Saturday, April 30, 2005

Red-Piranha Search and Knowledge - Community Edition - Java J2EE Tomcat Lucene Xml Rdf: "Red-Piranha is an open source search system that can actually 'learn' what you are looking for. It lets you go everywhere , find anything , understand everything. Because it is open source , it can integrate with any system. Because you can use it as a web page , command line or XML- WebService , it will work with most languages , including Java , Perl , C#/.Net and PHP. As a Java based program , it will run on any platform including Windows , Linux / Unix and Mac." - COOL!
Manageability - What's the Best Web Framework for AJAX based apps?
The Man in Blue > Accessible, stylish form layout: "» Form layout templates « - Yes, HTML forms are the worst things known to web designers. Yes, HTML forms have to be accessible and usable. No, HTML forms do not have to be an eyesore." baking usability into XMLHTTP: "The Dojo project is working to build a modern, capable, 'webish', and easy to use DHTML toolkit. Part of that effort includes smoothing out many of the sharp edges of the DHTML programming and user experience. On the back of such high-profile success stories such as Oddpost, Google Maps, and Google Suggest, the XMLHTTP object has been getting a lot of attention of late. Sadly, in spite of all the coverage, developers have been on their own when it comes down to solving the usability problems that come along for the ride."
OpenSymphony - WebWork 2 : Documentation
WebWork: Comparison to Struts - Confluence
Web apps in a snap: "WebWork is an open source Web application framework designed to simplify Web application development. This column provides an introduction to WebWork and illustrates the process of login page creation using WebWork and two different view technologies, JavaServer Pages (JSP) and Velocity."
Art of Java Web development: WebWork: "Like all nontrivial frameworks, WebWork contains some key concepts that you must understand before you can leverage the framework to its best potential. WebWork includes Action classes, which are an implementation of the Command design pattern; the ServletDispatcher, which is modeled after the Front Controller design pattern; and an innovative data structure called the value stack, which makes it easy to pass information from the controller to the view."
Transform your PHP with XSLT Chapter 12. Web framework: "You can take any object as command or form object: There's no need to implement an interface or derive from a base class. Spring's data binding is highly flexible, e.g. it treats type mismatches as validation errors that can be evaluated by the application, not as system errors. So you don't need to duplicate your business objects' properties as Strings in your form objects, just to be able to handle invalid submissions, or to convert the Strings properly. Instead, it's often preferable to bind directly to your business objects. This is another major difference to Struts which is built around required base classes like Action and ActionForm - for every type of action."
Simplify Your Web App Development Using the Spring MVC Framework: "Spring uses command beans for data binding while processing forms."
Spring - j2ee Application Framework: "Tutorial"
Raible's Wiki: SpringControllers: "Part III: Creating Controllers and JSPs - A HowTo for creating Spring Controllers and JSPs in an AppFuse project. Tutorial III depends on Part II: Creating new Managers - A HowTo for creating Business Facades that talk to the database tier (DAOs) and handle transaction management. Tutorial II depends on Part I: Creating new DAOs and Objects in AppFuse. - COOL!
Struts 1.1 Release Candidate 2 released: "Spring's view resolution is extremely flexible. A controller implementation can even write a view directly to the response, returning null as ModelAndView. Normally, a ModelAndView instance consists of a view name and a model Map, containing bean names and corresponding objects (like a command or form, reference data, etc). View name resolution is highly configurable, either via bean names, via a properties file, or via your own ViewResolver implementation. The abstract model Map allows for complete abstraction of the view technology, without any hassle: be it JSP, Velocity, or anything else - workarounds like a VelocityServlet are unnecessary! The model Map simply gets transformed into an appropriate format, be it JSP request attributes or a Velocity template model. "
Object Computing, Inc. - Java News Brief - October 2004: "The BaseCommandController maps request parameters to a configured command class (similar to Struts ActionForms but a simple JavaBean with no framework dependencies). A validator may be registered to check the contents of the Command. This class does not define a handleRequestInternal(), leaving the workflow to derived classes. It does define the protected final bindAndValidate() which binds request parameters to the command object and validates it contents."
IBM Redbooks | Design and Implement Servlets, JSPs, and EJBs for IBM WebSphere Application Server: "The redbook proposes a design of Web applications based on design patterns, such as the model-view-controller paradigm and the command framework."
developerWorks : Patterns for e-business: "Command beans"
The Go-ForIt Chronicles: Memoirs of eXtreme DragonSlayers, part 13: "Using command patterns to enhance performance"

