
ActiveMQ 3.2 Release - Confluence Service Provisioning Through ESB: "The VOIP example application will also be included in the forthcoming Mule 1.2 distribution next week."
Apache Rolls Out a New Maven
Raible Designs ~ We Build Web Apps: "What's the best way to integrate Ajax into a Java webapp?"
Raible Designs ~ We Build Web Apps: "What's a good DVI KVM?"
Archimedes Trajano: My ideal web project: "The best methodology by theory that I can muster is a combination of RUP + XP..."
Brian McCallister: "Ferret is one of the most requested libraries I have seen for ruby -- a native port (not a gcj and bindings!) of Lucene!"
Hey Norton! - Ken Norton's blog - How to hire a product manager
TAPA - Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts: Welcome to T.O. TIX | Your One-Stop Ticket Shop
FatMixx » Blog Archive » LAMP Scalability, Flickr Style: "I haven’t been looking at the big picture enough, which is why I’m happy to have this presentation given by Flickr at the Zend conference which goes over how they scale their LAMP infrastructure" (PPT)
The Ancient Art of Programming » Spring Web Services: Implementing a Web Service - Carp fishing articles: How to use PVA String, PVA bags and PVA Mesh & Course Fishing - Prebaiting & Making Carp Bait Commercially & The Carp Bait Directory: Part Three & Carp Fishing Rigs & Fishing Knots And Knot Tying

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Index Covering Boosts SQL Server Query Performance: "Index covering is a quick and easy solution to many query performance problems. By just adding a column or two to an index you can significantly boost a query's performance."
Python for Series 60
Global LBS Challenge: "These exciting new location-based applications competed for cash and NAVTEQ data licenses. And many of the winners have strengthened industry relationships towards launching their applications"
Resource information: MIDP: Web Services API Developer's Guide (With Example)
Resource information: Series 60 Platform: Porting From Palm OS v1.1 (C++)
Nokia Prototype SDK for the Java™ Platform, Micro Edition: "The latest version 4.0 adds support for a new screen resolution (240 x 320) for the Series 40 Platform emulator."
Macromedia - Events : Event Details: "Developing Rich Internet Applications with Macromedia Flex "
New Security Code Review Guide by Microsoft Patterns & Practices: "Read How To: Perform a Security Code Review for Managed Code (.NET Framework 2.0)"
TheServerSide.NET - Managing .NET Development with NAnt
Christian Weyer: Smells like service spirit : WS-* support on the .NET platform
Async Pages API: "Dino Esposito shows how to create asynchronous web pages using the .NET 2.0 APIs including how to register async tasks based on the number and types of asynchronous items you need to perform."
Canada Post - On-line Tools: Track and confirm delivery of your item & Ship-in-a-click & Parcel Rate Calculation - Residential
Warning! Threading in a multiprocessor world: "Find out why many tricks to avoid synchronization overhead just don't work" (by Allen Holub)
Digital Cameras - Canon PowerShot A520 Digital Camera Review, Information, Specifications: "Built on the same long-tested design as many A-series predecessors, the Canon A520 offers a lot in its compact package. Its combination of automatic and manual features make it very approachable for novices, but interesting for experienced users, the net result being a camera that will satisfy a broad range of interests and provide a good path for novice users to expand their photographic horizons as their experience grows." Taking Advantage Of Technology - DIrtY MIRT (Do It Yourself Mobile Infra Red Transmitter): "The device the 'mysterious hacker' is using to change all the RED lights to GREEN is a MIRT. It is nothing 'secret' or extraordinary. A MIRT is a device that uses Infra Red technology to trigger Pre-Emptive sensor on a traffic light and causes the light to change to green. Yes, this device will give you the ability to ALWAYS HAVE A GREEN LIGHT."
sys-con magazines index: /sphinx - THANKS!
Java Synchronization: Fixing Contention Problems
Job Interview Questions, Java Interview Questions, SQL Interview Questions
CodeShare News: Project Graduation of OpenJACC, Context-dependent declarative authorization for WLS: "Context-dependent declarative authorization was something that Vijay Garla found lacking in the open source world. Even in the commercial products, the solutions were non-standard. OpenJACC is Vijay's solution."
eBay Developers Program: Check Out New Tutorials from IBM about the eBay SDK for Java: "Tutorial One covers how to write a small application that allows users to execute ad hoc queries against eBay through eBay's SOAP API. Tutorial Two covers using the eBay SOAP API to Build an eBay Search Engine."
"eBay Real Estate/Google Maps Mash-up" - Real Estate Listings
Ruby on Rails? What about Java based alternatives?: "As Jason Hunter correctly put it, in today's world a good language is one that allows you to build a system with minimal mental effort... My peace of mind is best achieved when I have a system whose fundamentals and application-used functionality libraries are written in Java, and it integrates a script interpreter on top of it that can reach back and handle Java objects exposed to it. A prime example of such language is not JRuby (still way to go), not even Jython (getting close), but Rhino. Rhino is an open source ECMAScript (or JavaScript, if you prefer a more pronouncible, unofficial name) interpreter written in Java, maintained under the auspices of the Mozilla foundation. I must disclose at this point that I'm a Rhino committer, but the cause-effect is reversed. I'm not advocating Rhino because I'm a Rhino contributor. I chose Rhino for my enterprise system's scripting needs after careful evaluation of all available options more than a year ago..."

