Friday, July 30, 2004

The Code Project - Customize a panel with Autoscroll property - C# Controls
The Code Project - URL Rewriting with ASP.NET - ASP.NET
TheServerSide.NET - TSS Featured Entry: "Dependency Injection and Dynamic Service Locators in .NET - Daniel Cazzulino analyzes Fowler's article, 'Inversion of Control Containers and the Dependency Injection pattern', that implies that lightweight containers are a new concept fuelled by the Java community unsatisfied with heavyweight EJB containers. Daniel points out that .NET supported and heavily used this approach since its very early bits, released back in PDC'00."
JetBrains announces ReSharper 1.0: Visual Studio Plugin: "Resharper de JetBrains, Partie 1 []
Resharper de JetBrains, Partie 2 []"
IronPython: A fast Python implementation for .NET and Mono
Python joins the CLR Home Page - The SQL Server 2005 Community Web site
TheServerSide.NET - TSS Featured Entry: "Daniel Cazzulino compares the features and functionality of EIF (Enterprise Instrumentation Framework) to that of the Open Source port of log4j called log4net."
TheServerSide.NET - TSS Article
Accessing Text Files using ODBC Data Provider: "This article is an unedited part of Chapter 11: Working with ODBC .NET Data Provider from A Programmer's Guide to ADO.NET in C# book. This chapter teaches you how to work with various data sources such as Oracle, MySQL, Excel, Access, Text, and Sybase using ODBC data provider."
The ADO Guy: "How do I open an Excel file in ADO.NET?"
iBATIS Database Layer 1.2 now available
JavaRanch Big Moose Saloon: Stored Procedure with Hibernate
Pratocity: "JFaceDbc is a cross platform database tool, written as an Eclipse plugin. JFaceDbc enables multiple simultaneous connections to many different databases. It has a rich database structure viewer, and a rich SQL editor with syntax highlighting and table names auto-completing.
You can use the Graphical Database Visualizer to inspect relationships among tables. A 'Differences Finder' can look for differences between schemas or catalogs.
If your JDBC driver supports scrollable result set, you can also directly edit table data. "
Hibernate - Custom sql and Stored procedures
Angsuman�s Blog � To Hibernate or not? - A commentary on ORM�s and few recommendations
TechnoTourette: The simple alternative to Hibernate
Chris's Free Developer Tools: "This is a set of .NET, COM and Win32 tools that Chris Sells has built and contributed to the world. You may use them without royalty (and without support) in your compiled code. You may not redistribute the source code."
Visual C# Developer Center: Refactoring C# Code Using Visual Studio 2005

Thursday, July 29, 2004

The Code Project - DBGrid for JSP - Java Programming
Hibernate - Online Documentation
Memory Dump: "Backup/Restore to/from XML using Hibernate "
[#HB-493] ReverseXMLDatabinder and some improvments to XMLDatabinder - Hibernate JIRA
Rockford Lhotka on Microsoft .NET: "This page contains some articles or notes about Microsoft .NET."
A P R E S S . C O M | Books for Professionals, by Professionals ...: "Code Generation in Microsoft .NET"
A P R E S S . C O M | Books for Professionals, by Professionals ...: "Expert C# Business Objects reveals the opportunities available through .NET. You will learn to make informed decisions about developing your enterprise C# projects."
CSLA .NET: "This email discussion list provides a forum for information and discussion about Rockford Lhotka's Expert One-on-One Visual Basic .NET Business Objects book and the related CSLA .NET framework."
Rockford Lhotka - Distributed Object-Oriented systems, SOA and Java?
Rockford Lhotka: "In Rockford Lhotka's Expert One-on-One Visual Basic .NET Business Objects and Expert C# Business Objects books you'll learn how to use remoting, serialization, object-oriented programming and other technologies available in .NET to create distributed object-oriented applications. Better still, the books include CSLA .NET, a framework on which you can base your application development. By using the concepts and framework in the book you can focus more on your business issues, and less on technology issues."