Friday, April 29, 2005

eBay Developers Program: "The eBay REST API enables developers to interact with the eBay API using a simple URL over HTTP; results are returned in XML format as usual. Input parameters are passed as elements of the URL (as opposed to the XML API, in which parameters are passed in the form of an XML document)."
Object Computing, Inc. - Java News Brief - November 2004: REST Architectural Style: "References Implementing REST Web Services: Best Practices and Guidelines: "Related Reading
JavaScript Compiler: "The JavaScript compiler translates JavaScript source into Java class files. The resulting Java class files can then be loaded and executed at another time, providing a convenient method for transfering JavaScript, and for avoiding translation cost."
Structured Source Editing Evaluation Guide: "can be used to edit XML, HTML, XHTML, CSS, DTD, client-side JavaScript, and JSP 1.1, 1.2, and 2.0 with Java or server-side JavaScript."
SOAPMonitor Applet Usage - TIP
Apache Axis SOAP for Java: "The final demonstration for the live presentation consisted of building a client interface to a publicly-available web service chosen by the audience at the time of the demonstration."
Web Services with JAX-RPC and Axis
St. Louis Java Group, Meetings, Schedules, Programming, Code: Axis - an open source web service toolkit for Java "by Mark Volkmann, Partner, Object Computing, Inc. A very good introduction to SOAP and Axis. Highly Recommended" (PDF) -- Online Catalog: Spring: A Developer's Notebook: "Chapter 6: Services and AOP (PDF)"
PHP: Pspell Functions - Manual & Zend Technologies - Code Gallery Spotlight - Spell checking in PHP & Weblogs - planetoblius: "Enabling pspell for PHP on Win32" & WordPress Wiki - Spell Check & Spell Check Some Text: "show PHP source code" - ULTIMATE START!
Spell Checkers to Check Your Spelling & DotNetJunkies::Utilizing Google's Spell Check APIs on the Client and Server (ASP.NET with JavaScript) Project Info - Pungo Spell: "PHP / DHTML Spell Checker. Requires Pspell, PHP 4.3.1+, NuSoap, and a modern web browser (MSIE 5.5+, Opera 7.2+, NS 6+, etc..)" & GNU Aspell: "Try it out for your self using the Aspell Spell Helper or see some Test Results Comparing Aspell with other spell checkers." & GNU Aspell (Win32 version) - COOL!
((IT Lab)) Spellcheck: "using SOAP" (various spellcheck functions/tools) & Web services avec SOAP::Lite: "1) Lingua::Ispell 2)"
Main Page - 43FoldersWiki: "Software" (GTD)
Easy Automated Snapshot-Style Backups with Rsync "A site for playing with colors"
Automator World Designing an Enterprise Application Framework for Service-Oriented Architecture - TIPS
Floatutorial: Step by step CSS float tutorial - COOL
The Rift > CSS Compressor: "open source CSS compression utility is here" Rich Web Text Editing with Kupu: "What I really needed was a WYSIWG editor that I could embed into an arbitrary web page. Now I've found one: Kupu"
Reverse Phone Directory - Reverse Phone Book and White Pages Reverse Lookup Directory of Telephone Numbers Street Addresses and Names to Find People - COOL!
Reverse Phone Directory - Reverse Phone Book and White Pages Reverse Lookup Directory of Telephone Numbers Street Addresses and Names to Find People
Chris Justus - Server Side Guy: Google Suggest Dissected...: "People have been contributing their two cents to how this works, but I have un-compressed (ie. re-written) Google's compressed javascript, so that the average web developer should be able to get a detailed understanding of how this works.... My final rewrite is available from my website here."
[ws] Color Scheme Generator 2
Science Toys: "Make toys at home with common household materials, often in only a few minutes, that demonstrate fascinating scientific principles." - START
Developing Dashboard Widgets: "Based on Web Kit technologies, Dashboard Widgets are created using a mix of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. This extends the ability to develop Widgets to a very wide audience. If you know how to create a web page, then you know how to create a capable Widget."
User Interface Design for Programmers - Chapter 1: "Joel on Software"
time management for anarchists - the movie & 43 Folders: Introducing the Hipster PDA (GTD)
Alternative Style: Working With Alternate Style Sheets: A List Apart
Digital Web Magazine - Generating Dynamic CSS with PHP
Home - Torrent Typhoon - Search All Major BitTorrent Sites In One Place - Regex Tutorial, Examples and Reference - Regexp Patterns

Thursday, April 28, 2005

TortoiseCVS FAQ: Using TortoiseCVS together with Eclipse: "Ooops! I accidentally removed a file - how can I get it back? ... Right-click on the removed file in the commit dialog and undo the removal."
Xtra-Google - The Best of Google on one searchable page
WINKsite: Mobile Community, User-Generated Content, Mobile Site Builder, Social Networking, Mobile Publishing, Moblogging
.: :.: "For a quick start with jsolait read the tutorial" & examples.
Mike Davidson -- sIFR 2.0: Rich Accessible Typography for the Masses: "It’s released! A long effort of several months is finally complete. sIFR 2.0 is here... Anyone who has been following the developments with sIFR over the last several months is already aware of most of the information on this page, but this being the newly official sIFR 2.0 landing page, an overview of the technology is below. Also, feel free to read the complete historical perspective in my original post Introducing sIFR: The Healthy Alternative to Browser Text."
Ten good practices for writing JavaScript in 2005 - SitePoint DHTML & CSS Blog
dwr: DWR (Direct Web Remoting): "Allows JavaScript to call server-side Java"
[Savannah-hackers] submission of Server Side JavaScript Servlets - savan: "07 Sep 2004"
Flash® Edition | Xamlon Pro | Products | Xamlon: "Map Client: How It Works... AFLAX (Asynchronous Flash + XML)."
AJAX + Flash = AFLAX: "Ever since Jesse James Garrett wrote his article about it, AJAX seems to be all the rage right now. Even Scoble talked about it. Xamlon has been hard at work at some incredible new technology, and once we surfaced recently, we realized that there were some amazing parallels to AJAX. So we did what any enterprising startup would do, coined our own term: AFLAX... We're trying to simplify all this. Take a look at what one developer accomplished in just a few days... all 39k of it... We'll be launching our technonology at the Flash Forward conference on April 6th. Stay tuned."
[Laszlo-user] Re: [Laszlo-dev] ajax "The Ajax Reality Distortion Field, Serverless Laszlo is here, ..."
Cardsharp on Software: Tomcat vs. App Server: "Decent How-to link that works for Tomcat 5.0.x as well:"
HTTP Tunnel J2EE / ORB Proxy Solution: "JProxy tunnels J2EE technology stack over HTTP(S) protocol, thus letting your J2EE systems operate over any firewalls, proxies and restrictive network configurations on the Internet instanteniously."
Cardsharp on Software: "Meanwhile check out JMS based chat Thinlet/JProxy/JBoss MQ with 120KB runtime. Works as an applet or a standalone application and no security violations. This will work only with Sun's JVM, due to the fact that I'm too laze to change HTML tags to get this working on Microsoft JVM. JProxy works in MS JVM as well. Enjoy: Also have a look at other samples that demonstrate how JProxy remotes RMI, EJB, JMS, CORBA, SOAP, etc. "
Cardsharp on Software: "Struts VoiceXML Trick"
Grant Robinson online: "Montage-a-google" (Flash)
The Coolest DHTML / JavaScript Calendar []: "Popup or flat DHTML calendar... Online Demo... The look is customizable through external CSS... We've contracted with Zapatec and they now offer a commercial version of the DHTML Calendar."
On-The-Fly Validation - PHP -

