Friday, September 29, 2006 - Blocking List ( )
Image and Image Exact Sizes vs. Imagefield and ImageCache | Lullabot: "Suppose you have a site such as an e-commerce site, and you want to upload an image for each product. Suppose further that you have several sizes you want that image to be displayed in, depending on where you are in the site..."

Thursday, September 28, 2006 Jabra JX-10 Bluetooth Headset: Cell Phones & Service: "I've tested most of the name brand headsets out there, including the Motorola HS820/850, Jabra BT800, Sony Ericsson, and others, and this one is by far the best one yet overall... on the phone all day long, making & receiving calls while in the car, at lunch, at home, and everywhere in between, so I needed something light, small, and with great battery run time, that can stay on my ear comfortably and unobtrusively..." & Reviews - Jabra JX10 Bluetooth Headset
Build HTTPS Web services with Rational Application Developer, Part 2: Configure HTTPS Web services
Bill Tancer - Hitwise US: Latest Search Numbers: Google Climbs Back Above 60%
Netgear's Breakthrough SSL VPN Gateway | Tom's Networking: "In a previous article, I wrote about a software-based open-source SSL VPN solution called SSL-Explorer, which can turn a PC on your network into a very nice full-featured VPN gateway. This time we will take a look at the ProSafe SSL VPN Concentrator 25 SSL312, a newly-available hardware-based remote access SSL VPN solution from the folks at Netgear."
Debugging Drupal with Activestate Komodo | Drupal UK

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

How To Build A Personal Nodetracker | What Would Drupal Do?
Remote PHP Debugging on Intel-based Macs with Komodo | SysArchitects
jQuery DrupalCon Talk | Steven Wittens - "If you're interested in the slides, you can download them in PDF format." & 'New Wave' JavaScript in Drupal: jQuery | Steven Wittens - & Add jQuery integration to your Drupal 4.7 site | What Would Drupal Do?
The Digg Effect Analyzed | "This site is based on the excellent Drupal CMS. Now, I have a confession to make. I actually haven't been prepared to be announced on a such high profile site like Meaning, I didn't have caching enabled, I didn't have throttling mechanism configured, in fact, I haven't done anything to optimize this site for such a high traffic. Also, it is hosted on a shared hosting server, so at the first moment when I noticed large number of visitors, I was thinking 'Oh, no, everything is going to collapse!'."
drupalcon brussels | walkah: "Module development tutorial: pants module - This was arguably the most fun I've had doing a presentation ever. I got some great feedback, and maybe (just maybe) will give at least a version again in the future. grab the PDF. Files and Multimedia - another take on a talk I've given a couple times now... always a good one. there's always a new idea or two about how media should be handled. grab the PDF."
An open letter to calgary transit about opening up their API | Sami Khan: "I was thinking about somethhing a bit more complex like getting the entire route from point A to B, but this would be a nice start and all it would require would be some RSS with lat/lon attached to it. GEORSS format."
Drupal Podcast No. 24: Brussels DrupalCon 2006 | Lullabot - LINKS
Drupal Class | Dudertown
Choosing your system architecture for large scale Dupal deployment. |
Hundreds of US Bloggers Have Wikipedia Pages by Blogging Pro
Headline Information Overload by Blogging Pro: "Everything you have ever wanted to know about headlines and titles, Lorelle has mentioned in her recent post entitled Creating Effective, Attention-Getting Headlines and Titles"
To tag or to tree? | urlgreyhot: "So, this may not be a very clear answer to the question about best practices for taxonomy. It does serve as a cautionary tale about how being very descriptive and maintaining relationships within one hierarchy can leave you with maintenance concerns as you scale up. In terms of ease of entry using Drupal, creating facets within one taxonomy might make it easier to select terms when you are creating new content and doing free tagging using one field in Drupal. But organizationally speaking, that approach seems to presents you with some challenging display and maintenance issues, for now at least."
Successful Blog - Write a Book? Assemble the One in Your Archives!
SitePoint Forums - Search Engine Articles and Resources