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Ten Must-Have Tools Every Developer Should Download Now START!
ASMX's 'HelloWorld' as it is supposed to be - VS team look!
Transactional (DTC) Receive on MSMQ brings legacy system on its knees.: "Once up on a time when the world was all about NT we were able to both send and receive messages from a local message queue as well as a remote message queue. As the cream on top the cake it was even possible to enlist this work in a transaction coordinated the DTC('s). This article gives you a more detailed view on what was possible with MSMQ & MTS at that time. As of today a mission critical application started to fail and since we recently updated our application server to Win2k we're assuming we overlooked some compatibility issues. A colleague did some digging in the Microsoft documentation and found the following disturbing information."
XML Developer Center: XML in the .NET Framework: An Introduction to the XML Tools in Visual Studio 2005: "This article is an introduction to the XML Editor and the XSLT Debugger in Visual Studio 2005 (formerly known by the codename 'Whidbey'). "
NT Backup reloaded: "I already mused about NT Backup before. Since then things started to go a bit sideways in terms of reliability of disk backups immediately followed by Exchange 2003 backup. For some reason media manager refused to recognise that disk backup has finished and Exchange dump was consistently failing. Poking around yielded the following update to the batch (set names are now really nice :-)."
Tutorial: Developing Your First Spring Web Application: "TSS has excerpted a chapter from the 'Spring Live' book, by Matt Raible, that shows you how to write a simple Spring web application using the Struts MVC framework for the front end, Spring for the middle-tier glue, and Hibernate for the back end. "
Ashutosh Nilkanth's Blog � SQL Jobs Auto-backup
MyXaml - Home: "the most extensive open source XAML effort on the planet (not to be confused with Microsoft's codename--see FAQ). MyXaml offers developers declarative markup capabilities to your .NET 1.1 and 2.0, and ASP.NET applications using a markup language called XAML (pronounced as 'Zamel'). This new technology will give developers and end users alike the ability to use an XML-based approach to dynamically define and use the application's interface."
The Future of Syndication in SharePoint: "A common requested feature for SharePoint sites is to produce RSS feeds based on the contents of a SharePoint list or document library. Even Scoble asked for it, and it�s still not available! :-) Luckily there is a great SharePoint community that has created some nice solutions. "
Reading, listing and adding files to a .ZIP with .NET code
Marquee de Sells: Chris's insight outlet: "What Makes A Book Successful?"
Securing online content and images
Performance Analysis and Capacity Planning
Visual Basic: Coding4Fun: Add a Quick Poll to Your Web Site: "Duncan Mackenzie describes his process to build a 'Quick Poll' using Visual Basic and ASP.NET."
On Designing Extensible, Versionable XML Formats
Microsoft patterns & practices: Enterprise Library "is a major new release of the patterns & practices Application Blocks, which are reusable software components designed to assist developers with common enterprise development challenges. Enterprise Library 1.0 will bring together new releases of the most widely reusable blocks into a single integrated download." START!
Word XML is so much easier for accessing document properties
ASP.NET Development Center Home: Making an ASP.NET Web Site Accessible: "Take advantage of inheritance in the .NET Framework to extend ASP.NET classes to make them generate ASP.NET code that is fully accessible to people with disabilities." - The WAI, WCAG, and Section 508
ASP.NET Home: ASP.NET Whidbey: Migrating from ASP.NET 1.x to ASP.NET 2.0: "Explores features new to ASP.NET 2.0 from ASP.NET 1.x that offer developers a better set of options for Web development within the .NET Framework. Also discusses how the architecture of ASP.NET has changed to support a greater variety of options for compilation and deployment. "
Reporting: Deliver User-Friendly Reports from Your Application with SQL Server Reporting Services -- MSDN Magazine, August 2004
Windows Deployment and Resource Kits ... The IIS 6.0 Resource Kit (available for download from Windows Deployment and Resource Kits) contains several valuable tools including one—selfssl.exe—which makes it very easy to create and install a self-signed SSL certificate for testing purposes...
Test Run: Test Automation for ASP.NET Web Apps with SSL -- MSDN Magazine, August 2004
Go Ahead, Mock Me
Authentication in web services with HttpWebRequest: "NOTE: The code below uses the .NET 2.0 framework (Visual Studio 2005)."
Redirect web services at run time
New PowerToys for OneNote 2003 SP1
.Net2TheMax: .NET Browser - Assemblies: "Use this browser to explore all the assemblies, namespaces, types, and members in version 1.1 and 2.0 of the Microsoft .NET Framework; quickly determine which items have been added, removed, or modified from previous version;"
A simple InfoPath blog editor for .Text Designing Extensible, Versionable XML Formats
Test Driven Development with NUnit - Test First Development of Business Object - C# .NET - Sarasota Florida
Simplified Database Unit testing using Enterprise Services
NUnit - Database Testing and Automatic Rollback - Unit Testing: "Roy has come up with NUnitX, which is a custom version of the NUnit Framework with a rollback attribute."
Maximum Solutions: "The Java Specialists' Newsletter Archive"
Use an Oracle API to Extract and Store Database Objects' DDL: "The usual method for extracting DDL commands from objects (such as database tables, indexes, constraints, triggers, etc.) involves extracting the metadata from those objects and storing it in memory. While there are many scripts capable of doing this, they are usually incomplete and out-of-date. Luckily, Oracle 9.2 provides an API that does the trick: the DBMS_METADATA package. "
Visual Studio 2005: Bridge the Gap Between Development and Operations with Whitehorse -- MSDN Magazine, July 2004: "This article discusses:The Whitehorse SOA designer, The Visual Studio 2005 Class Designer, Generating diagrams from code, Generating code from diagrams"
2004 Borland Conference: All Sessions
PERL Regular Expressions
C#Builder Personal Download and Activation File
Redirect module: "Credit goes to Craig Andera for his nifty XmlSerializer section handler, and to Keith Brown for lending his regular expression expertise. You can download the module complete with a sample config file here."
Why you shouldn't be using passwords of any kind on your Windows networks . . .
Tom's Hardware Guide Mobile Devices: iRiver's iFP-1090 Reverse Engineers MP3 Player with Digital Camera - Introduction
Web Parts: "These downloadable Web Parts for use with Microsoft SharePoint™ Products and Technologies, are free of charge and are not supported by Microsoft unless otherwise noted."
The Code Project - SoapMSMQ Transport - C# WebServices
Customized command prompt
soap.mqseries:// sample: "I put together a sample showing how IBM MQ Series (aka WebSphere MQ) can be used as an alternative transport for Web Services."
Welcome to my Reporting Services Sleazy Hacks blog
Building Advanced Reporting Services Applications
Smart Client Application Model and the .NET Framework 1.1
Solving Business Problems with SQL Server 2005 Data Mining: "Data Mining is about exploring your data, finding patterns and performing predictions. Where querying and analysis tells you what, data mining tells you why and how." - Home: "information and open-source projects specifically targeting the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework."
SSL Requests from ASP.NET
My Architecture
Editing ASP.NET 1.1 site with Whidbey: "So you like new Whidbey features like intellisense enverywhere but you only have ASP.NET 1.1 hosting? Have an existing ASP.NET 1.1 site to take care of? Sounds like me ;-)"
Tools for Capacity Planning
Download details: Building Secure ASP .NET Applications .pdf Download
How To: Use Forms Authentication with SQL Server 2000
I'm thinking of adding login/registration to my personal site...
RDV - Nas, vas i njihov radio
Research places: "In order to check latest research works in computer science, I usually check research and labs sites. Here is a little list:"
LAME MP3 encoder and other high quality encoding - decoding tools
Audiograbber, CD-ripper for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Windows - Audio - Audio recorders
C# Express RSS Screen Saver Starter Kit: "One of my favorite features of C# Express is the built-in RSS Screen saver Starter Kit. If you�ve never built a screensaver before, or if you have never written code that uses RSS, then you�ll find the RSS Screen saver a great way to start programming."
Pulling Images from Google using C# Express: "Integrate this with our RSS Screensaver Starter Kit so that your screensaver can automatically change background images based on images in"
Cristian Darie: Programmer and Computer Book Author: "NEW! Updated source code and sample chapter downloads for Beginning ASP.NET 1.1 E-Commerce (2nd edition)"
SharePoint Thoughts - Discussion view: "Debugging Web Parts - a full explanation of the requirements"