Monday, October 24, 2005

WeightWatchers: Weight Watchers Recipe - Cranberry Nut Rugalach
WeightWatchers: Weight Watchers Recipe - Chicken Saute with Pine Nuts
WeightWatchers: Weight Watchers Recipe - Nutty Sweet Potato Salad
WeightWatchers: Weight Watchers Recipe - Nutty Cabbage Salad with Beets and Blue Cheese
WeightWatchers: Weight Watchers Recipe - Nut and Fruit Breakfast Bites
WeightWatchers: Weight Watchers Recipe - Coffee Caramel Flan
15 Seconds : Developing Web Applications for .NET and J2EE Using a Single Source Strategy: "The commercial version of Visual MainWin, named Enterprise Edition, supports more application servers, allows the debugging of the native Java library, and presents other advanced functionalities. MainSoft guarantees and supports only the Enterprise Edition. For further information about the differences between the free and the commercial versions, see Mainsoft, Visual MainWin for J2EE."
Seasar: "one of the most used DI Container with AOP in Japan" & Seasar Tutorial
Ajax Blog - InfoWorld Review of Backbase Ajax Framework: "I’ve been playing around with Ajax support in Ruby on Rails. Even though things are drastically simplified, you still have to be somewhat of a JavaScript / app framework maven to really nail an Ajax app like Backpack has done, not to mention Gmail." & Backbase - Rich Internet Applications
Ajax Blog - WWW SQL Designer
Bogsicle.Net » Blog Archive » Like Hotmail but for IM and Waaay Better: "AJAX is great and Meebo has invented an excellent application of the technology."
Ajax Blog - HTML, Javascript and XML coding techniques for Web 2.0 - LINKS
Software As She’s Developed - AJAX Patterns: Design Patterns for AJAX Usability
WebORB Examples | AJAX Client | Flash Remoting Client | Rich Client System
Ajax Examples - Ajax Patterns - NICE
labs.Revision10 » Blog Archive » Dynamic Ajax Tables
There and Back Again » Libraries: "These are various libraries related that provide the communications part of AJAX or other things like effects that are useful in app development." - for PHP & SAJAX - Simple Ajax Toolkit by ModernMethod - XMLHTTPRequest Toolkit for PHP & AjaxAC - Open-source PHP framework for creating AJAX / JavaScript applications & xajax PHP Class Library - The easiest way to develop asynchronous Ajax applications with PHP & m. migurski / json: "It's also perfect for the growing body of Ajax code, examples of which can be found at Ajax Matters." & NAJAX is the winner of the PHP Programming Innovation Award - News - XOAD - the PHP based AJAX/XAP object oriented framework
Ajaxian: PHP Archives - START
Ajaxian: AjaxAMP 1.0: Network Control for Winamp: "AjaxAMP allows you to control your Winamp client from anywhere on the network. Once the plugin is running, you get a realistic view of your player that you can manipulate as though it was right in front of you." - COOL
Hot Links - Archives
JavaScript Remote Scripting: Building an AJAX-based Random Code Generator: "This article explains how to build a random code generator, specifically applied to a voting system. This will help you to avoid system hacks involving automated submissions"
Sylvain Wallez: An Ajax-powered tree widget for Cocoon
Building An FTP Client With PHP
WeightWatchers: Weight Watchers Recipe - Royal Canadian Club Sandwich
WeightWatchers: Weight Watchers Recipe - Orzo Chickpea Salad
WeightWatchers: Weight Watchers Recipe - Cumin Pita Wedges with Spicy Hummus
WeightWatchers: Weight Watchers Recipe - Cream of Mushroom Soup
WeightWatchers: Weight Watchers Recipe - Banana Cranberry Bars
WeightWatchers: Weight Watchers Recipe - Mocha Muffins
Exposing design flaws in your code, Part 1: Code review: "with the Code Review tools within Rational Software Architect"
Debian GNU/Linux System Administration Resources
TechBuilder | 23 Ways To Speed WinXP Without Defrag
Pydev adventures weblog
EclipsePlugins : details for the MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench Eclipse plugin (J2EE development platform): "Version 4.0.2 for Eclipse 3.1"
Integrating Islands with Landmasses: Estimating Interface Development Effort in EAI Projects
Xyling Java Blog: Live Java Jobs Aggregator: "For the job seekers, I have created an aggregator LiJJA"
Don Smith : Web Service Security Patterns: October CTP Released
IBM Redbooks | B2B Solutions using WebSphere Partner Gateway V6.0: "provides companies with the ability to deploy and manage an integrated B2B gateway solution, providing both traditional EDI translation and connectivity support, while also offering support for many of the newer standards such as AS1, AS2 and RosettaNet and, of course, support for legacy and proprietary data formats.
In this redbook we focus on many of the new EDI capabilities..." (PDF)
IBM Redbooks | WebSphere Voice Server V5.1.1/V5.1.2 and Avaya Interactive Response V1.3: An Interoperability Guide (PDF)
VS 2005 Web Project System: What is it and why did we do it?: "Built-in Development Web Server (No IIS Requirement & Debug as Normal User)"
Paul Andrew : Workflow MSDN Beta Documentation Online: "WinFX Documentation is online now and includes Windows Workflow Foundation"
WordPress Hooks
JamieMac's WebLog : New data mining sample available: "Along the same topic, if you missed my programming webcast, Intelligent Applications: Embedding Data Mining in Your Application , it is now available on-demand."
Nick Barclay's BI Blog: SSAS - New Data Mining book: "
At present I am not aware of any other significant sources of data mining material (pertaining to SQL 2005) that does not emanate from either Jamie, ZhaoHui or the rest of the MS Data Mining team. There's tons of great stuff (webcasts, white papers, sample code, tips and tricks etc. etc.) on their site. Jamie also has a blog." & Wiley::Online Resources For Data Mining with SQL Server 2005 & SQL Server Data Mining & JamieMac's WebLog : Me on "TV" (JamieMac) - START!
Listmania! My favourite data mining books