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Small Business Marketing - Online Marketing: "How to make money from your blog: 5 tips, Is your Web site 'usable'?, ..."
betterdays » Blog Archive » Using Bloglines (or How to keep up with dozens of blogs everyday)
Quick Reference Cards - COOL!
Colorization Using Optimization: "computer-assisted process of adding color to a monochrome image or movie"
Google Search: SP2 TCP/IP has reached the security limit imposed on the number of concurrent TCP connect attempts.
eBay Developers Program: REST API Now Available in Sandbox
Vim Cookbook - TIPS! - greasemonkey: index: "Firefox extension which lets you to add bits of DHTML ('user scripts') to any web page to change its behavior. In much the same way that user CSS lets you take control of a web page's style, user scripts let you easily control any aspect of a web page's design or interaction." (used in Auto-Complete )
Java PathFinder is a system to verify executable Java bytecode programs.
OpenRPT: The First Fully Cross-Platform SQL Report Writer - COOL!
Juicy Studio: Generic Form Validation Routine: "This article investigates associating a generic form handler to all forms on a web page using ECMAScript. Using a client-side scripting language to check for errors is good for usability, as the script is executed directly on the visitor's machine. This not only saves the visitor having to wait for the form to come back from the server with a list of errors, but also saves bandwidth on the server. That doesn't negate the requirement for server-side validation. This is a progressive enhancement technique, which requires server-side validation to be in place, and used purely to improve the usability of forms."
The 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities
020 - MMC MP3 Player
Compound XML Document Editor: ETTK Update Site =
What it takes series (ISVs) - Technical - Webcasts: IBM PartnerWorld & J2EE fundamentals for .NET developers Free TiVo: Build a Better DVR out of an Old PC
About Custom Visualizations for Windows Media Player
Netbeans 4.0 and Eclipse 3.0.1 conversion instructions: "How to change a Netbeans 4.0 project to be open ALSO by Eclipse 3.0.1" (Open Source Software for small and medium sized businesses :-)
How to Create a Photographic Gallery Using CSS - - COOL!
Voluntary Simplicity & Simple Living Resource Guide - What is Voluntary Simplicity?
css Zen Garden: The Beauty in CSS Design & Books: The Zen of CSS Design : Visual Enlightenment for the Web (Voices That Matter)
Webnote - an online tool for taking notes
How to Create a Frames Layout with CSS - "The following article will detail how to set up a 'frame' style layout with a fixed header, which can incorporate the navigation, a fixed footer and a scrolling content area, all of which will resize down to virtually nothing and still be usable (with scroll bars added as required). It has been tested on PC browsers Mozilla 1.7.5, Netscape 7.1, FireFox 1.0.3, Opera 8, Internet Explorer IE5.01, IE5.5 and IE6 and also Mac browsers Safari (1.3) and FireFox (1.0.3)."
what comes to mind : Enhanced Form Widgets: "There are so many attempts at styling form controls, some with CSS and some with images – and I’m in no way claiming any real innovation here. I just grabbed up some ideas from the collective mind of the Internet and threw together some JavaScript and CSS. Since I have little experience with JavaScript, the code probably sucks. But – everything works great in the browsers I’ve tried it in; Firefox 1.0.2 and Internet Explorer 6.0. And the CSS and HTML should be fine, and valid... Enhanced Form Widgets example and code."
WebDAV Resources
ScrapBook :: Firefox Extension: The New York Times > Technology > Circuits > Add-On Allows Firefox Browser Users to Maintain an Archive of Web Pages
CSS 2 reference with examples (good old ZVON :-)
Gmail S/MIME for Firefox
An Illustrated Guide to Cryptographic Hashes
Writing Secure PHP - PHP - "Posted in PHP, Security" & Better Sessions - COOL!
IT cheat sheets for all - COOL!
DAEMON Tools Homepage :: News
Radified Guide to Norton Ghost by Symantec - A Tutorial on How to Create and Restore Ghost Images
Tom's Hardware Guide: Tom's Hard News: "Microsoft officially launched the 64-bit client version of Windows XP professional today at WinHEC and announced that it will offer users of 64-bit processors and the 32-bit XP Pro a free upgrade to the new operating system."
Tom's Hardware Guide Mass Storage: The End of the C:\ Drive? - Introduction: "In global corporations, storage centers have evolved into their own massive, transcontinental networks. Virtualization technology has evolved in tandem, in an effort to enable users to focus on their files, rather than their physical or geographic locations."

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

NuSphere Support Forums :: View topic - HOWTO: Install PHP5 debugger module
Macromedia - Developer Center : Collaboration in the Enterprise: Flex and Flash Communication Server Rise to the Challenge: "Java has its version called JMS that has a number of implementations. CORBA often underpins many middleware systems..."
Macromedia - Flash Remoting Developer Center & Macromedia - Flash Remoting Developer Center : Web Services Articles
Macromedia - Products : Flash Player SDK & Macromedia - Flash Lite
K7S5A: The unofficial K7S5A motherboard guide - & BIOS FAQ & KnowHow: How do I know the model name and version of the motherboard?
ECS Web Site
Disk Drives: Computer hard disk drive (HDD) problems and their solutions & BIOS Setup Program: What you should know about the BIOS of a computer
All Forces » Blog Archive » The Poor Man’s Tivo: "a small addition to everybody who wants to skip the dvd burning part: I got myself a eyehome from elgato (, you connect it to your tv and to your ethernet (or airport) and voila: your movie folder (containing the .avi or .mpg files) appears on your tv. with the rc you just select what you just downloaded and watch it. The eyehome also brings your photos and music library to the tv. Have fun!" - COOL
Bandwidth Speed Test
HoverHelp: "Small script to easily display hover tool tips... See the related blog post for more details." - Download - XHConn - A Simple XMLHTTP Interface
BTbot - BitTorrent Search Engine - TIP!
Google Tutor & Advisor » Blog Archive » Voyeur Heaven: finding interesting video, sound and image files in unprotected directories - Implementing Object Caching with AOP
YAC: Yet Another Caller ID Program & MCE-YAC: a network caller-id add-in for Media Center
Coding4Fun: Coding4Fun: "section of MSDN. Fire up your code editor, open an article, and start coding for fun." & Coding4Fun: System Monitor & Coding4Fun: Building Network Utilities - COOL
Unobtrusive Javascript - "Great, modern, practical guide to good Javascripting" - START!
Scripting: Introducing Microsoft Script Debugger: Download details: Script Debugger for Windows NT 4.0, 2000, and XP
Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures
space-age wasteland » Blog Archive » GTD with Gmail Part I & Part II » Freetag - an Open Source Tagging / Folksonomy module for PHP/MySQL applications
JavaScript Shell: "A command-line interface for JavaScript and DOM." - get it as Firefox Bookmarklet from Web Development Bookmarklets - COOL
high octane moron: Revolving workflow strategies: "I've been using GTD principles for over three years now, mostly with good results. I believe the concepts are generally the best productivity approach for knowledge workers. There are times, however, when I think the model must be expanded to get the best results in a given situation..." & Kinook Software Forums - [UR] User Tricks, Tips and Samples
Venkman JavaScript Debugger - Development Page & - Learning the JavaScript debugger Venkman & Venkman is the code name for Mozilla's JavaScript Debugger
Essential bookmarks for web designers and web developers - START!
Using the Windows Media Player Control in a Web Page: Settings Object
SLAX Linux Live - download page: SLAX Standard Edition v 5.0.4 & Special SLAX versions
profiler: NetBeans Profiler: "Visual GC running inside NetBeans" - COOL
A list of the bugs that are fixed by SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services Service Pack 2 (April 22, 2005) & Download details: SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services SP2

