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Asterisk VoIP News - Asterisk VoIP, Asterisk PBX, Asterisk Help, VoIP Tips, VoIP News: "PhoneCALL version 1.0 Administrative Manual - Released"
Asterisk VoIP News - Asterisk VoIP, Asterisk PBX, Asterisk Help, VoIP Tips, VoIP News: Web-MeetMe v1.3.3 - Schedule new conferences
Asterisk VoIP News - Asterisk VoIP, Asterisk PBX, Asterisk Help, VoIP Tips, VoIP News: "We've released another update to our Asterisk GUI Client suite: 1.1.6. The client suite runs on Windows, UNIX and Mac, includes the astGUIclient client-side web app which extends your phone's functionality and the VICIDIAL client-side web app auto-dialer. This package is free as in GPL. (the suite is not an asterisk configuration tool) This package is geared towards Asterisk installations with SIP,IAX or Zap phones and Zaptel, IAX or SIP trunks. For this revision, we have finished the VICIDIAL web-client, added compatibility with the Asterisk 1.2 release tree, streamlined several server-side apps and added cpu percentages to our stats logging scripts."
An Architect's View: "Laszlo has a very limited programming model in comparison to Flex."
Asterisk Flash Operator Panel: "is a switchboard type application for the Asterisk PBX. It runs on a web browser with the flash plugin. It is able to display information about your PBX activity in real time. The layout is configurable (button sizes and colors, icons, etc). You can have more than 100 buttons active per screen. On the Live Demo there are 28 buttons defined. It also supports contexts: you can have one server running and many different client displays (for hosted PBX, different departments, etc). It can integrate with CRM software, by poping up a web page (and passing the CLID) when a specified button is ringing." - NICE
Asterisk VoIP News - Asterisk VoIP, Asterisk PBX, Asterisk Help, VoIP Tips, VoIP News: "The Asterisk-Java package consists of a set of Java classes that allow you to easily build Java applications that interact with an Asterisk PBX Server. Asterisk-Java supports both interfaces that Asterisk provides for this scenario: The FastAG protocol and the Manager API."
PBX: VoIP Residential and Small Business Services Provider System
PBX: A VoIP Calling Card Business Explanation
PBX: How to ASK Frequently Asked Questions For VoIP Systems
Ovolab Phlink is pretty cool - The VoIP Weblog - _: "it also lets you do some cool automated IVR (interactive voice response) with Applescript. Good stuff."
It’s your weekly best of Weblogs, Inc. - The VoIP Weblog - _
Asterisk Management Portal - Coalescent Systems: "the latest version of his company’s open-source brainchild, Asterisk Management Portal, is now available. This comprehensive PBX management toll provides a superb web-based user interface for Asterisk management and reception desk functions."
Replacing my C drive | Ask MetaFilter: "I used dd to copy the small drive to the big drive with dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/hdb BS=1. Now, at this point, all the space on the larger HD in excess of the smaller is unpartitioned and useless. I used fdisk to fix this: fdisk /dev/hdb and then made a new primary partition that filled the rest of the space. After changing the jumper to make the new disk master, we rebooted to 300 gigs of joy." & Free Hard Disk Backup and Restore, Hard Disk Image and Cloning Utilities ( & Google Directory - Home > Consumer Information > Computers and Internet > Software > Utilities > Backup & Google Directory - Computers > Software > Disk Management > Partition: "1) g4u - Harddisk Image Cloning for PCs - NetBSD-based bootfloppy/CD-ROM that allows easy cloning of PC harddisks to deploy a common setup on a number of PCs using FTP. [BSD license] 2) PartEd - GNU (Free Software Foundation) program to create, destroy, resize and copy PC disk partitions. It currently supports ext2 and FAT (FAT16 and FAT32) filesystems, Linux swap devices, and MS-DOS disk labels. GNU/Linux or on boot disk, open source."
Where to go in Bermuda? | Ask MetaFilter
Porn 101 | Ask MetaFilter
Forget MSMQ. SQL Service Broker Handles Asynchronous Messaging Better: "SQL Service Broker is a powerful messaging system built directly into SQL Server 2005. Not only is installation easy, but SQL Service Broker stores messages and transactional data directly in the database as well. Also, SQL Service Broker doesn't require distributed transactions to build message-based systems. All these features make it a very compelling alternative to MSMQ. Its only real limitation is that it currently communicates only between SQL Server instances."
Message Transformations in BizTalk Server 2004: "Message transformations have long been an integral part of EAI projects. Disparate systems participating in an integration project need transformations as dictated by their respective standards. As an EAI tool, BizTalk provides excellent support for message transformations..."
Mule - Configuring Jms
Jarhoo: "Searches for jar files or java classnames" - e.g. javax/xml/namespace/QName The Official Site of ShrinkTo5: "new, powerful and fast DVD copying engine. ShrinkTo5 has been developed as a cross-platform engine available for free for anyone. To ensure a fast spreading to other platforms ShrinkTo5 is distributed as open-source."
PocketMod: The Free Disposable Personal Organizer (GTD)
Kiko - A New Kind of Online Calendar: "SMS, Instant Messenger, PDA, offline and pure HTML versions"
Jive Software: Open-Source Projects: Smack API: "Open Source XMPP (Jabber) client library for instant messaging and presence." & Smack and Google Talk & Asterisk-IM Project: "integrates the Asterisk PBX and Jive Messenger XMPP/Jabber server to create a unified communication platform for telephony and instant messaging." & giving it support for the following functionality:" & XIFF API: "Flash library for instant messaging and presence clients using the XMPP (Jabber) protocol... XIFF includes an extension architecture that makes it easy to add functionality for additional protocol extensions, or even your own special-needs extensions. There are quite a few extensions already included in the library, giving it support for the following functionality: * XML-RPC over XMPP (JEP-0009) * Multi-user conferencing (JEP-0045) * Service browsing (JEP-0030) * XHTML message support (JEP-0071)"
jMock - Getting Started & jMock - Articles & jMock - Mocking Classes with CGLIB - Reviews - i.Tech Clip S (Bluetooth Stereo Clip Headset with USB Dongle)
Dontronics _ USB Internet Voice over IP (VoIP) Phone
Eclipse for Visual Studio developers
SE-VOIP Series Skype phone
Javalobby - Java J2EE Programming Forums - General: 20 Sites for Java Developers
Xyling Java Blog: J2EE Presentation layer (HTML) best practices - I
EclipsePlugins : details for the MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench Eclipse plugin (J2EE development platform) (Aug 30, 2005)
Javalobby - Java J2EE Programming Forums - Monitor Object Monitors with Eclipse Object Monitor Monitors
Spring Live ~ Weblog: "The 10th update to Spring Live has now been released! This release includes Chapter 6.5, which covers JasperReports with Spring MVC. Rather than doing a simple integration, Cos and I went the extra mile and demonstrate how to use iReport to create and preview the report. In addition, this release has many updates to the code samples - so indenting should be fixed, as well as we moved to black and white for all the code. It's unfortunate, but it's also the easiest to maintain. I'll have the release notes and downloads done in the next hour or two." - COOL!