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Jamie Thomson - Life, the universe and SSIS! : SSIS: Lessons learned & SSIS: Lessons learned 2
Insurance Bureau of Canada - Home & Auto Insurance: "Brochure: How Cars Measure Up 2002 - 2003: Proceed with caution before choosing your vehicle. If it has a bad record, it could cost you. By reading on, you will learn how theft, collision and other claims affect the cost of your car insurance."
Employment Standards Fact Sheet - Public Holidays | Ontario Ministry of Labour: "Some employers give their employees a holiday on Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, the first Monday in August, or Remembrance Day. However, these days are not public holidays under the ESA."
Pixelgirl Presents Free Icons, Desktops and Gallery Shop!
Insurance coverage for home, car & business – ING DIRECT Canada: "BELAIRdirect is a direct provider of home and car insurance." Insurance Company Rate Comparison & Insurance Rate Alert: "'Watch Dog' service to alert you about the changes in your insurance rate. We will automatically re-run your profile to ensure you always know who has the lowest rate from our database of 30 insurance companies. These insurance companies represent over 80% of the written premium in Canada. We will re-run your rates weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, and notify you of the lowest rate available every time."
Goto Reviews: Fresh Product Reviews, Ratings and Reports | Python programming on Linux
How to Start and Grow an eBay Business & eBay Live! update
StartupNation’s 10 Steps to Open for Business – Overview: "The program includes audio clips from the Sloan brothers, articles, downloadable templates and tools, and links to other online resources we've collected to help you along the way."
WeightWatchers: Weight Watchers Recipe - Praline Pumpkin Cake
WeightWatchers: Weight Watchers Recipe - Pork Chops with Sweet Potatoes and Pears
WeightWatchers: Weight Watchers Recipe - Seared Duck Foie Gras with Caramel Glazed Vegetables
WeightWatchers: Weight Watchers Recipe - Roasted Autumn Vegetable Toss
WeightWatchers: Weight Watchers Recipe - Kielbasa Bean Slow Cooker Soup
WeightWatchers: Weight Watchers Recipe - Roasted Vegetable Lasagna
FTP client library for C# (C#) - Developer Fusion, the UK developer community - VB, ASP, C#, .NET, PHP and XML tutorials & source code
Build Your Own Geocoding Solution with Geo::Coder::US
Getting Started with Continuous Integration: "There are several continuous integration servers for .NET available; I happen to use CruiseControl.NET"
Using Windows Media Player control on Handheld Devices
JavaScript Remote Scripting: Building an AJAX-based Random Code Generator Books: Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About & Kevin Trudeau Fraud or Nutritional Savior - Nutrition: "He had posed as a doctor to gain credibility with bank officials, deposited $80,000 in fraudulent checks and misappropriated (for personal use) $128,000 from customer credit cards."

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Kamal Hathi : ROI on Software Development
USB Adapters - Stepmania & L & T Computer Cables --- Item C66: "Smart Joy Pad USB PS / PSII to PC Adaptor with Shock Effect" & - 2 player compatibility?: "Hit start on both pads, not just one. Once both players have hit start, then Single/Solo vanishes, and Double/Versus/Couple appear."
ActiveMQ integrates with OpenRico Ajax library - Confluence: "This means you can now use an off the self Ajax library such as Rico for the browser side, then use ActiveMQ as the message broker on the server side for handling your scalable asynchronous messaging." & Rico - Home
ActiveMQ: Message Redelivery and DLQ Handling - Confluence: "Behavior in the 3.x brokers - Acks/Nacks would be sent to the broker for each message that need to be redelivered. The broker would then re-deliver the messages to a consumer. Behavior in the 4.x brokers - Acks are not sent to the broker till the last possible moment. In the transacted case, that's before the transaction commits."
AskTom "SQL Tuning": "Here is a short extract from a book I am working on. The short answer is:..."
Elliott Back » Technorati Top 100 OPML Feed
bindmark: BindMark home page: "benchmark for Java XML data binding frameworks"
Michael Tsai - Blog - Perl vs. Python vs. Ruby
Google Desktop Features: "Advanced Google Desktop Search Operators"
py2exe: "convert python scripts into standalone windows programs"
WordPress Plugin: WP-Flickr by Blogging Pro
September 1, 2005: Choosing an RSS Reader - FRESH
Google Desktop Plug-in: FolderShare: Multiple computer search
Google Desktop: Download Plug-ins
Asterisk Documentation Project - Project Information: "We're pleased to announce the availability of Asterisk: The Future of Telephony online! The result of hundreds of hours of painstaking labor, this book represents the work of Jim Van Meggelen, Jared Smith, and Leif Madsen over the past year. Thanks to O'Reilly Media for publishing the book and agreeing to publish it under the Creative Commons license." (PDF) - COOL!
ATAsterisk — "ATAsterisk is an Archetypes based integration suite for Plone and Asterisk PBX. This product allows objects in the PBX domain to be represented as portal-content within a Plone based CMS."
the kdonald blog: "Hot Reloadable Web Flows"
the kdonald blog: Be a TCFTC block for Halloween this year: "To give you an idea of how better we can do, here is the functional equivalent of the nightmare above done right, leveraging Spring's Transaction management and JDBC abstraction libraries:... Woo! Much better. Intent is clear, configuration is externalized, proper DataSource connection management is handled automatically (no more resource leaks!), database-portable SQL exception translation and root cause analysis is automatic as well, transaction management is clean, with fully @declarative transaction demarcation ... (no more "oops I forgot to rollback on THAT exception!"). I went ahead and added some batching in here for good measure, what the hell. Seriously, anyone using the raw JDBC API directly these days should seriously consider why they are doing so, Sun tutorial writers included. Use a JDBC abstraction framework instead."
Print Story: "Java J2EE Hibernate Extreme Makeover: Architecture Edition"
Spring Live ~ Weblog: "Testing your EJBs with Mock EJB and Spring "
Creating Passionate Users: Anti-TV follow-up -- Online Catalog: Asterisk: The Future of Telephony, First Edition
Encrypting Voice: An Interview with Phil Zimmermann, Creator of PGP - VoIP Magazine Online
O'Reilly Network: What Is Vonage