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

dasBlonde - More on Services, Physical Tiers and Component Boundaries
Download details: Application Architecture for .NET: Designing Applications and Services: "Designing Applications and Services provides architecture- and design-level guidance for application architects and developers who need to build distributed solutions with the Microsoft� .NET Framework." PDF!
Designing the Components of an Application or Service
"All" Parameter Value
Media Portal Test Drive
.:: Media Portal ::. The ultimate opensource HTPC / Media center / PVR: "Media Portal turns your PC in a very advanced multi mediacenter / HTPC. "
The Web services empire strikes back - Inner Workings XML on the Web Has Failed: "There must have been a moment, at the beginning, where we could have said ... no. Somehow we missed it. Well, we'll know better next time..."
Asynchronous Regular Expressions using the ThreadPool and a cancellation model.
Microsoft Certifications: Overview
Certification and a new feature: "310 exam (Services: Remoting, Windows Services, Web Services and Enterprise Services)."
TopXML : SQLXML - Updategrams
SQL Server 2000 - XML UpdateGrams: "We have implemented the feature of XML Updategrams in one of our recent projects, I was very much attracted by the ease coding and performance provided by this new feature in SQL 2000. Now this is the time where many are talking about SQL Server Express and Yukon, But I think this might be useful to many developing for SQL 2000."
Office Developer Center: Getting Started: Developing with Visio 2003
Reporting: Deliver User-Friendly Reports from Your Application with SQL Server Reporting Services -- MSDN Magazine, August 2004
XMLNuke Content Management System: "XMLNuke CSharp Edition will be released next week running both under Win32 (Microsoft Systems) and Linux (Mono Project). "
7 Keys to Cleaning Up Your XML Code [OETrends.Com]
InfoPath 2003 Toolkit for Visual Studio .NET & Office 2003 SP1 Version 1.0
Rules to create good architecture
MSDN Archictecture Webcast: Test-Driven Development in Visual Studio 2005 Team System: "The examples shown will be in Visual C#� and run in the Community Tech Preview of Visual Studio 2005 Team System. For copies of the slides see the Test-Driven Development workspace on GotDotNet."
Creating Application Pools Using System.DirectoryServices: "Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that provide Web hosting services to customers need to configure their IIS servers frequently. Some ISPs use forms to programmatically enroll a new customer and add a new Web site or virtual directory for them. The new site or virtual directory can be put in a new application pool to isolate it from other applications on the server."
Comment Spam and Blacklisting
Skype - Download Skype
Windows Forms .NET: The Official Microsoft Windows Forms Community Site: "IssueVision helps to answer the question �What is a smart client�?
Developed specifically for the DevDays 2004 Smart Client track, IssueVision provides a sample help desk management application.
Issue Vision implements the best practices for designing, developing and deploying smart client applications as described in DevDays."
Introducing BlogWave !: "a tool which enables scheduled generation and publishing of RSS feeds. This allows, for example, publishing Sharepoint lists and libraries as RSS feeds with no modifications needed to the Sharepoint server."
Funnies - images -
The Code Project - Advanced Unit Test, Part V - Unit Test Patterns - Design and StrategySTART!
Pluralsight UTILITIES
NUnitAsp - ASP.NET unit testing: "NUnitAsp is for unit tests only. It's meant for programmers, not QA teams, and it's not very good for QA-style acceptance tests. It only tests server-side logic. JavaScript and other client-side code is ignored. But if you're using ASP.NET, it's an essential part of your programmers' toolset."
The XML Files: Messages vs. Methods -- MSDN Magazine, July 2004
Disney Channel - Playhouse - The Book of Pooh - Games
FlexWikiSources: "FlexWiki source code is maintained on a GotDotNet workspace. "
HomePage: "The .NET Developer's Guide to Windows Security"
A .NET Developer's Guide to Windows SecurityBOOK START!
Christopher Anthony's Computing Blog: "Wrong about Windows? Or was I brainwashed ?"
Unfounded fears of 70%: "Let's start with a simple ASP.NET 1.1 sample page. I'm going to use a login page as an example, just because the Membership provider in ASP.NET 2.0 is one of the nicest and easiest to motivate."
The Code Project - Microsoft Visual C# .NET 2003 Developer's Cookbook - Book Chapters: "Chapter 3: Strings and Regular Expressions"
Tommy Williams: Perl to C#
String formatting in C#
Vil - Metrics: ".NET Command-line Metrics..."
June/July 2004 Book of the Month: "Test-Driven Development in Microsoft? .NET
By: James W. Newkirk; Alexei A. Vorontsov
Published by: Microsoft Press"
.NET Book Club - Home
Test-Driven C#: Improve the Design and Flexibility of Your Project with Extreme Programming Techniques -- MSDN Magazine, April 2004

Monday, July 26, 2004

Welcome to Pat Helland's Personal Website: "Thoughts on Data in Service Oriented Architectures"
August 2004 MSDN Magazine now online!: "with the August installment of .NET Matters available here:"
Grid computing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Grid computing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
MSDN Connection - a peer-based recognition program: "As a founding member of this program you will receive free ASP.NET web hosting as well as a foundation MSDN Connection membership card."
Microsoft SQL Server: Introducing SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2005 Feature Survey Results
SQL Server Central - Microsoft SQL Server community with 161,679 Microsoft SQL Server users: "Welcome to the largest Microsoft SQL Server community on the web with 161,679 registered members! offers you thousands of SQL Server articles, FAQs, scripts, and forums to help your professional development as a DBA, developer or user of SQL Server."
SQL Server 2005 Technical Links: "Working with UK ISVs on SQL Server 2005 Beta 1 I built up a fairly length list of links for SQL Server 2005 - everything from articles, to newsgroups, to webcasts and powerpoints. I have just spent a little time checking the links out/updating and they are now clean enough to share."
9 Steps to an Automated Trace: "Profiler, SQL Server's built-in tracing feature, is an invaluable tool for performance tuning and debugging SQL Server applications. With it, you can trace every request a database application makes to SQL Server and use that data to improve performance."
???-.NET Tools-New Architect Bloggers: "A couple new MSFT architect bloggers to note."
Finishing the MSMQ transport provider with the WSE 2.0 release bits
DevHawk - Passion * Technology * Ruthless CompetenceArchitecture START!
Download details: Integration Patterns: "The guide contains a pattern catalog of 18 common integration patterns, including implementations that use BizTalk Server 2004, Host Integration Server 2004, ASP.NET, Visual Studio .NET, Visio 2003, and the .NET Framework."
.NET Architecture Center: Microsoft Patterns: Project Notebook: "This chapter takes a broader view of the Global Bank scenario by showing the link between business and technology viewpoints. It starts with an overview of the Global Bank business environment, and then describes the viewpoints of five key business stakeholders. The chapter then presents a series of models that the Global Bank team produced as they designed the baseline architecture based on business requirements. These models trace a path from the Chief Executive Officer to the technical solution and show how the team used patterns during the design process."
TheServerSide.NET - Tech Talk Library
Accessing Excel Database using ADO.NET and C#
Installing Windows Longhorn on VM Ware: "There are currently two virtual machine software (that I know of) a. VMWare ( and b. Virtual PC from Microsoft. ( I have tried installing on these both products."
C# Corner: C-Sharp and .NET Developer's Network, CSharp C Sharp, CSharp, VB.NET, ASP.NET, VC++.NET, Whidbey, Windows Longhorn, Visual Studio .NET
adocodegen: "ADO.NET Data Layer - Code Generation for typed connections, commands, data readers, and data sets."
SharpDbSchema: "Try the Schema Browser included in the Source & Binaries download
The DevCenter uses the SharpRepositoryLib to browse source repositories through a web page."