Yahoo! Canada Search Results for voip
The VoIP Connection Store
broadband » Forums » Voice over IP » [General] Canadian Providers for BYOD Voip: "A friend opened an account with DolphinTel earlier this year. Audio quality on calls between us is good; rates are low and customer support is helpful... Tried today. Works with Sipura or X-ten. 416 area code only, but for $2 (incoming only), which is the cheapest you can find. I heard that also allows BYOD. Quite cheap... How was the vBuzzer voice quality with the Sipura?... The only info I've got from thier software is the proxy name, which is, username and password are known. You just need to install their sofware once to get the phone number. Then you know how to configure sipura or X-ten. The quality was good, they use G711 codec [2005-03-11, North York, ON]... You can try » as well." - TIPS
HowardForums: Your Mobile Phone Community & Resource - VoIP service with hardphone, softphone & Voicemail with Online checking?
Skype gateway to PBX
Voxilla :: View topic - Asterisk friendly VOIP provider in canada ?: "I'm using Unlimitel ( They are based out of Ottawa, and cover southern Ontario, and a bit of Quebec. SIP/Asterisk friendly, very responsive, and good rates. By default they set your account up to allow 5 simultaneous calls. A number of us in the Toronto Asterisk Users Group use them, and they show up at our monthly meetings every so often. " | Top Stories | Money's Worth: Internet phones: "Still, two firms already offer VoIP to the masses, so we decided to give it a try. John Intini, a self-professed tech-neophyte, took home the Primus system, and I, the resident geek, tested the service from Vonage..." Canada :: Interconnection: "On the threshold of the new Telephony… If your area code is 416 (Toronto) and you travel with your adaptor or Softphone-equipped laptop, you will keep making and receiving calls as if you were in the 416 zone, whether you are in Ottawa, Montreal or Miami."
Joi Ito's Stuff: WiSIP WiFi SIP Phone: "It's the first WiFi SIP phone that I've seen." & pulverInnovations: "The WiSIP phone has been optimized for use with Free World Dialup. It can also be used with SIP based IP-PBXs." & Peering Numbers / Advanced - FWD: "*1(8..)... Call to toll free USA numbers" - COOL
Voxilla :: View topic - SIP Phone & Skype Phone
Vonage VoIP Forum - SoftPhone Forums: USB headsets & USB phones
BlueStation - low-cost Bluetooth network access point
BYOD in Canada: Dolphin Tel Residential Plans, SpectraVoice Residential Plans & Voip Pacific IT - Your Broadband Phone Company: "The Digital Voice Soft Phone can be setup to work on any computer with a broadband internet connection. In minutes you can make and receive phone calls using you own telephone number" : LNP: "Local Number Portability (LNP) refers to your ability to keep a local phone number if you change from one carrier to another."
Skype adaptor
VoIP Phone Reviews: "VoIP phone and ATA reviews by our members. We encourage users to write reviews - they are enormously helpful to other readers and therefore a great contribution to the community."

Tuesday, August 30, 2005 : VOIP Service Providers Residential: "Canada (Alphabetize Please):
  • Alldaytalk VoIP Service Providing VOIP and long distance service in Vancouver and Victoria areas.
  • babyTEL
  • Comwave
  • Dolphin Global Tel Supports LNP and BYOD. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Uses Asterisk on their on network.
  • Globe Offers Voice over IP phone service to all Canadians. No contract, first month free and no start up cost.
  • LES.NET Toll-Free, LNP, Residential & Business
  • Linktrans Canada
  • LookieLoo
  • Providing Voice over IP international and long distance phone service.
  • NetFone Services Inc. - Broadband voip phone service. Available across Canada for residential and business customers. Sold, direclty and through resellers. No contract, no sign-up fees, unlimited calling in Canada and free one month trial.
  • pacificIT VoIP Services Unlimited North American calling $39/mo. VoIP router, softphone software, voice mail and all calling features included. Numbers portable. Most area codes and toll-free available. Canadian company.
  • Primus Canada TalkBroadband
  • SIP. LNP+Free local calling.
  • SpectraVoice Communications Broadband Residential/Business VoIP Services With Various Calling Plans. Supports LNP and BYOD. Must buy one account for each simultaneous call.
  • Sprint Canada - Internet Phone Service )
  • Telehop BroadTalk
  • Terrace Communications SIP/IAX +Local DID +LNP +Outbound CallerID Number +800#s
  • Toll Free Telecom Flatrate Calling,Toronto, Hamilton, Barrie,Oshawa,Uxbridge, Newmarket, Schomberg, Bradford,GTA - IAX/SIP VoIP termination services - DID's for Toronto Barrie, Hamilton
  • Unlimitel Toronto, Hamilton, Kitchener, London, Ottawa, Cornwall, Brockville, Kingston and Montreal, Canada. Provides VoIP DID forwarding and VoIP termination services.
  • VocTel Communications Inc. North Bay, Kitchener, Toll-Free termination services.
  • Broadband Telephone with limited/unlimited plans (down on 27th April 2005. How long do we wait before removal?)
  • VoIPforCanada - web Calling Card, pc to phone to phone, autodialer, Canada & USA cad$0.009/min, No contract, no monthly fees, no start up cost.]
  • Vonage Canada See also: Vonage
  • WebCall
  • WhistlerTel Global Broadband Phone Service provider. Serving US, Canada, Latin America, and beyond.
  • WiseZard Communications Broadband Phone Service Provider in Canada
  • New Company launching May 31 with Feeds bigger then Vonage Canada/USA/International DID's, Wholesale SIP/IAX Termination & Origination Services. for Signup Call (613) 482-0700 or (416) 548-8335"
Found this AsteriskWin32: "On SourceForge, there is an Asterisk Dialplan Compiler written in Java:"
Asterisk™ - The Open Source PBX - Windows version: "Asterisk Win32 cygwin port of Asterisk PBX successfully tested on Windows 2000/XP"
VoIP: VoIP Providers: Compare Packet8,SunRocket,, Vonage, Lingo, and Broadvox Direct Here
Packet8 Broadband Phone VOIP: Unlimited Long Distance
Skype Help: "SkypeIn numbers are currently available in the US, UK, France, Hong Kong, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Poland"
Grandstream Networks: "BudgeTone 100 series SIP Phones"
VoIP | B.Mann Consulting: "Canadian VOIP comparison & Vonage VoIP Forum Forums - Post 35537 - Primus VS Vonage: "Primus does not charge an activation fee, nor a shipping fee. There is no termination fee aswell (ie, no contract). And you have the option of buying their (Primus) $99 adaptor to get a discount of $4/month of service... I am currently with both Vonage and Primus. Primus is cheaper, but I have had on-going disconnect problems as well as voice quality problems. My Vonage is going through the same Internet connection and never once was disconnected or had warbling sounds when I am speaking. To me, Vonage is worth the extra money... I've chosen Yak Voip because they sorta have the advantages of both Primus and Vonage. Yak only charges $18.99 (Vonage -$19.99) for 600 minutes (Vonage - 500 minutes). And its only $3.99 for virtual number (Vonage - $7.99). I'm also able to get primary and virtual numbers for the US aswell (Vonage - Primary has to be canadian). The only thing that isn't great is that after the 30 day trial period, yer locked into a year contract ($70 termination fee). I just finished my 30 days, and the service has been great, I'm staying. No Activation fee, and No Shipping fee. Oh and after the year contract, the phone adaptor is yours to keep." & Unlimitel plus Question about Yak VoIP in Canada | B.Mann Consulting: "The features page has a few more details. It looks like the Yak "VoIP Caller" product is mainly for making calls, with limited features -- at $9.99USD, this is probably the Canadian product. The "VoIP Communicator" is the full-featured product, and you can apparently get numbers in the US, Canada, or the UK, and even get a second number (at additional charge). At $14.99USD a month, that's the one I would pick. Even has voicemail-via-email, although they call it unified messaging." & Digital Home Canada - Digital Home's VoIP Premium Plan Round-Up & Digital Forums - Primus or Vonage?? - TIPS!