Friday, October 21, 2005

ehcache: "Provides Memory and Disk stores..."
Dave Green's WebLog : Which Style of Workflow When?: "Windows Workflow Foundation supports three basic styles of workflow: Sequential, State Machine and Data-Driven."
Clemens Vasters: Enterprise Development & Alien Abductions - RSS + OPML for Television: "One of the technically noteworthy aspects of this application is that I am using Indigo for all communication aspects, but this application spits out pure XML, even with varying content-types. In fact, the entire server will likely not put a single plain-text, XML 1.0 encoded SOAP envelope onto the wire, but will be rather REST’ish and POX’ish. The only exception from that is the chunking download protocol, which I am implementing with a TCP-duplex channel (which uses binary encoding and is strictly a Indigo-to-Indigo communication path for my smart client)."
MrTwig's net The place to go for SouthPark episodes.
Using the Ruby Development Tools plug-in for Eclipse
Tips for Portrait Photography
Networking IPv6 User Guide: "for J2SDK/JRE 1.4"
alphaWorks : Reliable Asynchronous Message Profile (RAMP) Toolkit : Overview
alphaWorks : Application Level Events (ALE) Preview for RFID : Overview
alphaWorks : RFID Device Development Kit : Overview
Learn Improv: "This simple site is devoted to learning improvisational comedy. One cannot really learn improvisational comedy from a web page, however the list of exercises included here will definitely help. For the last 7 years this site has been known as the Improv Structures Page. It is people learning improv or teaching improv that use this site the most. Some performance groups link the site, but mostly in regards their teaching, and not in regards to performing."

Thursday, October 20, 2005

pricewatch - comparison search engine & - Search. Compare. Buy. - Canadian Comparison Shopping for Computer and Electronics. & Canon PowerShot A520 - Digital Cameras - - Unbiased Price Comparisons, Vendor Ratings and Reviews & Canon PowerShot A520 - Compare Prices at Online Stores at BizRate & PowerShot A520 Digital Camera (Canon-9715A001) - (see Canadian - & Canon PowerShot A520 4.0: Read Reviews, Compare Features & Prices (see price history)
Java generics support in Eclipse V3.1
Work with Web services in enterprise-wide SOA, Part 7: Speed-up Web services applications with the XML-binary Optimized Packaging Specification: "Want to learn how to optimize a Web services application using the XML-binary Optimized Packaging (XOP) Specification? Judith M. Myerson shows why the XOP package is more effective than XML parsers in processing Web services. She covers two scenarios of bloated Web services in multiple SOAs. To solve the problem, she discusses how the XOP package is more effective the XML parsers in the processing of large files in binary, rather than in text, format. She gives code examples before and after XOP processing to help developers which elements need to be changed." (from developerWorks : SOA and Web services : Technical library view)
Business process modeling: "in WebSphere Business Integration Modeler"
Sockets programming in Ruby
Using Ajax with PHP and Sajax Constructing Web Services with the Globus Toolkit Version 4 Technologies to Watch: A Look at Four That May Challenge Java’s Development Dominance: "Dynamic languages can be much more productive than static ones like C++ or Java. They allow you to express more with less. Here, I'll focus on Ruby, the hottest emerging dynamic language right now... Java does not support continuations, but several Java frameworks build in special limited support to simulate continuations... Spring Webflow uses a state engine to provide good Back button support, and also some of the other features of continuation servers..."
Eclipse Corner: "Mobile Tools for Java (MTJ) is a proposed open source project under the Device Software Development Platform (DSDP)"
Eclipse Corner: "Java WorkFlow Toolbox Project (JWT)"
Eclipse Corner: "The BPEL Designer Editor is a proposed open source project under the Eclipse Technology Project." (PDF)
Uploading Old Email to Gmail using Java
Major Shopping Search Engines - LINKS
Which price comparison site is worth advertising in? - LINKS
Digital Camera Reviews and News: Digital Photography Review: Forums, Glossary, FAQ & Digital Review - Digital Camera Reviews, News and more
Weblog Usability: The Top Ten Design Mistakes (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox) - Your Source For Daily Torrent Downloads
Ideas for Startups
nedwolf - Best Free Web Applications
Java 2 SDK 1.4.2 Installation Notes for Linux: "rpm -iv j2sdk-1_4_2_-linux-i586.rpm"
XFire: JSR 181 Annotations - Confluence: "We are working on adding support for annotations in XFire via Java 5, commons-attributes, and Backport 175. The Java 5 implementation will follow the JSR 181 spec and the commons-attributes/BP175 implementations will mimic the spec in a pre-Java 5 way."
Dmitri Maximovich's Blog: JMS messaging with Spring...nice but there is no magic
Creating Passionate Users: Kill the television, keep the shows: "Television is bad for your brain. But television shows can be good for your brain. Until now, that's been the struggle—if you kill your TV (the cause that's dearest to me), you kill your chance of watching the shows until/unless they come out on DVD. Bittorrent helped... but instead of being at the mercy of a DVD release, you're usually at the mercy of others who've, um, illegally decided to share the shows. That's why I view the news of Apple's iTunes Video Store as an answer to this problem. Or at least it will be once I can start getting a daily fix of the Daily Show. With only a tiny handful of shows up, it's not there yet, but there's reason for hope..." Camera & Photo: Canon Powershot A520 4MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom: "A510 vs A520 vs SDxxx: When it comes to the Axxx or an SDxxx, it depends on what you need. The Axxx series will give you a better picture quality, manual controls, and standard AA batteries which actually last twice as long as the SDxxx series' proprietary batteries. The SDxxx series will give you better movies, the new Dig!c 2 processor, and a compact, cool looking camera, at a higher cost and with a very fragile exposed LCD screen." - Photo editing 7/05: Digital photo editing, picture editing.: "For serious editing, start with free software. The first choice for Windows users should be a free download called IrfanView ( IrfanView has an easy-to-use interface and many useful features, including one that corrects the color balance of photos shot in artificial or dim light, and another that adjusts brightness and contrast. IrfanView can resize files, needed for e-mailing or posting them to the Internet. But IrfanView lacks some advanced features and the panoply of touch-up tools that commercial software offers..."
Software is too expensive to build cheaply...: Why software development is not a profession & From Apprentice to Journeyman: guidance for the aspiring software craftsman
Software is too expensive to build cheaply...: ehcache dissected: Architecture Overview, Usage Tips, Configuration, Hibernate Integration, How to kill an application in 5 minutes,...
LDAP Libraries for C# - ldapcsharp
Sometimes I wonder... Other times I know.: October 2005: Chris drills into Workflow Communications..: "He was kind enough to document his experiences in two parts... I would highly recommend reading part one and part two to get a another explanation of Local Communication Services." (WWF)
NOVELL: Cool Solutions: AppNote: Basic Linux/Samba Authentication with eDirectory on Novell Linux Small Business Server
Mule Agents: "Agents are services that are associated or used by Mule but not a Mule managed component. For example Mule's Jmx support is implemented and configued using agents. The useful thing about agents is they have the same lifecycle as the Mule instance they are registered with, so you can initialise and destroy resources when the Mule instance starts or is disposed."
Ralph Squillace -- Docs, Samples, Docs, Samples.... : Using MetadataResolver to dynamically swap endpoints for a given contract
Jms Provider - Confluence: "This is a standard Jms 1.0.2b and 1.1 connector. The javadoc for this transport provider can be found here."
Jofti: "a simple to use, high-performance object indexing and searching solution for Objects in a Caching layer or storage structure that supports the Map interface. The framework provides for transparent addition, removal and updating of objects in its index as well as simple to use query capabilties for searching."
Jimm - Mobile Messaging: "ICQ clone for J2ME"