Sunday, July 25, 2004 Books: A Survival Guide for Working With Humans: Dealing With Whiners, Back-Stabbers, Know-It-Alls, and Other Difficult People
Are You Annoying? - Computerworld: "Irritating behaviors not only annoy your co-workers, but they can also compromise your effectiveness and even derail your career."
Useful security resources on the web |
I Think Not, Baby Puppy: The Cost of Change curve: "In Extreme Programming Explained Kent Beck claims that XP practices make the cost of change curve shallow and that's why XP works.
However, Scrum doesn't (necessarily) do most of the XP practices. But it still works."
SQL Server WebLogs @
Microsoft Resources
"Decade of Health Information Technology": "The Department of Health and Human Services announced a plan to computerize and standardize health records. "
Download details: SMS 2003 Capacity Planner: "A planning tool that helps consultants, SMS administrators, and IT professionals perform scenario analysis on their existing and proposed SMS 2003 hierarchy."
Welcome to the Systems Management Server Community
MapPoint Web Service Offering for MSDN Subscribers
Should You Learn WS-* Specs Now?
MSN Sandbox: "This is the place to play with new MSN technologies, look at prototypes, and peek behind the scenes at some of our new ideas. "
Smart Client Architecture and Design Guide: "This guide gives you prescriptive guidance on how to overcome architectural challenges and design issues when building smart client solutions. It also provides guidance on how to combine the benefits of traditional rich client applications with the manageability of thin client applications."
Windows Process Library: "contains information about all common Windows processes" "Processes in Windows NT/2000/XP"
Welcome to the File Database!: "Search for a filename or a startup entry"
Sysinternals Freeware - Utilities for Windows NT and Windows 2000 - Process Explorer: "Ever wondered which program has a particular file or directory open? Now you can find out. Process Explorer shows you information about which handles and DLLs processes have opened or loaded."
What's taking all my memory?: "The easiest way to find out was using autoruns.exe and procexp.exe, two tools from those excellent folks at" | The mind-share information resource for software testing, agile testing and test-first/test-driven development: "your online knowledge-base for all things 'Software Testing' related... A hub for Software Testing knowledge and information... A mind-share blog for the Software Development and Testing community... you get the picture!"
Slashdot | Google Acquires Picasa, Improves Blogging Tools: "I tried Picasa out, and was underwhelmed by it's functionality.
I wound up buying iMatch [] for categorizing/organizing my photos. It's an awesome tool. If you're a windows user on Slashdot, and want to organize your photos, it's probably the software for you.
I literally tried dozens of programs over the span of a week or so, and found fault with each one - until I found iMatch. I was so impressed with it's abilities, I bought it less than a day into my 30 day trial."
InfoWorld: The long view on Longhorn: July 16, 2004: By Jon Udell : PLATFORMS
Refactoring the XMLNotepad
Microsoft Interview Questions!
Microsoft Interview Questions
Choosing between InfoPath and Smart Document Solutions
Quick Vote: "process to build a 'Quick Poll' using Visual Basic and ASP.NET."
InfoPath in End-to-End Enterprise Solutions: Integrating InfoPath with SQL, Siebel, and SAP - from "By now, you've learned how easy it is to build InfoPath forms and hook them to databases. Now you want to truly integrate the forms into business processes to build end-to-end solutions- for which you need to 'round-trip' data from line-of-business applications such as Siebel, SAP, etc. In this session you will learn how to use InfoPath as the front-end to architect compelling end-to-end line-of-business applications. This in-depth drilldown will provide a design overview and detailed guidelines and best practices for integrating InfoPath with Siebel and SAP. We'll show you how to create a front-end Web Service to connect to Siebel or SAP with InfoPath. We'll show you how we created Visual C# classes to represent Siebel data; create Visual C# classes to connect to Siebel; and then create an InfoPath Form based on these Web Services. "
Explore the different formats in which you can save data from Office applications
Visual Basic Developer Center: Retrieving the Gazoutas: Understanding SQL Server Return Codes and Output Parameters (ADO.NET Technical Articles)
Introducing BlogWave !: "enables scheduled generation and publishing of RSS feeds. This allows, for example, publishing Sharepoint lists and libraries as RSS feeds with no modifications needed to the Sharepoint server."
The Uses of Chaos Theory in Project Management: "Chaos Theory, Second order Cybernetics, and Complexity Theory are all terms that attempt to describe the non-Newtonian fact that things are messy around the edges, and that the �messiness� tends to not only disrupt the linearity of a system, but over time, through the result of both negative and positive feedback, it will actually cause the system to change/adapt."
XmlHttp, WinHttp, Cookie-based Auth and Too Much Coffee
FAQ: How to connect to SQL Express from "downlevel clients"(Access 2003, VS 2003, VB 6, etc(basically anything that is not using .Net 2.0 or the new SQL Native Client))
Transactions made easy: System.Transactions
Dealing with Concurrency: Designing Interaction Between Services and Their Agents
How do I quickly get a Debuggable/Deployable web part up and running?
SQL Server Central - Microsoft SQL Server community with 161,265 Microsoft SQL Server users
Query for a list of Procs that contain a string
Stored Procedures Code Search: "Suppose you have 1000 stored procedures in the database. Now you have to find something out there in the code."
Tech Talk: Don Box and Doug Purdy Talk Indigo
CRUD, only when you can afford it (Revisited)
How Microsoft uses MOM
Rapid Development: "Get your development schedules under control and on track!"
Patterns of successful software projects (part 1)
New MapPoint articles/tips on MSDN!: "'Adding Keyword Search Capability to MapPoint Web Service Applications'
'Wrapping Text in MapPoint Web Service Pushpin Labels'
'Deploying MapPoint Location Server with a MapPoint Web Service Evaluation Account'"
Some comments on Oracle's comparison of PHP and ASP.NET: "Oracle recently published an outrageous article in a rather strange attempt to convince people that PHP is the best platform to write web applications. Not ASP.NET, which is not surprising coming from Oracle, but not Java either, which is a little more puzzling."
PHP vs. ASP.NET: "PHP and ASP.NET Go Head-to-Head: One developer's view of the pros and cons of the two most popular means of building web applications"
MakeMeAdmin -- temporary admin for your Limited User account
.NET Architecture Center
New Architect Bloggers: "A couple new MSFT architect bloggers to note. Maarten, author of the recent Dealing with Concurrency article, details his issues with CRUD. David �Lottery� White has restarted his blog and writes about the practical architect. Bill O'Brein blogs about presenting on patterns at TechEd Europe. Both Simon and Kevin have both been experimenting custom MQ transport providers for WSE2 - Simon using MQ Series and Kevin using MSMQ. Tim Ewald is back in blog on the PluralSight site, blogging about the differences between XSD and OO inheritance."
Home - WSS Demo Site: "I enjoy doing cool things with WSS and FrontPage. Some examples of this can be seen on this site."
Home - WSS FAQ: "FAQ: Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services"
The Visual Studio 2005 Express products are cool - SQL Server 2005 Express is really cool
Download details: SQL Server 2005 Express Documentation and Samples
Exam Info for Certificate in IT Service Management
ASP.NET internal course � first part presentation slides.
Steps to create enterprise/system Architecture "iBATIS SQL Maps provides a very simple and flexible means of moving data between your Java objects and a relational database. Use the full power of real SQL without a single line of JDBC code!"
Commons DBCP - Overview, DBCP - Jakarta Commons Wiki
Struttin' With Struts - Struts And iBATIS

Saturday, July 24, 2004

how to cleanly start and stop explorer.exe
XML 101 - Transforming XML with XSLT and ASP
Getting started, again: "Just uploaded the updated version of the Getting Started section of the ASP.NET Developer Center."
ASP.NET Home: Frequently Asked Questions
What is all this stuff doing on my computer?
How to articles: "I just created a section for how to articles and posted two simple examples of using FrontPage and WSS together. The first is how to just insert a Data View Web Part to begin with, and the second is how to format one of the data values to be a hyperlink."
Linux.exe: an introduction to Mono as a unified development platform
FrontPage and "here�s a good article on MSDN about using FrontPage 2003 to write pages. "
Using an XmlPublisher in the ExceptionManagement ApplicationBlock
Mvp.Xml project: packed XML cool utilities
Borland Together
Lessons Learned From Setting Up CruiseControl.NET
Welcome to CruiseControl.NET - Confluence -- Online Catalog: Digital Photography: Expert Techniques
Accentuate the power of JAX-RPC type mapping with Eclipse Modeling Framework: "file"
Firebird - Relational Database for the New Millennium
Extending Eclipse with Helpful Views: "Extending Eclipse with Helpful Views"
The Xbox is a PC - Xbox-Linux: "The Xbox is a PC" (Maxim V. Karpov): "Code Access Security (CAS) � 'Guilty until proven Innocent' (Partially Trusted Code)"
Patrick Tisseghem's Weblog: "Lookup lists in InfoPath"
Technical Careers @ Microsoft: "Visit the Microsoft Community Blogs Portal to learn more about career paths"