Sunday, April 24, 2005

javascript:xmlhttprequest [JPSPAN]: XMLHttpRequest Introduction & Development Notes & Reference & Tutorials & Examples & Tools / Libraries - START
innerHTML & InnerHTML JavaScript Functions & - LINKS
PHPEclipse: Web Programming in Eclipse - Installing the PHP Tool Kit:
How to interview employers : Lifehacker: "When a job interviewer asks, “Do you have any questions?” you should have a bunch." - Free online computer science and programming books, lecture notes and documentations
How to Bypass Most Firewall Restrictions and Access the Internet Privately
TrueCrypt - Free Open-Source On-The-Fly Disk Encryption for Windows XP/2000/2003
Quick Online Tips: Absolutely - Complete Tool Collection: " is a social bookmarks manager. It allows you to easily post sites you like to your personal collection of links, to categorize those sites with keywords, and to share your collection not only between your own browsers and machines, but also with others. RSS feeds, tags and bookmarklets make bookmarking your links a treat !! You can also view the currently most popular bookmarks. A Beginner's Guide to Delicious can get you started quickly" - TIPS!
Guess-the-google - Flash game
PHP Cheat Sheet - PHP - - COOL!
Google Tutor & Advisor» Tips, Techniques and Advice for Google Users: "Using the New Google Local for Mobile Phones, ..."
Table of Contents - Practical PHP Programming: "The latest copy of the book will always be kept here." - START!
Then each went to his own home » Tags: Database schemas: "I guess the queries are pretty fast (also referring to a blog entry of Peter Cooper: section “Denormalize! Denormalize! Denormalize!”)"
Wink - [Homepage]: "Wink is a Tutorial and Presentation creation software, primarily aimed at creating tutorials on how to use software (like a tutor for MS-Word/Excel etc). Using Wink you can capture screenshots, add explanations boxes, buttons, titles etc and generate a highly effective tutorial for your users. Here is a sample Flash tutorial created by Wink. Click the green arrow button to start viewing it..." - COOL!
The Photoshop Guru's Handbook -- for the intuitive photoshop user.: "A wide variety of Photoshop tutorials, covering all levels."
FrontPage - General Wiki: "This is the top-level Apache Wiki. It is maintained by the entire Apache community. Each project Wiki is managed by the respective project community."
The Home Page of Eran Toch: "A tutorial focused on Java web application development using Tomcat, Eclipse and JSP... A tutorial about Web services development and deployment with Java and Open-Source Apache Axis..."
Developing Web Services with J2EE 1.4
Secrets of Firefox 1.0
Sun Blueprints starts to address AJAX in J2EE: "I would suggest looking at Apache XML-RPC in conjunction with jsolait for the javascript bits."
Billing Filter: "counts for the each session three parameters: how many requests have been proceeded, how many bytes have been transferred to user and how many milliseconds of processor time have been spend for those requests." & Sessions administration: "See Sessions administration taglib for details." & Sessions filter & Sessions statistics: "how many sessions are active, what was the peak value for active sessions, total counter for sessions, minimal, maximal and average life time for sessions."
Edit in Place with JavaScript and CSS & Direct Manipulation Using JavaScript and CSS Very Dynamic Web Interfaces: "Use the 'responseText' attribute to get at the html as text. Then use 'innerHTML' to place it where you want it. If you don't need HTML, but you're just putting text in, you might also use the simple DOM methods to create a text node, stick it on a paragraph, then put the paragraph where you want it. Put your replaceable text in a div with a unique id so you can find it easily, clean it out and change the text." & XML - The new way to develop websites View topic - List of articles: "Xmlhttprequest forum" - COOL!
The Essentials of Filters: "Example: Logging Servlet Access"
Internet Programming with Java Course - Servlet Filters
The SecurityFilter Project Home Page: "It looks just like container managed security to your app, as you can call request.getRemoteUser(), request.isUserInRole(), and request.getUserPrincipal() and get valid responses. The Security Filter configuration file follows the web.xml standard, which makes it easy to switch to Security Filter from container managed security, or switch back as your requirements or deployment environment details change."
Using J2EE security in web application
Web app security using Struts, servlet filters, and custom taglibs: "In this article, you will develop a generic security solution that can be used by most enterprise-level Web applications. You will address the problem of Web application security by breaking it into two smaller, manageable units: 1) Page-level security, which involves access control at a page level 2) Attribute-level security, which involves access control at an attribute level. Why split the problem along these lines? You can solve these two problems using different technologies in the J2EE space. As you may have guessed by now, page-level security is coarse-grained security, in which the user either is allowed or denied access to a particular page. On the other hand, attribute-level security is enforced at a very granular level, with security checks performed on each attribute that's displayed on the screen."
Hessian Messaging & Hessian binary web service protocol & HessianPHP Quickstart & hessiancpp
Securing J2EE Applications with a Servlet Filter: "If you are completely new to Filters, I suggest reading about them here. I will attempt a high-level overview now. Read about the Intercepting Filter design pattern to better understand the problem Filters try to address."