Wednesday, October 19, 2005 C#: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow: An Interview with Anders Hejlsberg, Part 1
Java – Improve Access to Externalized Text: "Apply rigorous controls not present in String-based APIs to access externalized text for more efficient code and easier maintenance"
Free embedded Linux presentations, training materials are available here
Unbelievable message from Marlboro maker: Philip Morris USA - Health Issues: "In this section of our website, you will find our positions on health issues related to smoking and secondhand smoke" & QuitAssist
A Brief Introduction to Apache's mod_python Module
Integrating PayPal into E-Commerce Applications with ASP.NET
Spring.NET - Application Framework: "A preview of the Spring.Web functionality is now available for easy download as a Spring 1.1 Preview Release."
Fonality :: Home of PBXtra - the low-cost SMART PBX!
IP Tools, Network Tools, Online Tools, Whois, Ping, Reverse Look Up, Anti Spam,
Mikkle's MulticastTest: "the IP multicast testing application"

Monday, October 17, 2005

Flickr: How to install the Windows XP Send To Flickr tool Rolling with Ruby on Rails: "Maybe you've heard about Ruby on Rails, the super productive new way to develop web applications, and you'd like to give it a try, but you don't know anything about Ruby or Rails. This article steps through the development of a web application using Rails. It won't teach you how to program in Ruby, but if you already know another object-oriented programming language, you should have no problem following along (and at the end you can find links on learning Ruby)... Want more Ruby on Rails? See Rolling with Ruby on Rails, part 2 and Ajax on Rails." & What Is Ruby on Rails
BBC NEWS | Entertainment | TV and Radio | BBC sorry for 'sexist' programme: "The BBC has issued an apology over the programme Bring Your Husband to Heel after receiving complaints it was sexist towards men. The BBC Two show featured dog trainer Annie Clayton using her techniques to teach women how to modify their husbands' behaviour." & Men's Hour: BBC’s Bring your Husband to Heel or “Arbeit Macht Frei" (Work makes Freedom (Sign over Auschwitz gates))
OpenSSL Certificate Cookbook
The Aurora MVC Framework: "Aurora is an open-source MVC framework that is aimed at writing configurable, fully object-oriented form controllers using the Spring Framework." & Chapter 4. Validation: "4.3.2. Regular Expression Validators"
Questions to ask during HR interview < "Usually by the end of the interview the HR person would ask you whether you have any questions. Under the stress of the job interview sometimes nothing comes to mind, but here’s a list of useful questions to ask"
Caching Tutorial for Web Authors and Webmasters: "Tips for Building a Cache-Aware Site, Writing Cache-Aware Scripts,..."
O'Reilly Network Weblogs: Load Testing Web Services with Grinder: "Initial contact with Jython has also been very positive and I intend on learning more about this scripting language. I found the Introduction to Jython Part 1 and Part 2 tutorials, from IBM devWorks, very useful." (Mar. 23, 2005) Using Python, Jython, and Lucene to Search Outlook Email
Jython Webapp Tutorial (10 October 2004)
Otaku, Cedric's weblog: Sun starts thinking about the Next Java. Microsoft delivers it.: "It's not without a certain sense of irony that just as Gilad Bracha, Sun's language expert, starts blogging about the next Java, Microsoft publishes the specification for what will become C# 3.0. Interestingly, these two pieces of news are a pretty good illustration of how the two companies work."
Tips for a successful MSMQ-enabled application
Picasa "Hello" is cool + a nice tip about using Hello: "I you haven't tried 'Hello' from Picasa, you should seriously give it a try. It's a way to share pictures and chat with your friends at the same time. Sounds lame but it's actually pretty nice."
Hello : Welcome: "When you use Hello, you get to see your photographs together with your friends online. You don’t have to wait for huge email attachments to download or upload your pictures to a public website. Just point at a picture and you can tell the person who sent it exactly what you think." & Picasa & Hello : Introducing BloggerBot: "Now you can use Hello to publish pictures to any Blogger blog."
soapui 1.0 final now available!: "a java-swing based desktop application for inspecting, invoking and functional testing of webservices over HTTP. It is mainly aimed at developers/testers providing and/or consuming webservices (java, .net, etc). Functional testing can be done interactively in soapui or within a automated build/integration process using the soapui maven-plugin. soapui currently requires java 1.5 and is licensed under the LGPL license."
Job dissatisfaction: Coming to grips with griping techies - 2005-10-17: "Somehow it has come to this. Despite all you have done to coddle your IT guy -- let him wear jeans to work, tolerate his occasional rants, make him feel like your world will collapse without his dominance of the digital domain -- he is pretty much miserable and telling any kid within earshot to stay away from the profession. It seems his only wish is to retire tomorrow and get away from your office."
Manish Jethani - Flex 2 public alpha: "The alpha version of Flex 2 is now available on Macromedia Labs... The IDE, called Flex Builder 2 now (previously code-named Zorn), can either be installed as a standalone executable or as an Eclipse plug-in... The new Flash Player 8.5 is required for Flex 2 applications to run."