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Consumer Information: The Strategis Guide to Resources for Canadian Consumers
Google Directory > Consumer Information > Advocacy and Protection > Organizations: "1) Better Business Bureau, U.S. and Canada - Helping consumers and businesses maintain an ethical marketplace. 2) TRUSTe - Independent, non-profit, global initiative aimed at building trust and confidence in online transactions through the adoption of a branded trustmark informing users of how personal information is handled by online organizations. 3) Consumers Union - Materials developed by Consumers Union's advocacy offices on a variety of consumer issues, including health care, financial services, food safety, and product safety. 4) Canadian Council of Better Business Bureaus - The Canadian Council of Better Business Bureaus (CCBBB) is located in Ottawa , Ontario, Canada, and is the governing body of the 14 Better Business Bureaus across Canada..."

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

IT Business : Computing Canada: "Examples of useful, good looking Drupal-powered sites are starting to appear amongst the thousands of existing deployments. The best example up here are for Industry Canada's Communications Research Centre, and the Project Opus music download site. I use it for a number of sites, including of course The Canadian Association for Open Source. That site, with the help of webmaster Gerry Singleton, integrated Drupal with Oakville-based Internet Secure's payment system in order to be able to take CLUE memberships online."
White Paper: Best Practices for Accelerating Problem Resolution in .NET Applications and Web Services

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Web 2.0 Campaign Tool Launched - | OpenConcept Consulting: "OpenConcept has launched a public campaign tool designed to allow individuals to send targeted emails to their Member of Parliament or to other targets. This is the culmination of years of work on online advocacy, and is based on the Drupal CMS."

Sunday, September 17, 2006

E-Commerce News: Small Business: Can a Small Biz Make It Online?: "It makes sense to invest in at least a basic analytics package and understand conversion rates, which pages are the most popular, and what products are the best-sellers, said Sucharita Mulpuru of Forrester Research. 'Then companies can look to big competitors for where to expand to next, and which customer-friendly features it may make sense to integrate next.'"
HTML e-mail marketing: Where do customers click? : Web site effectiveness blog: Rick Whittington Consulting & iMedia Connection: Testing Emails Offering Services: "Total sales on ALL offers with the email that tried to promote 4 different offers were only 24. The email which focused on just one free service outperformed it by 464 percent."
Why hire a consultant for a web site redesign? : Web site effectiveness blog: Rick Whittington Consulting
A "Big 10" List for Link Builders |
Google Code - Sitemaps Third Party Programs & Websites
Increase Alexa Ranking by Alexa Toolbar Visitors
A Practical Tutorial on Getting Started with Drupal CVS | Nick Lewis: The Blog
Google Success | SEO tips and articles for top ranking in Google: "Secrets of getting Natural Search Engine Traffic: I am sure you will find these videos very informative:"
SEOmoz Blog | Offline Buying & Advanced Analytics: "So SEW (and several other folks) pointed to a study today from Comscore & Google that shows a very high percentage of Internet surfing results in a latent, offline purchase."
Google Analytics Blog: Spotlight on: How to read the ROI column
Google Success | SEO tips and articles for top ranking in Google: "Google Ranking Tips: You can check Matt Cutt’s blog about Questions about Google You can also check them directly by coing to Google Video."
Google Success | SEO tips and articles for top ranking in Google: "Importance of Sitemaps for Google Success"
Google Analytics Blog: Tip: Tracking 404 Pages
Free conversion rate tips : Web site effectiveness blog: Rick Whittington Consulting: "Here’s a link to the free PDF of the chapter titled Converting Browsers into Buyers."
Blog Marketing, Blog Promotion for Newbies » Blog Archive » Google Analytics’ Companion - Conversion University
this just in » Tracking Offline Advertising With Google Analytics: "If you don’t know how to use GA to track your advertising campaigns stop reading this and start reading the GA support docs :) " & Conversion University - Tracking and Testing: "If you run offline campaigns, for example on TV or in print, you may be considering how to best track campaign ROI. Offline campaigns that refer the reader or viewer to a URL can be tracked using Google Analytics. Here are four approaches you can use." & Conversion University - Tracking and Testing: "Track offline brand lift campaigns."
DIY Loudspeaker Projects (via DIY:happy)
DIY:happy » Color Jack Beta: "online color management application that will help you come up with complimentary (or clashing) color schemes for your website or art project."
Every Video Game Online | Dudertown: " has quite the impressive video game library, NES, Genesis, TG16 and more, the thing is that they're all playable from a web browser via java emulators."
Stu Nicholls | CSSplay | Experiments with cascading style sheets | Home page (via
Communication Skills for Bloggers by Blogging Pro & The 9 Most Important Words for Business Bloggers by Blogging Pro
The APC and Web Networks Release Drupal Usability Report | "This report is divided into two areas of study: a usability guideline review and the stakeholder review of Drupal usability."
The Atom Publishing Protocol - draft & blogapps: Blogapps - useful RSS/Atom examples and utilities
Set all paths to "absolute" | "Found this out by referring to tinymce manual here:"
Views And Front Pages, A Short Drupal How-To | Angry Donuts: "The easiest way to get an example of this is, at least at the moment, to view the this demo, which is an alternative version of this site’s front page. How did I do this?"