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Gifted Canada Index
XTile example: "The source code of the application" - COOL
JSON-RPC-Java - JavaScript to Java remote communication
JavaScriptTemplates - TrimPath - Trac
XSLTProcessor Example: "Harnessing AJAX, XSLTProcessor using Java Servlets. This is a working example of using AJAX [XSLTProcessor] and Java, JSP technology. The sample code was borrowed from the following article Very Dynamic Web Interfaces. You can download the source here. Here are some important links that might help you unravel this Ajax Technology:
Tip: Send and receive SOAP messages with JAX-RPC: "Java APIs for XML-based RPC offers a friendlier approach to messaging"
XML-RPC Home Page: "The implementations page lists the accomplishments of the community, a set of compatible XML-RPC implementations that span all operating systems, programming languages, dynamic and static environments, open source and commercial, for Perl, Python, Java, Frontier, C/C++, Lisp, PHP, Microsoft .NET, Rebol, Real Basic, Tcl, Delphi, WebObjects and Zope, and more are coming all the time."
XML-RPC - Client Classes: " Apache XML-RPC supports asynchronous XML-RPC calls through the executeAsync() method in the XML-RPC client classes."
Ajax using XMLHttpRequest and Struts example online: "Ajax using XMLHttpRequest and Struts... Can AJAX be used to logout an user on session timeout..." - Sample webapp download & PDF - COOL!
AJAX Wrapper for .Net (v1.1) Released: "Read more at Michael has added a video to show how to use the Ajax Wrapper .NET without audio, but you can have a view on it showing how to migrate applications."
JDJ Readers' Choice Awards @ JDJ
WordPress 1.5 Themes: "You can take a look at all of the themes using the Theme Browser."
SQL Server Integration Services: SQL Server 2005's New ETL Platform
Ten Mysteries of about:config | Linux Journal: "Firefox" "We now also have some donated example programs that demonstrate various features of the JCE downloadable as examples.tar.gz or The current specifications (including installation instructions) for this package are here."
Index of /pub/sipX/test: Test Release RPM packages for all sipX projects.: "The upcoming sipXpbx 2.8.1 (the first post-beta release of the 2.8 stable branch) will be the last RPM release on Fedora Core 2. Shortly after that, we will begin releasing RPMs for Fedora Core 4 (guess what we'll be doing with the FC2 build systems)"
Web Services Inspection Language for Java API - Overview
Reference - Technical Articles & Tips - START!
Jose Sandoval - Software Developer - Software Development: XP PowerToys
Designing Web Services with the J2EE(TM) 1.4 Platform: JAX-RPC, SOAP, and XML Technologies
Designing Enterprise Applications with the J2EE Platform, Second Edition
Using the XML HTTP Request object - START! - alexander kohlhofer - view and comment entry: "After some research, lots of head scratching and the inevitable fight with today's browsers (and their various differences) I came up with this XHTML Chat. The exciting bit is, that it is barely more then a single html page + CSS + javascript. The server side bit is as small as it can be and could be accomplished with almost any available technology (down to php + textfile)."
Web Polls FAQ's - Why Our Web Polls Rather than Yahoo: "With Yahoo! Polls, your visitors are sent on a detour to the Yahoo!® Polls' website. Once there, they still have to sign up with Yahoo. With WebPasties, you keep your visitors on your site. Your brand identity remains intact."
WebPasties™ - Polls, news tickers, event signups, slideshows, form-mails and more: "you create live interactive components for your website by simply PASTING a single line of HTML code. No JavaScript, no Perl, no CGI, no nothing."
Guide to Using XMLHttpRequest (with Baby Steps) from WebPasties - START!

Friday, April 22, 2005

Projects > java-enterprise > blueprints > bpcatalog: Version control - CVS & bpcatalog: Documents & files
Mr. Speaker » Blog Archive » The Fonz uses XmlHttpRequest and AJAX to spy on you.: "Everyone (who is a nerd) loves the XmlHTTPRequest. It’s awesome is why. The web starts behaving like applications. Things work how they are supposed to, and mum and dad don’t need to know anything about post-backs and submit buttons - “Submit? Submit to what?!”"
Syntax Highlighting: "The com.Ostermiller.Syntax package is designed to add syntax coloring to web pages that display source code or to add color syntax highlighting ability to any text editor written in Java."
Jose Sandoval - Software Developer - Software Development: Running XMLHttpRequest with Java: "Running Pointless XMLHttpRequest with Java application." - COOL!
Usable XMLHttpRequest in Practice | - TIPS
dutchcelt: AJaX for weblogs: "But lets get this sucker running, that’s the fun bit. And it’s pretty easy." - COOL - XHConn - A Simple XMLHTTP Interface Very Dynamic Web Interfaces (XMLHttpRequest)
XMLHttpRequest, REST and the Rich User Experience : Paul James
News: "This custom javascript code has been replaced by using Horde's Tree API that renders tree structures using DHTML and falls back to plain HTML if the browser doesn't support it."
New popular sites - START!
XMLHttpRequest & Ajax Working Examples - Links and Resources, - START! ≈ AJAX Login System Demo - COOL!
the { buckblogs :here }: "UI Guidelines for Asynchronous Requests" - TIPS
axentric. a web designer's “tackboard”.: "It's designers that are making Ajax hot: JavaScript is making a comeback because of the thoughtful design behind popular Ajax powered web applications such as Gmail, Flickr, and Ta-da Lists. These applications are beautiful because they were all designed to stay out of the user's way..."
Robin Curry - AJAX and ASP.NET Resources - START
Sam Ruby: AJAX Considered Harmful: "Looking into the current PHP implementation of SAJAX, you will see the following:..."
Ajax takes off - Signal vs. Noise (by 37signals): "Pretty impressive how rapidly and effectively the term Ajax has taken off. Since Jesse James Garrett coined the term, has experienced a tenfold increase in hits to the page where it collects links on the topic: “The whole concept tipped when someone (quite conceivably a connector) explained what it was all about and gave it a simple, undaunting name.”" » Adobe Flash CS2: "Last fall, Kevin Lynch, the Chief Architect of Macromedia, asked to meet with me regarding my work on the Gmail API, under the guise of hinting at potential employment opportunities in the Experience Design group *. Essentially, he and his associate, an ex-Microsoft guy they poached from the ASP.NET group, wanted to know how the Gmail Ajax system worked, and how it worked so quickly. We also covered their new Flex platform, their take on the Lazlo project (supportive, but would ultimately rather see all efforts focused on Flex), and uses of the XML socketing support that was introduced in Flash 5..."
AJAXchange (Powered by Invision Power Board)
XMLHttpRequest Usability Guidelines | - TIPS
The Code Project - AJAX WAS Here - Part 1 : Client Side Framework - ASP.NET: "At the heart of AJAX lies the XmlHTTPRequest (or XMLHTTP) object. This little doozy allows client side developers to initiate a request to a web page. For a nice reference on the XmlHTTPRequest object, see The XmlHTTPRequest Object. With a few lines of JavaScript, we can now initiate an Asynchronous request for a web page... Something easy for the client side developer to use to initiate an asynchronous HTTP request (which we’ll term a “Call Back”). This is the main focus of Part 1 of this article series. Something easy for the server side developer to integrate into their code (preferably without a lot of fancy or proprietary workarounds). We will focus on this in Part 2 of the series."
Dynamic HTML and XML: The XMLHttpRequest Object: "You can play with an example that points to four static XML files for demonstration purposes. The data sources are snapshots of some iTunes Store-related RSS feeds. Because the actual feeds are hosted at a third-party domain, the mixed domains of the example file and live RSS sources prevents a truly dynamic example... download the examples (DMG 2.0MB)"
Fredrik Normén's blog - NSQUARED2: "Use TreeView to display nodes from an XML file."
adaptive path » it's a whole new internet: "But now, just now, the landscape has again shifted. Two months ago, Jesse James Garrett published an essay that provided a few diagrams, a basic description, and a name for a development technique that’s been around for years. Called Ajax, this approach removes the redraw-refresh paradigm for interacting with web applications. The firestorm of excitement around the idea took us all by surprise. In mere days, the “Ajax” meme was solidified... Greg Veen loaded an Ajax-based file upload routine that was recently added to Ruby on Rails..."
GreaseMonkey - "Amazon Free Music" helper: "Amazon has lots of free non-DRM music available here. It is a pain to click through to download, so I decided to write a quick userscript for GreaseMonkey which skips the step of having to click to another page, and lets you get the music."
Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) with Java 2 Enterprise Edition & Refreshing Data with AJAX: Design Details - Download
Using the XML HTTP Request object (AJAX)
The Code Project - Client Callbacks in ASP.NET 2.0 - ASP.NET: "The general idea is to have some type of hook, client-side functions (JavaScript) can use to utilize powerful server-side functions. A key benefit to this closing the gap on desktop applications with respect to cleaner, richer and more responsive applications. Fredrik Normén has a great blog entry explaining how it works and how to use it. This brief tutorial is simply written to showcase a more realistic example."
podscope - your're listening. we're searching. & Podscope Player & The Insomnia Radio Podcast: Kill Your FM! (see this inline MP3 Flash player)
Laszlo IDE released on AlphaWorks: "I'd like to see Laszlo enter the XUL Challenge so we can compare your XUL to other implementations:"
RE: About XUL, XAML and Laszlo: "After more examination of XUL, XAML and more recently of Laszlo It appears that XUL is not closely related to XAML, in fact, both systems are far from being close. I would say though that XAML is closer to Laszlo than to XUL."
Calendar - Standards Based Calendar Client Project: "We are striving to build a cross-platform fully standards based calendar client based on the open iCal standard. Our client is built using the XUL user interface language and is targeted at Mozilla-based browsers"
What's New in Mozilla 1.8 Beta1: "E4X (, except for the DOM binding magic, which is coming in 1.8b2."
Collaborative Filtering Research Papers: "Evolving a Stigmergic Self-Organized Data-Mining, ..."
Open Loops: How to Lose 50 Pounds
RSSMailingList - A combination RSS feed generator and email mailing list manager: "RSSMailingList is a free combination mailing list manager and RSS feed generator. It's made up of a few PHP scripts and a MySQL database. Your users can subscribe to whichever notification method they prefer and they will recieve the same content when you add it."
Open Jabber Servers: "This page lists some of the many Jabber servers that allow open registration of new user accounts."
RSS To Jabber - Robin Good's Latest News