yak WorldCity Voice Over IP - Installation
Performance: AT&T CallVantage - ZDNet Reviews: "We judge a VoIP service's performance on how calls sound under baseline conditions, as well as during data uploads and data downloads" - NICE
Unlimitel Inc. - Voice Over IP Solutions
TalkBroadband | B.Mann Consulting: "Please do not get VOIP with Primus. I will not go on a rant and say it is all bad, but due to complications with their VOIP setup, they are constantly running into problems. Their fixes are failing and from what their own Support tells me, these problems will continue until Feb 2005 when they will have a final fix."
Drupal | B.Mann Consulting: "Drupal Archives"
Primus Telecommunications Canada - Residential Services - Broadband Voice Service from Primus.
Lingo VoIP International Phone Numbers: "These Lingo international phone numbers can be added to any Lingo service plan for just $5 per month for Canada numbers and $10 per month for any number in our other available international countries!" - Net Phone Zone: Lingo Is Affordable and Reliable: "Is an Internet phone in your future? Try Lingo on for size." - February 09, 2005 - Net Phone Zone: Slash Your Phone Bills With BroadVoice: "BroadVoice saves you a bundle on international calls--and it's dependable, to boot." - April 08, 2005
Installing Your Own SIP Devices with BroadVoice
Roaming with your SIP: FREE IP Calling with IPKall, IAX SIP VoIP PSTN Asterisk Termination, - Sipgate,...
Voip + Video = Windows Portrait. What happened ? & Microsoft Portrait
Just show me how to whistle... | Ask MetaFilter: "two-finger hailing-a-cab style?"
How dangerous is smoking a little bit? | Ask MetaFilter: "Most things in life and on this Earth are good in moderation. Smoking is not one of them." & Smoking Related Diseases – Diseases From Smoking – Smoking Illnesses & Medindia - Calculators - Cigarette Smoking Risk Calculator
Visual Studio Magazine – Create Interoperable Native Web Services: "Yukon lets you take advantage of the new kernel-mode Http.sys listener and eliminates the need for IIS to process ASMX files or SQLXML 3.0 templates that implement Web services." Linux for Video Production & PiTiVi
IP Phone | USB Phone | ATA | ATCOM
Google Directory - Computers > Software > Freeware > Music and Audio
Google Directory - Computers > Internet > On the Web > Podcasts
Unbound Spiral: Skype + Podcast Recorder = SkypeCasters
VoiceXML and CCXML Developer Site
Blogarithms » Interviews via Skype
Google Directory: Business > Telecommunications > Services > VoIP & Computers > Internet > Protocols > SIP & Computers > Data Formats > Markup Languages > XML > Applications > VoiceXML > Hosting & Computers > Software > Operating Systems > Linux > Networking > VoIP & Computers > Internet > On the Web > Podcasts > FAQs, Help, and Tutorials - START!
The VoipBuster FAQ
broadband » Forums » Voice over IP » VoipBuster: "example...for calling a number in the US dial: 00 + 1 + area code + number"
Voice over IP bandwidth calculators
MyADSL - Favorate VIOP: "Skype for IM, PSTN(if you can buy credit), file excahnge; VoipBuster for free PSTN; FWD for inbound number; for when you got capped, since it's local service"
Skype Journal: VoipBuster Betters SkypeOut Rates & VoipBuster beats SkypeOut’s rates - Engadget - "Now after buying just $1.28 I now have unlimted talk time to any landline in the U.S. how cool is that... SKYPE i don't know what to tell you but your done, i'll never use skype again." & The VoipBuster! & VoipBuster-to-phone rates & Voipbuster settings
internet calling and instant messaging & broadband » Forums » Voice over IP » [Other] Vbuzzer with SIP-compatible software: "Vbuzzer has been somewhat unpredictable unless you use their proprietary software so you might expect something new at any moment. However, these settings in any SIP softphone software should work:..." : STUN: "(Simple Traversal of UDP through NATs (Network Address Translation)) is a protocol for assisting devices behind a NAT firewall or router with their packet routing. Public STUN servers: * (no DNS SRV record) * (no DNS SRV record) * (no DNS SRV record) * (no DNS SRV record) * (no DNS SRV record) *"
VoIP User - Voice over IP resource: OpenWengo :: connecting your phone to the future, ...
Conference Call Services | Ask MetaFilter
Nvu - The Complete Web Authoring System for Linux, Macintosh and Windows
Opinion: Five reasons NOT to use Linux
Local Number Portability & Wireless Local Number Portability
VOIP with Vonage Canada & Vonage Softphone :: Index
VarPhonex lets you resell VoIP devices and services under your own brand: Internet Telephony Devices - VarPhonex IP Phone Configuration Guides & IP Phones and Adaptors [simmilar info is hidden behind Review of Hard, Soft and Firm IP Phones pages (TIP: Requirements for using the free VoIP Service: "The minimum requirement is 64 Kb/s in each direction or a total of 128kb/s. To verify connection reliability you can use packet tracing software to reveal network problems. We recommend a product called 'Ping Plotter'.")]
Microsoft TechNet: SQL Server 2000 Resource Kit: "Part 5 – Data Warehousing, Part 6 - Analysis Services,..."
Google Desktop SDK Overview & Google AdWords API beta
LEGO Shop At Home
Intelligent Enterprise Magazine: Flying High With BI: "With tech trends finally getting in sync with broad user needs, business intelligence software is poised to help organizations take off"
Sarbanes-Oxley seen as biggest IT time waster | InfoWorld | News | 2005-08-22 | By China Martens, IDG News Service

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eBay Store - Skype: Siemens Skype, VOIP Phone, IP Phones : VOIP Phones: "USB phone sets for use with softphones,..." - START
Jon Flanders' BizTalk Blog - Update to the Patterns Wizard:Mastering BizTalk: "Download it here"
Integrating Islands with Landmasses: Estimating Interface Development Effort in EAI Projects
Relevance » Blog Archive » The Ruby on Rails Management Advantage
Javalobby - Java J2EE Programming Forums - Eclipse key definitions: "For more tips on Eclipse keys and shortcuts see the Eclipse IDE Pocket Guide (affl. link), and Sam Borkin's article, Become an Eclipse hotkey showoff"
EclipsePlugins : details for the ResourceBundle Editor Eclipse plugin (Editor) FindBugs Plug-in: "program to find bugs in Java programs. It looks for instances of 'bug patterns' - code instances that are likely to be errors"
EclipsePlugins : details for the java.tri Eclipse plugin (Code Generation/Modelling): "Java.tri imports UML models (xmi compatible and ArgoUML), and generates a full hibernate-struts web application..."
dev2dev: A Backbase Ajax Front-end for J2EE Applications: "The RIA Pet Store Front End" - Home
Vasanth Dharmaraj's Blogs - Google Talk Tweaks and Tips - [my blog on dot net, java, eclipse, linux, formula one, xbox gaming... ]: "Read this post for some nice tweaks including how to broadcast music to your friends and play the Wumpus game. There is also the new site about to be launched called GoogleTalkTips."