Raible Designs ~ We Build Web Apps: What's the best way to integrate Ajax into a Java webapp?: "The best thing that I've seen is to use DWR, Prototype and Scriptaculous. These will work with all web frameworks, and if you're using Spring on the backend - DWR makes it easy to expose your beans as JavaScript objects. Also, there's a number of tag library solutions that greatly simplify things: I m surprise you dont mention mochikit and Dojo given the recommended read from last week ... Comparing Ajax Frameworks: From the SpikeSource blog I havent tried either yet, but the arguments against Prototype caught my eye ... 'Prototype did ugly things that aren't compatible with (most) other JavaScript libraries and had no documentation or tests'... Well, the easiest way is to try out our (still beta) WebWork 2.2 with our Ajax theme for the UI tags... I'm totally sold by the component frameworks approach to this. Both Tapestry and Wicket support "out of the box" ajax components that handle all the javascript internally."
Articles: "Extending AJAX with the Flash/JavaScript Integration Kit" Complex Constraints: "Relational purists insist that full support of arbitrary complex declarative constraints is one of the characteristic features of True Relational DBMS (as compared to SQL DBMS). In this article we investigate if SQL DBMS are indeed incapable of supporting complex constraints."
Vinny Carpenter’s blog » JavaOne Keynote - Day 1: "Graham talked about the roadmap for Java SE. The first thing is they are dropping the 2 from Java 2 and so the new names are Java Platform Standard Edition (Java SE), Java Platform Enterprise Edition (Java EE) and Java Platform Micro Edition (Java ME). The new releases will be Java SE 6 and Java EE 5. All new Java API’s will go through the JCP and I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. Another piece of news is that they won’t be doing a ‘5.1’. Mustang or Java SE 6 will ship in summer of 2006 and Dolphin (Java SE 7) in 1Q 2008. New in Mustang will be compatibility, stability, quality, diagnosability, monitoring & management (upgrades to JMX and JConsole), XML and Web Services (JSR’s 105, 173, 181, 222, 224), a lightweight server stack, ease of development which includes Rhino (Rhino JavaScript engine – JSR 223), additional annotation support in JDBC 4.0 (JSR-221), XML data support, Javadoc update (JSR-260). The Java Desktop will include full Longhorn support and include the Avalon look-and-feel, CLR/VM coexistence, and graphics improvement. The last theme of Java SE 6 is where Sun wants to be more open and transparent in the JDK development process. Project is hosted at and people will be able to download weekly builds and play with the bits."
Vinny Carpenter’s blog » BEA and Spring sitting in a tree…: "BEA will certify Beehive, Struts, Spring and JSF (coming soon) on top of WebLogic server. So customers of BEA that have purchased support can call BEA about issues with their Struts and Spring apps. The next part of this was a partnership with Interface21, Rod and Juergen’s company where BEA will offer support for Spring applications. BEA will also provide Eclipse plug-ins for some open source application frameworks. You’ll be able to deploy applications to WebLogic, Tomcat, and Geronimo seamlessly."
Announcing Spring Web Services | "More on the motivation for Spring Web Services can be found on Arjen's blog at"
Classpath Helper Beta Release 0.9.2 Released: "The ClasspathHelper project has released a beta version 0.9.2 of it’s Eclipse based tool. This tool is designed to identify and graphically expose problems in an eclipse project classpath that can cause applications to run in unexpected ways."
Enter The JBoss Matrix: "Simplified BPM for Developers: Why should developers care about BPM ?"
Easy and Efficient XML Processing: Upgrade to JAXP 1.3
Archimedes Trajano: How to measure productivity: "P = ROI - cost"
Ralph Squillace -- Docs, Samples, Docs, Samples.... : Missing namespace in the WSDL.exe element when using .NET 2.0 /parameters switch
On the road to Indigo : WCF docs and samples
Beyond Java: "Read more about Bruce's latest in this article"
Vinny Carpenter’s blog » BEA offering ‘certified’ version of Spring and Blueprint application: "The Spring-on-WLS package also includes the WebLogic console feature to enable real-time management of Spring beans."
Pydev: "plugin that enables users to use Eclipse for Python and Jython development. It comes with many goodies such as code completion, syntax highlighting, syntax analysis, refactor, debug and many others."
The Ancient Art of Programming » Kitchen Cupboard Anti-pattern: "Recently, I have come across an anti-pattern that all of us has seen from time to time... The pattern takes its name from a situation we’ve all experienced: you want to store something in a jam-packed kitchen cupboard, so you open it up, and your Rice Krispies, peanut-butter, coffee, and marmalade falls out. For a short moment you ponder whether to rearrange the cupboard, so that everything would fit more nicely, but after three seconds you decide to wedge everything in there, and quickly close the door. You silently hope that someone else will open the door next time, and that he (or probably she) will clean the cupboard up."
The Ancient Art of Programming » Service Patterns and Anti-Patterns: "Microsoft’s John Evdemon has written an interesting article entitled Principles of Service Design: Service Patterns and Anti-Patterns."