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Web Services Required Jars Download Instructions
alphaWorks : Embedded Voice Toolkit Preview : Overview: "Wizards assist developers in creating applications and artifacts. A Grammar Editor and Compiler for SRCL (Speech Recognition Command Language) creates and maintains custom grammars. An Automatic Grammar Builder helps the developer to build grammar from text files. Pronunciation Tools help create and enhance the way a word is recognized by the speech engine. The toolkit also includes Testing and Analysis for viewing and validating phrases for a vocabulary, as well as the ability to create the image for deployment to the device."
Brilliant Button Maker by, resources and services for SOAP
15 Seconds : SOAP Test Harness - SOAP Test Client
Social Bookmarking Tools (I): A General Review
Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project
Can J2EE and .NET Provide Cross-Platform Interoperability?
HiveMind: "one of the newer Jakarta subprojects at The Apache Software Foundation, is described as “a framework for creating applications, not an application, or even an application server, itself.” Howard Lewis Ship created HiveMind while working on WebCT’s enterprise e-learning product, Vista. Howard also created Tapestry, a very popular web development framework."
The definitive BPEL and Java article: "Read BPEL and Java"
Building A System from Scratch, Part 2 Deals life-hack we're everywhere.....: "There are a ton of great resources on the net for finding deals, especially for computer related items. The problem is, that it takes a lot of time to follow SlickDeals and Techbargains and all the other great deals sites out there..."
Web Based Torrent Searcher property of
Clean up your wire protocol with SOAP, Part 4: "Dynamic proxies make Apache SOAP client development easy... Read the whole series on SOAP:
Digital Signatures using Message Digests with Java: "In an earlier lesson entitled Digital Signatures 101 using Java, I promised to show how to use a message digest for the creation of a digital signature. In the lesson entitled Message Digests 101 using Java, I showed you how to implement the SHA-1 algorithm to create message digests. The purpose of this lesson is to deliver on my previous promise to show you how to create and use SHA-1 message digests for the creation of digital signatures. This lesson also shows you how to eliminate the need for a delimiter character to separate the message text from the digital signature as was the case in the lesson entitled Digital Signatures 101 using Java." & Public Key Cryptography 101 Using Java
Event-Driven Architecture vs. Publish-Subscribe Systems
developerWorks : SOA and Web services
alphaWorks : Emerging Technologies Toolkit
Open source - developerWorks
IBM Lightweight Services, Part 2: Extending J2EE with script-based agents: "Part 1 of this series, 'Server-side scripting,' introduces LWS and discusses agents, transactions, extensions, runtimes, and applications" - COOL!
JavaScript GPSL: "Why Jython will beat JavaScript as GPSL-General Purpose Scripting Language"
The JavaScript Diaries: Part 1 - - Chapter 3 of Professional Java Web Services, from Wrox Press Ltd
AJAX and scripting Web services with E4X, Part 1: "Read 'AJAX and scripting Web services with E4X, Part 2' (developerWorks, April 2005) to learn how to create new Web services with E4X." - TIPS!
FrontPage - Mentat Wiki: "collaborative environment for exploring ways to become a better thinker" - COOL!
Color Schemer Gallery: Website-ready color schemes for Color Schemer - COOL
Choosing a Java scripting language: Round two: "Rhino supports the JavaScript syntax, which is straightforward and very readable. This language has been well documented and is already known to most Web developers. That might be all the reason you need to make this the obvious choice for you. The documentation is well done. The presence of a debugger is a strong selling point for those writing complex or lengthy scripts. The Mozilla Website has a tutorial on embedding Rhino" - Download Rhino
Basic IRC Tasks: "In “Python and IRC” I explained the basics of connecting to an IRC server and sending a few messages."
Home : myGmaps: "enables you to create, save and host custom data files and display them with Google Maps... For some technical details check out Google Maps Hacking and Bookmarklets and Google Maps Standalone Mode"- COOL
XMLHttpRequest Tutorial - The JavaScript Weblog - _