Xten - Award-winning SIP Softphones & SDKs for VoIP, Video and IM: " Pocket PC SIP Softphone| Mobile VoIP" "the official unofficial Vonage Forum"
ReadyMade: Magazine Archives
Vasanth Dharmaraj's Blogs - Vista look and feel for Windows XP - [my blog on dot net, java, eclipse, linux, formula one, xbox gaming... ]
Vasanth Dharmaraj's Blogs - Ink gestures for MS Word - [my blog on dot net, java, eclipse, linux, formula one, xbox gaming... ]
Creating Passionate Users: Sample Java Exam Questions
EDonkey2000 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "a peer-to-peer file sharing application developed by MetaMachine, using the Multisource File Transfer Protocol."
Jon Flanders' BizTalk Blog - Per-Instance pipeling - Tool for BizTalk Server 2004:Mastering BizTalk
Skype Journal: MSN 7.5 - Better Look Under the Hood: "In all the talk about Google Talk many missed Microsoft's release of MSN 7.5"
The Jeff Pulver Blog: The Need to add “Presence Awareness” to Consumer Desktop Applications:: "While there are people working on “federating” various IP Communication networks, I am not aware of much work currently being done on federating personal desktop applications with these networks..."
The Cliffs of Inanity: "I've been trying to see how easy I can make it to work on GNU Classpath from inside Eclipse. Since the big merge in libgcj, working directly on Classpath has become the preferred mode of development, at least for most ordinary library changes..."
Diary for jserv: "Free Java Runtimes" (PDF)
Diary for mjw: "GCJ/Perl Integration" - COOL website info:: "People who visit this page also visit:..." - They know about me ( :-)
Retroweaver: "Develop With JDK 1.5 And Deploy With 1.4!"
Export or import with Oracle Data Pump - Builder UK: "While the old exp and imp client commands still work, you can boost performance by taking advantage of the new data pump tools" PHP Web Blog - Part 3
Database Modeling Using Visio: "A previous article covered some of the features of Visio, 'The Microsoft Office Business and Technical Diagramming Program.' One of Visio's key features is its ability to reverse engineer a database, and in this article, we will take a look at doing exactly that using the sample schemas Oracle provides. Comparing the results of Visio's reverse engineering and the schema diagrams illustrated in the Oracle Database Sample Schemas documentation, and seeing how well they match should give you some confidence in Visio's features."
TheServerSide.NET - Domain Objects Persistence Pattern for .NET
TheServerSide.NET - TSS Featured Entry
Using MARS with SQL Native Client: "a blog that discusses how Multiple Active Resultsets (MARS) is implemented and the good and bad effects of using it"
Axis2 Execution Framework
Generating Test Data with Integration Services
WeightWatchers: Weight Watchers Recipe - Sesame Chicken
WeightWatchers: Weight Watchers Recipe - Recipe Renovation: Hash Browns
WeightWatchers: Weight Watchers Recipe - Recipe Renovation: Chocolate Chunk Cookies
WeightWatchers: Weight Watchers Recipe - Creamy Coleslaw
WeightWatchers: Weight Watchers Recipe - Recipe Renovation: Pasta alla Vodka
WeightWatchers: Weight Watchers Recipe - Cinnamon Buns
SAX Parser Benchmarks
Getting Started with Eclipse and the SWT: 6. Compiling Eclipse applications for Windows with GCJ/MinGW tutorial 7. Using the CDT C/C++ plugin to develop C/C++ programs in Eclipse tutorial, ...
parse-dot-classpath: Home: "Set CLASSPATH env var from Eclipse .classpath files" - TIP
Om Malik’s Broadband Blog » P2P, the only killer broadband application
Om Malik’s Broadband Blog » eDonkey, the new king of P2P
What is some good literature about living in a condo? | Ask MetaFilter Health to a Tea -
Best brewing practices for iced green tea? | Ask MetaFilter
Interviewing tips for introverts? | Ask MetaFilter
English Daily - Learn American idioms, English conversation - TIPS!
Digital Web Magazine - Architecting CSS
The 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities direc.tor: Delivering A High-Performance AJAX Web Service Broker :: Johnvey
Database Programming and Design: "25 SQL Commandments, By Suresh Aiyer: These hints--many of them previously unpublished--can help you avoid the plague of poorly written SQL statements..."
Looking for interesting, unusual e-cards | Ask MetaFilter
Creating a Star Rater using CSS » Blog » Komodo Media
Boot loader showdown: Getting to know LILO and GRUB
Desperately Wandering » Become a Photoshop Expert
JasperReports - Samples
Desperately Wandering » Become a Photoshop Expert
New Research Paper Compares Java and .NET Security: "Two students from the University of Virginia have written a detailed paper comparing security features of the Java VM and the .NET CLR. The paper covers reported vulnerabilities, code security, verification, and exception handling."
Connectivity and Communications: "Point-to-Point Message Queues with the .NET Compact Framework"
TheServerSide.NET - Naked Objects for .NET: "Since it was launched in November 2002, the Naked Objects framework has been attracting a great deal of attention in the Java community. Now a .NET version has just been released." & Book

Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Code Project - A proxy generator to WebServices for JavaScript and AJAX - SOAP and XML
The Code Project - Create your first Linux application with the Visual Studio .NET IDE in 10 minutes! - Product Showcase: "Visual MainWin® for J2EE™ (a.k.a. Grasshopper) is an innovative product from Mainsoft that allows you to use the productivity of Visual Studio .NET to tap into the power of J2EE. Thanks to the cross-platform capabilities of J2EE, you can even write your applications in C# and ASP.NET and deploy them to J2EE servers running on Linux. This article describes how you can use Grasshopper to build a simple ASP.NET application that consumes a stock quote Web service, and presents it using a Web form that runs on Tomcat under Linux." - COOL
The Code Project - How to access the CD-ROM - C# Programming
Executing SQL Server Jobs From An External Scheduler
MySQL 5 Storage Engines: "MySQL 5 offers a number of new storage engines (previously called table types). In addition to the default MyISAM storage engine, and the InnoDB, BDB, HEAP and MERGE storage engines, there are four new types: CSV, ARCHIVE, FEDERATED and EXAMPLE, as well as a new name for the HEAP storage engine. It is now called the MEMORY storage engine. None of the new types are available by default - you can check for sure with the SHOW ENGINES statement."