Friday, July 23, 2004

Source Code Repository Access: "Features include:
Plug-in architecture for accessing different providers. Currently supports CVS, Subversion, and GotDotNet Workspaces. I've been working on a Vault provider as well.
Directory Listing
File Listing
Revision History (with comments)"
Good resource for InfoPath 2003
Thanks MS, for Lookout and a Sense of Humour: "You can use Lookout to search your:
Email messages
Contacts, calendar, notes, tasks, etc.
Data from exchange, POP, IMAP, PST files, Public Folders
Files on your computer or other computers
... Very soul (okay, not true) "
How do I quickly get a Debuggable/Deployable web part up and running?
CSS Creator: "CSS Creator site is a place for you to learn about and create CSS, Cascading Style Sheets. The CSS Forum is a place where you can discuss CSS page layouts, positioning, bugs and just about anything related to cascading style sheets."
PayPal ASP.NET SDK: "contains ASP.NET Web Controls, a sample ASP.NET Web Application & a sample C# Order Management Application. Every effort has been made to ensure it interoperates with all of the major .NET platforms 'Out of the box' (of course, you don't actually get a box, you'll have to imagine for yourself what a PayPal SDK for ASP.NET box might look like :). "
Coding Tips and Troubleshooting: "You can enable client and server Oracle-Net trace to trap the packets sent over Oracle Net. You can use client-side tracing only for the JDBC OCI driver; it is not supported for the JDBC Thin driver."
NET Framework 1.0 SP3 and 1.1 SP1 Technical Preview: "To aid professional developers in planning and testing for the deployment of .NET Framework Service Packs (SP), Microsoft is offering a technical preview of .NET Framework 1.0 SP3 and .NET Framework 1.1 SP1."
Holiday Inn Kingston Ontario Hotel
Oracle JDBC Frequently Asked Questions
Generations of software design paradigm (or "what comes after SOA")
How to find out which process is locking a DLL: "Just type: tasklist /m thelocked.dll and it will return all processes that have loaded that DLL!"
Roadmap to high performance XML: "Check out the whole 'High-performance XML' series..."
MSBuild Bloggers and Resources: "Overview of MSBuild"
How to use your own IHttpHandlers without changing IIS settings
Starting a new Toronto IT User Group: "Thoughts on .NET, Longhorn, Team System, C# and Mobile Devices "
Omer van Kloeten's .NET Zen - The Code Document Object Model: "(aka CodeDOM) serves as an Object Oriented representative of code which is written in any language that supports the Common Language Infrastructure."
Missed the webcasts last week? You missed out, but you can see them all on-demand: "Biztalk 2004 self-paced learning"
Outsourcing the Future
ASP.NET Impersonation on Windows 2000 - update: "As with most time consuming issues, it turned out there was a very simple solution."
Cursor-style iteration pattern: "The usual enumeration patterns in .NET"
XML Files: Advanced Type Mappings -- MSDN Magazine, June 2003
The Web services empire strikes back - Introductory thoughts
Internet Explorer on Windows XP doesn't save password
Events Home: "MSDN Webcast: Visual C# Express 2005: Creating a Poker Game Part 3 of 3 � Level 200"
Time tracking utilities: "I've been trying to find some utilities to help me do this and keep a history of my time."
Adding Design Time Support to ASP.NET Controls: "There are 5 distinct areas of design-time support for server controls in Visual Studio .NET. They are:
* IntelliSense in codebehind classes
* Property browser support in Design view
* Toolbox support
* Property browser support in HTML view
* IntelliSense in the HTML editor"
BlueVision ASP.NET Intellisense Generator: "ASP.NET control developers know how much of a pain it can be to create a specific XSD file in order to achieve IntelliSense support in your ASPX mark-up. See Andrew Duthie's article on MSDN here. I've been using the ASP.NET IntelliSense Generator from BlueVision Software for quite a while now and thought I'd share it with you."
Anti-Patterns of Architecture
1. Catastrophe oriented architecture (or worst-case architecture)
2. Pattern oriented architecture
3. Enterprise oriented architecture
4. Interface oriented architecture
5. Service dis-oriented architecture
6. XML oriented architecture
Visual C# Express 2005: Creating a Poker Application, Source Download: "The source is up on"
Pair Programming - use a "pair" Windows login?
ASP.NET 2 articles: "This is a list of ASP.NET 2 articles"
Making your site's content date-searchable with an ASP.NET Calendar control
Visual Studio 2005 Express Products, Manual Installation
Embedding Gecko(Mozilla rendering engine) in a .Net application: "Visit Adam Lock's website and download the Mozilla 1.71 Active X Control Installer."
Release Notes for NUnitAddIn-0.9.482: ""
Unit Testing scalability and performance
Tasks for MSBuild 2.0 (VS 2005 beta 1)
Managing IIS with scripts: "...
CreateNewWebSite(serverName, password, serverID);
CreateVDir(serverName, password, serverID);"
The New ASP.NET Site & a 2.0 Tip: ""
Migrating: Migrating from ASP.NET 1.x to ASP.NET 2.0
Scripting News: 7/12/2004: "if the Republicans ran a candidate who wasn't so un-American, who understood he has to work within the Constitution, not push it aside, who will commit to not start more wars under false pretenses (e.g. the connection betw Iraq and al Quaeda, missing proof of WMDs), someone we can trust with the incredible power of the US, I would consider voting for him. Kerry is not my idea of a great leader for the US, but you got it right, a lot of people will vote for him if Bush is the Republican nominee, solely because we are so scared what the US and world will look like given four more years of Bush. I am one of them. Kerry may turn out to be a disaster for this country, but we already know Bush is. If ever it was time for the lesser of two evils, this is it."

Thursday, July 22, 2004

A Search Engine for Finding Medical Information and Tutorials -- ResearchBuzz, July 19, 2004: " Spider Nevi" Project details for Flatworm: "Homepage:
CVS tree (cvsweb):"
A Field Guide To Flatworm: "Flatworm is a Java library intended to allow a developer to describe the format of a flat file using an XML definition file, and then to be able to automatically read lines from that file, and have one or more beans be instantiated for each logical record."
.NET Architecture Center: The Architecture Strategy Series: "These presentations describe the architectural vision that drives the 'Longhorn wave' of technologies from Microsoft, and introduce a set of key initiatives that will form the pillars of the Longhorn solution architecture. Perspectives range from the metaphorical to the pragmatic. At one end, Pat Helland relates the evolution of technology architectures to the evolution of city planning (and showing us how far we have yet to go!). At the other, John Dawson presents the proven data center patterns developed by the Microsoft Systems Architecture team. Explore these presentations to discover how Microsoft views the road ahead, and what tools and technologies Microsoft plans to deliver to help you blaze your own trail to a more felicitous, better integrated enterprise application portfolio."
WindowsForDevices -- the independent Windows Embedded resource
.NET Rocks is Rocking
ReSharper: C# Refactoring Tool: "ReSharper is an add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003� that brings intelligent C# coding assistance, real-time error highlighting, and refactoring features to this popular development platform."
What Is Photopeer?: "Photopeer is the easiest way to share your digital photographs."
Download details: Lookout V1.2: "An addin to Outlook to quickly search all of your email, contacts, calendar, and filesystem."
dotMSN - .NET MSN Messenger library
The Code Project - Using XML in C# in the simplest way - SOAP and XML
The Code Project - Simple XML based Error Log - ASP.NET
Some cool refactoring examples, and what seems to be a lovely book
Microsoft .NET Tips - - plenty of free support!
Essential ASP.NET 2.0
On Logging and logging in J2EE environments (and in Borland Enterprise Server)
CodeCentral: C#Builder Submissions
EAServe ASP.NET Hosting, ASP Web Hosting, Microsoft .NET Hosting and ASP.NET Server Hosting
Backwards Breaking Changes from version 1.1 to 2.0: "This page lists breaking changes for the version specified in the above title. For details on how a breaking change is classified, see the Breaking Change Page."
Community Policing - Home-grown FxCop Rules
eXSLT to the rescue