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

WebServices - Axis: "Axis User's Guide" (PDF) Building .NET Add-Ins for Windows Media Center Edition: "Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 is an exciting platform for enjoying all of your media from the comfort of your sofa. However, there are many times that you might wish to extend Media Center to perform functionality that it does not have 'out of the box.' Microsoft has created a software development kit that allows you to write your own software that runs in Media Center. In a previous article, I gave you a broad-brush introduction to creating an HTML application that runs in the 10-foot experience of Windows Media Center. This article will introduce you to the creation of .NET add-ins that are hosted within Media Center. The .NET add-ins allow you to write functional code that can interact with Media Center using your favorite .NET language... More Information:
Web Service References: "In many ways, it comes down to which of the two words in the phrase 'Web services' you focus on. SOAP advocates focus on the Web part, which supports their general opinion that SOAP and HTTP are all that matter. We who focus on WSDL tend to address the services part, because most Web services work today occurs not on the Web but in the enterprise, where a variety of protocols and message formats are facts of life, and will continue to be for quite some time. I know of no compelling reason that the WS-Addressing EPR, appropriately augmented to allow for multiport services, couldn't suffice as a standard Web service reference and serve both viewpoints equally well." (by Steve Vinoski)
Approaches to Recovery-Oriented Computing
Eventizing Applications in an Adaptive Middleware Platform
Exploring Ruby on Rails | Linux Journal: "A discussion about the Rails framework, how to build with it and the benefits of Ruby."
A Motherboard Upgrade HOWTO | Linux Journal
Pete Finnigan - Oracle and Oracle security information: "Oracle Row Level Security: Part 1 & Part 2, SQL Injection, ..." | Ten good practices for writing JavaScript in 2005
Sliding Doors of CSS: A List Apart
Working Smart: Recovering the Lost Art of Note-Taking (GTD)
AJAX Matters - Asynchronous JavaScript and XML and XMLHTTP development information - START!
Bastille Linux: "'locks down' an operating system, proactively configuring the system for increased security and decreasing its susceptibility to compromise. Bastille can also assess a system's current state of hardening, granularly reporting on each of the security settings with which it works."
Cake PHP framework: Docs/tutorial
adaptive path » ajax: a new approach to web applications: "Ajax isn’t a technology. It’s really several technologies, each flourishing in its own right, coming together in powerful new ways." - COOL!
Trendalicious for Del.Icio.Us: "shows the popular stuff in the deliciousphere. It's available at" - COOL!
Automate Excel - Yahoo Local Search In Excel: "solution requires Excel 2003 because it uses XML and lists"
Yahoo Makes Changes to Y!Q: "It's a service available that allows you to add context-based searching to your site. You can see my earlier writeup about it here... You can get the documentation at, but while you're here take a look at the optional controls available, which are quite sweet. You can restrict your searched properties in a Y!Q form to a specific list, which would make it easy (though time consuming) to create pages of content which are gateways to searching very specific sets of resources."
Google Blogoscoped Creates Auto-Linker Tool: "works with the Yahoo API (it also works with Google, as you can see from a pull down menu at the bottom of its page.) You can get it at It works like this: enter a bunch of text, and whichever search engine you choose analyzes and links whatever it considers to be significant words and phrases." Web Wizard Component, Part 1: The Model: "Scientifically speaking, a wizard model is a directed acyclic graph (DAG) with weighted edges. Rule Container represents this graph with a modified adjacency list. Each node of the graph corresponds to one wizard step. A simpler description would read: a wizard is a linked list of steps."
Quick Start Guide to Enterprise AOP with Aspectwerkz 2.0: "This article shows developers how to integrate the AspectWerkz AOP framework with a few of today's popular frameworks: Log4J, the Atlassian performance profiler, Hibernate, and Tapestry." Getting Started with XQuery, Part 2 Form Your Own Design Pattern Study Group
Smart Client Architecture and Design Guide - from "Everything you must know about Smart Clients" -- Online Catalog: Visual Studio Hacks
NetBeansWorking - NetBeans Quick Links: One of the best resources is the new NetBeans IDE Field Guide - START!
Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Journal
More Portable DTS Packages
Sun BluePrints Online - Articles April 2005: "Using Computer Forensics When Investigating System Attacks" (PDF)
Sun Microsystems of Canada - Events - Code Maneuvers 05
BizTalk Whitepapers Now Available: "from the BizTalk Server Stuff MSN Group"
Java to .NET Framework Migration Workshop: "offers free, online, self-paced training designed to help Java developers become more familiar with .NET development." - COOL!
Debugging any application with Eclipse
Build smart J2ME mobile applications, Part 1
Extending Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services with Custom Cod: "excerpt from the book, Microsoft Reporting Services in Action, by Teodor Lachev."
Tom's Hardware Guide PCs & HowTo: Midi Towers: You've Come a Long Way, Baby - Editors' Recommendations
Tom's Hardware Guide PCs & HowTo: Midi Towers: You've Come a Long Way, Baby - Editors' Recommendations
Tom's Hardware Guide Columns: The Ultimate Smart Home - Introduction
Fundamentals of ASP.NET Mobile Controls - from
Hibernate 3 Adds XML-Relational Persistence: "Thanks to the XML persistence features in the recently released Hibernate 3, Java developers now have a framework that provides an efficient and consistent method for effortless OR and XML persistence."
MSMQ for .NET Developers, Part 2: "Learn how to use MSMQ to send messages with complex messages types (not just strings), send MSMQ messages over HTTP, and explore several more useful queue and message properties as well as a few invaluable MSMQ tips and pitfalls."
Glue Real-time Management Console: Starting the Console
MySQL Reference Manual :: 7.2 Optimizing SELECT Statements and Other Queries
Perl MySQL Slow Query Log Parser: "This perl script parses a MySQL slow_queries log file ignoring all queries less than $min_time and prints out how many times a query was greater than $min_time with the seconds it took each time to run. The queries are sorted by number of times it ran, with the most often query appearing at the bottom of the output." - TIP!
Debugging a WebService using Eclipse and Glue
webMethods Glue 5.0.2 User Guide (PDF) & Setup & Quickstart Tutorial: Web Services in Ten Minutes & Hosting Glue in Third Party Servers
Spyce - Python Server Pages (PSP): "A natural question to ask is why one would choose Spyce, over JSP, ASP, PHP and a handful of other popular HTML scripting languages or technologies that perform a similar function..."
Webware for Python: "The suite uses well known design patterns and includes popular features such as a fast application server, Python Server Pages (PSP), and a CGI wrapper." & To-Do: A Tutorial
ASPN : Python Cookbook : A generic jython taglib for tomcat
Spring Live ~ Weblog: FreeMarker vs. Velocity: "The one thing I really like about FreeMarker over Velocity is the ability to use JSP Tags in your template... Even after implementing Velocity and FreeMarker, I think I'll stick with JSP (2.0) - it just seems a lot more powerful. No limitations if you will." Using Python, Jython, and Lucene to Search Outlook Email
Dietrich Ayala | PHP + XML: "NuSOAP Book Chapter Available Online"
Use SOAP to Access EJB Components with PHP: "NuSOAP library for work with SOAP in PHP"
Installing Jython
Unified Software - providing validation of bank account numbers and sort codes: "This cookbook provides examples showing how to access BankVal web services from a number of programming languages... PHP: 1) PHP SOAP Client PEAR SOAP Example 2) PHP WSDL Client nuSOAP 3) PHP WSDL Client PEAR SOAP" - COOL!
Bringing PHP into a J2EE project: "The server side of the architecture is good solid Java - with Hibernate providing our object-relational mapping, running on Jboss behind a web services facade (packaged as a WAR file, provided by the free standard edition of [Web Methods] Glue at this stage because we haven't time to fiddle with Axis). The client for that soap interface is in fact PHP 5 - which now as a very elegant and simple Soap client built into it. You just construct it with the address of the WSDL file and call methods like any other object." - VERY SIMILAR TO OUR ARCHITECTURE (iBatis on the server side :-)
FreeMarker vs. Velocity: "Matt Raible has been working with Spring and Velocity. He recently tried to bootstrap FreeMarker and has learned a few lessons about the templating language, which he describes to the community. Read FreeMarker vs. Velocity"
WeightWatchers: Weight Watchers Recipe - Guacamole Dip with Chips -- Online Catalog: Python Cookbook, 2nd Edition Managing Component Dependencies Using ClassLoaders - TIP
Selecting a Web Host for your Web Site Part 2 of 2