MySQL Forums :: Reporting, Charting, and BI :: MySQL 4.1.14 has been released: "August 25, 2005"
MySQL AB :: MySQL 5.0 - Technical FAQ: "How do you migrate from MySQL 4.x to 5.0?" & MySQL Reference Manual :: 2.10 Upgrading MySQL
JasperReports - Home: "JasperReports comes FIRST in MySQL's Quick Poll!": Which reporting products are in use?
MySQL AB :: Creating a DBA Dashboard for MySQL: "MySQL provides access to great status information for nearly everything. However, this status information can be difficult to view over time, as MySQL only gives point-in-time status information representative of that instant the status request was made. In addition, monitoring several MySQL servers requires separate status requests for each one. JasperReports DBA Dashboard Application for MySQL solves these problems by automated monitoring and statistical data collection about all the MySQL Servers in your environment. JasperReports DBA Dashboard Application for MySQL is open source and can be downloaded free of charge from SourceForge at" - COOL!
WeightWatchers: Weight Watchers Recipe - Chocolate Creme Brulee
WeightWatchers: Weight Watchers Recipe - Chili Beef Tacos
WeightWatchers: Weight Watchers Recipe - Japanese Steak House Scallops
WeightWatchers: Weight Watchers Recipe - Eggplant Parmigiana
WeightWatchers: Weight Watchers Recipe - Vegetable Egg Rolls
WeightWatchers: Weight Watchers Recipe - Herbed Pesto Chicken with Linguine
The Work Manager API: Parallel Processing Within a J2EE Container & The Java Community Process(SM) Program - JSRs: Java Specification Requests - detail JSR# 237
ICEfaces Offers a Novel, Pure Java Approach to the Rich vs. Thin Dilemma: "Fat, thin, fat, thin. As the pendulum of distributed application architecture prepares to swing back toward fat, one vendor offers a thin client solution that uses Java Server Faces to get around tricky HTML and Javascript issues."
Luntbuild - automate and manage your builds
nmon analyser -- A free tool to produce AIX performance reports: "The tool currently comes in the form of a spreadsheet for use with Microsoft Excel 2000 or later." & nmon performance -- A free tool to analyze AIX and Linux performance
Integrate Cloudscape Version 10 or Derby with Tomcat Setting Up Vonage with Your PC Using Drools in Your Enterprise Java Application
Using the Struts Validator
Securing Java Card applications, Part 1: Building a Kerberos-enabled J2ME application
Build grid applications based on SOA & Bridging the integration gap, Part 1: Federating grid data
Apache Geronimo uncovered: "This tutorial explores the ins and outs of Geronimo, comparing its features and capabilities to those of WebSphere Application Server, and provides insight into how to conceptually architect sharing an application between WebSphere Application Server and Geronimo." "Bill Clinton - October 18, 2005 - Metro Toronto Convention Centre"
Exposing design flaws in your code: Part 2, Architectural discovery: "This tutorial does involve some optional programming elements. However, the main focus is on showing how you can use Rational Software Architect to identify and diagnose bad design techniques. This tutorial also assumes that you have reasonable familiarity with Unified Modeling Language (UML) -- in particular, class diagrams."
Design a highly available load balancer and HTTP server: "IBM WebSphere Edge Server as the load balancing sprayer"
Getting started with an open source CMS, Part 1: Download, install, and start using a content management system: "This tutorial, first in a series, will walk through installation of a bundled Apache Tomcat and Jakarta Slide that will result in a working content management system"
Run applications in a business process container: "step-by-step instructions on how to install and configure the required software in order to create a cluster of production-ready WebSphere Business Integration"
Toronto Asterisk Users Group & Weblogs by Jim Van Meggelen
EVDO Forums - Discuss EVDO Coverage, News, Tips, Verizon, Sprint, Mac EVDO, Windows, EV-DO Compatibility Reports ::
What is EVDO? - & MAKE: Blog: HOW TO make a Powerbook in to a Wi-Fi access point!
WordPress Plugins Database
Content management system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Comparison of content management systems,...
Using PHP to Dynamically Switch Drupal Themes and Templates | Nick Lewis: The Blog: "Drupal is among the world's most powerful and flexiable content management systems. Unfortunately, its also one of the hardest, from a design and navigation standpoint, to make user friendly. One powerful trick to improving a site's design is switching page templates..." -- Online Catalog: Essential Business Process Modeling, First Edition: Prescription for a Good BPM Architecture - Chapter 2 (PDF)
O'Reilly Network: What Is AdSense
O'Reilly: Ten Tips for Improving Your Podcasts
Skype Journal: Need a speakerphone for Skype?: "miniVox MV 100 $39 speakerphone"
2005 JavaOne conference Webcasts homepage » Spring Framework 1.2.4 Released
EclipsePlugins : details for the yworks Ant Explorer Eclipse plugin (Editor): "a powerful tool to visualize and explore your Ant build scripts." & yWorks Ant Explorer Home
EclipsePlugins : details for the Lachesis Analysis Eclipse plugin (Profiling) & - Lachesis: "a Software Complexity Measurement program for object-oriented source code"
EclipsePlugins : details for the Groovy Development Toolkit (GDT) Eclipse plugin (Languages): "The plugin provides a Groovy editor for editing scripts or classes in Groovy (created by James Strachan) language."
IBM Redbooks | Approach to Problem Determination in WebSphere Application Server V6 : Asterisk bounty: "If you really want something added to Asterisk, but can't do it yourself and do not want to contract an Asterisk consultants or Digium to do it, there's always an oppurtunity to set up a bounty. Others might add to it and finally there's enough money so that a coder think it's worthwile to work on it" - NICE : T.38: "an ITU standard for sending FAX accross IP networks in a real-time mode." : VOIP Service Providers B2B
Uniqall Gridborg HMP - Host Media Processing: "With VoIP growing at present rates, computer telephony applications do not need to be attached directly to circuit switched networks. Actually, if the application needs to be future proof, the IP network is the right place to be. On the other hand, Moore's law made x86 processors more than powerful enough for the purpose of handling media processing tasks that were previously handled by dedicated digital signal processors embedded within telephony boards." : OpenSER: "OpenSER is an open source GPL project that aims to develop a robust and scalable SIP server. It is spawned from FhG FOKUS SIP Express Router (SER) and it promotes a development strategy open for contributors and contributions." : SIP Express Router: "a high-performance, configurable, free SIP ( RFC3261 ) server . It can act as registrar, proxy or redirect server. SER features an application-server interface, presence support, SMS gateway, SIMPLE2Jabber gateway, RADIUS/syslog accounting and authorization, server status monitoring, FCP? security, etc. Web-based user provisioning, serweb, available." : YATE: "A free software telephony server that is performant enough to deal with PBX requirements and also flexible enough for complex Gateway and IVR solutions." - Skype Beta 1.2 for Pocket PC available - now also with voicemail support !

Friday, August 26, 2005 - Ajax in Action excerpt: The Page as an Application : Asterisk Zaptel Installation & : FreeBSD zaptel : VOIP sites: "Not-for-profit sites providing information (Strictly alphabetical order only!)"