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

How to determine when Windows started: "net statistics server"
Have you been hacked?: "Dana lists the tools mentioned in the article for performing a simple forensic analysis on your Windows system:
* Fport - Lists all open ports (Think nstat like)
* TCPView - Similar to Fport, but graphical, and shows more info such as CLOSED connections (very important post analysis)
* Process Explorer - A great tool from Sysinternals which shows parent/child relationships with processes
* PSTools - A set of cmd line tools used to open and kill processes, control servives, change passwords etc
* Filealyzer - Windows explorer shell extension to your right click on a file"
Server.Transfer vs. Response.Redirect: "Server.Transfer is often a better choice than Response.Redirect. "
Forms authentication and role-based security: improving performance
Introducing BlogWave !: "a tool which enables scheduled generation and publishing of RSS feeds. This allows, for example, publishing Sharepoint lists and libraries as RSS feeds with no modifications needed to the Sharepoint server."
Java Pro - Fail-Safe Interop for Your Enterprise: "Discover strategies for invoking distributed services to achieve interoperability and integration among J2EE and .Net components "
• Microsoft XML Web Services Interoperability Resources:
• Web Services Interoperability Organization:
• X Methods Web Services Interoperability Demonstration:
• SOAPBuilders Interoperability Lab
• SOAPBuilders
Java Pro - Enterprise Software in a Services World: "Find out how emerging Java trends will affect your application strategies and decisions "
Java Pro - Will Application Integration Save the Enterprise?
Eclipse Tips
CVSDude: "CVSDude is a free CVS server and Subversion server. We provide cvs hosting and subversion hosting for software developers, software teams, graphic artists, project managers and the like. You can use your favourite software client to access our CVS and Subversion servers."
Interesting article on design patterns that focus on decoupling objects.
Using a Setup Project on a Machine Without .NET Installed Better, Faster, Lighter Programming in .NET and Java: "There has been a large push to simplicity in the J2EE world. Justin Gehtland, coauthor of Better, Faster, Lighter Java, knows that these ideas are equally applicable to the .NET world. He gives examples of how you can write Better, Faster, Lighter, .NET code."
Version 2 | Blog | "Dunstan Orchard has released Version 2 of his blog and he's really pushed the envelope on blogging software. With a long list of features and a flowing interface, I believe he's set the bar on what a blog could/should do. The experience plays best in Mozilla FireFox."
Virtual Server 2005: Program Customized Testing Environments Without Trashing Your Machine -- MSDN Magazine, August 2004
When to use ASMX, ES or Remoting: "By far the most pressing questions were around Service Orientation which I will cover in later posts, and �when should I use ASMX, ES or Remoting� ... or in more direct terms, �whaddya mean we shouldn't be using .NET Remoting for Project x?????�."
WebSphere Studio Application Developer and Site Developer Trial Program: " Lab exercises and demos for WebSphere Studio Application Developer
These six 'hands on' lab exercises are designed to run with the Trial software, and will help familiarize you with the new features. The first three labs guide you through installing WebSphere Studio Application Developer V5.1. and the Cloudscape database (which is required for the subsequent labs). The third exercise helps you configure the 'Plants By WebSphere' sample and set up the code snippets required to complete the remaining exercises. Run Exercises 1-3 in order; Exercises 4-6 can be run in any order.
Installing WebSphere Studio Application Developer V5.1 (required -- PDF format, 771KB)
Installing Cloudscape V5.1in WebSphere Studio V5.1 (required -- PDF format, 292KB)
Configuring PlantsByWebSphere in WebSphere Studio V5.1 (required -- PDF format, 428KB) -- you need to download lab files (required -- 7MB zip file)
Develop applications using JAX-RPC for Web Services (PDF format, 331KB)
Develop applications using SOAP/JMS Web Services (PDF format, 310KB)
Secure Web Services with WS-Security (PDF format, 363K)
These demos show you an end-to-end development, test, and deployment lifecycle for JSR-101 and JSR-109 compliant J2EE Web services using WebSphere Studio Application Developer V5.1 and WebSphere Application Server V5.0.2. Each demo is accompanied by a PDF tutorial to help you implement the procedures after watching the demo. The demos also cover some advanced topics, such as adding JAX-RPC handlers and WS-Securit"
Web Services Demos with WebSphere Studio: "These self-running Web services demos show you how to use WebSphere Studio Application Developer V5.1 and WebSphere Application Server V5.0.2 to develop, test, and deploy JSR 101/109 compliant J2EE Web services. The demos build on one another to provide a simple but complete end-to-end Web services scenario. They also cover some advanced topics, such as JAX-RPC handlers and Web Services - Security."
Is XAML a big deal?
SoapBox - Collaboration Made Easy: "SoapBox Framework 1.9 - Advanced .NET XMPP Messaging Solutions"
"BPEL is syntactic arsenic"
STSC CrossTalk - People Factors in Software Management: Lessons From Comparing Agile and Plan-Driven Methods - Dec 2003
Visual Studio Magazine - Access Contacts Over the Web: "Create a contact manager with the ASP.NET list controls to enable your users to access contacts over the Web."
Visual Studio Magazine - Getting Started - Bind XML Data in ASP.NET
Longhorn Developer Center Home: User Experience (Aero): Contacts (Microsoft Windows Longhorn Aero User Experience Technical Articles)
Wicked Code: Foiling Session Hijacking Attempts -- MSDN Magazine, August 2004
Do we now say "tab controls" to refer to List controls in ASP.NET? (aka, "Who writes this stuff anyway?")
Transient state management in ASP.NET: "I'm reading PAG guide on Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability (a must-read for every .NET developer), and I noticed they missed one of the most interesting and useful state management features ASP.NET introduced, the one I call transient state"