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Jakarta Taglibs Project-- Part II: "Part I of this article series featured a brief review of the concept of custom tag libraries, an overview of the workings of the Jakarta Taglibs Project and its various custom tag libraries, and the open source development experiences of several members of the Jakarta community. Part II of the series explores several recently released Jakarta taglibs, as well as one that is currently in development, and offers sample code that uses these new tag libraries. This installment assumes a general familiarity with the concepts and syntax of JSP custom tag libraries."
The Jakarta Taglibs Project & JAKARTA-TAGLIBS Tutorial & JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library
Jakarta Project: IO Tag Library: "Tags for working with FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, XML-RPC and SOAP" & Download nightly IO build - COOL!
Simon Brown's Blog: JSP Tag Library for Web Services: JSR# 267
EnginSite Editor: A Fully Loaded PHP IDE on the Cheap
On Demand Demos: "Setting up the Eclipse Development Environment"
ActivePython 2.3 - Online Docs : Installation Guide for ActivePython
Build a Linux test network: "This tutorial shows how to combine Samba and GRUB to build a compact, highly adaptable, cross-platform test network, capable of booting and networking a large number of operating systems on a small number of machines. Though Samba and GRUB can manage many different operating systems, this tutorial focuses on Linux and Windows."
Build Your Own PHP Survey Engine: "Building interactive features into your Web site, such as a live poll or survey, has never been easier. Follow along step-by-step as you learn to build a PHP-based survey engine with an RDBMS on the back end and HTML histogram data on the front."
Audit Your Struts Configuration Files to Avoid JAAS Errors: "By programmatically comparing your Struts configuration files against your JAAS policy file, you can simplify the process of keeping the files synchronized, and automatically get advance warnings if your pages aren't accessible."
How to use OC4J JSP Tags for Web Services
JSP tools (Coldtags suite): "SOAP taglib" - COOL!
Using YAML to Decrease Data Transfer Bandwidth Requirements
XUI: Finally, a Java GUI Framework You Can Love: "One of the banes of Java GUI development is in the clean separation of GUI definition and control and business logic. Enter XUI, a new framework for Java that has the ambitious aim of not just solving this problem but of making it easy."
O'Reilly Network: Anatomy of an Attack: The Five Ps 7 -- Online Catalog: Managing Security with Snort & IDS Tools & -- Online Catalog: Snort Cookbook
Mat Stephen's WebLog : Microsoft SQL Server 2005 fuzzy logic in matching and grouping - how does it work in SQL Server Integration Services?
SSIS: Regular Expressions & Fuzzy Matching
Foxy SQL Free - sql query tool - TIP!
SQL Server Integration Services: SQL Server 2005's New ETL Platform
A convenient wrapper class to get file info (C#) - Developer Fusion, the UK developer community - VB, ASP, C#, .NET, PHP and XML tutorials & source code
Service-Oriented Architecture and Web Services: Concepts, Technologies, and Tools
Using Regular Expressions to Parse for Email Addresses
The Foundations of Web Services Security
Understanding Windows CE Telephone API (TAPI): Introduction
MAKE: Blog: MAKE:DIYcast- our new audio/podcast experiment! - COOL!
MAKE: Blog: GPS and heart rate publishing - COOL
The Rational Edge: Issue contents: "April 2005 PDF" -- Online Catalog: Linux Desktop Hacks