VoIP Providers List - extensive catalogue of voip services, available software and hardware resources
Frequently Asked Questions about Caffeine: "Caffeine and your Health" - an Agile Software Development Resource
The R Project for Statistical Computing
Library clips :: Technorati hacks: AND, NOT :: August :: 2005: "I just realised Feed Digest is lacking a filter out option, but another handy tool FeedShake, can filter out terms, this enables to use the NOT operator"
eBay – Freshwater fishing, Fishing and freshwater baits items on
Google Maps, meet Craigslist real estate | | CNET "An enterprising programmer has combined Google Maps with Craigslist's real estate listings to create a tool that lets people find housing simply by looking at a map" - HousingMaps (toronto real estate for sale classifieds and want ads - craigslist) & Google Maps Mania: Canadian Real Estate site competes with Craigslist/Google Maps hack: "The real estate site looking to keep pace with the Toronto listings on (Craigslist mashup) has included a Map! option to display results." & Google Maps Mania: adds Google Maps functionality: " credits as the large help behind the enhancement."
Google Maps Mania: Sanction your mashups with Google Maps API: "story about a patent infringement case involving a successful real estate agent making use of a computer mapping system without acquiring a license for it first..."

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Google Maps Mania: Google Maps on video..: "Both of these visuals will help you understand the evolution of a Google Maps mashup - literally from start to finish!" - COOL
Google Maps Mania: Google Maps for your Blackberry - HelloWorld app updated! - How to Buy a Flat-Screen TV
Cooking For Engineers - Recipe File: Lime Marinated Grilled Chicken
Just a Theory: "Call PHP from Perl and vice-versa" - TIP
Mark Rittman's Oracle Weblog: Being Too Clever For Your Own Good
Steve Mactaggart's Blog - Building and installing mod_jk
» Updateable External Tables: "A major limitation of external tables is the fact that they are read-only. The developer can select data, but cannot perform any form of DML-processing. In this post, we will show you a way that allows you to perform inserts, updates and deletes on your external tables... Also, do not confuse updateable external tables with writeable external tables. The latter has become possible in Oracle 10g by means of the Data Pump API. For more details see for example the article on the Dizwell site..."
» Courtesy of Tom Kyte: Generating rows in SQL with the CUBE statement - no dummy table or table function required
Javalobby - Java J2EE Programming Forums - Spring: Locating Application Relative Resources - TIP
Raka Angga Jananuraga's Weblog : lWeblog: Asterisk Calls VoiceXML Application Deployed on SipXVxml: "Using a phone that connects to asterisk, I need to be able to call VoiceXML application which is executed on a SipXvxml platform. Actually, in theory, it should be easy. You just have to map an extension in asterik to a SIP endpoint that corresponds to that voiceXML application"
AJAX Product Comparison Chart
Announcing Terracotta - Java clustering & caching without API's
Java Magazin - Internet & Enterprise Technology - News : "Integration von ILOG JRules mit Oracle BPEL Process Manager"
Kirill Grouchnikov's Blog: How single can your singleton instance be?
Java developers don't want Java annotations? - JAVA J2EE PORTAL
How to prepare a company for Extreme Programming (XP) - Simple Thoughts - Java and Web Software August 2005 Archives: "XMLHttpRequest with <script> and PHP"
Caffeine Induced: "Easy way to test your equals() and hashcode() from Junit..."
Podcasting for Java ME enabled cell phones - Simple Thoughts - Java and Web Software: "It will first be released as a Symbian application for Nokia Series 60 phones, then next month for the Java ME based cell phones."
Hinkmond Wong's Weblog : Weblog: "Monitor your house from a Java ME enabled phone"
Mallim Ink (Beta) » Blog Archive » Top 5 Principles of Enterprise Architecture
Finding unresolved Plug-in dependencies in Eclipse - TIP
Introducing the Java Content Repository API
Former CTO for Sun's J2EE App Server says J2EE may lose: "Peter Yared, former CTO for Sun's application server, says that 'Java/J2EE may lose out to Open Source technologies in the future, as IT managers are architects get tired of the time and cost of building in Java,' in an interview with Integration Developer News. However, his position may be biased, as he's employed by ActiveGrid, which bases solutions on LAMP, and thus is a bit of a J2EE competitor."
The Tech Blog of Ken: About that VoIP reliability...
Gavin King on Hibernate: "discusses the relationship between Hibernate and EJB3, various strategies for collection fetching, why transparent persistence is a bad idea, and the role of caching in persistence architectures."
Blog Entry: Spring: Putting Spring XML Files on a Diet - TIP
Mike Rettig's Weblog : Weblog: "The Truth About Session Replication"
winchi zhang's Weblog: "Encrypt/decrypt password with DES"
Jabber User Guide: Open Jabber Servers
developerWorks : Blogs : Bobby Woolf: "WAS: DNS Endpoint Discovery and the SIB"
NewOrder - computer security and networking portal
Google Talk Tips
Java Examples - "We analyze the source code of production Java open source projects such as Ant, Tomcat and Batik and load that analysis into a java examples database designed for easy searching. You enter the name of a Java API Class.method you want to see example invocations of and click Search."
Why Good Programmers Are Lazy and Dumb
Google Directory - Computers > Software > Internet > Clients > Chat > Instant Messaging & Jabber: Jabberzilla: Jabber in Mozilla,... - LINKS!
Google Directory - Business > International Business and Trade > Import and Export > Portals: - Import and export trade leads and opportunities, ... - START! discussion: ActiveMQ 3.1 Released with Ruby and Perl support - Confluence - Thank you James!
Brian McCallister: "Listening to Adam Bosworth's talk on scaling database stuff from the MySQL Users Conference. Adam is, as usual, very interesting to listen to, and quite inspiring. It got me thinking about a side-project I have been pinging on for a while, setting up a solid cross-platform (which to me means Ruby -- Java -- Perl) messaging (as in MQ) system. I've been working with ActiveMQ because it is open, fast, and reliable + James has been very willing to help with cross-platform stuff. I think we have just been taking the wrong approach to cross platform."
Annrai's Clear Thinking: Open Source and the ESB!: "This week I noticed that the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) got into the ESB game with its announcement of a new open source project called Synapse."
The Eclipse Voice Tools Project: "A step-by-step introduction to obtaining and extending voice-development tools" - COOL
JavaSVN: "pure Java Subversion client library"
Hibernate vs. Rails: The Persistence Showdown
Spring-Loaded: Ruby, meet Spring - TIP
PMD - Best Practices
PhoneGnome - FAQ - The Basics - Getting Started & My.PhoneGnome web portal & Joi Ito's Web: PhoneGnome: "As you can see from my endeavors with trying to configure Asterisk and pushing the limits of Skype, I'm extremely excited by voice over IP. So far, nothing I had seen had passed the following test: 1 - Easy to use 2 - Open standard 3 - NOT a service model (no monthly fee)" & PhoneGnome Aims to Make VOIP Cheap and Easy
VoIP Watch: Jeff Pulver and Andy In The Wall Street Journal: - Talk of the Internet: "Voice is back. But this time it's on the Internet. Just when the rise of email and text-messaging began eroding traditional phoning, voice communication is staging an online comeback -- in a variety of unlikely ways."