Saturday, September 16, 2006

IBM developerworks feedback, best practices for maintaining Drupal installs | Bryght & developerWorks : Sample IT projects: Using open source software to design, develop, and deploy a collaborative Web site
Proof spammers are no good | CMS Report: "The Akismet module for Drupal is now at version 1.1.2 and available at"
Drupal: Lesson 006: Building Themes Part 1 & Lesson 007: Building Themes Part 2 | Dudertown
Quickstart Guide - CRM - CiviCRM Wiki & Administrator Guide - CRM - CiviCRM Wiki
Announcing CiviCRM 1.5 | "CiviCRM is the first open source and freely downloadable constituent relationship management solution. CiviCRM is web-based, internationalized, and designed specifically to meet the needs of advocacy, non-profit and non-governmental groups."
Dudertown Screencasts of Drupal | "Over at you can find a nice set of articles with screencasts of howto’s / best practices when it comes to implementing and administrating a Drupal site. You can subscribe to the RSS feed of this section as well. Both for beginning Drupal administrators, people who are interested in using Drupal for a future project as well as for Drupal users that have been around for longer, worth checking out. The casts self are long (without being lengthy), in depth (without losing the audience) and very useful with lots of information. So be sure to check them out, there are currently 8 screencasts online."

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

whitepaper Taxonomy and freetagging as the spine of the site |
Drupal Podcast No. 23: Summer of Code Wrapup | Lullabot
Using open source software to design, develop, and deploying a collaborative Web site, Part 6: Building a custom module in Drupal: "In this article you learn how to create a very simple, custom module to provide announcements on a Web site. The information should not be interpreted as a rigid set of development guidelines, but rather, as a place to start when building your own custom modules. In many cases we provide a quick introduction to topics and refer to the Drupal documentation to provide in-depth details."

Monday, September 11, 2006

OpenXML Developer : View revisions to a WordprocessingML document in a browser
Flixible date arguments |
Voting API Field for CCK |
Documentation email list | "First steps toward reworking the About section"
Topix Expands Archives, Adds Search Options: "Of course Topix covers several more categories of news besides local and area-based, for an insanely-huge list of all their topics, visit And don’t forget, kids — every topic has an RSS feed!" - example feed Richmond Hill, ON News
FlickrStickr: New Flickr photo integration into Drupal (redux) | Development Seed Blog

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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Friday, September 08, 2006

Your Free Bonus: David Garfinkel's World Copywriting Newsletter: 11 Copy Secrets

Thursday, September 07, 2006

How to handle text in a secure fashion | "When handling and outputting text in HTML, you need to be careful that proper filtering or escaping is done. Otherwise there might be bugs when users try to use angle brackets or ampersands, or worse you could open up XSS exploits."

