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Get Indexed and Ranked in Google News & Google News Blog: All News is Local e.g. Thornhill, ON, Canada - Google News & News Sitemaps is a good start. & Google NEWS sitemaps | "Added in CVS commit 116187. To use, create a new view with page type 'XML Sitemap: News'. I did not include a default view because there is no standard URL for Google News site maps." & WordPress Sitemap Generator for Google News - David Stansbury KB3KAI & Google Webmaster Tools: "For News Sitemaps: The Sitemap Generator is not recommended for use in creating Google News Sitemaps at this time, due to the special requirements of News Sitemaps. News Sitemaps are intended to be dynamic lists of only the most recently published news articles (rather than the entire website), and they are updated frequently."

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My Google Maps tool: "This is the tool I use to create overlays for my Google API maps. I use it to produce polylines, polygons and circles... The javascript and the layout for this web page is a modified version of EZ Google Maps Digitizer, Read about it in Google Code Articles. Maths for drawing circle Some experiments with the Google Maps API (Sensitive circle). When I want to change or add coordinates in a kml-file, I use this tool:
Edit Google Maps KML file" & Google Code FAQ - Creating a Simple Digitizer Using the Google Maps API: "Using the EZ Digitizer... Once you've traced out a path, you can copy the generated KML output to a single file... In addition to digitizing paths (or specifically Polylines), it is easy to trace out structures or regions using the EZDigitizer's Polygon drawing mode" & Matt’s Wikimapia Blog » How To #6: Adding Polygons & Some experiments with the Google Maps API...

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Book review: "Google Analytics" by Mary E. Tyler and Jerri L. Ledford: Unofficial Google Analytics Blog: "In conclusion, if you're technical and looking for a book to cover Google Analytics installation from head to toe, you'll probably want to skip this book; if you've got a simple website and need a primer in the basics, this is your Google Analytics go-to guide."
Dialer|Lead Response Management|Lead Management|Vertical Industry Solutions: Lead Response Management: "How Much Time Do You Have Before Web-Generated Leads Go Cold?" & Lead Response Management | MIT Survey

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spherical panorama using ptviewer.jar | "Here is an example... There are several options for flash to show spherical panoramas. I use a program called 'pano2qtvr'. This outputs both qucktime and flash movies. You can find more info here ''. There is a new version out now that is not dependent on quicktime source. See the link for more info. I use 'ptgui' to stitch the pano's with and then use pano2qtvr to render the quicktime or flash movie. But there are many other stitching programs out there that will render your pano in flash as well. Prior to flash 8 it was not possible to show spherical pano's in flash. Since flash 8 this is now possible. The flash movies are based on the 'cube' format designed by quicktime.
For further information on this see the Panotools list at yahoo. Here you can find further information all about panoramic imaging." & Panorama Tools: PTViewer Documentation, links & WordPress › WP PT-Viewer « WordPress Plugins & Flash Panorama Publishing Software - Panorama2Flash
PHP: SimpleXMLElement-xpath - Manual & ZVON's XPath Tutorial