Open Source Messaging Application: Building and Extending Gaim - Gaim: Chapter 3 PDF.
ViewCVS for Windows & ViewCvs Setup on Windows with CVSNT 2.0.x and IIS or Apache webservers & DevGuy :: View topic - Installing ViewCVS on Windows for Apache & ViewCVS Installation - Windows
Om Malik’s Broadband Blog » Google’s Jabber is Alive, works with iChat AV & GoogleRumors » Google Jabber server running & Niall Kennedy's Weblog: Google Talk is live: "Want to chat with your friends using Google's instant messaging platform? Do you have an instant messaging client that supports Jabber messaging and a Google ID? Here's what you need to do:
  1. Open a client supporting Jabber (AdiumX, Gaim, etc.)
  2. Your server name is
  3. Your username is the same as your Google ID. Example:
  4. Your password is the same as you use to login to Gmail or other Google login locations."
Dietrich Ayala | Foxylicious - Firefox and bookmark integration
Cole Hardware's Quick Tips: Categories: "what to do when the hardware store is closed"
An Illustrated Guide to IPSec
AJAX - beyond the buzzwords
I N K S C A P E . Draw Freely: "Inkscape is an Open Source vector graphics editor, with capabilities similar to Illustrator, Freehand, CorelDraw, or Xara X using the W3C standard Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format."
Quick Online Tips: Absolutely - Complete Tool Collection
» GTalk Tweaks
Google Talk's First Hack - How to Broadcast MP3's, Podcasts and other audio over Google Talk Developing AJAX Applications the Easy Way: "The Chat Web Page"
The 29 Healthiest Foods on the Planet
Gratis gaming: 10 real PC games you can download for free - CNET reviews
Photo Gallery Templates
Fight Traffic Tickets / Contest Traffic Tickets with the Ticket Assassin: Your Guide to Fighting California Traffic Tickets & Contesting Traffic Citations in California
Super $500 Myth Project: "Welcome to my project page, this time I have set out to build a super-optimized, high performance MythTV box completely from scratch for a maximum of $500." - COOL!
A case against Annotations
developerWorks : Blogs : Bobby Woolf: WAS: SIB Pub/Sub Article - IBM WebSphere Developer Technical Journal: Deploying publish and subscribe applications into the Service Integration Bus
Performance - Confluence: "To give you an idea of the kinds of performance you can expect from ActiveMQ we have a bunch of JMeter Performance Tests that you can run on your hardware with the protocols of your choice." - NICE
Raible Designs ~ We Build Web Apps: "Using CruiseControl with Subversion"
BuggyBean: "ActiveMapper - Part 4 - ordering beer"
Free Book: The J2EE Architect's Handbook - good old PDF book » Preview of new JDBC features for Spring 1.3: "support for named parameters"
Javalobby - Java J2EE Programming Forums - Add visual feedback of the JVM memory to the workbench - TIP
More about Google Talk: "Google Talk is Jabber (XMPP) compliant"
broadband » Forums » Voice over IP » Linksys PAP2 change from Vonage to Broadvoice: Review of Hard, Soft and Firm IP Phones - LINKS!
Aswath Weblog: Gone Native?: "It is interesting to compare Gizmo to pulverCommunicator. Both are SIP based and both have plans to distribute to others with the ability to brand it. But pC has texting capability that is missing from Gizmo. Call-me link feature of pC is not widely discussed, but I hope Gizmo adds in a future release. pC does not support a wideband codec. But it can be unlocked and used with any other SIP based service. As far as I can determine Gizmo is locked to use only SIPPhone. This is from the company that sued Vonage for locking their ATAs. Have they gone native? In the same vein, I wish they supported Speex, an open source and loyalty free codec."
Gizmo – A free phone for your computer: Access Numbers - "If you need to receive a call to your Gizmo account from the traditional phone system, you can do it for free with an Access Number. Anyone calling one of the 20 access numbers below can simply press 1 for the SIPphone network, and then enter your Gizmo account number followed by #" & Call Out Rates & Calling Other VoIP Networks & Call Recording, ... - COOL
SIPatH - An Open Source VoIP Server for Embedded Linux Devices Project: "Tom's Networking awards us with a link. We say: Thank you, Tom." - see other WRT54G projects & hacks - START!
Mr Blog Entry - 02/22/2005: It's here, the user owned phone system: "The rebels are at it again. This time they've built a free, open-source VoIP platform for embedded devices. It's a VoIP PBX in box, a cheap affordable box. The box, in fact, is a common Linksys router. It's called SIPatH (hey nobody said geeks know how to name products)."
SIPatH Open Source Project for Broadcom based hardware VoIP Router - Tech Observer: "Ever wished for your own VoIP PBX at home? SIPatH is an Open Source Project aiming on making your Broadcom based hardware router a fully qualified VoIP Router."

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

SIPatH - An Open Source VoIP Server for Embedded Linux Devices Project: "Ever wished for your own VoIP PBX at home? SIPatH is an Open Source Project aiming on making your Broadcom based hardware router a fully qualified VoIP Router. This is tried to be accomplished by an approach consisting of three steps:
  1. Flashing the Router with OpenWrt Linux
  2. Configuring OpenWrt and installing the SIPatH packages
  3. Setting the SIPatH Router IP as the Outbound Proxy in your IP Phones Config Interface"

[listed under '3rd Party Software' on SIP Server: SIP Express Router page] - START!
Mr Blog Entry - 08/05/2004: Another open-standards Skype competitor: "we have PhoneGaim, another Skype-like application."
Mr Blog Entry - 07/01/2005: puts out another IM/voice Skype alternative: " really stresses the open standard and interoperability aspects of Gizmo and for my part, I couldn't agree more. They do say 'Gizmo matches Skype's features plus adds some neat ones' and I'm not sure I'd go that far yet. The app does look really good on Mac OS X and is perhaps the best looking Voice/IM app I've seen, especially one that supports SIP. The first thing I noticed missing in Gizmo was a 'Find People' option to find people on the network. Without that, the 'nobody to talk to problem' (the fax problem) smacks one in the face right away. I don't think Gizmo matches Skype's built-in multi-chat and conferencing capabilities yet either. I'm sure Skype aficionados will find many things that Gizmo won't do yet."
Mr Blog Entry - 08/12/2005: A few SIP RFCs to watch
JRockit: "Staffan Larsen is a staff engineer working on the JRockit product, which he co-founded back in 1998"
Share Skype: "SkypeWeb will enable you to let others know when you are free and make it easy for them to reach you from any Web site, blog, email, or just about anything that can speak HTML. SkypeWeb extends Skype beyond your contact list and lets people connect with you via Skype even if they are not a Skype user." - IMPORTANT
Blue Digits - VM Rover - Voicemail Client: "More and more telecommunication companies are giving customers access to their voicemail via the internet. For most people this is a useful and sometimes necessary product offering. With the advent of VOIP proliferation, accessing voicemail via the internet will become common place."