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Measuring the Benefits of Ajax
Binding to XML Data in ASP.NET 2.0
Top 10 Must Have Features in O/R Mapping Tools
An Introduction to Java Annotations
[Audio Interview] David Platt & Juval Lowy - Why Software Sucks And Other Architectural Insights
ASP.NET Home: Configuring ASP.NET 2.0 Application Services to Use SQL Server 2000 or SQL Server 2005
My Ironic Battles with Insomnia
Greg Murray's Blog: AJAX FAQ for the Java Developer
Release Notes - Spring Modules - Version 0.2 - HTML format - Spring Framework: "[MOD-7] - Caching Module"
General ChitChat: 10/01/2005 - 10/31/2005: "I am pretty impressed by the ease of use of Spring cache module. It basically abstracts out all the caching implementation details and gives us the flexibility to choose from JCS/EhCache/OsCache"
Danny Ayers, Raw Blog : » Social Networking Unlimited: "OpenID allows people to login to a website using an identity from another website. FOAF provides an RDF/XML format for downloading profile and relationship data." - Free Lessons by Charles Carroll: "C# Ibatis Sample"
iBATIS News - new home page!
Apache News Online: 14 October 2005 - Apache HTTP Server 2.0.55 Released: "This version of Apache is principally a security release. The following potential security flaws are addressed, the first three of which address several classes of HTTP Request and Response Splitting/Spoofing attacks"
Welcome to Chenztw wiki: Integrate Axis and Appfuse Part1
Archimedes Trajano: RUP + XP: "RUP for its 4 phases: Inception, Elaboration, Construction and Transition. The phases are useful because it can give a course grained view/estimate of the project. Also the phases can be rewound back in case there is a change in requirements..."
A Practical Introduction to eBay's Web API
JavaScript Remote Scripting: Processing XML Files
Windows Workflow Foundation Web: The Official Microsoft Windows Workflow Site: "These sample applications show how to utilize Windows Workflow Foundation in simple, scenario-based examples."

Friday, October 14, 2005

Eclipse Foundation to recieve Rational Unified Process donation
Lasse's weblog - Gimme some Java!: "The tool support for TDD (or even unit testing in general) is apparently still pretty much non-existent in the C/C++ world..."
Val's Blog - Review of "Ajax in Action"
Moose in Headlights - Struts and Spring article by George Franciscus: "George starts out with the simplest (to a Struts developer with limited or no familiarity with Spring) way to integrate Struts and Spring and works up to the recommended way, which uses a org.springframework.web.struts.DelegatingActionProxy as the integration point. The last method will, however, require you to delve a little bit deeper into Spring, which is not a bad thing."
sampa : colin’s blog » Survey of AJAX/JavaScript Libraries
Eclipse Services Plug-in: "Plug-in for controlling Win32 services from the Eclipse Workbench. Manage local server, as well as remote Windows servers."
EclipsePlugins : details for the Spket IDE Eclipse plugin (Rich Client): "for Laszlo built on top of Eclipse RCP"
Enter The JBoss Matrix: "Simplified BPM for Developers: What’s wrong with the JVM ?" Developing AJAX Applications the Easy Way: "This article demonstrates the use of DWR to create a multi-user web-based chat site."
Archimedes Trajano: HttpSession size: "I was thinking of why there is a need for reducing Java HttpSession size lately. Especially since it makes things a lot easier to deal with. I finally found a good reason."
Sometimes I wonder... Other times I know.: October 2005: "Code for the EventSink & InvokeMethod sample... This workflow uses an EventSink activity to get some data from the host. It pulls the data which was passed from the host"
ResearchBuzz: See Amazon and eBay Results Side By Side: "One thing I've been learning about a lot in the last six months is online sales -- a lot of eBay stuff, a lot of Amazon stuff. One thing I noticed immediately is how weirdly different some of the used prices are between Amazon and eBay. For some things, Amazon is a lot higher. For some things, eBay." -
ResearchBuzz Tools -- Cookin' With Google: "Cookin' With Google allows you to provide a list of ingredients (what's in the fridge?) and get back a list of recipes that Google finds for you. This tool doesn't require a Google API key, so use it as often as you like."