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Chapter 6 - Improving ASP.NET Performance: "Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability"
Bulletin Board: News from Online Communities -- MSDN Magazine, August 2004: "This is the first installment of a new page in MSDN Magazine, which we're calling Bulletin Board. Like a physical bulletin board, this is a place where members of the development community will be able to find news and information about what's going on in the 'real world.'" COOL!!!
Download details: SQL Server 2005 Express Documentation and Samples
SQL Server 2005 Express Documentation and Samples - Tampa Florida
TheServerSide.NET - TSS Article: "Microsoft responds to the Sun representation of .NET vs. Java relative Web Service performance with corrected results for .NET, and expands on Sun's tests to show relative .NET vs. J2EE performance for more realistic Web Services that do more work. They have provided all the source code including the .NET implementation, the Java implementation, and the Java driver program so customers can replicate the results."
Servlets and JavaServer Pages: The J2EE Technology Web Tier on "Download the FREE PDF"
Microsoft Research - Downloads: "ILMerge is a utility for merging multiple .NET assemblies into a single .NET assembly."
.Net2TheMax: .NET Browser - Assemblies: "Welcome to the .NET Browser"
.Net2TheMax: Welcome!: "The online knowledge repository for .NET developers "
Free SafeMailLink HttpModule: "Protecting the e-mail addresses published on the web pages is the first thing to do to reduce the incoming e-mail garbage, so I developed a HttpModule that you can use on your own site to encode the �mailto:� links without writing a single line of code."
ASP.NET Support Voice
SQL Server Developer Center: Web Development with Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition and SQL Server 2005 Express Edition, Part 1
Microsoft TechNet: SQL Server 2000 Resource Kit is designed for database administrators and developers who already use SQL Server and want some helpful tips, advanced techniques, and useful tools or samples to enhance their work with SQL Server 2000. It is the premier guide for deploying, managing, optimizing, and troubleshooting SQL Server 2000.
BEA, The Middleware Co. create SOA blueprints- / Endeavors / Endeavors: "SOA Blueprints is an industry effort designed to help corporations more easily and affordably build applications using service-oriented architecture (SOA). SOA Blueprints highlights best practices through GeneriCo, a fictitious business entity, described in a functional and behavioral specification to demonstrate how SOA can solve real-world issues. SOA Blueprints creates a common vocabulary to discuss SOA in an architecturally neutral way allowing comparable implementations to be crafted using different technology sets including J2EE, .NET and Web Services."
Formatted Printing for Java (sprintf)
Henrik Bengtsson's Java printf, sprintf, fprintf (scanf, sscanf and fprintf)

Monday, July 19, 2004

Health Check: "Oracle - Look at the statistics of your Database."
Check rerun status of failed or cancelled jobs
Find the Schema or User Size
Only4Gurus - Thousands of useful Microsoft resources: "SQL Server"
Sybase FAQ - Home Page SQL Server FAQ
Working with hierarchical data in SQL Server databases : Narayana Vyas Kondreddi's home page
Migrating Oracle Databases to SQL Server 2000: "The tools, processes, and techniques required for a successful conversion are described. Also highlighted are the essential design points that allow you to create high-performance, high-concurrency SQL Server–based applications."
Migrating from Oracle to SQL Server - T-SQL, PL/SQL differences: Narayana Vyas Kondreddi's home page
Microsoft SQL Server interview questions for DBA and database developer positions: Narayana Vyas Kondreddi's home page
Moving the Tempdb and Master Database in SQL Server: "When you want to move a typical user database to a different drive for performance or to split out the logs, you run sp_detach and sp_attach to perform the move. However, when it comes to moving the Master and Tempdb database, different rules apply."

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Building Advanced Reports with the Excel Add-in for SQL Server Analysis Services
VoIP - Vonage
Secure Coding slides, running as non-admin
WebDeploy Rocks: "It's only goal is to take VS web projects and strip out all of the files you do not need for deployment. It's a super simple tool to use and does a great job."
Game Engine Design: A series of abstractions for better engines.
Establishing a protocol for the networkable poker I'll be adding to over the next month or so.
Skype's SkypeOut (PC -> Phone) Service now in public beta!
New skin for .Text (dottext) - Luxinterior: "Useful Resources
* How to Create Custom Skins for Dottext
* Mark Wagner - .Text skinning 101
* Giving .Text a calendar view
* An Improved Calendar for .Text
* RoudyBob's .Text skins Archive
* .Text (DotText) Skin Directory"
Photo Management
How to read xml returned by a WebService in a IE?
DateTime and Timezone: "Coding Best Practices Using DateTime in the .NET Framework"
IBM Redbooks | Patterns: Implementing an SOA using an Enterprise Service Bus
Exceptions and Assertions (re-post) Eye for the .NET Guy
MSBuild Bloggers and Resources
ASP.NET 2 articles
Picasa: Automated Digital Photo Organizer software, instant photo albums, sharing & printing: Download
City of Toronto: Toronto Island ParkHanlan's Point...
The XML Diff and Patch GUI Tool: "This article shows how to use the XmlDiff class to compare two XML files and show these differences as an HTML document in a .NET Framework 1.1 application. The article also shows how to build a WinForms application for comparing XML files."
flo's freeware - Notepad2: "The original Notepad shipped with Windows is probably the handiest program of all times, small, fast, without frills! Notepad2 tries to follow this principle, it's a small, fast and free text editor with syntax highlighting for HTML and other common languages."
What's Bitin' in the Toronto Area » Fishing Reports » Local Reports
Fish and Fishing in the Toronto Area"Toronto Island Park:
* Bass. You will find bass in the weed beds, as well as various panfish. There are lots of big carp in all the canals.
* Carp. Pretty well all the canals and ponds on the islands hold carp. The canals at Hanlan's Point are probably your best bet. Take the ferry over to Hanlan's, walk a hundred yards or so and start fishing.
* Pike. Take the Centre Island ferry over. Walk south past the entrance to the amusement park and restaurant, past the swan rides until you reach a white bridge. Cross the bridge and walk west along the water's edge. You can begin fishing from there. Most of the canals west of the bridge will have pike cruising around. Keep in mind when you're fishing early in the year that these fish are either prespawn, spawning or post spawn fish, so although the regs permit you to keep some fish, it would be wise to release them, especially if they look "fat" with eggs. Slower moving baits seem to work best early in the year. #4 and 5 Mepps Aglia spinners are popular, but also try either a slowly worked white plastic worm rigged with a long shank 1/8 or 1/4 oz. jighead, hook exposed, or a Bo-Liz pork bait rigged with a weedless lightning strike hook, no weight (yellow or white). The spinners are good for covering areas fast until you hit a fish, then switch to the slower moving baits to really cover the area well. Also try Red Devils, spinnerbaits, Bluefox Vibrax in #4 or #5 or Sluggo type baits.
* Pike. Try the lagoons around Wards Island with slow moving lures such as 7 1/2" black plastic worms with a 1/16 ounce slip sinker or even better, big gaudy pike streamers or divers on a fly rod for a really slow retrieve. The fish won't chase very often early in the spring. Try to get over there before the fish spawn and again after they are done for the best fishing.
* Pike. You'll find good pike fishing usually during the first two weeks in April ( immediately after iceout). Take the ferry to Centre Island and walk west towards the nature school and trout pond. Fish the canals and bays with #4 and 5 Mepps spinners or slow moving "Bo Liz" pork rinds rigged with a 4\0 weedless hooks. Cast as you slowly walk the area. Warm sunny days with a slight breeze are best because this warms the water and stimulates the pike to move and look for spawning areas. Fish size usually ranges between 3 and 12 lbs.
* Pike. Try live minnows (3-6 inches) under a float. You may want to add a steel leader. Best bets are usualy shallow back bays with visable signs of weed growth. Present your bait as close to the weeds as possible."
Toronto Ontario Area Fishing Reports - LINKS
Stefano's Linotype ~ An no-nonsense guide to Semantic Web specs for XML people (Part I)
The Code Project - Ten ways to speed up the download time of your web pages - HTML / CSS: "Do you like to wait for pages to download? Neither do your site users. Read on..."
[Mono-list] Mono: Post 1.0 plans and development update:"Two weeks after a very successful Mono 1.0 release, Miguel de Icaza presents Post 1.0 plans and development update to the community for comments."