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Best Schools in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Fraser Institute - Tax Facts 14: "The book has been written with two distinct purposes in mind: first, to provide a non-technical do-it-yourself manual so that the average Canadian family can estimate how much tax it pays; and second, to update a statistic, first published in 1976, that we call the Canadian Consumer Tax Index. This index measures how much the tax bill of an average Canadian family has increased since 1961 and by how much it is changing currently. In other words, it measures changes in the price that Canadians pay for government. "
Drupal Spam module v2
SitePoint Blogs » Hot PHP UTF-8 tips & SitePoint Blogs » Scripters UTF-8 Survival Guide (slides) & SitePoint Blogs » UTF-8 Survival at
SitePoint Blogs » Ubuntu Add-Ons with PHP: "Exif Manipulation"
SitePoint Blogs » Open Source Image Archiving: Exif, IPTC, XMP and all that
PR Services We Recommend | "Inewswire, Press World, PR Newswire Direct, AddPR, PRFree, promotion, PRWeb, 24-7 Press Release, PR Leap, PressZoom, Free Press Release, 24 7 Press Release,, ..." & Google Directory - News > Breaking News > Official Press Releases & Google Directory - News > Media > Services > Business Services for Media & I came across a well-written press release this morning from Roger Flowers, a real estate agent in Yucapia, California. He recently upgraded his Web site with aerial mapping and lots of embedded, local information, and wanted to get the word out.
The Linux Advocate: GIMP vs. Photoshop - What still needs to be done?
SitePoint Blogs » Flickr mySQL DBA Blog: "one of Flickr’s db / software engineers has been dropping notes on his new blog mySQL DBA—some fascinating insight and technical tips..."
Google Analytics Blog: Heard at SES: "Regardless of which you choose, you have incredible flexibility with Google Analytics. If you hire an in-house analyst or if you analyze the data yourself, you've got many resources including this blog, the Conversion University, the Help Center, built-in product Help, and the Google Group. For those who want to hire a professional services firm, we've got a world class international network of Google Analytics Authorized Consultants."
Google Analytics Help Center - What is a website profile and what can I do with it?: "You can also use profiles to track subdomains separately, by setting up filters on the profile to return data only from that subdomain. We've provided instructions on setting this up - please read How do I track all of the subdomains for my site in separate profiles?"
Google Analytics Blog: Tip: Goals without e-commerce: "To learn more, take a look at the Conversion University article 'Monetizing Non-Ecommerce Sites.'"
Google Analytics Blog: Tip: 4 steps to site optimization
A Review of Node Review Modules | Lullabot: "Overwhelmed by the number of similarly-named Evaluation and Rating modules? This article will show you what each node review module does in order to help make the decision on which one to use for your purposes a bit easier." (Drupal)
Starting a podcast from scratch « Blog
Videocasting for iTunes made easy - Drupal howto | Development Seed Blog

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Google Book Search provides free PDFs for out of copyright work | urlgreyhot
New Drupal Theme(s) |
Blogging Roller: Java isn't just Python without the cool language features: "You can get all those goodies from Jython and JRuby and Groovy, which all run via Java VM."
A. Sundararajan's Weblog: "A Scriptlet is a Java applet written in JavaScript. With scriptlets, developers use a predefined applet class (called com.sun.scriptlet.Scriptlet) and define an applet param which identifies a JavaScript."
Converting Any Template Into a WordPress Theme by Blogging Pro

Friday, September 01, 2006

Replacing the Drupal Dashboard | CMS Report: Replacing the Drupal Dashboard: "If you are interested in the panels module, I encourage you to read Earl Miles original post."
Exciting weekend for Drupal | "The file based cache was an interesting issue. In HEAD, Drupal contains at least two interesting improvements: partial bootstrap using drupal_bootstrap and the ability to have pluggable cache mechanisms." & HOWTO: Benchmark Drupal code |