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Convert HTML To Image: JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG and TIFF - Resources - MinGW Starter Guide: "Before continuing, you may wish to experiment a little with your MinGW installation. I found Colin Peters introduction invaluable. It shows you a simple HelloWindows.exe and explains how to build various types of binaries. Highly recommended first steps." (Programming Win32 with GNU C and C++)
(Windows) MinGW - Install MinGW: "If you are new to MinGW, the recommended way to begin is to download an installer executable from and run it (e.g. MinGW-3.1.0-1.exe). This package will install mingw-runtime, w32api, GCC, binutils and mingw32-make but it may not be the latest versions of the individual packages" & (Linux) MinGW RPM packages: "This page lists RPM packages for a MinGW cross compiler that will allow you to compile C sources into Win32 PE executables on a Linux host. This is useful for Wine developers for example, to compile API tests for Wine and Windows from a single source in a single shell invocation."
Instant logging: Harness the power of log4j with Jabber: "Learn how to extend the log4j framework with your own appenders"
Rasmus' 30 second AJAX Tutorial - A wanderer's journal: "i" - the Source for Java(tm) Technology Collaboration: "In this article, we learned how to extend log4j by writing our own custom Appender that sends a Yahoo Messenger instant message when application errors occur. We also covered the use of jYMSG, a Java API that lets us integrate Yahoo Messenger functionality within our Java applications. This custom Appender will be a useful tool in any application deployment scenario, so that support personnel are immediately notified via an instant message."
GCC/GCJ for MingW: "This page is a temporary holding spot for my build of the mingw32 target of a CVS snapshot of certain GCC/GCJ branches. Here, you can download a Win32 (MingW) build of GCC, which can compile C, C++ and Java code into native Windows executables!"
FTPOnline - VSLive! Orlando 2005 - Programming WCF PDF
Kurt's Weblog - mostly Python
The Windows Communication Foundation: A Primer: "WCF—formerly known as Indigo—is Microsoft's new connected systems platform for Windows. This is the first in a WCF article series covering everything from first principles and 'Hello, World!' to building fully connected applications."
IP Calculator / IP Subnetting & A-PLUS Technologies: "How To Calculate A Netmask"
About Us: "There are over 10 main services that are currently offered utilizing a highly integrated Sysmaster Corporation Billing, Routing, and Application Servers equipment. is the representation of one unified and integrated consumer solution for the next generation VoIP and Telephony services"
javatools: JavaTools Community Newsletter: "November 17th, 2004"
javachecker: Home: "static analyzer of Java source code"
National Weather Service Forecast Office - WFO Buffalo, New York: "CATTARAUGUS CREEK"
Run PMD on your Sourceforge project
PMD Applied: "shows you how to use PMD more effectively and explains how PMD works internally. It's got chapters on writing your own rules, best practices, PMD internals, CPD, and much more. And it's written by Tom Copeland, the lead PMD developer."
Javalobby - Java J2EE Programming Forums - Hibernate: Log SQL Statements: "There are two ways (due to the legacy of Hibernate) to enable SQL logging..."
EclipseZone - Get Started Profiling Applications in Eclipse
Apache Portable Runtime 1.2.2 :: :: Open Source, Linux News & Software: "The mission of the Apache Portable Runtime Project is to create and maintain software libraries that provide a predictable and consistent interface to underlying platform-specific implementations."
Ajax explosion ( "So, how to decide? The friendly folks over at OSAF have the beginnings of a comparison. I'm currently split between Dojo and Mochikit. If anyone has used these or others and has strong opinions please feel free to comment here (or point me to where google has not)."
Bayesian Network tools in Java (BNJ) - Kansas State University Lab for Knowledge Discovery in Databases
EclipseZone - EclipseWorld 2005 Tips&Tricks: "PowerPoint slide decks can be downloaded from" ('Power User Central: Getting the most out of your Eclipse Exerience' PPT)
Coverlipse: "Coverlipse is an Eclipse plugin that visualizes the code coverage of JUnit Tests. It is unique for it integrates seamlessly in Eclipse. The coverage results are given directly after a JUnit run. This makes it the perfect tool for developers to recognize their tests fullfil their task"
Spring's corner : Weblog: "Integrate P6Spy with Spring"
Arun Gupta's Blog: JAX-WSA Early Draft 1: "Java API for XML Web Services Addressing"

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Tom's Hardware Guide PCs & HowTo: The $500 Gaming Machine - Conclusion
Ablog: the Apress Weblog: "He cited that CentOS and White Box Linux were really hurting Red Hat and their ability to make money on their enterprise line of products. After some thought, I had to respectfully disagree... Should CentOS and White Box be able to simply repackage Red Hat's code? According to the GPL, yes. The intangible benefit to the open source community and to Red Hat is certainly there. If my office runs on the Red Hat Enterprise line, and I want to run a similar product at home, what do I do? Fedora is a great community distribution, but it moves rather quickly and does not include the stability of the RHEL line. So at home, some administrators delve into CentOS and White Box. This means that at work, the administrators are more familiar with the way the RHEL (and it's clones) systems work. They are able to test things on home environments such as compiling new software and seeing if certain sourceforge are worth an investment down the road. It also allows the larger open source community to post bug fixes on these clones that can ultimately end up in the Red Hat Enterprise distribution. Overall, this helps Red Hat, it provides a test bed and a comfort factor for administrators. This familiarity of the RHEL clones will also encourage the administrators to recommend more Red Hat products as opposed to SuSE, Debian and the like down that line." & Attack of The Red Hat Clones?: "Finnish group Lineox released a RHEL 4 clone on Feb. 25. Pie Box Linux followed with its iteration on Feb. 28, and CentOS released its clone on March 2. Whitebox Linux is expected to release a RHEL 4 clone sometime soon. However, the clones are not supported... One of the clones, CentOS, published the letter, which it received a few weeks before it released version 4." & White Box Enterprise Linux - FAQ: "WBEL aims to be 100% binary compatible with RHEL which means no tweaking."