Saturday, July 17, 2004

JDBC scripting, Part 2: "I concisely introduce JudoScript's programming and Java scripting features, which are all used in a real-world J2EE case study that involves SQL, XML, Enterprise JavaBeans, email, and Web services abstracted as a Java API. The resultant program is short, obvious, and rich in functionality. In the end, I use various criteria to compare JudoScript to other languages."
Second-generation aspect-oriented programming

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Oracle Programming with PL/SQL Collections
.NET Test Driven Development with NUnit - Unit Testing - Day 1
Spring - Java/J2EE Application Framework
FTPOnline - Build Business Service Metrics: "Application architects and operations management can work together to develop self-monitoring distributed applications."
Urban Outdoor Adventures
iB::Topic::GTA Crappie
What's Bitin' in the Toronto Area
FMPP: Text file preprocessor (HTML preprocessor): "FreeMarker based text file PreProcessor
Version 0.9.7"
The Power of Myth and Software Engineering
Visual Studio 2005: Visual Studio 2005 Product Line Overview
Media Centers and .Text Skins
Book recommendation - The Art of Computer Systems Performance Analysis
Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services - measuring and improving performance
Getting a contract position with Microsoft
WSE 2.0 - Book and Community: "I thought I would point out some of the incredible work in the community around WSE 2.0:
* SoapMSMQ Transport - Article with source on developing a custom transport over MSMQ. This article is an incredible resource on understanding WSE 2.0 and the messaging infrastructure.
* soap.smtp:// - Steve Maine's web log post and source code for building a custom transport over SMTP. The code in this is extremely understandable and approachable, serving as a great resource to learn about WSE 2.0.
* Plumbwork Orange - A GotDotNet Workspace where some of the WS community are building implementations of Advanced Web Services using WSE 2.0."
Smart Client Developer Center: FotoVision: "There are many .NET-based web photo albums out there, but what I liked about this one was it had a windows application to manage everything on the client side before publishing the photos to the server. The photos are automatically resized and uploaded using a web service."
Smart Client Developer Center: Code Samples: "This page provides code samples for building Smart Client applications using Microsoft technologies. "
Adventures in BizTalkLand - Part 1: "The first thing I did was to download a few MSDN TV videos:
Developing for BizTalk Server 2004 Inside Visual Studio .NET
Building Your First Business Process"
Revisiting XML DevCon 2003 � The Videos: "It is hard to believe, but it has been just over one year since XML DevCon 2003. Because most of the subject mater was pretty ahead of its time for the common enterprise developer, I�m sure most of the people that read this blog either didn�t watch the videos on MSDN TV, or only understood a limited amount of the content. Now with another years worth of experience under your belt, you should take the time to watch them again. I�ve found lots of little tid bits that I missed the last time.
* Don Box -- SOAP: Service Oriented Architecture and Programming, part 1, part 2
* Tim Ewald -- Rebuilding MSDN with Angle Brackets (real world experiences of XML Schema), part 1, part 2
* Aaron Skonnard -- Validating Business Rules with XPath Assertions, part 1, part 2"
Debugging Web Parts: "Learn how to use Microsoft Visual Studio .NET to debug an existing Web Part assembly."
thinktecture - WSContractFirst
A (very) small step to contract-first in VS 2005
ANN: Improve your "Contract First" Web services development experience: WsContractFirst v0.2 - forget about wsdl.exe
Demoing "contract first" approach with WSDL Designer
Neil's World - More on new Firefox features
Microsoft Research - Comega: "Phoenix is a software optimization and analysis framework that will be the basis for all future Microsoft compiler technologies. The basic Phoenix framework is an extensible system that can be adapted to read and write binaries and MSIL assemblies, represent the input files in an IR which can be analyzed and manipulated by applications by using the Phoenix API and then the code can be written in binary, or JITable form for execution."
.NET Undocumented: Comprehensive Change List for Whidbey
Less than 12 hours to the RTC Building Webcast...: "This web-cast is to demonstrate the power of C# Express 2005. I am using a lot of the designer features in demo to show you how easy the new designer makes creating applications. This is still me though, so there is plenty of code to go around as well."
SQL Server Developer Center: Managing a Music Collection Using Visual Basic Express and SQL Server Express: "Applies to:
Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition, Beta 1
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Technical Preview"
The Code Project - Arrays UNDOCUMENTED - .NET
The Code Project - Strings UNDOCUMENTED - .NET
Monad -MSH Shell - Microsoft's new command line system
[Tools] Monad, the MSH Beta: "I have started to experiment with the new Microsoft Shell Beta (Monad) and was going to write a brilliant post about it but it appears that others have paved this road before me. So, I will just recommend that you check out these links:
* Installing Monad on XP or Win2k3
* Microsoft Command Shell: msh/Monad
* The .NET Show: Longhorn Fundamentals - introduces Monad
* ObjShell: A precursor of Monad?
* Stefan Demetz's nice collection of Monad Links "
Microsoft Virtual Server 2005: "Virtual Server 2005 is the cost-effective virtual machine solution designed for Windows Server 2003 to increase operational efficiency in software test and development, application migration, and server consolidation scenarios."
ViewState Encoding in ASP.NET 2.0
Visual C# Developer Center: Visual C# 2005: ExpressPaint
Microsoft Security Guidance Center: Windows XP Index
Microsoft Security Guidance Center: Windows XP Index
Microsoft Security Guidance Kit - Patch Management, Anti-Virus Measures, Securing Remote Access, and Blocking Unsafe Email Attachments

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

SpamPal homepage: "SpamPal is a mail classification program that can help separate your spam from the mail you really want to read." Velocity: Fast Track to Templating [Dec. 16, 2003]: "Shifting Into Overdrive: Email Templating Example"
developerWorks : Migration station: "Our migration tracks guide you through the resources that will accelerate your migration from proprietary technologies to an e-business on demand environment. These resources include tools, technical articles, online tutorials, classes, forums, Webcasts, customized services, and other forms of assistance to help you get your migration on the fast track!"
Watching SQL Execute on Oracle - Part II: "Do you have SQL running within your database? Of course you do. This article is the second in a series to introduce you to how you can extract more information about the SQL executing in your databases."
TheServerSide.NET: 10 Ways to Make Your Code More Testable: "Unit testing is an incredibly important part of delivering customer value with your software. Verifiable (and, therefore, verified) code is less likely to cause problems during development and after delivery. Often, though, it can be difficult to write adequate unit tests, due to the way your production code is architected. In this column, Justin Gehtland looks at ten ways to structure your code to make it easier to verify with NUnit (or any other xUnit framework)."
An Introduction to OLAP in SQL Server 2005: "Get a preview of the upcoming SQL Server 2005's Business Intelligence suite and find out about the major OLAP components of Analysis Services. "
POP access to web e-mail
The Code Project - SoapMSMQ Transport - C# WebServices
Roman Kiss writes an article that explains the different messaging levels in WSE 2.0. He also shows how to develop and use a MSMQ custom transport.
Quote: Abraham Lincoln: "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."
Visual C# Developer Center: Refactoring C# Code Using Visual Studio 2005