Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Twitter Chat - Search Results for: drupal: Drupal Modules for Twitter and other Social Networking Platforms & Using Summize with Bloglines to bring Feeds to you
screencasts |
5 Tools for On-page Image Usage Analysis
The Top 10 Firefox Extensions for SEO | Webmaster Tips

Monday, October 27, 2008

Free Keyword Suggestion, Research & Analysis Tools: Seo "These are free and paid tools which will help you find which keywords to target and how competitive they are." & SEO Blogs and Search Engine Blogs : SEO & PPC Tools - Pay Per Click Bid Management Software: SEO & Top Paying AdSense Keyword Lists (has intro on Microsoft adCenter - Microsoft Advertising) via YouTube - seobook's Videos
Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: crawling and indexing & Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Join us for our third live online webmaster chat!: "You know how some myths just won't die? Well, do we have some great news for you! A not-so-scary bunch of Gooooooooooooglers will be on hand to drive a stake through the most ghoulish webmastering myths and misconceptions in our live online 'Tricks and Treats' chat this coming Wednesday."
Video Sharing for Internet Marketers: " is intended to be more than just a simple video sharing site. We are hoping to make it a social platform for our industry, where people can share their thoughts, ideas, questions, as well as their videos."
What’s the PostRank of Your Blog Posts?: "AideRSS is a very handy blog evaluating tool that can help you understand and grade your blog posts. Here are a few more tips on blog analysis:
Google Proxy Hacking Protector - Drupal Module Reviews and Ratings: "In Dan Thies' great post about the method "Google Proxy Hacking" at he illustrates how an (evil) third party can remove your site from the Google search results. One actual example of the application of this black hat SEO tactic for Google bowling my own company site out the results is illustrated here" & How Google AdSense Cannibalizes Content Based Business Models : SEO "Imagine re-branding a site you built over 10,000 organic links to, only to have Google view it as a deceptive redirect and KILL ALL OF YOUR LINK EQUITY while paying spammers to steal your content."
SEO for Wordpress by Joost de Valk: "Joost’s Wordpress SEO Guide and

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Easy Ajax with jQuery [JavaScript & Ajax Tutorials]
Wordtracker Keyword Research Guide
Comparison of Drupal WYSIWYG Editors "EXCELLENT comparison of editors!
1. I Googled and found a couple of other surveys, although they're not very current.Evaluation of WYSIWYG editors (February 2007)Evaluation of WYSIWYG editors - FULL test results (February 2007)WYSIWYG Text Editors Reviewed (February 2006)
2. I'd like to let folks know about WYSIWYG over at
3. Here's a helpful poll: Which editor (if any) do you use for your Drupal site(s)."

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jQuery and Drupal | Innovating Tomorrow: "Drupal and jQuery have proven to be a powerful combination when it comes to producing useful and flashy web sites and web applications. In episode 88 of the Geeks and God podcast we talk about jQuery and how it works from within drupal. Part of my homework from the episode was to write up some examples of how to use jQuery from within drupal. Here are those examples."
Website Optimizer - videos & Google Website Optimizer | "This module only supports the multivariate testing option at the moment, so it does not work with A/B tests" & How to Use Google Web Optimizer in Joomla: "Jakob Nielsen put this pretty well with his formula for website success: B = V x C x L" & Google Website Optimizer Forum | Google Groups
Software For Virtual Teams - ReadWriteWeb
FLV Player - Tell you how to play flv files free