SIPphone Releases Gizmo Project 1.0 With Agreement to Connect With Google Talk; Free Net Calling Software Debuts With Voicemail, Call Record, Blasts, Conferencing and Upcoming Peering With Google & Gizmo – A free phone for your computer & SIPphone - Call worldwide over your Internet connection with any phone: "Below is a useful reference of common SIP numbers"
Digium™ - The Asterisk Telephony Company: "announce the immediate availability of AstWind, a package allowing users of Microsoft's Windows platform to run Asterisk, the Open Source PBX in a fully packet voice installation" & The AstWind installer can be downloaded as a single executable file from N2Net's high performance FTP cluster located at: & README.AstWind
FrontPage - Cooperative Linux Wiki & GettingStarted: "CoLinux is a wonderful tool for running Linux under Windows; it allows you to run a full-fledged Linux computer with no extra partitions, inside Windows. More information can be found at the main site. Here is what I have found out so far, that will hopefully be helpful to others." :: View topic - Skype for Linux API testers wanted: "Asterisk allows all of us to become our own BT or telcoms and gives 100 % control over any type of calls you make. Where is skype's IVR, recording of conversations, interface to any hardware or PABX out there and the rest... Users and companies worldwide have chosen allready they want good calls and most large communities are still very hard to convince to use software phones, this is why the hardware support build into Asterisk beats Skype every time. not only does Asterisk bridge SIP, IAX and POTS but is written so any middleware and any software solution you own today can be added without any hassle whatsoever, the same is true for the hardweare you use today. Smart IT managers are now migrating to Asterisk."
VenChar: Skype API: "Call-center and IVR solutions - Although Skype has so far been designed primarily with individual communication needs in mind, it can be used to provide business-class calling services through the Skype API. Businesses can provide Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions where the software answers the inbound Skype call and provides the user with automated choices and selections in combination with a back-end system. This could be used for ticket booking, payment, pizza ordering and many other services. The IVR system can be either fully automatic or a combination of operator/automatic usage. For service monitoring purposes, the calls to operators can be recorded and later screened using regular audio manipulating tools on a standard PC. The information can be automatically stored and emailed."
Skype Journal: Why Skype needs Google: "Goodbye IVR systems, hello rich media, up-sells, rapid navigation, and ease of use. The future of VoIP is more than cool icons and graphic design."
Skype Journal: Why Skype needs Google
Skype Journal: Does Skype eat its children?: "Using the Skype API the Development Community created Web Presence Applications, integrations to e-mail systems like Outlook, and browsers like Internet Explorer, along with voice messaging/answering systems, like Pamela. In each case Skype moved into these tested and proven markets, following thus eating the children they had spawned."
Google Talk ... Hands on test --I'm underwhlemed -- Blog Consulting & Professional Blogging a View from the Isle: "Google, though IMHO, missed the mark by launching a application that only adds to the Balkanization of the IM world. To quote Chris Pirillo: 'Remember how you couldn't send emails to your friends who used Eudora, because you were using Pine? That's because it never happened.'"
HarperCollins Publishers -- Audiobooks
Really Useful Fitness Blog: Metabolism-Boosting Secrets by Fitness News (Fab Abs: The Secrets Revealed)
Really Useful Fitness Blog: 10 Healthy Reasons to Drink Tea & Green Tea Health Benefits
Really Useful Fitness Blog: Potentially Dangerous Gym Exercises - HEALTH
White Papers — eBay Developers Program: Which to Use: The eBay API or the eBay SDK?, Building an eBay Business,...
Spring Framework :: View topic - How to using activemq in spring
Wry Tradesman - Wry Tradesman: Web Services from a Spring Enabled Web-App
Spring Framework :: View topic - When is remoting not even necessary?
Spring Framework :: View topic - Which remoting protocol to use in 3-tier architecture: "ms % Task name: 00312 011% hessianProxy, 00500 018% burlapProxy, 00281 010% httpInvokerProxy, 01750 062% jaxRpcProxy"
Windows XP Home and Professional Service Pack 2 Service Configurations by Black Viper
Free Electrons - Free Software for electronic devices: Embedded Linux From Scratch in 40 minutes!
Creativity techniques and creative tools for problem solving
MySQL AB :: Managing Hierarchical Data in MySQL
WAP Tutorial
A Study of Website Navigation Methods
particletree · Get Your JavaScript Groove On: "There’s got to be a million different strategies to approaching a JavaScript project. And since I’m always interested in trying to improve the resources and techniques I use to work on our projects, it seems appropriate to share my JavaScript development environment in case anyone might have suggestions for improvement." - LINKS
oe magazine - photofakery: "Although image analysis tools can help detect many fake images, currently there is no way to stop somebody from spending the time and resources to make a fake image that is not detectible. All one can do is hope that an inconsistency can be found, thus indicating that the image is fake. Methods currently being developed, such as image stenography and control coding in printers, can aid in the prevention and detection of altered images that are passed off as real images. Two great references for checking the authenticity of images being distributed on the Internet are The Museum of Hoaxes and Urban Legends Reference Pages. For further reading on fake images, a good reference is Photo Fakery, by Dino Brugioni."
ActiveMQ - JCA Container: "So we do recommend you migrate to Jencks whenever its easy for you to do so; projects such as Lingo and ServiceMix already have and it was an easy migration." & ActiveMQ - How do I use JMS efficiently: "Using pure JMS on the client side is fine. However in server side applications (such as services consuming requests from a queue), if you wish to consume messages fast and efficiently you should use JCA Java Connector Architecture."
Spring Framework :: View Forum - Remoting and JMS: Spring Framework :: View topic - How to start ActiveMq broker from spring xml configuration?: "Indeed this is Spring's way to execute the start() function, however, my problem lies elsewhere. I am at loss on how to wire Activemq together with Spring within Tomcat to start a JMS listener that is available for remote clients to connect to and start pumping messages into." - TIPS!
Post by WAP? « WordPress Support & WordPress Wap « WordPress Support & WordPress Wiki - Plugin: "Browse your weblog entries on a WAP enabled mobile phone."
Mambo - A PHP & MySQL Content Management System - Dream Features For 5.0 Release Request: "1. Mobile device capability: Install sometype of WAP, PocketPC, Sprint PCS Web Browser, and other mobile device browser adaptability... using this you can view mambo through wap" & Wap Portal Server - wmlbrowser for Firefox
A2Z: Web-based contact management: "simple and efficient web-based address book powered by PHP & MySQL. It all started a few months ago when I was looking for a simple web-based solution to store my contacts."
A Really, Really, Really Good Introduction to XML [XML, XSLT & Web Services]
Dee Zsombor's blog: How to build an AJAX-ed spellchecker with Ruby On Rails: "OK I'm exaggerating the spellchecker is already built, we will only add a simple AJAX based front-end to the best spellchecker I've seen. For interacting with Aspell we have two choices. One option would be the command line, keeping an aspell process in the background and feeding it text via pipes. This is how Emacs and other programs do it. Second option, and the one I'm going to use it here, is calling the native functions implemented in the Aspell library. Luckily a ruby binding to Aspell called raspell is already available."